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Friday - yet another count down started

Indha varam romance vaaaram

                           Friday 1.06.2012

Maha tutoring  Pandi at his house. Pandi's father comes . Pandi's paati asks him about the fiasco at the school. Maha apologises to father for her hasty action, says she called both husband & wife with Pandi's interest in mind. Goes on & on to give a big gyan  . Gives self life as an example , how she used to be disrespectful to her husband , the one who used to shower all his love on her & now after his death how she craves to talk to him in her dreams.  Further ,Says daily her husband comes in her dream & keeps repeating that he didn't commit suicide.  So much so ,  she is mentally disturbed  & repents for the futile fights she had with her husband. Let us not waste this short span of life  in meaningless fights & hatred. Think of your only son & his future. As she leaves after the long lecture ,meets Pandi's ex boss & his chamcha. Boss asks Pandi's father about Maha's visit. Pandi's dad tells him Maha's story including her dream & her husband repeated statement that he didn't commit suicide. No fly dancing in ex boss & chamcha's face.  But boss gathers himself & tells that Maha herself is responsible for her husband's death , but spreading false news for self protedtion, cautions not to believe her. Maha who comes back to collect her umbrella was privy to this conversation.

Beauty Parlour opening ceremony pooja. Ragini , Meenu , Malar , Gopi on one side & Komaru , Sornakka , Josi & parlour's ex owner on the other side. Ella facesleyum thousand watts bulb. Meenu is super happy, asks Komaru to call her athai. Komaru feels Gopi is not happy , but Gopi & Malar too express their happiness in the alliance. Ragini too shows green signal. Komaru & ragini get some private moment , Komaru asks whether ragini likes him. Ragini says yes . K overjoyed ,  hugs her tightly ' Ragini Ragininu hugging & dancing. Ayo vidungaya vidungayanu one Rakamma patti is screaming ' yes you all guessed correctly ' all Komaru's inimayana kanavu.   . All come out running , Komaru wakes up from his sleep ,his adiyals get dharma adi for their master's stupidity from Sornakka  .  I want ragini ' a sleepy Komaru adam pidikking. Sornakks wakes up josi in the middle     of the night to give a dose. Orders to make fast arrangement for Komaru -Rags wedding.

Nelli  Moorthy eating . Kamu serving Nelli while Lolayi Moorthy. Kamu telling FIL about doctors advise & FIL asks her follow it diligently. Moorthy & Lolayi kadu kadu. Paramu & ramesh come back, Paramu displays her arrogant behaviour. Kamu gets angry , takes her aside & gives her some advise , asks her to be polite to FIL , because of whom they continue to stay in that house. Paramu adha kadhila vaangindalanu theriyala. Rombathan thuLLaradhu indha poNNU.

Sokku  house ' Meenu , Deiva , Malar , Maha , Ragini ' saree selection for 60th birthday on. Bandwala madhiri uniform saree for all. Idhula Meena asks everybody to select. Deiva has a doubt ' should we take sambandhi saree ' for  Shanthi & Lolayi . Some vetti discussions how they will react. Then Meenu & Deivu go out. Malar notices Maha's sullen face & prods her to speak out. Maha narrates Pandi's ex boss' matter.  Malar's lecture starts ' tells Maha to forget the past ,stop indulging in self pity & self accusation ,  start a fresh life , wipe out Pandi's thought from her mind , remarry & settle down in life. Camera slowly turns & busu busunu mooch vitundu Deiva staring at them.

Habba over over . No  A4 paper  stock in shops. Nonstop pechu ' my vai valikking.

Not TAMAT - but ippadiye pona only rotten tomatoes for TM

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Archives copy

Monday 4th june 2012 Episode 542

(Story move aaagum endru)

Kaathirundhu kaathirundhu week ugal ponadhadi

(ippadiyum serial eduka mudiyuma nnu )

yosichu yosichu mandayil hair poga pogudhadi

edha pathiyum kavala lapadatha director thiru murugan di

avaru mattum kalyila maatina *chappthi *chappathi dhaandi...

[* - thiru va chappathi thekira maadhiri thechu tawa la pottu suttu ...etc etc..Angry]


Epsiode starts with gopi's munnal and innal ladies...Malar and Maha...malar tells maha to forget pandi...There comes egg eyes deivanai with her perumoochu...Comes near maha and starts crying...(azhugarathu kku edhukku ma ippadi morachukittu vareenga...Angry)....She vazhi mozhinjing malar's words...forget pandi...start a new life...(new life...eppadi?...again go and sight adichufy gopi aa??manmatha raasa director senjalum seivaruDead)...amma and magal hugging and crying...

