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Friday naanedhan - Sun TV uncles Sun TV uncles Pl. have special programme on that day for Gudi Padva or ugathi. .

Friday 23.3.2012 - Ugathi Special concert by Kirukku Komaru & party

1st scene.

Moorthy going on an official tour for a week.  Doesn't want Kamu to stay alone in Trichi ' insists on her to go to Karaikudi & stay with her in laws in spite of Kamu's repeated requests to manage alone in Trichi. [ This is the whole gist of 1st segment. Matter over in 5 seconds.  But  director  took  whole 5 minutes ,used  all the possible permutation combination to say this matter with 'your house -my house 'occupying the centre  stage.]

Karaikudi Lolayee house. As usual archanai of Kamu going on ' comes to an abrupt stop by the arrival of a SUV at their gate. Mayil / Deiva alight from the car followed by new sambandi & mapillai ' self intro by Komaru ' " I am the new second[hand] mapillai of Mayil family. Paramu enakke enakku mattumthan. Idhila endha matramum kidayadhu. So take back your Nischyam pannina thattu. Komaru asks Mayil & Deiva to return the plate to them. Lolayee is  supremely happy. Once they leave Lolayee starts 'Kamu Kamu ' your appan is not an ordinary kirukkan , but kirukkan number one , selected a super kirukkuNi mapillai for daughter , duck walk Sam is much better than this karuppuk kannadi  Mayandi mappu . ellam dabbu paduthum padu . paNathasai pidichu Mayil peyattam aading , thaLLing petha peNN in padu kuzhi. Care two hoots for the 1st daughter , had  he some consideration  , would  dare not  have insulted the 1st sambandhi by returning the Nischaya thattu. Pokes fun at Moorthy about his would be rowdy BIL. Kamu does that she is adept at ' crying.

Karasev couple coming to meet Divya.  Divya takes them aside on the pretext of showing the  house. Outlines her plan of action ' wants Selva to divorce Mahesu , but the initiative must come from Mahesu ' Mahesu should find out Selva- Divya illegal relationship & opt for divorce. Sottai is not amused  - warns wife who outright vetoes him. Tells him to better follow Divy's order

Most irritating scene.

Mayi ' Deiva get dropped at their house by their new varungala mappillai.  Mapillaiku Paramu ponna paarkanumam  - petition poding to mummy darling , vekka pattundu kalala kolam poding on the ground ' parka sagikkalai ' Mayil calls Paramu who comes out , Komaru kekka bikenu iLiching , asks  her to call him ayithan & bid tata bye bye. [chi veLiya poda naayenu paramu  oru look vitting & goes inside]. Next maapu wants to go to Sokku's house , asks for direction , Deiva shouting ' you should not go there. Maapu gets angry ' kabardhar athai 'kai neeti pesaradhu is my sole right ,dare not ever talk to me like this understand. Talks in a menacing tone .  Deiva  kap chup .   Scared Mayil gives the address.

Kumaru mom has little suspicion on Paramu , feels the girl is not agreeable to the marriage.  Komaru is undeterred ' says Paramu is after all a Baliyadu ' pujari is ready for sacrificing , why should we bother about goat's sammadam.

The TATA Sumo's next halt ' Josi compound.

TM's ishta vaarthai ' THODARUM


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Archives Copy

Monday 26th march 2012 Episode 494 Update

Extremely sorry for the delay...Ouch

Yemen vaganam coming (sorru yemen jiOuchaarva kolarula ezhuthitten)...inside yemen vaganam komaru and mummy komaru  along with them are their adiyals...komaru and his mom eneters sokku's house...sokku welcomes them...komaru says ellarkittayum pesiyachu...sokku happy...introduces malar to komaru and co...sokku goes on praising komaru...Dead

Finally komaru pottu uaiching the truth...says paramu super happy to marry me and also we went to nelli's house and informed them abt my marraige with paramu and cancelled their son's engagaement with paramu...Sokku shocked...

komaru warns sokku to stay away from his personal life...tells sokku not to disturb him...he is very busy with wedding preparations...but we know our sokku mama...immediate aa ok sonna avaru character enna ususal he says no...i'll not beleive this...u come with me...we all will go and meet paramu...i'll ask her...if he says yes infront of me i'll beleive...komaru angry...

Mummy komaru starts shouting...komaru stops her...the he says ok ayya...i dont want paramu...but ungalukku dhaan 2 daughters irukke...adhula onna enakku katti kudunga..LOLLOL(sokku kku idhuvum venum innum konjam ton ton aa venum...yeppa komaru...pesiyae konnuruvaniga indha carepul)...

sokku says no...komaru mummy and komaru starts vasavu paading...Komaru calls sokku yov...i'll kidnap paramu and will marry her...malar tells sokku to stop...mayil and paramu ellarukkum ok...ungalukku enna??...malar tells komaru that they will not interefere in this matter hereafter...komaru and co leaves...(indha parmau kku imbuttu importance konjam over dhaan...irritating)...

josiyar comes there and komaru and komaru mummy velutthu vanging josiyar...reason...paramu engagement marachadhukku...dandanakka music playing...then komaru's adiyals turn to beat josiyar...

