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Wednesday - Trio Detectives @ komaru place Makku Mahesh Packup Plans Up
Trio Detectives are jumping the veli of komaru thottam n coming inside the space..(Intha soppana sundari kku ippudi oru adventure thevayaOuch)slowly they are reaching the space where dummy ramesh is kept..but could get to know he is there ...from nside ramesh sense thier arrival n try make some sound but no use.. trio cross that space n goes near house..adiyaals are walking here n there trio hide some where n then reaches the backyard of the house..sakthi makes them hide in dark space.. n comes out gets to see komaru there.. komaru checks y he is there n assumessakthi is upset about komaru act towards sopana sundari paramu n him n stopped him from having good feast n tells him that he will get good feast after marriage nu solli takes him away.. there comes sorna akka with soppanna sundari.. Akka shows SSP(Soppanna sundari Paramu) the toilet n ask her not afraid to come alone in night  n goes in.. kobi notices this n comes out to speak with her..paramu tries to open the toilet.. but there comes komaruDeadDeadDead n talks to her all nonsenseDeadAngryAngry n ask her to kiss him b4 marriage as she dont have any choice after marriage she have to do itAngry(Kadavulaeee... Enna yen intha karmamD'ohpudhicha romance yellam update panna vaikkkuraDead )SSP is blinking looking for esc option.. there comes rasappa get to c kobi hiding behind some dustbin n shouts his name.. kobi calms him. rasappa manages n takes out an song starts with kobi n reaches komaru.. SSP looks relieved.. Ras sends her in n praises Komaru.. komaru scolds him but its n mute..ras is acting like he is confused.n makes komaru goes in.. kobi goes back to hide place..ras continues it
DD's place.. Dimsu reports to DD about Mahesh reaction on sambar matter..DD says that u need to play an big role to bring people from mahesh place to do an panchayat on thier affair nu sollura n continues giving him more plan which is in mute (nallavellai...mute pannu nangaOuchillati athavera update pannirukkanumCryCryCry)dimsu ask her to give some money to his sister family.. but DD disagree with him n ask him whether he is also with her only for making money from her ah nu kekura  n ask him control his sis by not pesturing them for more money nu sollura.. if they still continues that then ask them to sell you to me for lump some money nu sollura.. Dimsu face goes dark .. he changes the topic n leaves from there..Josi reaches Komaru home n get to see sorna akka asusual hitting someone ..SA welcomes him n ask him what about his family he says they are busy with some other work so he came nu sollitu looks for Mayil n co.. SA ask him to warn mayil family to go as per SA's wish, as sometimes they show thier yethirppu..Josi nods his head n goes in n meet mayil..mayil n dev's took him out n dev's tells about thier rowdiusm n tells they are very much afraid to give thier daughter here nu solluranga.. josi pacifies them n tells about kobi not there @ home.. Kobi n others hears this..
Haiiiaya Screen Freeze.. inni next week thanDancingParty

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Archives copy

Monday April 16th 2012 Episode Update

Episode 508 

3 idiots ...kobi,duck sam and kaaja aka koduka (peyar sootiyavar : Eclat...ellarum jora 1 time kai thattunga...)....Rasappa sithappa comes and says paramu kitta sollitten...komaru and josi comes there and sees rasapps...They starts walking towards that room and rasappa sithappa comes out ...Josi asks what r u doing here rasappa?...rasappas ays this is my mappu's house...i will go anywhere...Komaru shouts...oye...dont shout...i dont like..(parra...ivarukku sound pidikadhaan...amma oru thagara dabba idhu oru vengala paanai..ivingalukku sound pidikadhaan..ennaiya vambu izhukama episode edukamatainga pola)...

Rasappa says i too likethis kaiya neetti pesaradhu...kaiya pudichu kadichu vachuruven...Josi warns komaru...anne...kaiya edunga...nesamalumae kadichu vachuruvaan...Komaru'a hands back to the original place...

komaru and josi moves forward...says indha room la party vaikka porom...rasappa lies down and syas pongappa..idhu en placeLOLLOLangry komaru says...irudi ...kalya virundhu kku nee dhaan side dish...komaru and jos leaves...

Rasapps gets up and gopi tells him to go and bring paramu...rasappa leaves...