Next ...Gopi's ulaga maha tailoring shop...tailor stiching...Kaaja AC...what a kevalamana shop...says kaaja...owner gopi shouts at him...konjam kooda poruppe illai...Kaaja shouts back...unakku dhaan no poruppu...enakku ponnu parthu kalyanam panni vachiya(ShockedShocked...kaaja kku kalyanama??ivan boy aa man aa??)...

Sam comes there and tells kaaja to marry parameswari...u (kaaja) are a mosquito...she (parameswari) is a mosquito...mosquito mosquito kalyanam senja nalla irukkum...(CryCryNARAYANA...kosu thollai thaanga mudiyala ppa CryCry)....Kaaja calls sam moottai poochi...

Gopi asks sam "dei unakku ponnu parkalama...ready for marraige??"...Sam shcoked...and says iam not a nandri kettavan gopi machan...iam ready to give for ur sister...2 murai ponnus are there...why searching ponnu outside??(nallavelai sokku 5 peroda niruthuneengalae...crore kumbidu ayya umakku)....Kaaja warns gopi to take care of his sisters...

Late pandi's kolaikara owner comes there with his adiyal and says indha boy wife kku blouse stich pannanum..(super owner...idhukellam recommendation...blouse la widow,ventilator ellam vachu stich panni kudunga gopi)...)...Owner asks abt maha..the he talks abt pandi...asks gopi if they know any information abt pandi's kolaikarans...Gopi says no...

His adiyal says one kuri solara man is there...He used to find solutions for this kind of cases...even kolaikaran's name and address...owner tells gopi to go there...Gopi says he will discuss with his dad...owner leaves and tells his adiyal to make arrangements for that kuri solra man...

Dimsu SR house...sambhar panjayathu back in action...Divya comes and calls Dimsu...Mahesu welcomes divya and overa paasa mazhai pozhinjings...says i want to tell u something...Divya and Dimsu thiru thiru...Mahesu says one day this dimsu praised ur sambhar...enakku kovam but today i agree akka...ur sambhar is the best sambhar in this whole world...(really...appo unga divya madam sambhar konjam petroleum corporation makkal kku ice vachu kuduthu petrol price aa konjam less panna solluma).....

Mahesu aniyayathukku praising and divya and dimsu still thiru thiru...Mahesu goesout saying i will outside ...neenga rendu perum pesunga...Divya tells dimsu...this mahesu is planning something...find out dimsu...Dimsu says yes...

Next...karaikudi temple...Mayila nd sokku comes and kovil la work panra aasamay gives sokku some vilakkus ...Vilakku falls from sokku's hands...temple man says seems like deivakutram..I'll give the key afterwards...Sokku says iam doing this sevagam for years...God will not punish me for anything...temple man gives the key to sokku and says all the jewels,money infact the whole temple property is carefull..He says he is going to mumbai and will back after a week...Man leaves and sokku's phone rings...

Malar phone la...Malar syas meenakshi admittedin hospital...Sokku tensed and then he tells mayil that he is going to hosptal...Mayil gives a super villain smile...meaning...aappu vaikkaporen sokku kku!!...

Hospital...Sokku arrives and starts his overacting...Meenakshi says she is fine...Malar tells him to calm down...Meenu says pressure...Sokku shouts...edhukku unakku pressure varanum??(adhanae...namma family kku azhugatchi mattum dhaan varanum...pressure,sugar ellam varapdadhuDead)...

Doctor comes and says ur wife kku uterus remove pannanum...Sokku super shcoked...what?...why?...Meena samadana paduthing sokku...ketkara aala sokku the great??...He says "edhukku remove pannanum doctor?adhu pattukkum oru orama irundhuttu pogattumROFLROFL...(operation enakku pannunga nnu solvaru pola manushan).....Doctor says not possible...uterus removal compulsory...operation after ur 60 aam kalyanam...

Doctor kadupagi asks a super kostin...any plans for next baby!!ROFLROFLembarassed sokku smiles and continues his touching touching dialogues...

Back to sambhar panjayathu...Dead 

Dimsu eating...mahesu serving...Mahesu starts her pottu vaanging game...says divya paavam...she is suffering alot with that mental husband...she should divorce him and marry a nall manushan...Dimsu shcoked...Mahesu says divya va understand panna oru man vandha she will bevery happy...Dimsu andha pakkam thirumbhi smiles and mahesu watching with kolaveri...


