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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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latest shruthe di and me!! now tell me hows it??Wink
sorry for being late started and me getting super tired at the end of the day!Ouch freshers party was rocking..sang a duet with a senior and bechara he was blushing! mad fellow!Angry and played a game with another senior whr we had to knot a tie around the senior guys' neck in shortest possible time and i won it also!!Big smile yuuhoo and now hectic classes..dozing off in the 1st bench only!!!!

short update..pls bear with now! from now onwards i'll be keeping busy. so can't promise regular updates..will update at-most twice a week!!!!

and those who think this is not a maaneet ff.. pls refrain from reading this! am too hurt with the kind of comments am seeing lately in my threadBroken Heart CryCryand its better that i be completely straight forward with you all!!! kindly discontinue this ff if you think i should open sum maan anisha forumAngry and just get lost!Cry  SO THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR TRYING TO BE DIFFERENT IN MY OWN WAY!Ouch in any case parineeta is going to be my last ff!!!

can't evn describe what it means to me!!! hope you'll support me till the end!!!


Geet dressed up in her faded jeans and sleeveless red top looking ravishing. Her hairs curled and her lips drowned in a shade of deep red!!! She was happy today…. Yes very happy indeed!!! Before leaving she looked at the mirror for one last time and smiled and suddenly did a little bhangra.

Geet: congratulations and celebrations……. I know aaj tum bahut khush hoge…I wish duniya ke saare awards tumhe mil jayen..!!

She gave a flying kiss to her own image in the mirror and ran out.

Aryan and Roops were already there in the car, waiting for her. geet hopped in looking unusually happy. Aryan looked at her for a while…he had never seen her this happy or excited about disc. She was a person who loved to do masti..but disc was something far away from her list. She preferred staying away…. But she is probably changed now..a lot, especially what happened with her! and he knew she was doing all this just to have an escape from reality and not because she was genuinely interested. But today she was looking very bright…. Very  happy!!! He smiled seeing her excitement..must be some o0ther reason to escape reality.he chuckled how she had found out about his whereabouts after that finale night!


It was week since Aryan was missing and geet and Roops were breaking their head over it. Prem as usual was super lost in a world only he knew of!

Prem: stop it guys..he will be fine! Itna dimaag mat chalao..zyada hain bhi nahi!!

Roops: ha ha as if you have that much brain! Shut up and let us work.

Geet was trying his cell again and again but no avail.

Prem: I think someone has kidnapped him!

Geet and Roops: what???

Prem: umm..aisa mujhe lagta hain..

Roops rolled her eyes, "phir tho aryan bilkul safe and sound hain!"

Geet: phir bhi yaar..lets check on him na.. may be he is unwell or something! Umm..roops..tere paas tho uske ghar ka address hain na…

Roops: yep.. I do! Okie tho aaj college ke baad challenge okay!

Prem yawned, "tum dono please ek detective agency khol lo….and ye tho hona hi tha na.. Roops ne usey pagal jo kar rakha hain…he needs holiday from her! let him relax!"

Roops fumed while geet hit him hard on his shoulder, "shut up…and to burst your are going with us!!"

Prem: no ways man… I will get back to the hostel and sleep!!!

Geet stood up and shouted, "excuse me ma'am… Prem has copied my assignment and has been threatening me…'"

Prem panicked and put his hands around geet's mouth and pulled her down. Roops burst out laughing, gesturing him to look around. There was no professor and the rest were laughing at him! He shot a glare to  geet, "wait wait… ek din iska badla zarur loonga.."

Geet; tab ki tab dekhenge..but as of now, you are coming with us!!!

Just when the college got over, geet hurried to her car (of course her mumma's car wo bhi AudiWink) and got in. Roops and Prem followed and jumped in. Roops directed and the three of them reached a very post apartment around Connaught place!

Prem: chalo chalo..hum galat address pea aye hain..

Roops: nahi this is the correct address…

Prem: nahi tho kisi rayees zaade ka ghar lagta hain..aryan jaisa chota sa nanha munna bacha yahan thode rahega..

Geet: will you shut up?

prem: do i have an option?

