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KR~Love at first sight~#2 ch-14 pg129 *complete* (Page 81)

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nope mujhe ye newbie se hataana hai is acoount ko

di ka order hai Tongue

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wow gr8 1 more

now dats better!

@ tammy - lolz laga reh

mere liye bhi easy ho jaayega Tongue
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okay guys isse pehle thread khatam kar do... lemme res 2cmnt for updates...
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Originally posted by shenz_kriyaansh

okay guys isse pehle thread khatam kar do... lemme res 2cmnt for updates...

better 2 give happy ending else u noe mere paas kaisa-2 stuff hai Wink
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n tum log chaho toh apna gussa cross conection wale thread p nikaal sakte ho... yahan nhi... n guys i wnt giv sad ending par update k liye thread p jagah toh chodo... main naya thread nhi banane wali... m hell lazy n u know that...
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finally here's the update

When Aarav was questioned being in a relationship with Kria...
...: Shut up u, Aarav Chopra is my boyfriend...
Everyone turned around in the direction of the voice to see a beautiful female figure preceding towards the trio... the trio was amazed to see her after such a long time...

the girl came n stood between Aarav and Kria, they both were sissy friends... while witnessing all this the reporters were just amazed to know that Radhika Rathod was in a relationship with Aarav.
One of the reporters asked, "who is she?" (the same1 who questioned about Rey-Kria's 4hour meeting)
The reporters next to him slapped his head saying, "tujhe reporter kisne banaya... when u don't know who Radhika Rathod is!!!"
Both the boys somehow managed to control the reporters and make them leave. Kria was taken inside and Rey excused himself to make an urgent call...
Kria wasn't anymore concentrating on anything else except for the surprising news of her two close friends being in a relationship... they were dating and she wasn't aware off...
A: sexy woh actually main... he stammered being scarred of Kria's reaction... she showed him her palm, saying 'stop'
K: I don't want ur explanation... I don't matter to u guys, right? I am getting to know about this now... when its public... huh!!!
All the time Aarav was trying to explain her while Radhika was just standing at a corner of the room with her head hung... she knew she shouldn't have hidden the truth from her sissy-frnd, 'Kria'...
K: Ratz, I didn't expect this from you... at least tu toh mujhe bataa sakti thi... but nahi main hu kaun tum logo ki life mein kya chal raha hai jaane ke liye?
Finally Ratz broke down... she cried hard, Kria n Aarav ran towards her... they tried hard to find out why was she crying but she didn't utter a word but kept on crying hard, tears flowing down her cheeks making Aarav go restless and Kria was getting tensed to see her in such a miserable condition...
She somehow managed to utter between her snobs, "Kria, I am really sorry but sacch mein I wanted to tell u in fact main yahan isiliye aayi thi but this all happened and I am facing tough phase of life these days... but trust me main tujhse kuch nahi chupana chahti thi... please forgive me."
K: Ratz, please rona bandh kar... please stop crying... u know na, main tujhe aise nahi dekh sakti... please...
She sniffed but somehow composed herself and just nodded her head saying 'she is fine now'...
Rey came back n sensed tension in the air but he tried to lighten up... after sometime he said, "ah!!! Kria, I got a call about informing me about the rumors..." he was cut by Aarav...
"only my part was a rumor but u two r dating." Leaving Radhika shocked and Rey puzzled, he looked at kria, who just gave a helpless look...
"yes we r!!! but not the way they have expressed... anyways I got to teach someone a lesson for this stupidity played on us..." Rey replied
"u know who has done all this? Who was following me these days?" Kria asked... the boys looked at him with a 'following-u' expression
"u didn't know?" Kria asked trying to make it from their expressions.
"how r we suppose to when u didn't tell us anything?" Rey questioned being quite irritated. "did she say something to u?" he asked Aarav.
"when she didn't tell me about u two being in a relationship, then do u really think someone following her would be known to me. I somehow came to know about ur relationship this morning... all thanks to these rumors." Aarav answered in frustration.
Both the boys looked at Kria for explanation; she knew she was left with no other option... Radhika came and sat next to her, took kria's hands in hers and comforted her. Kria looked up at Ratz and she just responded blinking her eyes.
Kria sighed and narrated the incident from the day she felt someone following her. Now the boys were burning in anger...
"that Shivam, how dare he made someone to follow u?" saying so Rey bet his hand on the side table.
A: so is he ur rival?
Rey just gave a nod. Aarav was pissed off. His bestie was into a trouble all because of Rey's rivals. Great!!! That was the only thing left to witness. He snatched rey's collar and said, "your rivals are being a pain for my sexy... they are following her... do u have any idea, how dangerous it is... sexy I told u he is not worth u..." he was just going on and on and on... but was cut in middle by Radhika who suddenly had a confusion hearing the name Shivam. She somehow managed to take away Aarav's hands from Rey's collar.
"Rey, is that Shivam Malhotra?" Ratz asked being suspicious
Rey: how do you know him?
Ratz: nothing new... (she looked at Aarav) it's him, Shivam Malhotra... who was always a trouble for us during college time as well... hope u remember that creep... and I am sure at that time he didn't knew about Rey-Kria...
Aarav was by now ashamed for what he did. The boys decided to teach that Shivam, a lesson... Kria and Radhika tried to stop them but they assured that they'll be fine.
The girls chit-chatted about their love-lives... their confession n all... Ratz was really eager to know all about Kriyaansh... well same was the case with Kria, she was really overjoyed to know about AarIka (Aarav-Radhika)
The boys reached Shivam's place... Rey dashed-in with rage in his eyes. Shivam was talking on the phone with someone and laughing, when Rey held him by his collar and punched him hard on his face... his cell-phone fell on the floor and he was taken back by the sudden action...
Rey started punching him, whereas he was just holding on to his stomach, crying out in pain. Aarav came in and stopped Rey and kicked Shivam with all his force.
"how dare u spy on my sexy? U gotta pay for this u moron... I am not gonna spare u this time..." Aarav screamed on that creep. He got a knife from the nearby table and placed it on his throat.