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Wednesday PartyROFLNalla velai Naan Pilaythu kondaen PartyROFL - Kobi Malar Cycle Ulla LOLPartyROFL
Roh's Justipication Continues..malar walks out of shop..Roh's tells that lets leave n comes out goes to car..KNG ask Roh's not to tell this Jag's becoz he might create issue to KOLAR..Malar waits outside ignoring thier talks..there comes her man in cycle plight.. she hops infront n they both goes from there happily.. KNG is full upset on this polambifies n takes roh's.
Our KOLAR in cycle plight..talking abt the happenings.. Kobi Y pu  kuda nadu rotula romance pannurarama thangalaD'ohD'oh..antha Aal illatha rotula oru lady ready ya 50rs poo konduvanthu kudukuranga..some romance ah ma D'ohD'ohD'oh..There comes our duck man so upset abt putting him in dark room..he nags both of them n ask them get him a girl for marriage.. Comedy ku ra perula konjam konnaiga malar talks to him in english man started vadivel crying..KOLAR leaves the place.
Rags parlour..sorna akka n son there .. rags tries to pass to other girl ..but sorna akka insists her to do facialD'ohD'ohD'ohaiyo facial ku vantha kodumaiya ithu..Gorilla boy komaru jollu vittu englipeas pesura ramaD'ohD'ohrags shoos him to go out of pralour.. rags starts of facial to sornakka she talks too much..she put facial cream in her mouth n shuts up her. She indirectly  talks to other parlour girl n gives nicely to gorilla komaru.. after facial akka comes out n tells komaru to change his attire he too agrees for it.
KOLAR comes to Invitation shop there gets to see ashok polambifying on KNG's act.. after looking at them he praises KNG n leaves.. Shop owner passes the message to KOLAR.. malar ask him to tell ashok not to trust KNG.. n goes for their invitation coveer selection.Cycling continues back in road.. malar notice duck man in road n started to talk in english.. both crosses them smiling ..Screen freezes at crying duck manLOLLOL

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Thursday Updates

Dhimsu sitting and yosichifynig. Magesu comes there and ask him about his thought. Dhimsu remain silent. She ask him to come and have dinner but Dhimsu refuses (better.. konja weight avadhu kuraiyum Approve) Mages starts her work again  by asking if he is worried about Divya akka. Definitely he is thinking about the talk they had this morning. She knows Dhimsu wants to do something good for akka but in order to be there for her, he need to be healthy and so he needs to take his dinner LOL Dhimsu muraichify her and ask her what she is talking. Mages says no use sitting here and thinking when actions need to be taken. She walks away and Dhimsu wondering his wife way is changed all sudden.

Mages walks towards Divya house where she is sitting in front with her FIL. There FIl asking if Divya eaten but she seem very much disturbed and says no nu. Mages ask ingayum maa .. and drags Divya with her to Dhimsu. She tells both of them if they don't eat, she too wil not eat therefore her baby will be not eating too. Both Divya Dhimsu semma confused. Mages ask both of them to tell each other to eat Shocked LOL Dhimsu gets annoyed and ask if she is mad. Mages says no but she knows both of the are friends and will listen to each other. She goes in and brings food, serve the and leaves them to eat and talk. Divya confused state ask Dhimsu what is going on.

Gokul D'oh brings in some bottles to tempt Ashok .. who is working in the office. Fool Ashok falls for it and takes the bottle to drink ... Confused

Lolayee house.  Kadavalae ... my ears bleeding back again ...

Nelli on phone with Mayil pola who orders vegies for 60th wedding anniversary. Nelli ask him not to worry and he will take care of it.  VIP (vella ilathu Panni - Murthi) and Lolayee sitting there too hearingt all this. Kamu brings water for Nelli who informs her the good news. He goes to VIP and ask if his got no intention to go work and only going to be sitting here and holding amma mundanai vaa nu ShockedThumbs UpROFL. As soon Nelli goes in, both VIP and Lolayee starts. VIP asking if father got no brain and Lolayee insults Sokku Mayil and also both arumai DIL's. This is heard by both Paramu and Kamu. Paramu goes straight to Lolayee while VIP goes in upon seeing her. P ask enna jada madhai pesufy while Lolayee says enna jada madha and insults Paramu as Orrmenjavae .. Paramu agrees she Orrmenjavae adhavum with 4 guys nu Shocked.  Yet she never lost herself to those guys except getting cheated. So if a girl falls in love with someone and get cheated, can't she marry again? If then the same insult should go for Vanitha too cause she loved Gopi before and got cheated. (omg paramu Angry this Vanitha is the only who got you married to her brotherAngry) Vanitha hears this and cries. Lolayee gets angry and drags Vanitha towards Paramu and scold her for helping Paramu who is now bad mouthing Vanitha and leaves. Kamu says chech! to paramu. (she should have gave Paramu a slapAngry) Paramu says sorry to Vanitha but Vanitha says its okay and goes in crying.

