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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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IMPT: there has been some new rules regarding newbies in IF thats why me not able to send pms to all of you. trying hard to get out of the mess. Please bear with irregulars pms for the time being.


Geet saw someone standing near the fountain. Could it be Maan? She had a wide smile on her face,. Though she was short of breath with all the running, and she ran towards him!

"maa.." she stopped right on her tracks, her hands up in the air, holding the trophy, numb, motionless and thoughtless at what she saw!

Her hands dropped on her sides…she just kept on looking at them…unable to think anything! They were lost in each other that none of them realized geet's presence!

Geet didn't know how to react. Should she be happy with what she saw or cry at the pain she felt within? Her head herself crack again… why? Why was she feeling this pain? All this was her plan right! Then why is she feeling sad? She was truly happy to see them together…but she herself was breaking down within… it felt as if something was being snatched away from her…like something very precious!!!!

Her head hung low…they were so happy in their own world… and probably she didn't fit anywhere near! She was so happy that they were together…a smile teased her lips! But there was something in her heart she couldn't ignore! Maan missed her performance…she so much wanted him to see her winning… but then her whole world came crashing down with this reality striking it hard! All this could she forget Anisha…??? How could she?

Tears rolled out of her eyes.. probably for the 1st time in years! They sparkled in the moonlight yet there was a smile on her face. She had actually forgotten about Anisha.. ohh how stupid could she get? She had probably built a world with  Maan, unknowingly and yet it had to collapse in such a manner! And she didn't even realize that her world just collapsed!!! She didn't even want to think why she was sad!!! She was happy for them..and it was good that Maan missed her performance…or else how could have they met?

But she felt the pain… she looked at them again. Her excitement, her happiness…everything died just there. The trophy felt like some heavy useless metal on her hand. She looked at it…hanging down lifelessly..did it matter to her anymore? Her eyes cried endlessly while her lips smiled in happiness. There was nothing she could have done about it.

Anisha broke the hug and looked at him in awe as her tears rolled out. Maan's hands instinctively ran on her cheeks, wiping them off.

Geet stood still… watching them. Her own hands went towards her cheek and her fingertips felt the wetness there. She didn't even wipe off her tears… just watched them. She was feeling so many things at the same time but Maan wasn't there to feel proud of her achievement. The crack hurt more and more and she felt she'd break down right there! But she was also glad that he wasn't there with her..he was with Anisha and there is nothing wrong in that! then why is she feeling like this?

Anisha held Maan's hands and kissed them like she recognized his gesture, his love for her. she leaned closer and rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeats. Maan was so overwhelmed with her acceptance…his hands snaked around her waist and dipped his face in her hair, feeling her, taking in her aroma…making sure she was really there with him!

Geet clutched her shirt tight over her heart. Why did she want to cry? She was happy right! Yes, probably she was !she bit her lips to stop the sob and walked backwards, slowly. Anisha was happy…HE was happy..HE was so happy with her! she took slow steps backwards . where was she? Her back hit something hard. She was startled and turned back, only to see Aryan standing there. There was something in his eyes… probably she didn't even understand and she didn't even hide her tears!

Aryan knew this was to come.. he had guessed it earlier..but he didn't know this would be so soon! He had come to look for her when he saw her standing alone, watching Maan with his love. It pained him to see her in that condition…like it opened a wound in his heart. He knew how it felt… because he had felt the same and there was no way he'd leave geet alone! He still loves her.

Geet looked at him for a while. He  looked serious and huis eyes concealed something. He looked directly into her eyes. She looked down and tried to walk past him quietly. He held her hand tight and turned back to look at her. she didn't even turn back.

Aryan: tum khush ho na geet?

That hit her! she didn't know what to answer! She didn't even want to answer. She slowly turned back to face him. His face was expressionless but he looked straight into her eyes and she couldn't lie. and she couldn't even deny the pain within her.

She raised her eyes and looked at Maan and Anisha, enjoying each others company. A lump on her throat was hurting her now…her tears didn't seem to stop yet she managed to smile. Aryan could cry seeing her like that. but he held on…. Only to hear her answer.

