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Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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Me still waiting!!!!Ouch

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new banner...hows it??
credit goes to me and shruthe diEmbarrassed

will make sum changes in this ltr!!!!

heya was the 1st day of
my orientation ceremony in my new college!!
gosh..1st half was super boring..
but 2nd half with seniors was so much fun!! Wink
super tiredDead..but still managed to finish this update and post!!!
kal hain freshers super excited..wondering wht seniors will ask us to do!! wish me luck!!!


Life seemed perfect.. except the fact that it was not! Everyone said they were happy.. but actually they were not!!!

"There is no limit to

What I wouldn't do for you!

Just ask for it..

And it will be done!




Adi sat in khurana mansion hall whispering something to Dadima. She clearly looked angry.

Adi; he he he ji.. Dadima.. pakki khabar hain!

Dadima smirked, "so this is what he is planning… theek hain Adi.. aap jaa sakte hain!"

Adi; d..d..dadima aap Maan sir ko kuch mat kahiyega..please Dadima.. my job is at stake!!!

Dadima: aap befikr rahiye Adi beta.. humare hote huve aapko kuch nahi hoga!

Poor Adi was so touched by Dadima's words. He literally had tears in his eyes. He touched her feet and fled to office lest Maan chops him off and feed his keema to the street dogs!


It was a hectic day for Maan..Maan Singh Khurana, MD of Khurana Empires, the man made of iron! Everyone was dead scared of him and no one ever saw him smile! People wondered if he really had a life out of office…he was too professional… too strict and the 'perfectionist'!

His BMW stopped right in front of the mansion. He got in and was about to climb the stairs when the sharp voice of his beloved Dadima stopped him!!!

Dadima: Mr. Maan Singh Khurana STOP RIGHT THERE!

Maan turned back to see an angry Dadima standing in front of him with her arms crossed over her chest. He saw a tiny figure emerge out behind Dadima and stood beside her, with the same expressions and pose as her.

Girl: Mishter Maan Shing Khurana Shtop right there!!!

He rolled his eyes and murmured, "nautanki!!"

Another tinier figure came out with the same attitude and stood on the other side of Dadima!!

Girl: yesh yesh mi..mi..mishel Maan ching th..thulana shop light thel!

Ohh god!! He was not scared of anything in this world except the three ladies in his life!!! He sighed sadly, "now what?"

Dadima: how can you do this us Maan? Hum teeno ne aapka kya bigada hai?

Maan walked to them and lifted the younger one, Dia, in his arms, "Dadima.. stop this drama and come straight to the point!"

Namra: papa..aap Mumbai jaa rahe ho.. aur hume ni bola na???

Maan wondered how did they come to know about his trip! He sat on the couch with 3 year old dia in his lap. Namra was his 4 and a half year old elder daughter. So basically Namra and dia had one year age difference!

Maan: nahi beta.. Mumbai mein ek important meeting hain..

Dadima: aur aap phir se hum teeno ko chod kar jaa rahe hain Maan…

Maan: nahi Dadima.. wahan I'll be busy with office!!!

Dia: we go too papa….

Namra cuddled near him, "pleeej papa… ahbi tho shool (school) bhi holiday hain.."

Maan: No beta… I'll be busy there.. what will you do there alone?

Dadima: hum bhi challenge aap sabke saath. Its been a long time since we haven't gone out on a holiday together!

Maan: no Dadima.. please stop it!

Dia: pweeej papa…

Namra: le chalo na papa…

Dadima: we are going maan,…

Maan stood up frustrated, "No mean NO… ek baar mein baat samajh nahi aati?"

Everyone went silent and he saw little dia almost at the verge of crying. He ran his fingers through his hair./

Maan: I'm sorry..

Dadima: huh!! Go and change Maan!

She turned away and walked into her room. Namra followed Daidma, 'huh!"

Dia usually followed everything that namra did. She too walked away saying a 'huh' in her cutie voice!

Ohh god! This is one big problem! Maan Singh Khurana, businessman of the year, felt so helpless in front of these ladies! He sighed and went to change before manaofying them.

Dadima sat in her room. Dia and namra plonked themselves in her lap, giggling at their plan. So finally Maan as to take matter what! Suddenly something struck namra and she jumped off the bed!

Namra: Dadima.. mujhe mumma and angel ki photo dikhao na…

Dadima: abhi? Dinner nahi karna kya?

Dia, as usual, followed namra, "dekhni hai dadi.."

Dadima shighed and brought out a huge photo album from her cupboard and placed it in front of them. Namra opened the album and a wide smile appeared on her tiny lips. The album contained Maan's college photos, his marriage, his friends and Anisha in bridal attire… she ran her tiny fingers on her mother's face. She looked at other photos but she couldn't find angel. She turned to the next page and that's when dia slammed her cutie hands on a photo shouting, "angel..namla dekho gayi angel.."

Namra: dikhao..dikhao…

Dia moved her hands away to show namra, their Dadima had told them! It was a pic of beautiful geet in her cute pink pajamas holding her guitar!

Dadima felt the corners of her eyes burn.. she missed her geet.. and sadly she didn't know where she she is..Where is her angel?

Namra noticed Dadima's tears, "Dadima you crying?"

Dadima smiled, " nahi tho..bas angel ki yaad aa gayi!!"

Dia: angel kahan hai da..da..dadima??

This is one question Dadima could never answer. She realized she could answer the cuties where Anisha was but not geet!

