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Wednesday - Mahes Panchayat,Ashok Panchayat Munnottam & Kobi Malar FN
Mahes panchayat 2nd half in sokku palace. kobi reconfirm that dimsu is 24% carat gold n also tells i have told mahes to come to us if she gets some trouble further in future.sokku aramichutaru..i know shanti might have scolded you badly as dimsu itself spoke too much solluraru. n adds why my kids are getting so much troubled nu ..attaching Kamu story to this n tells kamu might have lost trust in me, as i have sent her back.. there comes mayil checks for mayil..sokku informs that she is back to trichy thru Kobi.. mayil is shocked..sokku continues that he is bothered abt kamu life too..mayil ignores that tells kamu life you wil ltake care as she is ur daughter.. now we need work on 60th b'day celebration n gives invitation proof n reads it loud all names of family..sokku tells pandi name is missing mayil cruely tells that pandi will watch on this good day for my great job nu soluraru..all disperse.
KNG with his friends for water beating yellarum kondadifying KNG..KNGgoes out with his friend from room to bring water bottlesn by then he informs his friend tht already ashok is already water party n make him to drink well so that jag's will have more trouble with him which could result in ashok send off party nu solluran..friend says ok n starts to demotivate ashok in party against jags..KNG acts as like he got call from roh's n leave from there. Water beating continues.ashok is full water beating..
Malar lost in thought, its heavily raining..kobi comes in n checkswith her.. she informs that she expressed herself to kaja mom she has consoled that she got everyones support so she should not worry nu sollura.. KObi tells now i like to very much n tells so many families DIL n nMIL fight for nothing here you are so good feeling bad for sharing things kaja mom..She tells that she only called n spoke to her as she felt her like mom..Kobi says that i dont want to discuss if kaja mom is good or bad .. she gave space to us when noone supported us.. i somehow feels that if you have lost trust in me.. becoz we need to transparent to each other becoz i will be always there for ur good n bad n same with you too.. nu ore senti bladeD'oh..then resolution innimaye we should be like this.. u remember that u have told when we are alone  that u will mingle all here .. but i told that we might face too much words when in joint family nu..if you want i will ask ur mom to come n meet u speak to her.. malar says no it.. kobi tells tomorrow u should palam vittufyin my mummy nu malar agrees.malar becom senti now n tells my breathe ,body soul is all filled with your thoughts..kobi ask her to repeat all those again(yethukooo adi podura mathiri irrukaeDay Dreaming) as it sounds good.malar starts smiling n blushing..KObi starts dialogue in single words(Chinathirai maniratnam nu ninaippuLOLLOL)some song is playing BG..kobi takes her in hands to bed..n its dark with rain
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Gokul returns back home. FIL ask where is Ashok and Gokul says Ashok at office still with some friends nu. Ashok wife munji tukkufy cause his not back yet nu. Inside the room ashok makes drama with Rohini .. lie to her that  Ashok is not at work and he does not seem to be much interested in this business.

Kamu goes to FIL and gives him advice its not nice MIL is not here and soon everyone in the village ... (aiyooo someone pls kapathafy me Cry ) mudiyalae listening to kamu arukaraning Ouch  FIL impress with the way she talks and agrees to go and talk to his wife tomorrow morning. He praise Kamu for not only being a DIL here but also act as a daughter to this family.

i duno where to go and muttufy my head Ermm

Gokul brings back drunk Ashok. Big drama at home. His father comes to know about this and shouts at him. Gokul tries to be the good one. Ashok wife crying Ouch Gokul later in the room trying to act good at Rohini.

Maha middle night wake her mother up and ask how to cook Ermm something.. sorry did not get the name. Mother gives her the recipe and next day she does it for kutty pandi.  All this is observe by sam who is wondering for who nu.

Sokku comes to temple to vasikuran with his thambi but he came little late so Mayil had did the vasikuraning alone. Mayil tells his anna to wait while he goes and get the kalanji and come. At the same time the temple periyavar comes and tells his doubt about Mayil and hope Sokku does not misunderstand him for this. He ask Sokku to be careful with Mayil and Sokku is shock.


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                    Friday 25.05.2012

Chettiar warns Sokku to beware of Mayil. Makku Sokku as expected sings Mayil puranam & says his brother will never ever think of any harm to him. Even if he does , Sokku says , he will accept it gracefully  & like Christ show him the other cheek for him to slap' after all mayil is his brother.

Maha packs the tiffin box with the new dish she prepared for pandi. Pushpa / Sam privy to this. Imagine something happy is brewing in Maha's life. Sam follows her & finds out the real reason. Sam's joy fisss  like deflated balloon. Gets introduced to  kutti Pandi & his patti.