They knocked the door and mohan opened it. He asked them to wait for him as Aryan wasn't back home. He went into the kitchen and tried to call Aryan but again his phone came switched off. He served them snacks and water. The 3 of them were super surprised to see such a posh apartment of Aryans. But then it was around 7 and Aryan hadn't turned up. They had been waiting for more than an hour. Geet was getting impatient.

Geet; mohan bahiyya…do you know where he is? We are worried sick and wo tho apne darshan hi nahi de raha…

And probably Mohan knew these were the only best friends Aryan had. He gave them the address which shocked the three of them like anything.

The three of them drove towards their destination and stopped near the entrance. So they need to break through the security! They sighed…dost ke liye bhi kya kya karna padta hain! they actually managed to put up some silly excuse and get in.

Geet hated the place… typically dark disc.. with loud music.. girls dressed scantily, people smoking and drinking….she felt very uneasy as if she'd puke!! walked ahead trying to look through the darkness and turned back to look for Roops and Prem but she found some men looking at her dirtily. She hated it all the more. Probably she lost her friends in the darkness. It was actually a pud..not disc she concluded!

And there she found Aryan on the bar..Sitting with a drink in his hands…his eyes closed! She was shocked to see him like that!!!

Aryan was lost in his world and was about to sip another drink when he felt someone hold his hand firmly. He tried to look at the face in that condition and found the most beautiful face looking at him angrily..her eyes were red and her nostrils flared! He smiled thinking it to be a fragment of imagination.. she looks beautiful when she gets angry… and she becomes completely red when she cries! He giggled at his though and then he heard her sharp tone!

"Mr. Aryan chauhan..what the hell do you think you are doing?"

It took him some time to register what was going on and she had to shake him to get him back to his senses! He shook his head and looked at her… this time properly and managed to mumble, "ge..geet..tum yahan?"

And the next moment he felt himself being dragged out and much to his surprise, he followed her like an obedient kid!!!


He looked at her on the dance floor and smiled. she had brought him back home and the next day she had give him a huge lecture on his conduct. And when she asked what was the reason of him being in that 'dirty, uncivilized and dingy' place he had replied softly saying, "its was an escape from reality…his temporary refuge!!!"

He smiled a bit..actually he didn't know what he should feel..happy or sad!!! That was the biggest confusion in this whole thing! Roops was standing alone in a corner. Geet pulled her to the dance floor but she kept refusing all the time. Even Aryan insisted but she refused!

Geet teased, "ohh..naye naye naina mere dhoondhe hain..dar-badar kyun tujhe..mein pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan…"

Roops: shut up..go and enjoy yourself!

Geet rolled her eyes and went ahead. Aryan stayed with Roops!

Roops: Aryan.. you should join her…!

Aryan: no..thats fine! Am seeing her this happy after a long long trying to cherish this moment! Its strange isn't it.. to change from someone who you are to someone who you are not!!!

He went ahead to attend a call leaving Roops to ponder over his words! And that's when someone hugged him from the back. she smiled…it was Prem. He was getting back almost after a month!!! She turned around and hugged him tight!!! Geet looked at them from afar..they looked so cute together.. and Roops… she was so happy with content!!! She shook her head to get away from all the feelings or the little bit of pain and went to the bar. She saw two people competing in who takes the largest number of shots. Others were cheering them. Probably some celebration for them! Hey wait a was a celebration for her too… and she will celebrate!

Aryan found Roops and Prem talking.

Aryan: have you seen geet?

Prem: nahi yaar..i havnt seen her since the time I have come! Where is she?

Roops: dance floor pe tho thi na…

Aryan: yeah but she is not there….and not taking her call either!

They heard a bunch of people cheering, "geet… geet.."

They ran to the crowd and saw geet getting ready for her tequila shots!

Roops ran to geet and pulled her, "geet..kya kar rahi hai? Its stupid!"

Geet: relax..just a small celebration! I'll be fine!!!

Aryan: Ms Geet Handa..what the hell are you doing?

She looked at him for a was the same way as she had asked him when she had found him in that 'dirty, uncivilized and dingy' place of hers. She       smiled and continued with the game!!!

