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Wednesday - Invitation Padalam ContinuesConfused Mahes back to Sokku Palace.ClapClap
Duo PP in Thier pasa malar Puspa's  home to invite them get to see Jr.pandi..little jerk on hearing his name n finally Jr.ppAngry kanna ooruti ooruti katayam varanum vandhu annana parkanum solluraru..Pirai puts bit that some alliance came to rags is his distant relative he wants to invite them so that it will good for both family to meet in good occassion.Angrymayil oru terror music koda yes sure solluraru..they leave ..sam nagging pirai tells if you are telling alliance to rags whom will i marry..if u continue then i will have marry some one on my own u should feel nu solluran..pirai ignores him n goes off.
StarMahes Back to Sokku Palace with dimsu man.. before heading into home.. LOLDimsu baviyama takes bag from mahes n both comes in ..n tells that they want to go with Kobi's decision..namma ConfusedCID malar as usual Puzzled..But  mahes n dimsu tells that we have spoken to each other n have taken this decision .sokku asks them to go in n take rest n informs meenu not to interogate mahes on it.. as they wanted to come out of that issue.meens nods her head..CID is still in doubt look.
Meen's gives tender coconut to mahes..n checks on whether she spoke ill to dimsu mappu n brought him back home.. StarmahesClapClap takes her to hall n ask dimsu to answer meens question.. Dimsu men nu muluggingLOLLOL Mahes take the lead n tells that loosu man bite him so he is embraced to tell out.. i have given injection ClapClapClap to him n brought him here sollura..Dimsu is looking at all .. sokku is asking her to take dimsu n give othadamLOLLOL.. ask malar to go n get dressed to invite someone important.. N tells kobi to invite some bigshot in that village who is Jags close friend..atleast thru him jags will get to know that KOLAR is living happiliy nu solluraru.
KOLAR in cycle plight reaches that big shot home.. n invites him ..Big shot nattamai pannuraru.. n tells them Jags should leave his anger aside n should accept you nu solluraru..KOLAR leaves from there..once they left..Big shot real face comes out.. he talks ill about KOLAR & pp Family..n tells his wife to throw the invitation..She nicely gives him that atleast he is roaming with his wife not like you roaming with some jointsLOLClapLOLClap n goes in..KOLAR coming back to home.. Duckman stops n tells that ashok is over drunk n at road.. KOLAR goes there .. kobi ask him to leave his plight at home n bring auto to take ashok to Jag palace..Here Big shot Calls up Jags n talks ill about KOLAR n his act for not doing anything to KOLAR. n ask to come for thier community meeting.Heated Jags cuts the call off.. there comes KOLAR in auto with ashok.. all are giving pose after getting down from AutoLOL
Screen Freezes

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Sleepy Same kobam, veri, same eruchal and same dialog ...

Jegathisan shock to see them three... he goes and starts beating Ashok. Gokul nallavar madhiri comes to rescue Angry Malar tries to talk but Jega gives her left and right and ask why she is here .. more to manatha vangufy him vaa? He scolds her for going to his jadhi sanam house to invite them for Sokku 60th marriage anniversary. J says he going to be 60 soon but he can't even do this function for himself for what Malar had done.. running away and getting marrried again. Malar tries to defend Gopi and says one day Rogini is going to suffer and that time they will know she had been trying to save them. Gokul is planning everything smartly and she knows that its because of Gokul that Ashok is drinking like this. Rogini gets mad and comes gives Malar left and right and ask who is she to talk bad about her husband. Rogini further says she too has mouth and will talk bad about Gopi Confused (Gopi oru kalathil help pannadhu laam forget panniyachu pola Confused) Malar and Gopi both leaves. Jega starts beating ashok while other's tries to stop him.

(Why this malar had to open her mouth there? She should have just left Asho there and just tell her mother where they found Ashok and leave. This would have thought Jega a lesson Angry)

Mayil laughing laughing laughing laughing like loosu Shocked looking at the invitation Ouch Devanai comes and ask what his laughing at. She further says how happy she is to see Mayil back to normal. She praise Sokku and gopi for sorting out this Komaru matter not realizing her husband is biting his teeth Angry She says right now only one concern she has and that is Kamu life. She is hoping Mayil would do something about this after the wedding .. Mayil facing the other side ask her to be patience as everything will fall to its place as soon the function ends ... Ouch