LoLL loLL mummy  asay asaya feeding Amul baby Moorthy. Breakfast as usual Idli ' thottuka kara sara  Kamu bashing  chutney by mummy . Then Lola indulges in self praise ' paruda magane , this mummy is very very  Rasiyanava. [Vrichiga Rasi - Zodiac sign scorpio] Your father reached this height only after I came in to his life. Likewise you also will reach great heights. I have driven away your sade sathi , now sukra dasai has started for you. Goes out to give send off to son. Repeats the same self luck dialogues. House owner madam takes a dig at her.Summa viduvala Lolayi , starts her fight. House owner amma shuts her mouth by threatening to call the police. Last straw ' house owner throws the bomb shell ' now no one week time to vacate the house , should do it in 2 days.

Oram po Oram po , kumaru Sumo varudhu , Oram po. Yes Komaru coming along with mummy , josy & the 2 side kicks Shakthi & noodles thalayan for Ragini seeing ' not to Sokku's house but to the temple where ragini is a regular visitor. Matter arranged by Josi .Chupke chupke ponnu parkum vaibhavam.  Sun bath eduthundu all waiting outside the temple waiting for Ragini to come out. Josi gets few dharma adis from mom & son. For the long wait. After some time Paramu comes out followed by Ramesh , giggling & blushing. Komaru kadu kadu , gets vision of him ooting Paramu .[apt BGM ' samaichu vacha meen kuzhamba nee salikkama thinnap pore]. Paramu/ ramesh off in their scooty.  Komaru takes out his anger on Josi ' calls him 3 Devi . Josi now shows Kumar Srodevi ' Ragini coming out of the temple. Kumar Jollu ' BGM ' Adi veLLavi vechu veLuthangala , unna veyilukku kaatama vaLathangala..

To Be Continued ' Shreenithiku indha wordoda thamizhakkamthan pidikkadhu

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Sumi busy vaam... posting on her behalf.

Brief updates

MONDAY 28.05.2012

3 erumai's Ouch Komaru, Senthil and Sakthi orei jollu vidufy seeing Ragini. But Komaru gets annoyed seeing Sam come comes out from the same temple and his to flirting around with Ragini but Ragini seem not to bother him much. They both walk away together from there not realizing Komaru and gang standing there. Komaru tells his mother to go and ask for this ragini in Sokku house. Mother does not seem to agree cause she knows the family is definitely reject them but still agrees for the sake of her son.

Mahesh kalai wake up pannithu goes searching for her arumui hubby. Sees his slipper in front of Divya house and gets little upset (why should she be upset.. his working there tannae Confused...) She hears some sound and sees up ... Divya standing and konjufying someone's head. Maheshu thinks it her husband and climbs up the stairs... only to find Divya konjifying her husband. Maheshu faints. Divya and Dimsu rushes to her... both has evil smile Angry

PartyMurthi lost his job. He well deserve it. Gets more upset to learn house also need to be vacate. Mother pulambaran to son where they shall go next. Nelli comes and samadapadathafy his wife. Tells Lolayee its his fault for arranging Ramesh wedding without asking or letting her know too. He gets surprise when she immediately samandanam padafy and ask Murthi to pack bag so they can all go back. Nelli ask why Murthi... let him stay here and continue the job. Both mother son thiru thiru mulikaraning LOL Murthi tells his father he lost his job. Nelli seem side way kuttufy them and ask them to get ready.

Meenashi comes and talks casually to malar and malar too. She goes after giving her some coffee. Gopi comes and romance pannuraning D'ohHe then tries to advise to Malar to talk to his mother but Malar makes drama like she is angry with her MIL and refuse to talk to MIL.. demands for tanni kudhutanam. Gopi tries his best to samadanam Malar not knowing she is smiling the other side. Meenashi comes and ask something and Malar immediately answers her casually. Gopi reliased that Malar made him a fool nu... immediately goes close their room door when meenashi leaves. Malars begs him no as she already took her bath but Gopi pushes her saying she can bath again and need to be thought a lesson for fooling him nu.(yabba thangamudiyalae paa D'oh)