Party place ready near koduka's room...sam and kaaja says chicken and sarakku smell nose piercings (mooku tholachings)...Kobi tells them to first concentrate on the mission...then i'll buy chicken,sarakku and ellam...Sam starts crying...kobi confused and asks...why a mappu crying...naan enna adiyala asks sam...Gopi then asks sorry and tell them to concentrate...

water beating party begins...jos bring mayil...mayil shocked to see all sarakku and side dish...says naan kudikaran illai...thanni aidchen only once...that was for my son pandi...komaru says now naandhaan unga son...pandi...mayil shows all his ulaga maha expressions...jos and komaru finally convinces mayil and mayil maangu maangu nnu sarakku ulla vittings...inbetween all these 3 idiots also shcoen...

Mayil in full bodhai...starts wife not interested in this marraige...komaru shocked...gobi and co also shcoked...she is afraid of u and ur mom...dont give paramu to this komaru nnu solli crying...mayil starts vomiting and faints...komaru calls his adiyal kootam and tells them to take mayil inside...koduko's sad

Komaru gets up...marakkama takes his sarakku bottle...then says...paramu enakkudhaan...he goes away...sam gets up ...sees komaru and sits down and says...pitchakara paya...bottle vakkama eduthuttu poittan!!...kobi morachings...

Mummy komaru comes and tells komaru...ei maganae...amma and magal (deivu and paramu) always crying da...not eating...something wrong...komaru says wait ma wait...dont worry abt my marraige...nalaikku first night...ShockedLOL

Komaru leaves and mummy komaru says en magan embuttu nalla yosikiraan...komaru goes in...mayil sleeping...innoru room la heroine paramu sleeping...komaru bayangara romance aa look vittings and screen freezes...


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Wednesday - Soppana Sundari(ParamuOuch) Rescued,Aval thopgittu poga vanthu sikkiROFL kitta Namma Songi Prithvi rasa(Ramesh) Rescue plan upD'oh

Kobi n all gets the signal of everyone got asleep,so they starting for mission..Komaru goes to paramu room , paramu mistakes him as kobi n comes out of the room n get to c komaru..tries to scream but komaru traps her n take to some outhouse..meanwhile kobi is going to upstairs where in Ras is inside home get noticed by damaram daddy after some time get to see paramu is taken away by komaru..tries to informs  some one but damaram not leaving so he takes him to hidden space n beat him n make shut n trap him there n all goes out for mission again. but kaja n sam reaches maid parameswari n take her out of the thottam. meanwhile kobi notices paramu's struggle from upstairs n comes down to rescue her.. komaru olarifies that he has trapped ramesh already here, so she dont need to develop any hope on her marriage with ramesh nu solluran.. there comes Ras bits him nicely then comes kobi with oruthukattai n start bashing him ..komaru become unconscious.Dev is noticing this from upstairs n prays happily silently from therewith tears in her eyes..kobi takes away both ras n paramu from there.
Kaja n Sam realise after coming out of thottam that its maid , request her to go inside home.but she says that she wants to marry sam otherwise she will scream nu sollura..both donno what to do with that lady.Kobi brings Paramu n ras, they get to see three idiots..n there comes shakti n senthil with some tempo van.. kobi build kottai that tomorrow he will get her married to thier songi rasaLOLLOLLOL..pudhisalee soppana sundari appa than mulikira n checks whether they have already rescued ramesh .. n disclose that he is here in komaru's trap..kobi karna rasa jumps n tells NA saved his uyir when noone was there so now its his turn now to save his son's life nu solluran otherwise komaru might harm him as he is upset abt soppana sundari's escape..kobi ask ras paramu's n sakthi to stay n ask senthil start the vechile covering his hair style n takes kaja n sam with him n goes n with some plan to rescue songi rasa
There an adiyaal notices kollapsed komaru.. n calls ups for his mom. Sorna akka comes there ore alikachi adiyaal informs that he is Kollapsed due to over drunk .then she ask her adiyaal's to start car to hospital..there comes kobi with sam n comes towards sorna akka(CryCryCry aiyo enna la antha BG music ka mattum thanga mudiyala.. Kamal lum Gautam menon num itha mattum parthanga orundu orundu aluvangaROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL)
Screen freezes

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sattiyama enna sutti pottu adichalum indha dialog continue pannamudiyadhu ... so let me just

Mission impossible continues LOL Gopi with super duber bgm walks towards Komaru mother (KM). Sam gives semma rowdy look and walk ROFL Gopi says anna called them. They were the one who tukkaffy Nelli and anna has called them to come as the son Ramesh is here and needs to be taken care off. KM agrees and takes them to Ramesh place. She opens the door and removes Ramesh mouth piece.. who immediately says Gopi machan nu D'ohKM ask what is going on. Gopi says sorry to KM as he never does this to a lady and starts giving her semma slaps.. palar palar palar Clap and ties her up at the same place ramesh was kept.

