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Hi thanks 4 da pm n awesum update! Well written! Aryan falling 4 Geet! Geet happy tht Maan is happy! Geet unknowingly has fallen for Maan! update soon..sorry 4 late lieks n comments

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Maan found geet quiet. He turned to see her eyes fixed on intent and so lost!!! He couldn't understand anything.

Maan: aise kya dekh rahi hai?

Geet snapped out of her thoughts and looked away feeling embarrassed at being caught like that.

Geet: na..nahi..kuch nahi,,!!!!!

As they got down, Prem rushed to find the washroom, feeling giddy. Aryan turned to look at geet..she was happily holding Maan's arms, smiling, talking, giggling..he smiled too…feeling a warmth in his heart!!!


The rest of the day went wonderfully well for all of them. Prem and Roops still had their cold war going on. Aryan was lost in geet….but then his eyes couldn't miss that sparkle in her eyes whenever she was with Maan. He thought for a while and then let it go knowing her chirpy nature. They finished their lunch and went ahead with their shopping plan. They entered the mall. Prem's gf wanted to buy something so he took her away. Roops burned in anger. Why the hell this stupid Prem doesn't realize that she doesn't like his gfs? Aryan understood her condition and offered to take her round the mall. Roops was highly impressed with Aryan's understanding nature and went ahead with him. And Maan-geet were left alone together (lol). They looked at the two couples and then at each other sighing sadly. Poor them were actually forgotten.

Maan: aaj bhi mera card khali karwane ka irada hai kya?

Geet smiled naughtily, "irada nahi..haq hain!!"

She laughed and dragged him up to the escalator. They were going towards the men's section.

Maan: now don't tell me you will start wearing men's clothes.

Geet: shut up!!! Mere liye nahi..we are shopping for you.

Maan: what? Are you mad? Mujhe nahi khareedna kuch bhi.. tu apne liye hi shop karle..!

Geet ignored that and dragged him to the clothing section.


Maan:… oh my god.. geet, am not taking this! Its tacky!!!

Geet: kamal hain.. black tujhe tacky dikhta hain? see-through hain.. mast lagega!

Maan looked away, "am not taking this…"

Geet: will you shut up and let me decide?

She brought him a white and a black see-through shirt and 2 pairs of matching denims. She could have bought more if he hadn't pulled her out.

They were coming down by the stairs. Roops, prem and Aryan were waiting for them. They hurried down when 2 guys rushed past geet pushing her and whistling at her. she slipped a bit and fell down hitting her knee at the edge of the stair hard. Maan was furious seeing that. one of the guys moved ahead and pushed another lady on the stairs. Maan clenched his fist, ran a few steps down. Held the collar of one of them and pushed him down. Prem and others had seen that. he tumbled down the stairs and landed on the floor, hurting himself.

The other guy tried to run but prem stopped and held his collar.

Prem: kyun re..jahan dekhi naari..wahin aankh maari???

Roops gave him a what-the-hell-you-are-yourself look hearing that coming out of him!!!!LOL He gave him a tight slap, almost making him faint. The other fella tried to rum when Aryan punched him hard.

Aryan: tch tch.. buri baat bache..manners matters…

Maan rushed to geet. She sat on the stair holding her knee. It will take a few days to heal once you hit your knee hard.

Maan: geet you okay? Zyada chot tho nahi lagi?

She tried getting up but it was paining. She still stood up holing him.

Geet (smiling): am all cool…lets go!

She was limping a bit. Maan sighed and turned his back to her,.

Maan: chal aaja… ab zyada hero banne ki zarurat nahi hai!!!

She happily hopped onto his back, as he carried her all the way. His scent filled her nostrils… she felt like she'd swoon in anticipation now.

Aryan was worried for her. prem laughed, "arrey no need to worry about her Aryan… aaj tum aur Maan ho isiliye isne kuch kiya nahi.. the last time someone tried to eve-tease her, she actually made sure he….