He asked again, sternly, "tum khush ho na geet?"

She gulped that lump and tired to smile.

"m…mein..", her lips trembled, "mein..k..khush hoon Aryan!!"

Her eyes cried…her heart cried, still she smiled, "mein bahut khush hoon.."

Tears clouded Aryan's eyes. How could she be such an angel? She so beautifully gave away her emotions…how beautifully she accepted Maan and Anisha and yet she couldn't make her heart understand. His eyes fell on the trophy in her hand and he looked back at her. she followed his gaze and raised the trophy to show him!

She almost chocked, "hum…hum jeet gaye Aryan… we won…I….I….won.."

She hugged him tight unable to hold back anymore. She didn't cry.. yet she cried. Aryan held her tight, unable to see her condition. For a moment he thought he felt her sob..but then she was calm…quiet! But he did feel his shirt get wet over his chest!

Maan and Anisha decided to leave and meet up with geet. They walked a few steps ahead hand in hand, when Anisha stopped and pulled him back a little and giggled! He stopped and looked at her, arching his brows as to what happened. She smirked naughtily and pointed to her left. Maan followed his gaze towards the direction and was surprised to see geet in Aryan's embrace. He couldn't see their faces clearly due to the darkness but he was definitely delighted. He smiled….how come he never noticed this all these days? Oh god… geet inviting Aryan to all their get together, the amusement park, his driving lessons to her… tch how could he miss that about his best friend?

He looked at Anisha who gestured him to leave them alone for the time being and both walked ahead, without making any sound.


Maan and Anisha waited for geet near the hall. geet walked with Aryan, slowly when Anisha walked to her and hugged her tight. Geet was quiet all the while. Anisha broke the hug and looked at her, "congrats geet…aap jeet gayi…"

She looked at her face..anisha was  glowing. She smiled, trying to get off with that feeling and raised her trophy to show her, 'yep..we won di.."

The excitement and enthusiasm was long dead! Maan went and hugged her, almost lifting her up, "congrats geet… I knew you'll win… I just knew it!"

He was happy... he was smiling and that was her weakness. She forget all about her own self and laughed, celebrating with him.

Aryan just watched her from afar and whispered, "are you really happy geet?"  he sighed and walked doff.

The trio had dinner together at a restaurant with Anisha sharing all her experience and masti with her cousins in London!

Anisha; sometimes even we wish to sneak out and have fun..

Maan: bad option Anisha.. its dangerous.

Anisha made a baby face, " but its fun! Our cousins do it..and it looks so much fun!"

Maan; not at the cost of your safety princess

Anisha was thrilled to hear him call her princess. Oh god… she felt so pampered. And she just loved it.

Geet smiled too…she found it rather cute. And her naughty mind found another way to tease Anisha.

Before leaving for home in her car, Anisha handed geet a small red colored cute girly diary.

Geet: ye kya hain di?

Anisha: ye aapke liye gift hain. we call it "things-that-make-me' diary. We've seen our cousins use it so we got one for us and one for you.

Geet: thank you sooo much dii.. but iski kya zarurat thi?

Anisha made a baby face, "aapki di aapko gift bhi nahi kar sakti kya?"

Geet: its not like that di…I was just curious how to use this!

Anisha: ohh its really simple yet tough. All you have to do is use it as your personal diary but theres a condition.

Geet: huh!!??

Anisha: you have to fill your entry poetically! You can put rhyming words together…do anything but write it in the form of a poem/song/nazm..anything but the normal way!!!

Geet: ohhh boy…now that's tough!!

Anisha: yep.. we've seen our cousins break their head over this.. trying to find suitable words…we actually pitied them!!!

They talked here and there and Anisha left. Maan dropped geet at her place and drove back to km.

ARyan reached his flat, sad and defeated. Geet's melancholy face was haunting him endlessly. He was filled with so much pain.. his love went unrequited and he had never in his dreams imagined geet facing something like this!