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Wednesday - PartyClap PartyClap Aappu Day for All major dancers of PP show Wink
Makku Mahesu "U" turn Pottu DD makku AkkikunsClapClapClap : DD's are doing thier drama but no reaction from Mahes she acts like she is not wake up..Dirty comes in to see her reaction.. but she get bulbbbuClapClap..calls Dimsu n tells that plan is mega flopClapLOL..mahesu wakes up n tells that she misunderstood both, n apologize for the same. n akkaLOL(appada makku thalai la ippa than light yeriyuthu) adds you have given job to my hubby & been like an Saviour motherly figureLOLLOLLOLLOL ..stupid me have doubted you both.. n apologize pannitu ask Dimsu to follow her n go DD blinking dimsu says lets take next step in home now lets leave. all leave.KNG comes in to loosu roh's n yettified her some more against ashok n tells that he will only trust her n jag's..rohs looks happliy at him.
NA home -AAppu Number 2 to Lola PartyClap  : PP Sisters sitting togather n having food Lola N her darling DIL watching this ..there comes a beggar outside the house.. Lola calls him in n make him sit infront of Sisters n gives him food n tells you also can have food as so many strnagers are having food here..Kamu looks at Pams..She says that we treat all even in our home ,so u pls have food nu sollitu they also having food.there comes NA appreciating sisters n tells pams to teach kamu on the techinques of handling Lola & Co.Lola is irritated to see this n sends off beggar out.. beggar praises pams n spit the rest food n scold lols for being like this n leaves .Lola is coming in Pams laugh loudly..Lola crys n goes to backyard..there comes to Murty she tells pams is more dangerous than kamu.murthy tells that he heard all the convo..he says he will give nicely to kamu so that pams will run behind hersis nu solli calls kamu n ask her to come to temple by evening cuts the call...Pams checks kamu on it.. she says notthing.maha calls kutti pandi mummy n tells her about the progress of pandi ..she checks whether she informed this to his dad n adds that he dont know anything about pandi..maha tells that she didnt inform n cuts the call n leave in thought
Aappu Number 3 to Murthy PartyClap : Kamu is arriving to temple late, Murthy jumping at her for coming late..She silently walking towards to sanidhi n worship god n goes back..murthy holds her n ask whether she is teasing him by doing all this..she sayswe have some gods in this temple which i need to worship..he holds her back n tells that am ur hubby how damn you can ignore me ..kamu gives her stern look ask him ..did he get to know now only that she is his wife.. murthy tells her to go out of his home, as he dont have any wish to live with her nu solluraru..kamu says ok murthy turn n try to go..kamu holds him  by calling him by his name n tells him he spoke to her so much ..she also has something to talk n tells i cannot even talk to you like my friend..n you have doubted about my child right.. that minute i lost respect on you.. so now i will tell you that i will not move out of your home till i gave birth to baby & prove that its ur baby n tell i will tell you that you are not my hubby n will walk out of your home the very next minute nu sollitu walks out from that place..Murthy in shockPartyClapPartyClapPartyClapPartyClap
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Thursday Updates

Ennadi muniyamma un kanille mayee yaaru vechu mayee ithu naa vechu mayee nee munalle ponnal naan pinaalle vaaren DancingDancingDancing

Ragini tells Sokku about the parlor proposal. Gopi malar and father seem to be happy but he ask her if there will be enough income for her to be able to pay the owner. Ragini seem confident and said the owner's only concern is to remain the good name for it. Gopi agrees and he is with Ragini. Sokku said he is fine as  long Ragini is very careful and do her best.
Mayil comes ...sokku tells him about the good news and Mayil gives out his fake act being happy and praising Ragini. He too informs the Devanae slip and almost feel.. slightly leg hurt but she is ok and on her way here after seeing doctor.

Mayil then tells Ragini his going to do the first booking for a  couple and wants her to kalaparan the ponnu mapillai alangaram and Ragini happily agrees. Everyone laughs happily when Mayil says its for Sokku Meenashi. Avanga facelae orei blushing Blushing

Mayil gives cash and makes Gopi to accepts it for shopping for the 60th wedding preparations. Sokku is not happy about Mayil spending but Mayil keeps insisting he should do all this and leaves. He stands outside and ottukekuran Angry Sokku praising about Mayil to Gopi. Devanai comes there and upon noticing her... Shocked immediately starts crying and makes drama about how his brother big heart has forgive him. Sokku Gopi comes out and drama continues. Sokku ask him not to say like that as their are brothers  nu D'oh


Ragini parlor ... route from Komaru ... kadavalaeee

Komaru house. Ragini parlor owner is there. Shocked Looks like she had borrowed money from K and the pattaram is with him. So K apparently had offered to refund the property witout any charges if she does what he had said. Adhan this parlor has been offered to Ragini  Shocked ellam indha madhu K plan Ouch

K ask Josiyar how his idea... Parlor kudhutu ponnu taking nu D'oh Josiyar excuse himself and goes out. Tannakullai speaking LOL that K and Mother gona get semma mokku from Gopi nu.

Maha school.

Father comes there. Malar tries to advise him about how they are ignoring Pandi and its destroying his life. There comes the mother too and both get angry seeing each other. Both argues and end up fighting with each other and beating Shocked and then both leaves after giving dose for Maha ... (idhu thevaiya maha ku D'oh)

Mayil Plan ShockedD'ohDeadDeadDeadDeadDead

Mayil tells his plan to K and Josiyar.  Everytime the kovil accountant goes to town, he gives the temple locker key to Sokku which consist the temple golds. Mayil wants K to help him make duplicate key and he will steal all the golds and hide it in Sokku house. DeadDeadDead K ask him not to worry and he will make arrangements for this. Mayil leaves happy cause soon Sokku will be in jail.

K tells Josiyar once Mayil puts sokku in jail, K will get the best lawyer and bring Sokku out and get good name with Ragini OuchOuch He leaves ... Josiyar has his own plan to mattufy K when the time comes. Suddena PALAR he gets slap from K who tells him never to have thought to nasamfy K .. and hits him again LOL Josiyar wonders how K could tell what was in his mind. K says only one criminal can read another criminal mind nu LOL

akan sambung ... (malay lae sonnen thodarum nu cause all PP viewers does not seem to like the word THODARUM ROFL

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