Geet cut him off, coming back to her senses, "ho gaya..bas!!! chalo ghar chalet hain.. am dead tired!"

Maan rolled his eyes, 'you know what geet, ye line mujhe kehni chahiye…. Mujhe tho chakkar aa rahe hain abhi..kitni moti ho gayi hai tu.."

Geet held him closer and put her head on his shoulder, "kyun Mr. Khurana… Anisha di ko uthate waqt tho koi kamzori nahi thi…"

Everyone started laughing. Maan made a grumpy face and waked to his car, everyone bid goodnight and headed  towards their homes.


She laughed and ran into the garden in front of her. the moon was full and the sweet aroma of flowers filled the air…! She took in a deep breath and ran towards the garden.. Twirling around.. the night grew darker and the moon brighter. She stood mesmerized at the sight….numerous stars twirling in joy. She turned around and suddenly collided with something..or rather someone. She looked up to see who it was.. but his face was hidden in the darkness of the shadows of the trees. One thing she was sure of was—it was a guy. She looked at him curiously…he didn't speak anything…and his face wasn't visible either.

She could make out from is physique that he was quite handsome. They stood for sometime…a naughty wind gushed past them, bringing the sweet aroma of the flowers to their nostrils..and his intoxicating scent to her!!! she felt so thrilled.. so peaceful..his presence filling her with a need for him. He was suddenly no longer a stager to her. she slowly inched forward. Her heart beat faster abd faster… she felt a strange warmth engulfing her heart… so soothing!!!! She slowly placed her hand on his chest…a shiver ran down her spine! She shuddered and looked at his face… losing herself with that one touch itself. his face was still not visible..but she wasn't scared. There was a trust somewhere within he wont hurt her. she took a deep breath and hugged him tight…like she couldn't bear the distance anymore….like her heart yearned for that warmth she was feeling now.. the warmth that she felt she was deprived of all these years… like she longed for it. The time stood still…a drop of tear escaped her eyes. She hugged him like her life depended on it…she'd die if he leaves her and goes away. She pressed herself closer to him and that's when she felt his hands go round her and hold her tight. She smiled… her cheeks burning red and she kissed his chest. His hands held her protectively…possessively…like she belonged to him. She loved that feel…she felt herself warming up with the heat of his body…..

She woke up in a jerk…blushing…panting! She looked around her convincing herself that it was a dream. Her face fell realizing it was a mere dream…was it really a dream? She could still feel the warmth in her heart that she had felt with him…then how could it be a dream? She placed her hand over her heart…it was beating so fast…she pulled the pillow and held it tight, trying to calm her racing heart..trying to breathe normal..but she couldn't. she couldn't even stop blushing thinking about it. But she felt happy…she felt 'loved', she felt her life belonged to him..Something that she had never felt before. The way he held her… the way his hands roamed on her back..she felt goosebumps on her skin.

Geet: mujhe bhi na..ajeeb ajeeb dreams aa rahe hain…

And then she remembered she couldn't see his face. She made a baby face, "mujhe tho uska chehra bhi nahi dikha…"


Next day. She took a day off from all the badmashi. Her knee was okay bit it hurt a bit while she walked. Jasmeet gave her breakfast and left for office. She sat with her guitar already getting bored. It was around 11 when Aryan called.

Aryan: geet…how are you feeling now?

Geet: am good.. but am getting bored.

Aryan: why? Baaki sab kahan hain?

Geet; Roops has some relatives at her place, Prem is sick after that ride yesterday and Maan..pata nahi subah phone karke bola he is in office. Mein tho bilkul bore ho gayi na.. tum sunao..

Aryan: umm pretty much same here..acha suno.. lets meet up and go for a movie or something.

Geet: that's great idea..but where do we meet?

Aryan thought for a while and asked, "are you able to walk properly now?"

Geet; umm….its almost okay… I can walk!