P.S.: Shivam didn't know about Aarav being in India.
He started begging for his life, he even fell on the floor. The servants came and somehow managed to take Aarav-Rey away from Shivam but before leaving Rey kicked him hard on his stomach while Aarav warned him to stay away from Kria or else next time he won't be alive to plan anything stupid against his friends...
The boys left the place and went back to Ghai mansion. The girls were still chit-chatting...

Kria informed her parents about the stupid rumors and clarified everything
After sometime Radhika started picking up her things.
K: oye!! Ab apna boriya bistaraa bandh kar kahan bhaag rahi hai? U r not suppose to leave me... u have to stay back we all are meeting after such a long time... please!!! (she looked at Aarav and then said mischievously) don't u wanna spend some time with hottie??
Ratz: nahi... woh di aur jiju ghar par wait kar rahe honge toh I have to leave now...
Rey: woh Mumbai mein hi hai? (he asked not able to believe his ears)
Ratz: haan Rey, woh dono Mumbai mein hi rehte hain...
AaRia (Aarav-Kria): how do u both know each other?
Rey: it's a long story... will tell u guys later...
Aarav wanted to drop Radhika home but Rey said he was going from the same route so he can drop her and radhika too agreed. Saying so he left the place with Radhika and biding bye AaRia. While moving to the car, Radhika and Rey had a conversation which was seen by a pair of eyes (who else the Great Aarav Chopra)
boy: maa please I love her a lot. and we both wanna get married.

Gayatri: nahi woh ladki bahu nahi ban sakti. aur agar tum usse dubaara mile toh tumhe ghar chodkar jaana hoga. 

boy: theek hai maa as u wish... main yeh ghar chod dunga par usse kiya hua promise nahi tod sakta. Aap usse ek baar miloge toh aap khud samaj jaoge ki woh kitni acchi hai.par aap apni zidd pakad kar baithi hai. maa agar aap ziddi hai toh main bhi aap hi ka beta hu, main Shweta se pyaar karta hu aur ussi se shaadi karunga aap chahe ya na chahe. (saying so he left the place)

G: aditya...


girl: yeh tumne kya kiya aditya? apna ghar apna parivaar chod diya? woh bhi kiske liye? kuch dino pele mili ek ladki k liye?

Adi: nahi uss ladki k liye jisse main pyaar karta hu. uss pyaar ke liye jis ke bina jee nahi sakta... tumhare liye Shweta. tumhara saath dene ka vaada kiya tha, itni aasani se toh nahi bhul sakta na.

