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stalker ready on waiting mode!!! he he!!

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me too waiting !!!

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BEFORE YOU READ: this update basically is meant to compare and contrast geet and anisha's feelings towards maan! you may find it a bit boring..but pls take time to read and understand!!!! its a humble request! its one of my favorite updatesEmbarrassed


Maan was super impressed with her performance. She bowed after finished her song. Maan stood up clapping. Ohh god.. that was enough for her. she wouldn't even feel sad if they get disqualified for the finals because what she was feeling now was way beyond any competition… or any win or loss!

That night she had that dream again! He held her so close to his heart… for once she felt like surrendering her entire self to him..and she did…every breath belonging to him…her life..

She woke up…all red and breathless! She placed her hand over her thudding heart..ohh my.. it was definitely not a dream…!!! Whatever she felt was so realistic.. so true..then how could it just be a dream? Whatever she felt in her dream..reflected on her face and reactions in real! It was probably 4th or 5th time she had this dream..and sadly…she could never see his face! But there was such peace in his arms… that she had never felt before… soothing, secure and loved!

The next morning was cold and wet. It had been raining the whole night…why of was end of june and their college was to reopen in a few days. She had started driving all by herself…without a license though (lolLOL). They had rehearsals for the finals in one of her band members' place. She drove to her place… totally excited!



The sky was still overcast with dark clouds. It had been drizzling the whole day. Anisha sat in her garden…lost in her thoughts! It had just stopped raining for a while and she decided to take a stroll in the garden. She so much wanted to talk to Maan..but she had to have patience if she wanted to surprise him. She recalled her conversation with geet in the morning. She couldn't hold back her anxiety and called geet informing her about her arrival and that she wanted to surprise him. Geet couldn't be happier. She told her all about her contest and both girls made a plan. Anisha was supposed to attend geet's performance in the finals, as per geet madam's orders, to which Anisha couldn't deny! And there, as geet planned, should Anisha meet Maan and surprise him with her arrival. She walked towards the tall rose bushes, caressing the beautiful flowers…feeling so ticklish in her stomach…excited to meet him.

Naye-naye naina mere dhoonde hain

Dar-badar kyun tujhe

Naye-naye manzar yeh tak.te hain

Iss kadar kyun mujhe

She felt something cold touch her skin. She looked up to feel the cold drizzle on her skin. It felt as if the sky was also rejoicing the fact that she was loving her love.

Zara-zara phoolon pe jhadne laga dil mera

Zara-zara kaanton se lagne laga dil mera

Geet was driving back home from her practice sessions. The windows were close and the music was loud. The rain caught her attention and she felt an urge to feel it…! Though she wasn't much of a rain lover as Anisha but she wanted to feel it and as she drove on the was mostly deserted due to the rains. She switched off the music system. A smile teased her lips… thinking of what she has been feeling all these days.

Main pareshaan pareshan pareshaan pareshaan

Aatishein woh kahaan

The rain gained momentum, tickling her senses as anisha closed her eyes, facing up the sky, feeling the cold droplets on her skin. She absolutely loved the rain like anything… it  always reminded her of Maan… his smile, his talks, his touch….

Main pareshaan pareshan pareshaan pareshaan

Ranjishein hain dhuaan haan..

Geet slowly slid down the glass of her window and the rain just gushed in…tickling her…kissing her cheek… flowing down to her neck. The cold wind made her shiver and her thoughts invariably went towards him! She closed her eyes for a moment feeling that cold sensation on her skin.


Gayathri found Anisha in the garden.. completely drenched, twirling in the rain! She called her in and that's when Anisha got back to reality.

Gayathri: Anisha..abhi ke abhi andar'll catch cold…hurry up!

Anisha made a baby face as gayathri pushed her into her room and asked her to change.

Gush khaake galiyaan Udney lagi hai..udney lagi hai

Raahon se teri Judney lagi hai..judney lagi hai

Geet opened he reyes slowly. She saw Maan standing on the pavement, waving at her…. he smiled as she passed his. Her heart skipped beat as she pushed the brakes hard and looked back! a loud thunder…and realization struck her… she burst out laughing at her own self.

Chaubaare saare yeh Milon ke maare se

Pooche hai tera pataa

She was enjoying the rain for the very 1st time…like her heart was not in her control anymore! "har napasand cheez pyaari lagne lagti hain.." echoed in her mind. She blushed a bit..giggled a bit, put one hand on the steering and stretched the other hand out of the window letting the rain kiss her!