Aryan: okay if its not a problem. We can go. Be ready..i'll pick you up from your place.


Aryan entered the hall… he admired the decor of the house. Geet was all ready and was coming down the stairs, limping a bit. She was actually jumping on one foot to avoid stressing her injured knee. Aryan shook his head and went up to her. she looked at him with her questioning eyes. Aryan smirked and lifted her up in his arms. She giggled.

Geet: Aryan what are you doing? Nichey utaro mujhe..

Aryan: tummhe apna khayal rakhne mein takleef hoti hain kya?

He spoke to her as he climbed down the stairs. Geet held on to his shoulders, "umm..kya Aryan.. tum bhi bilkul mamma jaise ho! Apna khayal rakhna.. its so boring!!"

Aryan: geet.. are you mad? Aur itni takleef ho rahi hain tummhe chalne mein tho mujhe haan kyun bola?

Geet (cutely): mein naa bolti tho tummhe bura lagta na.. aur tum sad hote tho mujhe guilt feel hota aur phir mein tumhara dimaag kharab kar deti…

Aryan just looked at her for a moment, speechless. There is more in thi girl than he had expected. She loved the people around her so dearly that usey apne khud ke tabiyat ki koi chinta nahi!!! She was so sincere… and that just increased his respect for her 10 folds.

Aryan: theek hain..agar aisa hai tho mujhe bura nahi lagega!!! So plan cancel..tum araam karo..

He was about to put her down on the couch when she screamed, "NAHIII…. Mujhe movie dekhni hain…lets go."

Aryan; par geet.. your knee..

Geet: meine kaha na mein theke hoon… mujhe kuch nahi sunna..hum jaa rahe hain bas!

She cribbed so much that he had to carry her to his car instead of the couch. The whole day went doing masti. In movie theatre geet whistled and clapped evrytime the hero took off his shirt… Aryan bechara sharm se paani paani!! They ha dlunch together..she poured a complete can of coke on him..and smeared the chocolate of their chocolate pastry on his afce..all limping and laughing. Aryan could do nothing but fall for her all over again. It was around 5 when they decided to get back. they passed a bakery.
"STOP…STOP…STOP…"' she screamed!

Aryan pushed the brake hard, "kya hua? You okay?"

She ran out of the car limping and barged into the bakery. Aryan waited for her in the car. She came back holding some packets. Aryan helped her sit.

Aryan: ye sab kya hain? you could have asked me to get it. Apne bechare knee ke jaan ke peechey kyun padi ho?

He noticed a wide smile on her face as she settled in.

Geet; ye tho ksi ke liye surprise hain.. acha ayran..mujhe Khurana empires mein drop kar dena please..

Aryan: Khurana empires? Tumhe wahan kya kaam?

Geet: tch.. chalo tumhe bata hi deti hoon..! ye Maan ki fav swiss choco delight hain.. subah se office mein hai na.. so uske liye small surprise! He'll feel good.

Somewhere Aryan realized that smile on her face wasn't for him. But then it was too early to think anything. He again let it go and dropped her in front of KE. He got to know from geet that Maan helped his Dadima in office during his holidays..learning things around.

He saw her running into the building, limping. He rolled his eyes and drove back. geet madam barged into the office, breaking security and threatening everyone that she'd call Dadima and kick everyone out of their job if they didn't let her in.

Someone said, 'ma'am… we have strict orders from Maan sir not to let anyone in. he is very busy!"

She replied coolly, "busy hain? that's good then.."

Everyone held their breaths waiting for Maan to shout. Though he was young and new, he loved studying about his empire and helping Dadima in his free time and he was very strict in disciplinary grounds.

A staff commented, "probably she doesn't know MK really well.."

