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still waiting...

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sorry for the update guys..
my house was getting painted...
so full busy there!!!Ouch
and i have joined my B. tech 1st year.
classes will commence from 21st august.Embarrassed
so still busy with shopping and my orientation ceremony!!!!!
Please bear with the short update..will be back with longer ones from the next!!!!Embarrassed
to all


Butler: sir dinner laga doon?

He was their family butler and currently stayed with Aryan in Delhi to take care of the house till Aryan finished his studies and got back to Mumbai.

Aryan: rehne do mohan…. Aaj tho kuch aur hi karne ka dil hain..

Mohan knew what he was hinting at. He tried to stop him!

Mohan: that's not a good place sir. Please have your dinner. Aapki pasand ka banaya hain..

Aryan laughed, "tum tho mujhe kaafi saalon se jante ho mohan… phir bhi mujhe rokne ki koshish kar rahe ho?"

Saying so, he pulled his jacket and walked out to the place where he could let himself drown in his pain…and then eventually come out of it.

Its been a week since the college reopened and there was no sign of Aryan! Geet and Roops were a bit worried. As far as they knew him, he never missed college and if he did, he never misses their calls. But for the past one week, his cell phone came switched off.

Maan and Anisha have become quiet open with each other especially after that finale night. Geet tried to be oblivious to their on going romance but she couldn't! she knew she was happy for both of them…but she didn't know why she was sad too! That night, geet sat quietly on her bed, lost in her thoughts. Off late, she has become very quiet…not the usual gundi types. She closed her eyes and even then she could see Maan and Anisha in each others embrace. She smiled but it ached within. She tired to remember all the beautiful moments she had with Maan and that was enough to sooth her.

She was suddenly reminded of the dairy Anisha had gifted her. she brought it out and opened the seal. She was touching it for the 1st time after that night. It was a very cute one. She brought her colored pens and opened the 1st page. It had space for her name and details. She wrote "GEET" in beautiful calligraphy. She thought of turning the page but felt something missing. She thought for a while and then wrote 'MAAN' just beside her name. there was no guilt…no right or no wrong. She was just doing what she wanted to. She made some flowers and cute designs around their names. She smiled at her creativity. It looked so beautiful.

She read, 'geet…Maan..!"

Ohh that was wonderful. She loved their names together. Satisfied, she turned the page to fill her entry. She put the date and thought for a while.

"There is no limit to

What I wouldn't do for you!

Just ask for it..

And it will be done!




She opened her eyes with the announcement of the air hostess. She had dozed off in the flight itself. she had been dreaming all this while…pretty long dream it was!!! It took her some time to get back to reality. She smiled remembering what she had written in her diary that night.

She whispered to herself, 'no matter the miles…no matter the sacrifice! Just ask for it!"

Have wanted you,
Beside me always,

Have needed you,
Boosting me away,

Presence of you,
Elates my insides,

Smile of you,
Arises some tides,

Feeling you here,
In my wide arms,

Holding you near,
My heart just calms.

(by abby)Hug

Indeed she has come miles away. Its been 5 years since she had seen him last..or even heard him. She wanted to see him once…hear him once..but she can't! she can't break the promise she had made to Anisha that fateful night—their marriage! She still smiled and wiped off her tears. He will be happy…yep! He IS happy with his life….perhaps! that promise was probably her wedding gift to Anisha. She got down the flight and was greeted with a warm hug from her best friend Roops.

Roops: welcome back to Mumbai babes! teri trip kaise thi?

Geet smiled weakly, "theek thaak hi thi yaar.. it was too hectic!"

Roops: koi na..abhi relax kar lena! Why don't you join Aryan? Ussey tera workload bhi kam rahega..

Geet; we have already talked about this Roops..

They were walking out when something caught geet's attention. Her feet automatically moved towards the book stall and she picked out the magazine that had caught her attention and paid for it. She looked at the cover page and smiled, feeling proud, running her hand over it.

She read it, 'Business man Of the year—Maan Khurana!"

There was Maan's pic in his formals…she giggled cutely remembering how she used to drool on his formal attire. She can't meet him personally…but she can drool on his pic, right!

Geet: you still look the same…

Roops snatched the magazine and got angry seeing his pic.

Roops; what the crap is this geet? How can you do this?

Geet; I umm..wanted to read that magazine Roops..

Roops; since when have you started reading these magazines han?

Geet clearly understood what Roops was trying to imply and she didn't want to answer any of her questions now.

Geet; give it back Roops.. am too tired to argue.

Roops; NO! I wont! And honestly speaking, you have become selfish. Tu bas apne bare mein soch rahi hai geet.

Geet smiled weakly, "selfish… yeah! I think I am.."

She turned to leave and Roops realized what she had said. She took a deep breath and spoke, "sorry…didn't mean to hurt you geet. But am worried! Arayn ka kya geet? Have you ever thought about him…ever?"

That hit geet. She stopped on her tracks hearing her.