They arrive and both Ramesh Paramu semma romance getback D'ohGopi ehem nu solli says this place is not safe and they should leave immediately.

They stop for a tea on the way (Shockedrombha mukkiyam..) tea master feels suspicious looking at them and over hears Gopi playfully telling Sam the ponnu he taan kidnap and came nu ..tea master immediately calls police saying there are some boys here who has kidnap some girls nu Confused One side Paramu and Ramesh konjifying. Sakti and maggi thalaiyan looks at them with BGM playing the song "palanala palagirupa adhu adhil palan edhum illaiyapar" LOL and has both has flashback of their love with Paramu ( D'ohkadravi!) Maggi thalaiyan says both of them become great as helping their ex gal to get married LOL Gopi calls Sokku and tells him that both Paramu Ramesh with them. Ask him to get ready for the marriage in temple. Sokku says ok and calls his old friend who is an inspector. Just to let him know what is going on in case any trouble comes.

Police arrives and ask them to get into the lorry and come to station. Gopi tries to explain but the constables forces them to go station. Everyone goes to station.


All in station. Inspector ask them what all doing driving the lorry in the middle of night. Rasappa ask back how can all of them drive when only 2 person can sit in front
ROFL Inspector ask not to joke or else he will get beaten. Gopi ask Inspector not to treat them as accuse and takes his mobile to make a call. Inspector ask constable to collect everyone mobile. Constables collect each mobile and Inspector nakkafly ippo call pannanga da pakalam. Periya gets all excited and tells Sam "ivar enna namma mobile ellam vangithu ippo call pannugo nu sollurar? Adhuku naan paravala pola ..." ROFLROFLROFLROFL Gopi tries to explain but Inspector ask him to sit down. He says he will kostin one by one. He ask sam to stand. Sam says "sir actually we are coming from ..." Inspector cuts him "Chei okkarada" ..ROFLROFL

Inspector as the other girl to stand up and explain what happen. She points finger at Sam and says "sir .. ivar enna kadathi vandar.." Shocked
ROFL Both Gopi and Sam stands up to deny but the girl continues "ivar enna kaditinar.. avar (gopi) avangala (paramu) kaditinar,..." ROFLROFL Gopi stares at Sam and says "umm onnum pannamudiyadhu,... okaru " ROFLROFL Inspector tells them tomorrow morning they are going to court and he leaves for rounds. Ramesh cries and begs Gopi to get them all out from here and to get him married to Paramu. Gopi thinks.

Next mrg, Mahes gets up and notice hubby missing. She goes out and notices his slipper in Vidhya house. Mahes goes into the house ... thodarum

ROFLROFLROFLROFL habba naan essu... srima maa ROFLROFLROFLROFL )

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Friday - Good day for everybody, but for srima???????.

Muruga [Thiru] Muruga
Urugadho un manam
engaL nilai paarthu.
Dimsu /Komaru kottam
Thaanga mudiyala
indha nilamai needithal
naangal Oduvom , Oduvom ,
Serialai vitte Odiduvom

                             Friday 20.04.2012

Makku Mahesu goes inside Divya's house seeing Selvarangan's slipper outside.  KaNN kola kaatchi awaits ' the 2 half baked 'Selva & Divya kekke bikkenu giggling . Seeing Mahesu Divya immediately changes stance & says she had sent Dimsu out to get her tablets for her severe stomach pain & was actually scolding [ ivanga  dictionaryla stupid giggling means scolding pola] Selva for not having informed Mahesu before leaving. Mahesu remains very quiet , not a single word uttered , Dimsu misunderstands that for sandhegam , again runs inside to inform Divya that her plan is working out very well , sandhegam seed sowed in to Mahesu's mind , he will make Divya's small kodu in to a 100 Ft. Road.