Dadima: pata nahi bacha.. hum bhi aapke, humare aur aapke papa ki angel ko dhoondh rahe hain.."

Namra (cutely): angel kho gayi hai???

Dadima nodded and kissed their foreheads. It really felt as if geet is lost somewhere..and she is not able to find her! probably these two little girls didn't even know what they were speaking..but it was so metaphorical for Dadima!

Dadima: chalo chalo..dinner time..

Dia ran out carrying her teddy bear.

Namra went to the door and looked back at Dadima, "Dadima.. don't worry.. hum angel ko dhoondh ;lenge.. dia and me will shearch (search)..aap pleej cry mat karo na.."

And she ran away leaving Dadima in tears.

"kaash namra..aapki baat sahi ho!"

She wiped her etar and got to the dining room. She loved the sight that she saw.. dia was sitting in the table and Maan feeding her, telling her random stories and namra sitting beside Maan.. Eating her food and spilling half of it and Maan trying to feed her, simultaneously.

Dadima saw her happy yet an incomplete family. She controlled her tears and walked near them. She took a spoonful of rice and fed Maan, who had forgotten himself.

Maan looked at Dadima lovingly and kissed her cheek.

Maan: Dadima.. please have your food.. I don't want any health problems!

Dadima shoved another spoon into his mouth, "agar aap aise bhookhe rahenge tho hum kaise kha sakenge?"

Maan held Dadima's hand and smiled, "aur aapko lagta hain mein aapko bhooka rakhunga! Chaliye baithiye Dadima.."

Dadima thought for a while and smirked, "ek shart pe.."

Maan: what?

Dadima: you are talking all of us to Mumbai with you! Warna hum aaj khana nahi khayenge!!

Maan: not again Dadima!!

Dadima shot him a glare, "we mean it Maan!" and sat on her place, making a grumpy face. Not even touching her food.

Maan: Dadima..aap bachon jaisi zid kyun kar rahi hain?

Dadima looked away angrily. Dia understood this was the Mumbai trip thing.

Maan: Dadima please…

Dadima: hume Mumbai jaana hai..bas!

Dia got off the table and ran to Dadima and hugged her!

Dia: mu..mujhe bhi mumbi (Mumbai) jaana hai..

Maan rolled his eyes and looked at namra! Even she slid off her chair and went to Dadima's side, "mujhe bhi jana hai.."

Maan gave up! He really can't take this anymore. These three were hell bent in making him agree but he is tough too!

Maan: dia and Namra.. zid karna buri baat hain..good girls zid nahi karti..

They didn't reply!

Maan: Dadima..aapne in dono ko sir pe chadha rakha hai..! now stop it you 3!

And poor guy was blessed with their silent treatment. It was 5 minutes… and it was hell for him! They didn't speak to him for damn 5 minutes!

Maan: fine! I give up. I accept my defeat. All of us are going to Mumbai next week. I'll get the tickets done by tomorrow! Ab please stop it!

Dadima, namra and dia had a wide smile on their faces and shouted together, "YESSS"


It was around 00:30 at night. Maan looked at his two little princesses sleeping peacefully. He kissed their forheads and walked out. Sleep was like miles away from him. He thought for a while and decided to take a stroll instead.

He walked across the hall and his eyes fell on Dadima's room. The lights were still on and the door was open. He wondered why she was awake and walked it. He saw her sitting on the cough, her head rested on the back rest and she had her eyes closed. Maan went quietly and sat beside her on the floor and rested his head on her lap.

Dadima opened her eyes and saw him…lost in his thoughts. She caressed his head and asked, "kya soch rahe hain Maan?"

Maan: kuch nahi Dadima.. bas wondering what more can I lose!

Dadima: aisa kyun keh rahe hain aap?

Maan: phir mein kya karoon Dadima…sab mujhe chod ke kyun chale gaye? Pehle dad, phir mom, phir geet… mumma and Anisha..sab mujhe chod kar chale gaye Dadima..

Tears rolled out of Dadima's eyes. She missed his forhead!

Maan: geet ne bhi tho wada kiya tha mujhse that she would never leave me…phir kyun chali gayi bina bataye? Aur Anisha… aakhir meri kya galti thi Dadima?

Dadima didn't have words to console him! He hardly voiced out his feelings… and if he is doing now…then she better listen to all of it!! She has to find a solution… and she will!!!


next: "geet..stop it! its your 5th shot already!!!"

Prev: PART 20

Next: PART 22



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 Me waiting...Day Dreaming
 Kitne shock dogi...????Unhappy
 Anisha is enough...Angry

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seriously now its seriously difficult for me to read further...

why always maan can have love , marriage, children

but geet shud always b pire waiting endlessly for love n sacrifice all her life???!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG...Maan has two kids..this was another shock...

Where is Anisha..??

The kids know Geet as their sweet...

Maan becoming ruthless..shutting his emotions...aisa kya ho gaya in 3 saalo mein..??!!

Curious to know that..!!

Update soon..!!

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u gave me another shock. dia and namra. it means they are happily married with 2 kids. wat nex buddy their son.. sorry, wont ask u anything  now bcoz u wud give more shocks. i dont think i wud b able to read it from now onwards. anisha is really his parineeta  n loveinterest  everyway n this ff is all about maanisha not maaneet . both  old and new banners say it all. .A BIG THANKYOU BUDDY FOR GIVING SOOO MANNNYYY SHOCKS. btw best of luck for ur college , enjoy n have lots of fun.

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wow...awesome...superb update

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