Malar polambaraning D'oh about how her father spoke and how his treating them and etc etc etc Sleepy Gopi just stood and listen without saying anything. Suddena Gopi says ivan yaaru to talk about his parents function .. he will beat Jega up Shocked and Malar angrily says Gopi .. Gopi says he summa said like this to make Malar realise that no matter how much she kilikuran and tittufy her father, she still has soft corner for him. Adhan she got angry when Gopi talk rudely about Jega. Malar agrees she care for her father but still, she can't seem to stand the way they are judging her. Plus she is worried if Jega will try to do something and stop this function. Mayil hears this and puts his drama like being angry with Jega Ouch

Dhimsu comes to Mahes and starts his confession  Ouch Rombha sad face he keeps and says how much his ashame of himself for doing such dirty thing. And he feels more guilty when Magesu never let this out when Gopi was there as well and deal with this matter wisely Ouch not exposing him to her family and exposing Divya to her family. Mages says she is keeping quite cause its her father's 60th wedding function and she don't want to ruin that happiness. But wait till this function over, appo iruku katcheri  for him and goes away .. Dhimsu  ShockedShockedShockedShocked LOL

To be continued Wink

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update by Ratna

Lolayee house. Selvi father leaves her there and goes back. Lolayee annoys Kamu by asking Selvi to serve food for her and Moorty. Both purposely eracafy Kamu by praising Selvi who seem to be innocent not knowing what is going on. Kamu gets annoyed and leaves from there.

Jeganathan (JN) as usual shouting and scolding Ashok in front entire family. This time Ashok wife does not keep quite. Talks back and tells them she suspect Gokul cause only after he came to this house, Ashok started to drink. Rogini tries to shut her SIL up but SIL gives her back and ask her to shut up cause before this Rogini spoke very bad about Gokul, now after marriage has she forgotten all the crime he did before? Gokul giving dasavatharam look (variable looksLOL) Finalla Ashok wife ask JN to open for Ashok his own separate business or else she would take her husband back to her house. JN says its a shame if his son goes as vithodhu mapillai. Ashok wife kuttufy and ask what about Gokul?? JN is silent. Arguments continues and finally Ashok wife drags him from there saying they shall go to her family. Gokul is happy now.

They show in gbm Gopi malar giving out cards.

Lolayee house again. Ramesh is doing something while Kamu is drying cloths. Paramu comes and scolds Ramesh for doing all this and ask him to just leave it as its time for them to go wedding. Lolayee opens her mouth at Paramu who immediately gives her back nicely saying she is not Kamu to keep quite and get all the pechu. Ramesh too sides Paramu and ask his mother to keep quite. Lolayee gets more annoyed. Paramu drags Ramesh away to get ready. Lolayee warns indirectly Kamu cannot go for the function, but Kamu calls out for paramu to take the money from the cupboard and she too will come along andvanitha comes and ask Kamu to get ready to go for Sokku function & both leaves. Lolayee tells elder DIL she will cut off this 2 soonOuch

They show mayil sneaking into temple, into the room and then stealing something and leaves.


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Monday 18th june 2012 



Sokku comes to temple office and gives the locker key and tells him to check the things once...That office aalu says aiyo ayya...naanga ungala sandega padalama...u go ayya...Sokku invites him for his veettu vishasheam and leaves...

Sokku house...Ellarum kelambing to kalyana mandapam...all present excepy mayil...Gopi says mayil super busy...ella work um avarae doing...Sam avaru part kku praising  mayil...Mayil comes there ...asusual tension...He says ellam ready...Sokku tells him to first take bath and eat...Mayil tells sokku and co to leave first...he will follow them soon...Sokku clan leaves..

Mayil comes inside and hides the jewels ...and says dai sokku...vidinja un maanam mariyadhai will fly...Mayil then calls komaru and says jewels ellam vachutten...Komaru says ok maams...inimel ellam naan parthukaren...u dont worry...

Komaru updates this to his mummy and josiyar...komaru says life ambuttudhe for mayil...Josi says mayil eppadiyavadhu will come out...Komaru says chanc ae illai...lifelong mayil kku jail dhaan...josi kku doubt...mayil will give a complaint against sokku...police will arrest sokku...u will go and tell the truth that mayil dhaan police will levae sokku and will arrest amyil...u can marry ragini...but...if ...mayil ungala mattivitta ??...neenga;um kambi counting dhaanae...komaru and mummy shcoked...

Komaru says...I will tells okku and co that...i wanted to show u all...mayil kettavan...thats why i id all this...Komaru tells his plan...i'll save sokku infront of everyone...ragini kku en mela lovvu varum...she will sing..."nandri solla unakku song"...komaru in la la land...ream la ragini comes and says thanks...Dream over...Komaru dancing with kezhavi , ragini ragini nnu kezhavi ya kattipidichu dancing...

kalyana mandapam...mayil over aa velai senjings...Sokku super happy...function starts...ellarum thambathi sagidhama getting asirvadham from sokku meenu...kaamu mattum coming alone...very sad...mahesu oram katting kaamu...consoles her...Dimsu hears this converstaion ...mahesu polambing and kaamu continuing...kaamu says moorthy kandippa varamattaru...Dimsu decides to go and meet moorthy...