Zara zara chale se Thakne laga dil mera

Zara zara udhne koKarne laga dil mera

Anisha sat in her bathtub..forming bubbles and blowing them in the air.. giggling. Her life has actually changed drastically after Maan's arrival. She couldn't stop blushing at the thought of being in his arms…she wanted to see him once… hear him once…..

Main pareshaan pareshaan Pareshaan pareshaan

Dil kashi ka samaah

She couldn't even scream out her happiness…that's to the 'princess' tag she carried and she hated it! But a naughty thought crossed her mind—who would see her in the bathroom?

She turned on the shower and jumped under it…clapped and laughed aloud…letting out her happiness..playing with the water…completely forgetting that she was not supposed to do so as a princess. She was just lost in a world..where only she and Maan existed!

Geet drove her car into her mansion driveway. She didn't have an umbrella…and strangely she didn't even want one. She wanted to enjoy the rain. She wore a blue top and shorts.

Main pareshaan pareshaan Pareshaan pareshaan

Khawaaishon ka samaah

It was indeed her 'khwahishon ka samaa'…most probably because she was living in an illusion perhaps. she slowly got out of her car and spread her hands out…the rain drenched her completely…but she was happy. She wiped the water from her face and took off her shoes and threw them inside the gcar and walked into the garden barefoot.


Be-baat khud pe marne lagi hoon

Marne lagi hoon

Anisha found herself sitting in front of her dressing table in her bathrobe…lost in her thoughts. She hit her head smiling and held her teddy bear close to her heart.

Bebaak aahein bharne lagi hoon

Bharne lagi hoon

She kissed her teddy…but her eyes invariable went towards the large window od her room…and the rain outside.

Geet had her own world of dreams and wishes! Yes…because she could only wish and dream…probably she knew it somewhere inside…yet she wanted to enjoy every moment of her dream.

Chaahat ke cheete hai, khaare bhi meethe hai

Water droplets touched her tongue..and indeed they were sweet. Her eyes fell on the swing tied to a huge mango tree they had in the garden. Her thoughts drifted towards their childhood when Maan was super scared of sitting in the swing because geet pushed him too high.

Main kya se kya ho gayi

Zara-zara fitrat badalne laga dil mera

She smiled, blushed and even got confused at what she was feeling…but then she was loving this whole new feel altogether.

Anisha slowly walked towards the window and ran her hands over the glass.

Zara-zara kismat se ladne laga dil mera

He held her teddy and twirled around. ( favEmbarrassed)

Kaisi madhoshiyaan..

She slid open the window…and as if the water was all set to get in..they rushed in.. falling on her face… the cold wind carried some more water inside…. She loved the feeling all the more…and stood there with her eyes closed, letting the rain wet her.

Geet had her own world. She twirled around and jumped in the small puddles that formed due to the rain. (music)

Mastiyaan mastiyaan..

She played with the water…jumped around, laughed, screamed…and she was very happy!!!!


Main pareshaan pareshan pareshan pareshaan

Aatishein woh kahaan

Time went slow for Anisha…as she stood there near the window…taking time to feel the rain. Her wish was fulfilled. She did what she wanted to do… she did what her mann wanted her to do! And she knew only Maan could make her feel as a free bird…out from this cage!

Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan

Ranjishein hain dhuaan haa..ho..

Geet sat on the rope swing…going high up..and spinning round and round. The rain gave her all the push she needed to open her heart to feel all the new feelings.

Unknown to her was Jasmeet…she stood on her window, that overlooked the garden. She saw a geet she had never seen before…a very different geet… lost in her own world, enjoying the rain. She saw something new in her… like she wasn't the gundi geet anymore…her face showed a certain calmness…a strange happiness! She smiled seeing her doll so happy but there is more to this happiness she guessed…because as far as she knew..geet never liked getting wet in the rain..and what she was witnessing today was way beyond imagination!

Later at night, she called up Maan to confirm if he was coming. More than Anisha, she was excited to see them together. She didn't even want to think further about her feelings. She was happy with whatever she had amd whatever little she felt. Anisha's words had etched deep in her heart…so deep that she had probably started  living them…without any bias… without any negativity in her heart and…. Without any EXPECTATION!

Geet; Maan..kal finals hain…. you have to come!

Maan: oh god geet…you have told me 1000 times and this is you 1001 time okay!! And same is my answer- I am going! Stop eating my head..will ya!!!

Geet was very restless that day. She didn't understand why. May be she was getting anxious about her finals.