Back to sokku's bakbak...Sleepysokku says we will discuss this with gopi and then we will take a decision...

Kaau and vanitha comes to meet paramu...paramu crying...kaamu shpcked...(konnepuduven kaamu unnai...ennamo un family kku ahugavae theriyadha maadhiri...first time azhugara maadhiri shock kudukara).....Paramu tells kaamu abt komaru's romantic torture...kaamu says seruppa kahatti komaru kku adi kudukka vendiyaadhu dhana (adengappa...advice solra aala parungayya...nee first adha pannuma...oru adi un husband kku and one for ur lola maamiya)....

paramu says appa will die akka...adhaan naan poruthu ponen...vanitha says dont worry dad is with u...and also my brother...he wants to marry only dont worry...ur marraige with komaru will not happen...let appa come back...pls ont cry...ellam nalaldhe nadakkum...(marubadiyum mudhalla irundhaDead)....


Divya and dimsu...Divya pottufying pathini vesham infront of meenu and mahesu...praises dimsu...meenu and mahesu vaayila E poradhu kooda theriyama listening...mahesu perumaiya looks at dimsu...divya says mahesu is like my sister ma...dont worry abt mahesu ma...i'll take care of her...meenu and mahesu inturn praises divya...

shanthi and velu lands up there...konjam kooda time waste panama starts shouting...shanthi starts giving saabams...says nalla paal kaichum fn vaikareengalae kari naal la...meenu and mahesu shcoked...looks at divya...


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Wednesday - ShockedShocked.. Kadalavulae.. YYY meeeCryCryCry... NA Going Back Rowdy AvatarClap & DeadAngryDirty Icing the D'ohMahes n Co

NA arrives Sokku Palace,Malar ask her him beseated n informs Sokku..Both sambathi's discuss on Komaru's Visit.Malar tells since she have told that henceforth they will not intervene they left in peace otherwise they might endup in mess nu sollura.. NA says let ur family dont interfere i will take care of it.. Since becoz we have more rights towards paramu(D'ohIntha oolaga alagi ku ivalo peruu competition na .. enna koduma thirumugan ithu)as we made engagement 1st nu solluraruD'oh.. malar says they found to be like rowdies so pls handle with care nu sollura..NA Sonnathuthan highlight They are Like RowdyClap.. now They will meet the real RowdyClap nu sollitu kelambiporaru..Josi comes there ..LOLLOLNA starts his investigation with him in his style.. Rendu podu poduraruROFLROFLROFL..Josi tells him pls beat me aside not in front of sokku palace nu solli takes him outROFLROFLROFL.

YAAAYYYDeadDeadAngry Trichy Dimsu place,Meens n rags tells that house is very good , even you were there in karaikudi u would not get this luxury life nu solluranga..rags says dirty has even got the hair dryer nu sollura.. there comesDead dirty gives her  rava paniyaram to mahes n keep some ices that Deaddimsu always talks abt mahes nu sollura meen n daughtysD'oh very happy on it n finally dirty gives car keys n ask dimsu to take family out for picnic around trichy nu sollitu ..some put more soap to D'ohfamily n tells that she will take care loosu hubby n leaves.. afer entering home..DeadAngryshe forcefully keeps her loosu hubby's hand in her neck n acts like he is trying kill her n call for Dimsu help vera enna all pamily there seperates loosu from dirty..n then they leave to out house.. Deaddirty smirks with success smileAngry..All are back to home.. StarMeen's tells dimsu to leave this job n come with them back to karaikudiClap..but he says have u notices he accepts only he will not harm nu solluran.. this is been heard by DeadOuchShockeddirty from outside n leaves from there..maha at school looks for kutti pandi in class n got to know that he is on leave  so leaves from there .. n get to see that Jollu man ..he blabbers to her n tells that he got to know her situation nu ..maha ignores him n leave..

Back to trichy Starsokku arrives to dimsu place.. dirty tells that there is an way thru house also nu sollura..but sokku ignores that n leave thru outside passage..all are happy to see him.. meens mouth full ore EEEEmbarrassed...sokku greets mahes n dimsu.. n all singing dirty bhajan .. rags takes everyone in except old romantic coupleEmbarrassed..sokku n meenEmbarrassedEmbarrassed kusalam vicharichufying each other in person for a while... then realise that are alone outLOLEmbarrassed n tries to go in .. alll family back to varanda n tease themLOL... sokku accepts that he found it difficult  without meen'sEmbarrassedEmbarrassed so he came to meet her n mahesEmbarrassedWink..all are naging them n goes in.. AngryDirty pulls dimsu out n tells him even at this age ur inlaws are so close to each other thier daughtyShocked would be also similar kindROFL.. so i think it would be difficult for me to seperate her from you(Seekramae nee Comedy pieceLOLLOL aka porra dirtyStarClap Sokku Pamily malayavae muligittu silent ah irrupangaLOLLOL neeyellam nothing to our Sokku pamilyROFLDancingDancing)..n ask for his suggestion..dimsu i always obey u solluran..she ask him to leave now..left in thought..Day DreamingNA With josi reaching komaru place.. LOLkomaru n mom at entrance checking with josi still he is not receovered from y'day othaiLOLLOL..n tells u told NA is big dhadha..but he didnt react till now nu solli nakkal pannuraru namma komaru mapp's(AApu  ready akiruchu Komaru unnakkuDancingDancingDancing) Day DreamingNA self introduce himself..both mom n son looks at him with small shock..OuchOuch