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Mayil calls police, inform him about the rob jewels ... and then he calls the temple guy and inform him as well.

He goes back and on purpose gives a bag and ask Malar to go inside a room, then takes Devanae stand in front of the room and creates a story about how people are mocking Malar and how she is ruining the family respect. Malar hears this from inside heart broken. Devanae ask husband if she did not give those people some scolding.. mayil pretends like being angry with those people and said he already scold them badly and gave them a piece of his mind.

Rajesh the new mapillai for Ragini is konjufying with mother and takes Superman shirt to use for the wedding ShockedROFL Sam brings coffee for both of them.. the cups are empty cause the coffee is on the plate ROFL he ask them to pour from the plate into the cup and drink and leaves in annoyance. Rajesh goes to bath while Sam sneak in and takes Rajesh new shirt and nicely kalaicfy the shirt ROFLROFLROFL and goes out back. Rajesh comes back and shock to see the shirt. He goes out and notices Ragini and informs her that he needs the shirt to be iron. Ragini smiles and calls sam Shocked  to come and gives him the shirt and ask him to iron ROFL

Nelli and vanitha about to go for the function when Lolayee starts her tandavum dance and prevents vanitha from going. She insults Sokku badly but still Vanitha ignores her and wants to go with her father. Lolayee eiiihh adiyae aaa ohhh nu sound vidufying and Nelli palar palar gives her 2 slap .. second slap she is on the ground... Vanitha and father leaves. Elder DIL nicely usapathufy MIL and Lolayee says she is also going to let down her hair ShockedShockedShocked yabba i got scared seeing her

Mayil goes to Gopi and says Malar does not seem good and is in the room. Gopi goes to her and ask her what happen. Malar snub at him and ask him to leave her alone. Gopi sad and wonder what happen.

Nelli arrive and Mayil makes a big scene on how worried he is on Kamu life and why is Moorty doing like this etc etc Ouch Kamu surprise her father is caring for her life. There comes our Devil Lady .. ( i need to think a suitable name for this new look LOL) Thodarum

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EPISODE 555 ShockedShocked

Idhu taan namma Lolayee @ katteri Shocked

Lolayee calls everyone out. Mayil asking enna samandhi amma nu and Lolayee thooo nu tuppufy. She tells everyone since the time they took ponnu from this family, this is how she has end up. She tells them enna kudumbam idhu... in fact dimsu came to her house and insult her husband.. and karituppuffy them for not coming for this wedding (ShockedShocked idhu over exaggerating ..) Everyone is looking including Rajesh and his mother. Sokku head is down.. Nelli head is down.. (ippo why cant nelli give her 2 slap and drag her from there Angry) Lolayee killi killikuraaning and calls Sokku Venna ponaven Shocked  Mayil tries to interfere to make her stop but she tuppufy him also. Nelli eii leela nee kalambu nu sollurar .. and lolayee says naan kalamburen.. nenga inga podura pitcha sorru saptu vango nu Ouch Lolayee further insults Sokku marriage as kelathu kalyanam .. Mayil screams samandhi.. and he ask Nelli to take his wife and go or else ... Lolayee ask or else enna nu... will he hit her? Mayil falls in front of their feet and beg Nelli to go Shocked everyone is shock... Mayil gives drama saying this is his anna marriage and he wants it to go on smoothly nu. (yabbaaa kadhu rendhu gone!!c Cry) Nelli ippo veeram vandhu and palar palar hits Lolayee and drags her away.. (idhu earlier pannirakalam D'oh)

Komaru house... (idhavum ennaka ShockedShocked)

Komaru mother semayil alagi LOL waiting for her son to come out. Father ask what son is doing and semayil alagi says her son is getting ready nu... Thadaaa Komaru entry.. bgm Kannupadhu pogatheiya chinna goundaru ShockedROFL
ROFLROFL Mother praises paiyan rombha alaga irukar and ask the boys to suttufy him... bgm music Nai Kannu Nari Kannu Lola Kannu kandha kannu Ulla Kannu ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL while the guys suttufy him with big poosanika ROFLROFLROFL Komaru is all ready with thali also to tie on Ragini neck Shocked

In Temple ...