Gokul Angry

Both Gokul and Ashok returns back home. Ashok ask if he is steady and Gokul says yes. Ashok father invites them to come and join in the dinner. Gokul talks high and praise Ashok for his work today while Ashok wife smiles proudly.  Ashok father is happy to hear all this. Both Ashok Gokul goes away after dinner and Ashok ask if there is still the bottle with him and Gokul says yes .. gives it to Ashok happily Confused

Pondathi dhasan (Ramesh D'oh) is on the bed with big smile and romance look D'ohKaal melai kaal pottufy and waiting for his wife. She is busy in kitchen. He gets restless and calls her to come fast. Paramu curses him and about to leave kitchen when Kamu comes there and tells her what she did today is not right. Paramu ask why she is taking it seriously when Vanitha is not. Kamu goes on giving her subrabatham and ask Paramu to behave. Paramu gets upset and goes into her room crying.

She goes to room and Ramesh romance start pannuran putting his hand on her shoulder (
D'ohivan innoru vela vetti illadavan pola...) Paramu pushes his hand away and starts crying. He ask her what happen. Paramu says Kamu scolded her for scolding Vanitha. And Paramu says she never scold Vanitha. Ramesh gets angry Ouch


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                              Friday 8.6.2012

Ramesh konjing & kenjing Paramu ' why paramu why crying? Paramu  says ' my sister scolded me for no fault.Ramesu veera vesama goes out to see Kamu one hand.

Downstairs Lolayee adiching vepillai to Moorthy '  Magane magane I have super idea in my kaivasam. My cousin brother's daughter is your muraiponnu , will ask her to come & stay with us  , no one dare object to it , will start konjufy her as marumagale , seeing that volcano eruption in Kamu's tummy & ayo saminu kamu will run away from the house , your line will be clear , you can head wash Kamu & marry my bro dughter.  Mandu M agrees to the plan & asks her to bring maman magal asap.

Anni anninu alarindu Ramesu comes down from his BR. Stright to Kamu & veluthu vangufy her for scolding his sweet heart. Moorthy & mommy happy to watch this drama.

Anniii Anneeenu oru  false smile & tone oda Mayil comes to Sokku's house with the invitation cards. All discuss about the distribution of the cards. Gopi entrusted with the task of inviting Dimsu mapillai & Mahesu. Sokku becomes slightly emotional ' couldn't perform Kola's wedding in grand scale . Mayil in the same hypocritical tone says that they will perform Kolar's 60th wedding in a grand scale.

Engappan kudirukkuLLa illa engira case. Pandi's kolakara boss stops Gopi on the road & asks about  kuri matter. Gopi gets wild , kizhuchufies his double face & warns him against spreading wrong information about Maha. Asks why is he so concerned about Pandi & his death. One person knows what happened to Pandi & how he died. Hard blow to the boss , the shaken man asks who knows about it. Gopi  raises his hand & says ' ellam valla Iraivan'. Kolakaran is terribly  shaken , his adiyal Kali gives him the confidence. Kali then asks for some money. Boss refuses point blank saying Pandi met his end only because he asked for money. Kali turns the other way & thinks deeply [ informera marapporan doi].

Gokul comes to the office. Being a Saturday , staff had left early. Ashok busy water beating. Jags comes to the office , Gokul pushes Ashok in to room & locks the door .Puts on his drama before mama. Mama praises mapillai belittling erumai son [ idha naan sollaleenga , satyama Jugsthan sonnaru]. Ashok gets to hear his , so more sarakku goes inside him. Gokul volunteers to take him home , but Ashoke refuses , wants to have some more kick & goes in search of nattu sarakku shop.

Mahesu jadu maring the house. Gopi comes with the invitation. Mahesu goes to call Dimsu . There in Divya's bedroom she sees D & D in  Hug  position. Caught red handed D & D thiru thiru.  Gangai ready to gush out from Mahesu's eyes.