His butler opened the door and he walked in frustrated!

Butler; Aryan sir..bade sahib ka phone aaya tha..

Aryan didn't reply, rather his demeanor turned cold.

Aryan: hmm..aur?

Butler: he wanted you to fly to Mumbai for a recording as soon as possible.

Aryan's father owned a big music company in Mumbai that was a major part of most of the film industry there. And Aryan really had a very very good voice…in fact he had play backed for some random albums too. He kept this a secret… he really didn't like the life he there was nothing to talk about it. He had a lot of problems in his personal front…and geet…tears rolled out of his eyes! Did she deserve something like this?

Butler: sir dinner laga doon?

He was their family butler and currently stayed with Aryan in Delhi to take care of the house till Aryan finished his studies and got back to Mumbai.

Aryan: rehne do mohan…. Aaj tho kuch aur hi karne ka dil hain..

Mohan knew what he was hinting at. He tried to stop him!

Mohan: that's not a good place sir. Please have your dinner. Aapki pasand ka banaya hain..

Aryan laughed, "tum tho mujhe kaafi saalon se jante ho mohan… phir bhi mujhe rokne ki koshish kar rahe ho?"

Saying so, he pulled his jacket and walked out to the place where he could let himself drown in his pain…and then eventually come out of it.


next: umm not yet decided!!!

Prev: PART 18

Next: PART 20


IMPT: there has been some new rules regarding newbies in IF thats why me not able to send pms to all of you. trying hard to get out of the mess. Please bear with irregulars pms for the time being.

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Awww i wanted to cry so bad for Geet
pfft Maan's happy for Geet and Aryan Angry
I really want Geet and Aryan to be together for a while
I mean she needs someone to be with her who understands her feelings
but i want Maaneet together as a couple in the end !
I feel bad for both Geet and Aryan
p.s i don't know if i missed this but did you happen to put up a picture of Aryan ?
i just want to see what he looks like Tongue

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Oh Ash…so heartbreaking


I think somewhere Geet realised her pain today. Maybe not that it was love but at least that he is not hers anymore. She may still be happy for him as his happiness maters the most to her  but her heart is hurting and those tears were the first acceptance of pain


Love, even when is without expectations, hurts if left unrequited. Probably that is what now she will learn about her mother now. She may never expect Maan to do anything for her….she may love him unconditionally…but still it will hurt


How could Maan and Anisha jump t conclusion about her. That hurts. At least Maan should know that his gundi would have told him unlike him.


Aryan is a sweetheart….he identifies with her pain and just like her, wants to see Geet happy. They may never be together as lovers but I can see great future for their friendship.


Waiting eagerly for the next update. But right now in lot of pain. Not only because Maan is with Anisha but also because he just assumed about Geet. Also it pricked me that he did not realise the importance of him being there when she won.  That trophy has now no meaning for her.

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Maan felt nothing Ouch but initially Geet too didn't feel something Broken Heart

seriously am getting fed up with Anisha like was to do with Prachi of muskan's DA

Geet's future will be connected with Aryan's background guess
where has he gone by the way Ermm

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feeling bad 4 geet...

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painful one ash . aisa lag raha tha kisi ki arthi uth rahi and usi arthi ki aag mein  kisi ne saath jeene marne  ki kasme kha rahe hai. Unhappy It's not easy for geet to accept the situation . And big Misunderstanding now geet with aryan haiye "inka kya kare "Angry. A lot more to b unfold  of aryan's life . Why i feel later both aryan and geet will make  dhamaka in music world D'ohGreat going ash .

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I really feel bad for both aryan and geet ..
right now only i remembered the dialogue of SRK in Dil to pagal hai movie ..
Sabse bura woh hai (god) woh ek ko dusare sae pyaar karwte hai aur dusare ko tessare sae 

Maan is become blind in his love that not able to see pain of her best friend ..I am angry on maan not bcoz he love anisha but not seen his best friend pain ,,,
waiting for next update 

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