Everyone is in temple including Jeganathan .. all worried golds missing nu.. some blames Sokku while Jeganathan stood up for Sokku as he believe Sokku is not that kind of person. But the one man insist the key was with sokku so definitely Sokku would have steal it. Jega refuses to give in and says Sokku is not such person. Inspector comes and says he receive call too and someone told him that Sokku has steal it. Jega feels something is not right.  He tries to tell Inspector that sokku is a nice man and definitely he would not steal it. Further Jega says he is not coming along because he still has trust on Sokku. Another man says its Sokku wedding and its not nice to go there just based on suspecting him. He suggest to call Mayil and ask Mayil to come here first. Everyone agrees.

At the mandabam ...

Wedding takes place while Mayil keep looking entrance expecting police to come anytime. Kalyanam oru pakkam running while Ragini Rajesh exchanges love looks LOL Mayil receive call from Inspector and says got complain on Sokku about gold missing... Inspector ask Mayil to come straight to the house...Mayil goes and gets Malar and says he needs her to come with him.. Malar ask why nu but he just ask her to follow him. Mayil tells Devanae both he and Malar going out as got something important. On the way.. the key man sees Mayil and ask him did he manage to open vaa nu .. Mayil shock to see him and manage to send him off while malar ask who is that man and what his asking if had open vaa nu.. Mayil just ask her to follow him and both gets into the car and Mayil starts his fake crying about gold missing and police waiting to check the house. Malar is shock and confused.

(i wonder why Mayil took Malar along ... Ermm)

thodarum ... sambung.. to be continue... srima maa... naan half essu.. balance half ungala. Nee pathi naan pathi... LOL

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Thanks shree & migan . As usual Friday enakku Mukhari [ Oppari] ragamthan.

                            Friday 22.06.2012

Episode 556 ' Romba Mukyam. srima yaravadhu kettaLa

Mayil's Monkey Dance

Ashok's wife on warpath with parents for not taking any action on her matter. Yielding to her pressure her dad calls Jags who asks agrees for personal private meeting for truce talks. Dhanalakshmi's [ Ashok's wife's name] asks husband to handle the matter carefully & also beware of Gokul.

Temple  , Sokku Sixtieth birthday is full swing. Family members performing the abishekam for Sokku ' Meenu one after another & seek their blessings. The priest calls out ' Shanthyoda mootha payan vaanga '  ada idhu yarunga Shanthi or is it slip of the tongue on the part of priest as Gangai flows from Meenu's eyes hearing that . Sokku gathers himself & calls Gopi who in turn searches  his better half. Deiva informs about Mayil taking Malar along with him on an important matter. But claims she is ignorant of that important matter. Gopi calls Malar. Mayil cautions Malar not to reveal anything. Malar obeys the order , Gopi is perplexed , feels since morning Malar is not her normal self , asks her to speak out. Malar avoids the subject , just says she will soon return & tell everything. Gopi then calls Mayil who disconnects the phone.

Mayi Malar reach home , see police jeep standing outside . Mayil starts his jumping act. Malar tries to speak to the inspector & tries to buy some time for the function to get over. Mayil starts his over pasam act ' my  sokka thanga annan , how dare you accuse him believing a hearsay , asks them to do a thorough search of the house. First round of search , police do not find anything , but Mayil insists that they look in to all the nook & corner of the house. Malar desperately  trying to stop him.In the second round the inspector find the pouch containing jewels jumnu sitting on the cot.{ Adhu eppadi , wings mulaichu atticlerndhu keezha vandhu sitting?]. Inspector sees it . Malar is shocked , but insists that her FIL has no hand in it , pleads with the inspector to send Sokku to the station immediately after the function. The two temple trusties also agree to it.  Jumping Jack starts his drama' accuses inspector of taking rishvat  from somebody to tarnish Sokku's  name & image . Kudhi kudhinu kudhikking  accusing the inspector more & more & sees to it the police team  finally drive to the Mandapam.

AaNazhagan Komaru & family driving down for the function. Komaru  mummy pillayoda azhaga pugazho pugazh , mandapla all going to faint seeing his beauty. Komaru vayellam teeth. Komarukku sandosham vandha vai pesadhu kaithan pesum.  Maata verattara madhiri beats the driver asking him  to drive fast. Mummy also joins the beating mela. Poor driver, does his best. The brake fails , the car goes haywire & comes to a stop dashing against a tree.

Temple- all waiting for Mayil & Malar , priest hurries everyone ,wants to finish off the function before muhurtha time lapses . Sokku firm , my bro must have gone on urgent matter , have to wait for his return.

Oru vazhiya over.  Enna kodumaida . Have taken 2 days to write this update , watching the monkey dance twice is real punishment. .Srima seidha papam.OK friends , am not available next Friday. Pl. somebody help me out.

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