Roops: I know you still love Maan… you can't forget him ever but Aryan ko kis galti ki saza de rahi hai tu geet?

Yes, Roops is right. No matter how hard she tries, she can never forget Maan..she knew that pretty well. And probably that is why she never tried to forget him either!

Roops; he loves you a lot geet… more than what you can imagine!!! Then why can't you give him a chance in your life?

Geet really didn't want to dig up old graves. She had made herself happy in her own world. She wanted to finish the talk right there. She took a deep breath in and turned to Roops showing the ring finger of her right hand.

Geet; I gave him that chance Roops…to be a part of my life.. and am happy with it.

A beautiful diamond ring sat in her finger perfectly, glittering in the light. Roops went quiet seeing that. geet and Aryan had been engaged a month back and both were busy in their respective careers. Aryan was the owner of his music company now and geet.. she had chosen to work with a reputed MNC, she got in her campus selection. Both were doing great.

Seeing Roops quiet, geet pulled her out.

"ab please aise muh mat bana..tera fianc Prem mujhe maar dalega1 chal tired!"

Aryan's family owned a mansion in Mumbai and geet and Roops stayed there. Roops worked with Aryan. Aryan's parents were very open minded and they had no issues with geet and Roops staying there. In fact they were very happy to get geet as their daughter in-law. They were mostly travelling out…so there was not a problem. Prem had his job in Pune. So he'd travel Mumbai-pune twice or thrice a month.

Geet entered her room and fell on the bed with a thump. She looked at his pic on the magazine cover and smiled, "I miss you a lot Maan.."

She heard a knock on the door. She immediately hid the magazine under her pillow and opened the door.

Mohan: geet ma'am..Aryan sir ne aapko study mein bulaya hain..

Geet: umm.. tum chalo.. am going in a few minutes.

She changed into her tracks and a top and headed for the study. She knocked a few times and entered. As she stepped in. she heard him speak, "tumhe knock karke aane ki kya zarurat hain?"

She saw him sitting on the couch, looking into his laptop. She went and sat beside him.

Geet: tumne lunch tho kiya nahi hoga.. finish your lunch and then work!

Aryan was lost in his work, "hmm.."

Geet rolled her eyes, "chalo… mein mohan se khana lagwane kehti hoon.."

She got up to leave when aryan held her hand.

"tum khush ho na geet?"

She went numb.. he had asked the same question that night also! She shook her head to forget all that and turned back to him, plastering a smile on her face. "mein bahut khush hoon Aryan.. bahut zyada!"

He looked deep into her eyes and he knew well that she was a very bad liar. Even if her lips deceived, her eyes can't. they always gave away the truth. He left her hand.

Geet; by the way.. mujhe bulaya kyun tha?

Aryan: ah.. wo I just wanted to know about your Singapore trip.koi pareshaani tho nahi hui na?

Geet raised her brows, "geet Handa and pareshaani/ are you kidding me?"

Aryan: of course not madame.. geet Handa..urf geet chauhan ko pareshaani thode hoti hain? wo hum sab tho pagal hain jo tummhe aivayin bolte rehte hain!!!

Geet twisted her lips, "you are mean.. you know that!!!"

She stomped her foot and walked near the door. She stopped and turned back!

Geet; Aryan..


"aaj raat disc chalet hain…we'll party!!!"

"kis khushi mein?"

"aivayin.. party karne ke liye khush hona zaruri hota hain kya?"

Aryan smiled, "I thought you never liked disc and its environment!"

"time changes do people!"

She walked away shouting at mohan and other servants to speard the table and stuff.

Aryan looked at her for a while.. and then got back to his work.

Life seemed perfect.. except the fact that it was not! Everyone said they were happy.. but actually they were not!!!

"There is no limit to

What I wouldn't do for you!

Just ask for it..

And it will be done!




next: back in delhi...

Prev: PART 19

Next: PART 21



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i am shocked after reading the updateShocked

5 years leap

geet left maan on his wedding day with anisha because of a promise

and now geet is engaged with aryan

but she stills loves maan

poor geetCry

and what about maan???Confused

did he is now married to anisha

i want to hear a no from u, pls say it

update next part  really soon

can't wait for the next part

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That was a shocker... complete shocker...

i read the update twice... phew... superb twist Aishu... i loved this ... and am so happy ... Big smile

So maan and anisha got married ... Geet left them the same night and went far off from their life... the reason is still a mystery... 

But still Geet loves maan unconditionally and immensely... she got engaged to aryan but still loves maan.. and even in the current scenario, am sure that her partying is for seeing msk in the cover page of the magazine ... 

I loved the verses she wrote in her diary...

i just cant wait for the whole thing to unfold... anxiety of what happened and whats gonna happen has increased now...

so till ur college opens, jaldi updates karo...

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i dont know wat to say...
but want to know the only thing is.. is Maan really married to Anisha now... or did he come to know wat geet was for him

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