3..2..1..go! and they started! Roops was shocked to see geet taking shots like that..probably for the 1st time she was taking this much. Roops knew geet attended discs and had shots too but it was like once a while and she'd always go for softer ones and hardly one or two.

Geet took in a shot..and another..and another….roops held her hand!


Geet sipped another!!!!! She was already feeling dizzy..and light headed!

Roops: geet stop it..its your 5th shot already!!! Please..stop..

Geet ignored…she was happy and she will enjoy!!! She won the slot with 8 shots and she stumbled! Aryan missed 'geet'…he missed 'geet' terribly! He had no idea how to bring that old geet back…she has changed completely! And he didn't say anything to her either! He simply lifted her up and walked out. prem and Roops were supposed to go for dinner..but seeing geet like that..prem understood there was a bigger reason behind it. He cancelled the dinner and ordered dinner for four of them at Aryan's place!!!

Aryan drove geet and Roops came with Prem in his car.

Prem: so what was that big celebration there han?

Roops sighed and noticed the same magazine in Prem's car. She took the magazine and showed him the cover page!!!

Roops: I seriously hate this man now….

Prem focused on the road and smirked, "so do I!!!"


Geet had dozed off in the car itself. Aryan carried her into her room and made her lie on the bed. She had a smile on lips yet tear drops at the corner of her eyes! He wiped that lone tear and kissed her forehead!!

Aryan: you are an angel geet… just ask me..and I'll set you free!!!

Meanwhile in Delhi

Dia: namla..dekho…meli flock (=frock)

Namra: chalo chalo packing karo..

Maan came into their room..he was just back from office and heard noises from his princesses room. He peeped in and looked at the cuties trying to get their things ready to leave for Mumbai. He stood there for a while watching them…he smiled and saw dia having troubles in doing her clothes..and even namra. They are sooo small!!!! His eyes filled up…the nanny cannot stay with them 24/7 right!!! Wish he could fill that empty space in their lives!!!


next: we go!!!!

prev: PART 21

Next: THREAD 3



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me first ...
lovely update ash...
do continue soon...
will be waiting for more...

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Please don't ever stop writing !
we all love you and your work so much !
A majority of us always had faith in you that no matter what in the end you would unite Maaneet and make them a couple !
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue recreating the Maaneet magic with your unique pieces of work !
we love you !
ps i LOOOVED this part
oh yes and i love Aryan too !

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AWSUMMM updateee :DDD
I loved it SSOOO mujjj :)

iam sure u've got a big surprise waiting for us..
sumthing like maybe maan dint marry anisha after all ! :D
today's update was rocking..yeah it was a bit short :(
Waiting for maaneet moments!
PS- pls pls pls ignore silly ppl's talk...i saw that msg where dis chick wrote that u shud open a maan anisha forum...pls forget dat..and continue soon <3

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Plz continue ur writing and indeed u r one of d God gifted writers we have  in our forums . We r all  der with u in d journey of PARINEETA and many more to cum frm u .
cuming to update , felt very painful to c geet's condition . U brought amalgam of past and prsent scene very beautifully . loved d lines of  
Aryan  Its strange isn't it.. to change from someone who you are to someone who you are not!!!
very truly said and what we r witnessing today .

Aryan: you are an angel geet… just ask me..and I'll set you free!!! ahh, this lines brought tear in my eye. he still A very good freind who is standing  for her ,loving unconditionally . My heart went for aryan ash . I am going to break when  i will c aryan loosing her .

And finally my litttle cuties r without mom .Painful to see all this . On d whole u r agn suceeded in making me cry Cry .loved it .continue soon .
oops ,forgot to say  banner was awesome so, journey of maan and geet had started .

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superb update

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dnt worry about others comment..genuinely i love ur update..eventhough sad but i love it..pls dnt give up..pls cont soon...t love the small cuties...

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Awesome Update loved it ..please ignore that comments i know you create same magic in this story like you do in FAIRYTAIL ...please update soon n most important maaneet encounter bcoz he is the one who can bring  original geet ..actually  i loved the aryan too he such a darling friend 

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