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Monday 11th june 2012 Episode Update

Episode 547

Indha neram oppari neram...get ready with bedsheets ...thoongaradhukku illai eyes thodaikkaLOL

Annan gopi comes to meet thangatchi mahesu...Mahesu tells him to wait and goes to call her deiveega purushar dimsu ...She goes upstairs...reaches divya's room...opens the door and there...DeadDeadAlong with mahesu...paavapatta naamalum parkara scene...Dimsu and Divya(DD) hug...Mahesu shcoked...DD super shcoked...and we DeadDead

Diva's FIL brings divya's husband to their room...Mahesu says...both of u move apart...ayya is coming...Rendu loosum takk nnu moving...FIL comes and tells dimsu to take care of his son...and leaves...(enna mansuhan indha aalu...marumagal room la dimsu enna doing nnu ketkamatara??...adhaan paiyana meikka aal vacha andha aal marumagala ottikittu poitaru!!)....

Mahesu and dimsu also leaves...Divya and her husband alone...Suddenly divya kku VMSS all comes togther and she starts no...not crying...oppari vaching...
Her mental husband who was playing with his shirt collar comes enar his dubakoor wife and wipes her tears...(ellarum azhuvunga ppa...director sentiment scene otraru...)....Divya feels bad and starts crying hard...falls down and urundu porandu azhudhings...

Next azhugatchi spot...Mahesu's house...Mahesu crying...DImsu thiru thiru ing...Then mahesu comes in ...showing all her 32 teeths...Gopi welcomes them and invites them for sokku's 60th kannalam...Mahesu says we will come...engalukku eiyya vendiyadhu ellam correct aa seiyanummm...becoz my husband rombha nallavaru...onnum theriyadhavaru...(ippo  makkalae...elarrum poi unga veetu wal la muttikonga...).....Gopi leaves anddimsu runs behind him ...machaan...naanum bu stand kku varen...Mahesu azhugatchi continues...

Indha neram romance oruthar pakathula vachukonga...becoz of this azhagiya thiru magan...ivaru face parthu neenga mayangi poveenga...

Pics credit : Ratna (Hopper_Ocean)

Korangu Komaru...Now romantic komaru...waiting for ragini...BGM-kalakkudhu style song from sivaji the boss movie...Ragini coming...part part aa director showsus korangu komaru's azagu ...ragini comes near and laughs and 

leaves...Komaru kku no leg hand understanding...(ie kai kaal puriyala)...

Starts running here and there and jumps like bombay movie aravind swamy...ROFLROFLKomaru kisses josi and josi says what thambhi...nadu road la...(ada paavi josi...appo veetukulla nna OK va??)...Komaru gives rs.5000 and says iam so happy today...i want that ponnu as my wife...then i'll give lots and lots of money...He starts dancing for the song kannodu kaadhal vandhal song ...(innaikku indha aalu nammala kollama vida poradhu illaiConfused).....

Temple...Sokku takes swamy jewels and gives it to poojari and gives the key to mayil and tells him to lock the door...Cell phone rings and mayil tells him to go outside nad talk...Sokku goes and mayil hides in a corner and starts taking the sample for duplicate key with the help of a soap bar...Sokku comes ...calls mayil...Mayil adhukulla finsihes taking the sample and comes to sokku and both of them leaves...

Mayil brings that duplicate key sample to a key kadaikaran...Kaaja lands up there and says sithappu...what r u doin here?...want a key??...enkitta kudunga...naan vaangi tharen...Mayil shouts at him and kaajaleaves...(Hint...mayil kku aappu confirm...kaaja gopi kitta pottu viduvan nnu nenekiren)....

Mayil tells the kadaikaran that he has lost his  locker key and he wants a duplicate...and also he says singampunari komaru sent him...Kadaikaran says OK...

Back to komaru's house...Komaru calls all his adiyals and chapp chappu nnu ellarayum adichings and gives them lots of money...says he is very very happy today...His dad comes there and says ennaiyum adichittu money kudunga...( Nalladhoru kudmbam...palluvali kazhagamDead)...

Mummy komaru comes and says ei komaru...pant shirt ellam potrukka...superda maganae...(aamatha...un magan azhaga parthu enga forum la ellathukku BP,sugar ellam ekku thappa yeripochu...)...Komaru says ragini ennai parthu siricha...i'll even die for her ma...bayangarama ularings...amma amma...ragini enna partha...siricha...amma amma...(thenju pona record kooda konjam vittu vittu pesum...indha aalu moochu vidama pesaranyya).....

Key kadaikaran calls komaru and updates him abt mayil...komaru tells him to complete the job...

Mummy komaru says dei maganae...u r looking super handsome today..irudaa suthi podaren...ROFLROFLand suthi pottings...

Mahesu's house...Shanthi and velu comes and starts thittufying mahesu...Mahesu silent aa sitting...Divya comes and dhamaal nnu mahesu kaal la vizhundhu asks sorry...shanthi and velu shcoked...


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