Police station ' Gopi & co sitting in Navagraha pose ' Shakthi & Senthil  head on head sleeping , Ramesu ' Paramu ' kaNNUm KaNNUm koLLai adiching , Parameswari- Sam mudugum mudugum modi idiching , Rasappa & kaja discussing Rasappa's mouth naatha swaram ' Rasappa occasionally brushes his teeth , so the stench emanating from his mouth kept Komaru's adiyals away when they kadathufied Paramu. The last of the navagraha is Gopi ' sitting alone in a corner with eyes closed & thinking  seriously [ innum eppadi ellam viewerskum updaterskum torture kudukkalamnu] . Gopi tells Kaja to get the constable's cell & speak  to Sokku. Bad luck , constable agrees to kaja's request but  no balance in the cell . Then Gopi signals Kaja to whisk one of their cells lying in the table to accomplish their task.

Sokku pacing the floor with the cell in hand ' no news from Gopi , nor have they reached , cell is switched off , Meenu & ragini ready  well  dressed with silk saree &  uyirilla flower on head while uyirulla Flower missing from the scene. Sokku Meenu worried , the police padai comes in ' Sokku has arranged for police protection . Sokku informs about the latest problem .Receives a call from Kaja who outlines their plight at Tirupattur police station. Karaikudi DSP calls the tiruppatur inspector &  orders to release Gopi & party.  Singaravelan asks who is Gopi in the group. Gopi supera mela kizha , sidela , backla ellam paarthuttu comes forward I am Gopi . Inspector apologises & releases them. Happy group back in the truck  travelling towards Karaikudi. Sokku calls Gopi & informs him to come to the temple directly. Gopi informs Vanitha & tells them to come to the temple. Nelli , Vanitha & Kamu are happy , at the same time Kamu worried about Moorthy. Nelli promises to take care of that matter. Tells Vanitha to take the thali with out fail [Lolayee pei attam soon].

Panju mittai shirtkararku [Komaru] mayakkam theLinjing.  Asks his sycophants ' Engada Avan ? . Sycophants  thir thiru  - Evan??? . Kumar continues ' enna adichu potutu Paramuva thookindu ponavan. All adiyals bey bey .  Komaru gives them all freebies ' dharma adi for not being around when the incident happened. They hear a groaning  sound & find Komaru's dad with hand , legs mouth tied. Get to know it was the handiwork of Rasappa . Komaru's kopam head aring . Suspects Nelli behind all this. Viru virunu goes to see Ramesh one hand. On the way sees Josi lying face down on the ground ' previous night hang over ' totally blank on Paramu esss matter ' komaru asks his adiyals to give freebies to Josi & goes to tackle abbasu ramesu. Lo what a sight awaits him ' Sornakka  legs , hands mouth ties puranding on the floor. Komaru unties her , Sornakka does her sky earth jump ' Naan adichuthan pazhakka pattirukken , but today ennaye oruthan adichutan , will not leave him , dei bring my aruval , want to sevufy Thengais sorry  sorry heads. Ramesu called him Gopi machan. Josi tells them Gopi is Sokku's son. Komaru  makes sure that Mr. & Mrs. Mayil have not escaped. Decides to give them  extra parisu  [ poosai]& make them bring back Paramu.

Habba my duty over .   Monday Sandaiku Shree readya????Lolayi ' Sornakka ' Deivanai ' tandanakka doi

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Archives Copy

Monday 23rd april 2012 episode 513 update

Same onion Episode
Starting nalla azhaga irukku
poga poga ullukulla nothing
nammala azha vachu kadupethi etc etc ...Angry

Headache Part-1

"Why this kolaveri " part

Mahesu and Dimsu...Dimsu eating...Mahesu dreaming and serving...Dimsu asks for chutney...(pona vaaram saambhar vaaram...indha vaaram chutney vaaram...adutha vaaram???)....Mahesu still in dreamland...Dimsu asks enna dream...Mahesu says morning nadandhadhu...hereafter pls inform me and go...Dimsu says divya mam stomach pain la thudinchings...adhaan me sollama kollama runnings...

Mahesu's next kostin...poninga sari...enna pechu vendikidakku...Dimsu transforms into drum...starts shouting labo dhibo and dancing thaiyya unakku can u even think like that mahesu?...How...oor ulagam pesalam...but how can u?(yen...un pondatti enna vera planet jandhu va??)....Dimsu stops eating and continues his overacting...Mahesu super shcoked...shouts ennanga ennanga...Dimsu tells mahesu to come with him...He drags her outside...

