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Monday Copy Tongue


dandanaka hei danakadakka hei dannanak hei labagadhakka  

sumi.. last week tread lae srima ma essu vaam... so nenga taan both days.. ensoyyy cause me too essu from thursday ROFL

Nelli tara tara nu brings back Lolayee and pushes her into the house.. starts beating her for coming alangolama for such an event. How could she do like this? Its so shameful for him with her behaviour. Elder DIL comes to defend MIL... Selvi and father too comes to see whats going on. Lolayee opens her big mouth and ask Nelli to stop talking and supporting on the PP family. What is so great about the 60th wedding anniversary when her own marriage life is thillalangadi because of the 2 marumagals... Her thambi too tries to defend for his sister and end up spilling up the bean about Selvi as second wife for Moorthy. Both Nelli and Selvi shock. Selvi scolds her father left and right and tuppufy him. Kevalam for the karamam he wants to drink, his pushing her into hell. Lolayee ask Selvi not to talk nu... but Selvi Shocked Highlight today Selvi taan Clap

She gives Lolayee nicely and when lolayee tries to say something.. Selvi ask Lolayee to shut up Clap ... She tells Lolayee by going to the function with the hair let go like that.. its a biggest kevalam for all women. In fact she is ashamed of calling her attai nu. Selvi points out every mistake Lolayee and Moorthy has done. She knows Lolayee can only show her viram to Kamu only because Kamu is not the type who fights back unlike Paramu. Selvi ask Lolayee to behave like a women and remember that at the end of the day.. its not her son's who is going to take care of her when she is old and sick. It would be her DIL and she should know how to keep a good relationship with her DIL's ClapClap Further ask Lolayee if she is proud of what she did now at the function? Everyone in the function would curse her daughter... "adho pora vayadi ponnu.." or would point finger at Nelli and say "ivar pondati oru rowdy..." Lolayee adiyaeee scream pannura but Selvi directly ask her to shut up LOL She scolds her father ... tuppufy more on Lolayee face and leaves the house. Neeli is proud of her.

Santhi husband & dimsu ..

Santhi and husband comes to attend the function. Dimsu sees them halfway and tells them he is happy they came. Shanti starts immediately into Divya matter and ask what happen and why all this fuss now. She said she will go to magesu directly and tell her Dhimsu is not interested with her and she will also speak to Divya ... Dhimsu tells his sister he and divya no longer like last time. Shanti ignores it and says or just remain the relationship like this... thooo iva laam oru akka Angry Dhimsu says he got better idea Shocked Why don't Shanti find another girl like Divya and fix her for mama? So that she can get money more... Shanti says dei enna pesurei but Dhimsu tells her he has really change and regret terribly what happen. Until now mages never told a word to anyone at home. He wants to be a good husband for her from now on. Shanti leaves in anger. Sotta mama goes to Dhimsu and congrats him for taking the good decision.

Mayil Malar and police group all arrive. Mayil tavi kudhikuran and shouting anna anna nu.. while Malar runs straight to Gopi. Mayil screaming top of his lungs that the temple golds missing and found in sokku house... (yabbbaa thangamudiyalae with this mayil D'oh) Everyone shock. Inspector explains everything. Finally Gopi begs him to allow the function to take first and Inspector feels bad and almost ready when stupid MayilAngry jumps in and create problem and annoy the Inspector which provokes him to arrest on the spot Ouch Everyone cries.. Sokku leaves with them and Mayil does fake heart attack Dead They make him sit and he tells Gopi he is fine but to go and take care Sokku matter first. Everyone hugs on Gopi and cries while Mayil thinks of his son death hanging and smiles in victory Dead


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Markurathukku munnadi Wednesday Seat Pottuvitaen LOLLOLLOL

laksh  seat poduvanga...aana update naan ezhudhuven-shreeLOL


Episode 559

Malar calls mayil and tells him to come to meet her friends house to meet her police father...Mayil inturn accuses malar ...says...ellathayum pannittu now u r acting aa?...Malar shocked...Mayil says ellathukkum malar's dad jegannathan dhaan karanam...Malar says we will talk abt this later...come lets go to police station...Mayil vidama shouting...Malar says he said everything in anger...meenakshi comes and slaps malar...

Deivanai,meena 2 perum dose vittings...Mayil oil oothings...Malar crying...mayil says unakku ur dad is important...malar says pls come now...vandhu fight pannalam...But stupid mayil's blah blah in full flow...malar kenjo kenjunnu kenjing...Meenu tells malar to leave...Mayil thatting chaing chakk and tells malar to leave...Mayil and co leaves kalyana mandapam...

Kaamu and ragini comes to malar...Mayil tells them to get into the car...Kaamu refuses...Mayil leaves...Malar says first we will go and meet sokku mama...comelets go..

Malar ,kaamu and ragini comes to police station and inspector says sokku court la produced...Malar shcoked...She calls her friend's dad and informs him...he says inimel wehave to wait for court orders...

Dimsu and mahesu talking...mayil ottu ketting...Sam vandhu asking what r u doing here...Mayil mazhupufies and leaves...Sam comes takes dimsu away...

Sokku family crying...mayil continues his kaattu kathings...thittufying kaamu and ragini for supporting malar...Pushpa says malar dhaan senjuruppa enna confirm...Mayil says sokku has only 1 enemy and he is malar dhaan karanam...

Malar,rags and kaams back home...mayil acts ...searches sokku...nanna vandhuttara?...and then malar says sokku mama now in jail...Meenu RKO starts ...And mayil blah blah...says jewels bag la duplicate key was it came?..If my brother planned to loot jewels avarkitta original keys irundhudhu...then whats the need for duplicate unga appan and u dhaan karanam...Get now from this place...

