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Wednesday - Konjam MayilattamWink appuram full ah kondattamPartyDancing
Mayilattam started, Mayil starring at sok's n tells i know you have won the sabatham..n adds that since to passify NA you had made this marriage happen..i will also agree that you are nollavan sorry Big smile nallavannn if you bring back pandi to me nu sollitu asusual walks out..sokku asusual..gonthu allva saptamathiri mouth sealedROFL..Otherside..Ponnu Mappillai welcoming ceremony..meens n puspa taking aarati with full Big smileBig smileBig smile.. n ask to come home keeping valathukaal both comes in n others follow them.. last comes our sam's new brideWink telling puspaROFL even i also come in the same way nu solluthu..puspa is full tension ..irrudi irrudi avan varatum un kala odikuraen oru jumping podurangaROFLROFLROFLROFL
Sr.Sam ah partha mathiriyae irrunthudhu..meens takes her in..patti comes there n ask her to sit in the corner of the home.. till they come back oru miratu mirati ookara vaikuranga.. meens chides that only mahes n watertank marriage was done in right way ..kobi N soppana sundari kalyanam ippudi yaarum parka mudiyama poochae nu solluranga..malar tells her we all are at this marriage thats so good thing nu sollura..puspa adds if our 3 family is there that itself big kumbal..vera ethu oora vera kuptukittu nu solluranga..pal palam ceremony over..
Josi Calls his Mrs josi n checks where is she.. she says that she is at frontyard of home.. n checks where is he.. he tells he is at the front gate n ask her to come out.. Mrs josi goes there n get to  see pikari josiROFLROFLROFL n ask what happened n tells that u said u r going to get  paramu's marriage done ..what happened nu kekuranga..josi tells that they have beaten him after giving water party nu solluraru...Mrs.Josi tells that kobi dont have that kind of habit nu..josi tells its komaru n checks whether paramu n ramesh is in at home.. if so he dont want to come in..but Mrs.josi tells yes they are n got married jus now arrived nu solluranga..josi oolai itufies like vadivelROFLROFLROFL n tells goddd komaru is going to cut my sangu nu solluraru..Mrs. tells komaru is in jail..then josi ahhh his mummy sornakka will murder me nu solluraru..Mrs. Tells all have gone to jail nu solluranga..Josi tells in that case after 1 month they might come n kill me.. so shall we vacant this OOru n go.. but Mrs. tells no no for that lets c some goood josi n do some parikaramWinkWinkROFLROFLROFL nu solluranga..josi tells u too ROFLROFLROFL n ask her to take him in safely ..n hides behind her in saree pallu n both goes in..n he runs inside the home b4 someone could see him.
Watertank n Vans back to hospital.Van's caution WT That mom will be here now.So lets tells that we are coming from temple nu sollura..both goes in expected Lola there n tells that u both are useless roaming around ,,not helping me nu solluranga..Van's  n WT tells they both gone to temple in single tone..Lola checking why both are singing togather..n checks which temple they have gone to..Both tells diff temple name.. n finally WT Overcomes Van's n tells she will tell n tells correctly.. Lola tells that she will go out n come nu sollitu goes out..both Van's n WT tells NA that marriage went on well songi rasa was happy only he get to know that thali is sent by you n then only he tied it nu sollura.. n adds that he was also trapped n WT adds that Lola is searching for Songi from longwhile n she might call him anytime nu sollura..NA tells that let them stay at Sokku palace only till he returns home nu solluraru..There comes lola ..all stops the convo..NA tells lola that he only sent songi to collect money nu solluraru..Lola chides that either Songi sollitu poirukkanum or NA sollirukkannum rendum illa nu solluranga.. n NA adds that why did u n ur dupit Son is Chiding WT nu kekuraru..Lola checks i jus left out for few mins out ..athu kulla yeppudi di patha vache nu kekuranga..NA close the talk n tells all is well so now disperse nu solluraruROFLROFLROFL..
Sokku n co return to home.. n get to see Ponnu mapillai ..Sokku Checks whether pal palam ceremony over..gets to see sam's new bride WinkWink n checks who is she she tells that sam got her.. so sokku ask her to go there.. but she tells they will toture her if she goes back nu solluthu..sokku checks whether she got parents ..she says yes they are in Hyderabad will be back in 2 sokku says he will send her to parents..she should not poke her nose in family if she did they he will send her back komaru home nu solluraru..she nods n goes away..Sokku informs about the happening at Komaru home ..Patti chides that she will take that she gave birth to only 3 kids ..but asusual sokku tells not to talk like that..n adds if he would have some little more time he would have pesi kothareeROFLROFLROFL mayil la marriage ku kuttitu vandrupaen nu solluaruROFLROFLROFLnalla vella songi rasa vum soppana sundariyum just tapichangaWinkWinkSokku ask mommy n puspa to go to mayil residence as he would be feeling bad nu solluraru.. n ask them to have some patience even if he scolds them praising session..sokku praises malar n tells that she is lucky charm of the home one by one good things started to happen to solluraru..malar tells yes one more marriage also has to happen nu sollura..sokku tells jus now we started to look for Rag's nu solluraru..but malar tells its his 60th marriage ceremony we all have planned to do it nu sollura..KObi asusual boom boom to her..patti says its kid wish you have to accept nu solluranga..sokku tells my kid mayil is away from me.. how will i get this done..if mayil is back to us like how he was early with me then i agree for this ceremony nu solluraru.. all says ok.. kobi gets call from van .. she tells that Lola is out so NA wants to see Ponnu mapillai so bring them soon nu sollura.. kobi agrees n cuts the call..sokku ask ponnu mapillai to go in wedding attire with garlands n tells kobi only will go with them n comes back nu solli send them off.. n tells like this i wish to send to mayil also but i dont know when its going to happen..
Screen Freeze..
Lola nalai kku vara mathiri yum theriyuthu varatha mathiri yum theriyuthu.. Wackoall the best ratna n also srima too enna something tells nallaikku ratna vum esssccc nu..sorry srima neenga than intha vara veera thirumagal nu ninaikuraenWinkWinkWink