Sokku and his ladies koottam waiting for gopi and co...Kaamu and vanitha joins them...Sokku once again with his A4sheet dialogue delivery ...Kaamu says Nelli sent them here...Sokku chance aa vidama goes on praising nelli...Nelli avaru ...nelli ivaru...(ippadi usupethi usupethi yae andha aala hospital la padukka vachuteenga)

Water tank kaamu starts her Mission: Fill all karaikudi water tank...Azhudhukkitte thittufies mayil...all becoz of my appa...nelli in hospital...reason-my appa...paramu's nilamai-reason my appa veedu for me and also no purushan veedu-reason my appa...

Sokku's turn ...yes..mayil maarittan...(ngoyyalae...mayil maarittan mattum oru 1500 time solliruparu ivaru)...we r doing this (paramu - ramesh marraige) for nelli...not for anyone else...

Gopi an co arrives ...sokku and co happy...Sokku welcomesthem...adhisiyama ramesh smiling...(amma thayae sumi...shut up and write...avaru marubadiyum yoga position la utkarndhu azhuga start pannida poraru)...Sokku introduces palmtree pols uncle (avaru rrrombha height aa irukaru...adhaan palm tree pols mama ) to gopi...Palm tree pols says sokku is a very lucky person...enga parambarai la ella kannalamum sokku PP oda dhaan nadandhuchu...

Paramu comes forward...and ...and ...and ...yes...correct...starts crying...says thank sokku appa...Sokku the senior mahaan says no thanks beti...iam ur appa and we all have come here only for u...kaamu joins paramu in RKO...(neenga 2 perum kaamu and paramu...indha maadhiri vikki vikki pesiyae mandaiya poda poreenga...)...kaamu takes paramu to the manamedai...

Next sam scene...raagini asks sam ...yaar indha ponnu...andha ponnu says ivaru (sam) kidnapped me...Palm tree pols uncle comes there and says ...what ? kidnap??andha ponnu says no no...naadhaan vandhen...

Next..." WHAT THE " part

DImsu brings mahesu to medical shop...Then he calls the shop owner and morning naan vanginene...what says...yes...ucame,stomach pain tablet vaangineenga...The dimsu again starts fighting with mahesu...


Dimsu : now ur doubt cleared aa?...u mean to say...naan divya mam aa vachurukken!!

Mahesu shcoked!!

Dimsu :To prove myself ...naan venumna thee kulikiren (awww...dimsu...indha 513 epsiode la idhaan raasa best dialogue...nee kuli PP forum members will sponsor kerosene,match box,)....
Ellam pochu...divya mam is a uthama pathini lady...They wanted a kanni paiyan to look after divya mam's husband...adhaan naan poi solli job la sendhen...butur annan mahaan gopi came and sodappufied everything...appo kooda uthama pathini divya onnumae sollala..

That dharma pathini dhaan forced me to bring u here...appadi patta oru deivatha(sorry all kadavuls) u sandega pattings...aiyyayo aiyyayo...naan enna pannuven(makkalae ...idhu edhuvum yen dialogue illai...andha dimsu ippadithan pesichu...)...

inimel divy amam partha manasu will wife annayum avangalayum noodles maadhiri suthivittalae nnu...manushan manasu monkey (manusan manasu monkey...nee total aa oru donkeyAngryAngrymini bus pudichavadhu karaikudi kku vandhu unnai innaikku kollalama via poradhu illai naanAngry)....kadavulae...holds his head...ketkavae aruvaruppa irukke...

Mahesu says...sorry nga theiryama sollitten...

Dimsu's next kolaiveri kostin...what ?theriyama sollitiya??...naan unnai appadi sonna u will be very happy aa?? mahesu...come lets go back to karaikudi...pithcai eduthavadhu i'll kappathufy u ..(appovadhu work pannuven nnu solldha nnu paru...onnu wrong romance illai pitchai)...finally dimsu stops his mokkai performance and leaves...mahesu follows...

Back to thiruttu kalayana venue...

Ahumoonji ramesu azhuagama sitting...paramu sad...gopi and malar orey smile dhaan...ellarum happy except sokku...starts his paasamalar performance...says mayil and deiva illama their daughter kku kalayanam...pushpa consoles him...Sokku says he is worried abt mayil and deiva...they r still with that komaru..

loosu sokku last aa oru idea sollichu parunga...Dead...says lets wait for  deiva and mayil Crypushpa says a big no ...

Komaru's place...komaru and amma komaru comes to mayil's room...a bucket full of water in komaru's hands...mayil still in mayakkam...komaru pours water and sokku gets up andthiru thiru nnu muhuchings...


All the best migan...Hug

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