Malar says kutramulla nejam kurukurukudha...Mayil face la no E aadings...malar says let my husband come and avar sonna i'll leave...malar says u r responsible for sokku's jail...Mayil shocked...


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**** Updates by Ratna

Jega receives call from the temple to confirm Sokku stole the golds nu. He is shock but still refuses to believe it. Gokul tries to poison Jega saying maybe Sokku would have done it or his son Gopi cause they want this wedding to happen successfully, Jega stands firm that Sokku and his family will never do anything cheap like this. They rather die in hunger then going to steal kovil golds Clap Gokul change his way and then suggest they should get lawyer for Sokku which Jega refuses. But Gokul put such fake act that pavam Malar etc etc Angryuntil he manage to kavathuran Jega to believe his act Ouch

At Lolayee house D'oh She oppari poduran to Moorthy crying why she should be alive ... she is going to die nu Confused lies to him on how Nelli beat her and kick her Shocked at the function in front of everyone.. and both Paramu and Kamu clap hands and laughing ShockedOuch Moorthy with anger goes and question his father for hitting mother and warns him not to simply hit amma for that kedakattu family. In comes running Vanitha crying to her father on what happen in the mandabam. Lolayee comes laughing and clapping hands happily saying pattani sabam summa va nu Confused Moorthy seem happy too. Nelli leaves to station.

At Police Station ... Gopi, sam and his father trying to beg inspector who at the end says he can't do anything except to produce Sokku to court. He also tells Gopi as a son, Gopi is being reasonable unlike Mayil who annoyed him so much. Gopi says Mayil loves Sokku so much thus behaved that way. But Inspector says from what he observe seem like Mayil purposely was trying to provoke him nu Confused

Gopi goes to Sokku and ask him not to worry. He will find out who did it and bring Sokku out. Sokku ask Gopi not to investigate this matter further. His going to tell the court he stole it nu Shocked Gopi shock and pleads Sokku not to do it. Sokku ask Gopi to think reasonably .. key was with them and golds found in their house...?????? Gopi kind of know Sokku is thinking someone from the family would have done it but Sokku refuse to think on that way. He says leave the matter nu. But Gopi tells his father to be patient and not to agree to anything first. He goes out and Nelli comes in. Nelli tells Sokku he knows Sokku would never have done this and he personally will look into this matter. Takes Gopi to go and see a lawyer.

Back at the mandabam ... everyone is oppari podufy and this mayil Sleepy his fake crying and screaming of Sokku faith. Malar receive call from a friend who she tried calling earlier. Her father is DIG and Malar tells the entire story asking help to bring Sokku for a while to tie thali and then take him. DIG ask her to go station and call him from there. All this is heard by Mayil who gets tensed. Malar goes to him and explain to him about DIG willing to help and ask Mayil to follow her. Entire family seem relieve to hear this except Mayil who muluchufy thiru thiru.. Malar is confused and pleads him to come fast as they cannot waste time.

Mayil looks at Malar and ask ennadhiii nadhikereiya ... ShockedShocked Everyone is shock including Malar.


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Friday Updates

By Lakshmir Big smile

Shree ku laks Proxy Attendance poduraen - Sorry Buddies Late akkiruchu..
Too muchWink  of Dance PartyDancing & Kissing scenesClap
AngryMayil Continues his drama against malar, n trying to make kobi to believe his words.but kobi is unansweringLOL.. mayil's next asthram family Dancingdance parties(Dev's n Meens)Both Do thier performanceDancing.. Meens tells him to forget malar n act on next to bring his father out.. kobi tells that let fathers comes out then lets talk about malar issue nu sollittu call up for malar..mayil says that i have told her in anger to get out..she taken it seriously n has left this house nu solluraru..kobi is stunned with no words..Kamu n Rags gives him an sobber Ouchlook..all disperse.. KobiOuch gets inside the home with tears in eyes.

MayilAngry comes to jags home, KNG notes him n pottukuduthufying to Jags.. All pamily gathering in front yard of home to take mayil's Beautiful Deaddrama Curse session.Jags tells that he havent done anything wrong to stop Sr.PP Marriage nu enga appan kutrikulla illa counter ku yeduthu kudukiraruD'ohD'ohD'oh..Namma allu cursing session start pannuraru..curse some more on Malar...Confusedjags says he wants to keep away from ur pp i neednt done anything nu justipication panna try pannurau..Angrynamma KNG ulla ponthu Ghee oothuraru..Angrymayil savudal Continues...mayil ku onnu poduraru..after some oothar LOLLOLMayil leaves the place.Jags continues his blabbering all this is becoz of This malar nu solli mrs. jags ku onnu kudukuraru..KNG is very happy at this dance party

Paramu n Mr.Paramu coming home.. Pamily welcoming them in thier styleLOL..lola ask them to go back to home, as she will not let them inside thier home..Mr. Paramu tells that even NA attended the function how come hes in nu kekuranClap.. Murthy comes out jumping n start bad mouthing gets furious n starts countering for him..finally both brothers got into takes off some kattai gave murthy nice kissParty out of it in murthy's nadu mandaiROFLClap...murthy is collapsed n starts god blood amma..lola scolds Mr.paramu for being pondati dasan n takes murthy of to hospital..Mr & Mrs. Paramu enters into.. Kobi is coming to kaja home, Kaja mom checks did malar called him, he says no i know she would be here so i only cam off nu ..Mom was happy on thier attachment towards them ..n ask to talk alone n sort out things..KOLAR talks off ..malar tells for all the happenings at your its your mayil Chittaps is reason behind it nu sollura..KobiOuchShocked is stunned to hear it.

Screen Freezes

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