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Police station.. Komaru and gang (Shockedyabba innum ivanga scene mudiyalaiyaShocked) Inspector sends off KM and husband but keeps Komaru in station for questioning. Komaru tells his adiyal once his out, appo ira Gopi and Kuttathaku ShockedD'oh

Gopi, Ramesh Paramu comes, walking super fast LOL, Kamu greets them and ask them to come in quickly before attai comes back. Nelli very happy to see both of them and gives his blessing. He tells Gopi to keep them in his house until his discharge and he will deal with this later with his family. Gopi says sure and Kamu in tension ask them to hurry and leave before lolayee comes. They leave (Shockedomggg naan ivalava nerama holding my breath watching this part and nenji bakka bakka adikuraning expecting lolayee to appear anything.. yabbbaa naan essu pola tension lae ennaku ) They come out and gets into auto. Pakkatala tea stand Kamu husband (aiyo tension lae i forgot his nameShocked) saw them getting into auto. He tries to run towards them but auto leaves. He immediately takes his bike, maybe straight to gopi house or maybe to his house first to fetch lolayee Ermm (agamothathilae nalai taan lolayee LOL haiyaaa me essuuu Party)

omg omg Shocked miga periya adisayam ... Shocked

10 minutes of Devanai loda loda toMayil has changed him ShockedShockedShocked Devanai brings out all matter and how he even about to destroy Paramu life just cause Mayil wanted to palivangufy Sokku. Where did Mayil anger end them up? Without children support, got beaten up by Kumara and nothing is left now. So why not they just drink poison and die? Shocked All this is watch by Puspa and patti. Devanai further says Mayil only intention to pallivangufy but Sokku never thought that.. and gopi ... he should be praised. The way he beat him Komaru after what he did to their daughter ClapClap  Mayil ask Devanae to stop. He cries and cries and says tappa pannithen ShockedShocked He regrets everything now and cries. Pushpa and patti comes in so happy and try to calm him. Mayil tells Devanai lets go see his anna right now and all get ready to leave ...

Thodarum ...

Haiyaaa Meenu akka and Eclat .. this is for you

srima maa Hug
HugHugHugHug haiya coin toast me win me win me win LOL

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                                     Friday 27.04.2012

Lost the toss CryCryCry. But won a title from Lakshmi - Veera ThirumaL LOLLOLLOL

Gopi returns home along with the newly weds & Vanitha unaware of Cyclone Moorthy fast approaching. The cyclone hits the shore with tremendous fury. Moorthy mummyku thappama pirandha sonny – sky earth dancing , mouth & hand work simultaneously , Vanitha bears the brunt of the attack- hits for helping Gopi who spoilt her life , who ditched her to marry an already married woman , who , now has milagai arachufied on their head by marrying off his Odukali sister Paramu to Ramesh. Makes a dig at Sokku's parenting – taught daughters mapillai mayakkum technique. Let me show you all who Am I , drags Vanitha & leaves.