Geet (irritated): tu kisi bhi sawal ka seedha jawab nahi de sakta? You always have to taunt me right! Just don't speak to me then!

Maan (confused): tu itna hyper kyun ho rahi hai itni choti si baat pe? I said na I'll be there…

She disconnected the call and threw her phone away and fell on the bed, trying to calm herself down. She was all okay in the evening… and she didn't even realize that she was just getting anxious.

Maan closed his laptop and looked at the time. It was around 10:30 at night.he took a deep breath in and called her. geet saw his call but didn't bother to respond. She put it in silent and continued sulking. Maan called her a few more times…and when she didn't respond, he couldn't work further either. He dressed up in his tee-shirt and tracks and drove to her place.

Jasmeet was watching tv when Maan entered. He looked tensed. Before she could ask anything, he straightaway went up the stairs before vanishing into her room. Probably Geet's usual nautanki, she thought.

Maan saw her lying on her tummy, in her dark room, her face buried in the pillow. He understood she might be tensed about the finals. He went and sat quietly beside her. she knew he was could she not recognize him when her heart knew every step of his, unknown to her. but she made an effort not to move.

Maan: geet… chal ice-cream khane chalte hain..i'll get you your fav Belgian dark chocolate…

She breathed in sharply and slowly slid towards him, placing her head in his lap, with her eyes closed. He smiled looking  at the frown on her face. He gently removed the hair from her face, she felt tickled…but maintained her firm look.

Maan: kuch nahi hone wala hain kal.. relax and give your best…

Geet didn't open her eyes..rather replied in a small, "hmmm"

He caressed her forehead, "I'll be there geet… stop worrying.."

I'll be there…'  echoed in her ears and she couldn't stop the smile escaping her lips. And she was feeling better…much better …because he said he'd be there.. and that was enough! She chuckled at the realization that how much she had become dependent on him unknowingly. And what surprised her the most was the 'Maan' she was seeing now… way different from the Maan she had known before leaving. He was scared, a crybaby, darpok, gadha… well this is what she used to address him as. But this Maan…was handsome, chivalric, not a crybaby or a darpok or a gahda..he was someone else… a very different person who never needed any geet to fight his battles or boss him around with what to do..what not to do… he was a very different person altogether!!!!

Maan: ab chalein?

She nodded softly. He got up, held her hand and pulled her out. She was wearing her pjs but that didn't seen to bother her. she just followed his track like a puppet, very unlike her…lost in him!

Jasmeet saw them coming downstairs…her eyes went towards geet..who suddenly seemed an unknown person to her. she looked at Maan and then back at her. could Maan probably be the reason?

Jasmeet: where are you to going at this time?

Maan: mamma.. ice-cream khane jaa rahe hain..

Jasmeet rolled her eyes..probably one of geet';s stupid demands! She rubbed her temples, "Maan.. she is already spoilt.. you better stop pampering her..aur bigad jayegi.."

Maan: kya mamma aap bhi.. she is tensed about tomorrow.. so am just taking her out to relax a bit..

As they walked out, Jasmeet noticed geet oddly  quiet. And what shocked her was geet never fought back when she complained Maan about her being spoilt!!!

Anisha tucked herself comfortable in her bed, pulling the duvet upto her face, super excited!!!

Anisha: just a few hours more..we can't wait to see you…make you ours forever.. we love you Maan!

next: geet winsEmbarrassed...or geet loses!!!Ouch



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Shruthe IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update aishu...

you have expressed both their feelings... Anisha is just thrilled about her love for Maan and excited to meet him and confess... And on the other side Geet is puzzled about her new found feelings and yet couldnt identify with it...

But yet again, when Geet ignores over her feelings after speaking to anisha about Maan just revealed one thing... exactly wat you had written ... Love without Expectations... She doesnt expect anything rather than his happiness... not even her love, her happiness, her new found feel seem to be important in front of his happiness...

Now Jasmeet also noticing the change in Geet...

I really loved when Maan came over to meet Geet... no words were required for him to know that she was restless.. and there was no need for her to call him... that was just beautiful...

continue soon.. me eagerly waiting... precap is scary...

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awesome beautiful update

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Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome...superb update...loved it... 

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Anisha n geet emotions was perfctly described..jiska v dil tootega vl feel bad!
Maan took geet 4 an ice cream jealous...mjh v jana tha...
Omg me so tensed abt d nxt update...hopefuly maan dusnt 4gt geet seeing anisha

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