Geet held the packets in one hand and stopped near the glass door of his cabin. He had a file in front of him and he was lost in it. She stood there for sometime… admiring him. She didn't even feel like going in and disturbing him for a second. She smiled as she ran her fingers on the glass over his face. She snapped out of her thoughts and went in without knocking. Maan was too lost in his file to notice anything. She stood beside him and extended the packet in front of his face. Maan looked up to see who was disturbing him despite of his strict orders. He was surprised to see geet there. He immediately closed his file and stood up!

Maan (sternly): what are you doing here? Aur tu andar kaise aayi?

He waited for her to answer but madam was fill busy in drooling over the MSK she was seeing in front of her. she was dumbstruck to see him looking so dashing in his formals, his light stubble and the attitude… she was full latto!!!!

Maan: asking you something,..

She noticed his biceps bulging out of his sleeves… ohh and that look.. she felt her heart stop beating for a while..her mouth went dry!! 

Maan: GEET….

She snapped out of her dream land and looked at him making faces!!

Geet; b..b. wo..tu chilla kyun raha hain??

MAan: tu pehle ye bata… andar kaise aayi? I had strictly ordered not to let anyone in..

Geet: yeah not to let ANYONE in and I AM NOT "ANYONE" okay..!

She extended the packet to him.

Maan: ye kya hain?

Geet: teri fav hain..subah se office mein hain so meine socha tere liye lee aaun…

He opened the packet and was delighted to see his Swiss choco delight pastries.

Maan: OMG geeet..seriously I needed some break…you are the best yaar….

He immediately dig into the choco delight licking the chocolate smeared spoon, relishing every bite with a wide smile on his face.

She was lost in that smile. She sat beside him, looking at him, admiring his smile…the twinkle in his eyes…even she smiled seeing him happy. She felt like she had lived a life time whenever she saw that smile on his afce! She didn't need anything more.. she was happy with the small small things she did for him because he loved it..he was happy!


next: oops..distance makes love stronger

Prev: PART 13

Next: PART 15



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That was a beautiful update chotu...

There was so much of meaning in the update... it just explained how wonderful Geet is as a person... She brings in light, optimism and happiness in and around her... She makes sure the people around her smile and remain happy... Her reply to Aryan for not refusing for the movie just explained the same... If she thinks so much just for a person (Aryan) whom she knows just for a few weeks, you can very well understand the concern and caring and love she would have for Maan... 

Every small thing she does just expresses the immense love that she holds for Maan which even she has not realized till date... the pastry thing was one such example...

Again i loved the piggy back ride... Her reply to MSK tagging anisha when he told that she has become moti just made me feel that soon she would start feeling the tinge in future by such incidents...

Aryan seems to fall in love with Geet more... but at the same time, he seems to get hints about Geet's affection towards maan... still waiting to know more about how this character would get grooved in the future story...

Awesome aishu.. am loving the way you are taking the story... actually you are expressing the depth of each character so well... Hug

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Wonderful update..!!

Geet is so full of life even after what she has seen in her childhood..her parents marriage failure..but that does not stop her beliefs in enjoying life..i love this about her..!!

She is definitely falling in love for Maan..i just hope when the realization dawns upon does not shatter her..because its not mutual so far..!!

Aryan is even having doubts...still brushing them off...

Of course Geet has to barge into Maan's office..LOL

She knows what Maan needs at the time of work..Embarrassed

Loved the update..!!

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Loved the update to bits!!Clap

The dream part of Geet was too cute and lovely!!Embarrassed

He He!! LOL

Aww Maan gave her a piggy back ride!!Embarrassed

Sigh!!! Me jealous!!!!Angry

Aryan's really sweet!!!Embarrassed

Am wondering is he falling for Geet!!Shocked

Seems like Geet is finally falling for our dear munda Maan!!!Wink

Though she seems too ignorant about it!!Embarrassed

That last part was so cute!!Embarrassed

That's my fav pastries too!!! Me feeling hungry!!!LOL

Precap- Seems like its about Anisha and Maan!! Hmmm…Confused

Awesome update sweets!!!Embarrassed

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off geet to fully lotto on maan

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