Moorthy calls Kamu & speaks very sweetly , asks her to come home immediately – good news. Kamu informs FIL & starts her homeward journey. A nurse meets her on the way & gives the good news – pregnancy positive result. Kamu all elated , wanted to share this happy news first with purushan.

Grrr segment – Dimsu himsai unbearable.

Mahesu wu wu wu . Dimsu as usual over reacting to her one simple question – kept on harping on the subject that Mahes is suspecting him & Divya – will inform Divya about it – then sings Divyashtothram – uthama pathni – will be very upset once she learns about Mahes' chinna budhi – bla blah . Divya's FIL comes to take Dimsu out on some assignment. Dimsu threatens to inform him about Mahes' suspicion. Mahes pleads vendanga , vendanga [ pallarnu 2 thappad kudukkalam pola irundhadu – stupid cry baby].

Nelli's house – Vanitha braving Lolayi torture – adi , kuthu , mothal – endi ippadi pannine , why why did you do , all your dad kudukkira idam , pochu pochu ellam pochu , people's tongue will start wagging now – better to die than listen to people's comment [ do that first madam & save us from your torture.] Kamu enters  with a smiling face – purusha purusha I have a good news & want to share it privately with you – come upstairs. Moorthy says I too have a good news – do You know Paramu – ramesh wedding over. Kamu turns pale. Moorthy raises his tone – you are a not a dutiful wife , against my wish you helped for P - R wedding , I don't like a wife who doesn't obey my orders get lost – be out of sight & out of my mind – pushes her out of the house & locks the door.

Sokku's house. Meena asking Malar to make arrangement for P-R FN. Malar – Gopi ekam look vitting at each other. [ konja neram konaja neram konji paarkak koodadha ]. Kabab mein haddi arrives – Sam , disturbs their privacy & goes to P-R who were drooling over each other with eye locks – orders them to carry on their kadal drama inside their bed room & goes away with kaduppu as nobody is bothered about this valiba payan's manasu . Sees Skku mama looking intently at a photo – goes near & sees mama is emotional seeing self & Mayil's  yester year's happy day's photo. Mayil comes along with Deiva, Pushpa & Mummy & straight saranagathi – falls at Sokku's feet – enna mannichudunga anne.

Pancha Pandavis will be back in Sokku's house – Kamu on her way , mahes will also come , 2 kutti papas , Paramu will also join this band wagaon & one more kutty papa. At this rate when will Gopi – Malar  start their life & family  Alai Onju Samudhira snanam ???


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Makku Mayil falls on Soodillada Sokku's kaal and begs him to forgive him. Sokku is super happy and happily forgives all his brother's mis-givings. Mayil goes to each member of the family and begs forgiveness. He blesses the new couple and also Gopi-Malar. Kangolla katchi kanneeera oothings by everyone. Gopi gets a call from Vanitha and leaves in a hurry without telling anyone the reason.

Komaru stil in jail, KM's kai itching so she makes up for Komaru's absence by whacking all the side goondas. Some kadangaara lawyer comes there and promises to get Komaru out by next day. 

Gundu mani Kaamu standing outside Nelli mansion. Gopi comes there and asks her what happened. Kaamu tells him that her husband threw her out of the house. Gopi calls Moorthy and tries to reason with him. Moorthy is adamant and says Kaamu is not his wife anymore and she can stay with her parents forever, he will send her divorce papers. Gopi begs and pleads, so does kaamu, but no use. Gopi and Kaamu leave sadly. Kaamu tells Gopi that she is pregnant. Gopi insists that they should tell this to Moorthy. They go back and Kaamu tells Moorthy that she is pregnant. 

Instead of being happy, Moorthy talks cheaply about Kaamu and says he does not believe he is the baby's father. Kamu is disgusted to hear this and walks off, but Gopi still begs and pleads with Moorthy to reconsider. He is about to fall on Moorthy's feet when Kaamu stops him and takes him away saying she doesn't need a husband like Moorthy. Gopi and Kaamu leave sadly.


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