Shweta: par maa?

Adi: don't worry woh maan jayegi...

Sh: aur nahi maani toh?

Adi: toh tumhara mere liye pyaar kam ho jayega? (she nodded in negotiation)
aur mera bhi nahi... Wink

they got married but still Gayatri didn't accept the two and asked them to leave however Rajdheer praised them but was helpless in front of his stubborn wife.
[Shweta is Radhika's elder sister and Aditya is Rey's elder brother]

****flashback  ends****

Rey however, was unaware of the fact that his bhai and bhabhi were forced to leave the house as he was in New York. Radhika narrated him the incident and now it was not easy for him to believe the truth. 

[this is why Gayatri always wanted Rey to get married as soon as possible of a girl of her choice i.e. yogya bahu types]
Rey: nahi, yeh nahi ho sakta...
Ratz: yahi sacch hai Rey...
soon he found Radhika crying and Rey trying to console her; she hugged him and Rey stroked her hair to somehow make her calm... this left Aarav jealous.
Rey: I promise Ratz... main sab theek kar dunga... please stop crying...
A few days passed away, Kria hardly got any calls or messages from Rey and when she herself took the initiatives he always excused by saying he had some urgent work... later on it was found that Rey had accepted Preeti Malhotra's marriage proposal and was very soon going to get engaged to her, this left Kria heart broken... she never expected Rey could cheat her and same was the case with Radhika, she knew Rey could never ever cheat someone and if he had said he loves Kria, then he means it... but Aarav was fed up with Radhika taking Aarav's side and making Kria's situation worse.
Kria was all the time crying once she heard the news, she tried to contact Rey but he didn't answer any of her calls or messages. she locked herself in her room and cried for days... she was now turned into a sadist, quite Kria who was just lost in her own world not bothering about the world around.

Radhika asked Shweta to visit Kria and told her about Kria's situation. Shweta and Aditya's marriage was now accepted by Gayatri, all of a sudden. Shweta assured Radhika that she wud look into the matter and wud definitely talk to Rey.

One day AarIka heard Kria sing (sad song)
tu jo rutha hai mujhse,
kho gayi hu main ye kaise,
raaste yeh mujhse puchte,
hain kahan tu itne din se...
lagta hai kuch ajnabi sa tu...
kuch toh mujhko tu batade,
hua kya hai'
 ye samjhade
pehle kabhi aisa toh na tha tu
phir kya hua hai ye bata de
uljhano mein main fasi hu
tere khayalon mein padi hu
kya karu kuch samjh na aaye kyu
tu jo rutha hai mujhse... yuuu
she was walking down in the garden. Aarav had enough of this sad and upset Kria. He went to her and slapped her saying, "enough of this crap Kria. U r not going to be this sadist anymore. I want my bubbly mischievous Kria back. And no more of this rona dhona. He isn't even worth ur tears."
Kria decided to pretend happy for her friends and not to care about Rey anymore. Her heart fought back of Rey not being a cheat but she kept those thoughts aside and decided to move on.

one day,
k: hottie m getting bored lets go out for shopping? (Aarav was happy that Kria was trying to move on but he thought to have sum fun)

A: shopping aur tum dono ke saath mujhe coolie samajh ke rakha hai?

k: please na... tere liye bahut time se shopping nahi ki... please...

A: haan mere naam pe bill padega aur shopping tumhari hogi... mere paas itne paise nahi aaye...

Ratz: what the hell Aarav tum apni sexy aur mere k liye itna bhi nahi kar sakte...

A: tumhare liye kuch bhi (lost in her eyes) 

K: (she slapped his forehead) oh hello majnu ki aulaad... chale?

A: yeah sure...

Some mysteries are unsolved
Some wounds are never healed
Some times the feeling of attraction is assumed to be love.
Love at first sight- is it true love or just a mere attraction?


please do read the note below

hows it??

do leave ur comments

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I know u guys must be mad at me for not commenting on ur works and updating this long but I am really extremely sorry.

My net connection n PC both got damaged at the same timeOuch but finally its repaired now so will soon unres all the resd comments and comment on ur works as well. 

please lemme know if I haven't commented on any of ur works.

I have my internals this 22nd i.e. tomorrow on wards toh I'll be a bit slow but will surely comment as soon as I get time...

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