Screen freezes

Cracker Party to ratnaClapClap

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Nelli "naan taan andha nelli..." kumaro and his mother shock illa illa his amma taan more shock LOL. Nelli says what Kumaro did was wrong especially stepping into his house. He is samandhi to Mayil.. cause Mayil elder daughter daughter Kamu is Nelli's DIL and soon his kadaikutti Paramu too going to be his DIL. Kumaro mother "yeeeiii.." naku sulliku kittu
ROFLROFLNelli raise his hand signaling gammanu irudi nu ROFL Nelli tells Kumaro this is not vatti business .. its life.  Paramu is engaged to his son and kalyanam date also fixed. Its just recently Mayil has some mandai kulapam ROFL adhan all this mess. Nelli was patient and waited for a suitable time to talk to Mayil but Mayil avasarapattu did this second nitchiyam for Paramu. Kumaro anger control panni listening LOL while his amma has hands on her idupu and muluku muluku mulichifying ROFL Nelli says it was wrong of Kumaro coming to his house to cut the engagement. This is their family matter and he  does not need to butt his nose in LOL

Kumaro vetti tuki kattufy and ask what would Nelli do.. Nelli ask him to put the vetti down.. its rude to do that in front of mother ... LOL Kumaro goes near Nelli asking if he would hit nu. He pushes nelli lightly on the nenji and Nelli pushes Kumaro hard while KM (kumaro mother) screams again yeeeiiiv
ROFL and runs towards Nelli who immediately gets araval and points at them. Kumaro father runs and come and calms Nelli and says sorry to him Shocked Father says he does not understand what they are talking but he ask sorry on behalf of his son. Kumaro shouts at his deaf father for saying sorry to Nelli. Father ignores Kumaro and tells Nelli they don't know about his. Nelli gives final warning to Kumaro saying Paramu is his DIL and he will cut anyone who comes in the middle and leaves.
aiyooo ennaku indha entire scene rombha comedy aah iruku

Nelli goes to his bike. Josiyar standing bayathula LOL KM shouts enna josiyarae... Neeli calls josiyaraaa and josiyara runs to Neeli sits on his bike and goes away ROFL Kumaro ask his father if his a mental case. Father says he does not understand what Kumaro is saying but the reason his deaf now cause of the beating from Nelli long ago ShockedShocked He tells Kumaro not to fight against Nelli and leaves. Kumaro is happy because ippo taan gamelae sudu pudichiruku and his looking forward to modhuran with Nelli ...

Next stop Mayil house. Nelli comes and Mayil kind of does not like him being there. Nelli says he just only visited Kumaro house nu .. and mayil shock Shocked He ask why he went there and what happen. Paramu comes and welcome Nelli calling him mama and Mayil gives her look for that. Mayil ask her to go in but Nelli ask her to wait there.  Nelli tells Mayil what he is doing now is wrong. Further its even wrong that both husband wife brought kumaro to his home. Mayil says this engagement is no longer on. Nelli says it still is. How can Mayil be such a person willing to get Paramu married to a criminal like Ravi. No matter what Paramu is his DIL and nothing will change that. Mayil gets angry. Nelli looks at  paramu who by eyes pleads him to safe her. Nelli nods head and tells Mayil... if Mayil and wife gives blessing, wedding will take place peacefully or else ... they give him no option. He will tukkufy Paramu and get her married with Ramesh. Mayil wife shock. Nelli leaves giving Mayil one day to think about this. Wife cries if Paramu life is going to be like what? Let her remain single till the end with them. Just forget all this weddings. Mayil ask Josiyar what happen. Josiyar says even Kumaro family is scared of Nelli and to be careful with him. Josiyar leaves ... mayil thinking.

Maha comes looking for Kutty pandi house. She sees kutty pandi trying to put water to boil for his patti to bath (chubbyaaah cute aah irukan Embarrassed) Patti ask why his doing like this for her. Pandi says she takes care of him daily so he takes care of her nu Embarrassed Maha comes and calls Pandi nu. He looks at her, gets angry walks away from there. He turns his back on her and says he does not like her. Patti comes near Maha who introduce herself. Patti says now she knows why pandi does not like her. Pandi parents name both starts with Maha and both his parents only fights fights fights. Everyone calls Pandi and Maha paiyan nu.

Maha turns and looks at Pandi with tears. 

habbaaa finallyyy thodarum ... Ouch

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                                      Friday 30.03.2012

                             Naraswaram Pandi- Maha season 2

One paatiamma solling Jr. Pandi kadhai to teacheramma Maha

Kadhai keLu kadhai keLu

Paati sollum kadhai keLu

Maha Maha kadhai keLu

Podiyan Pandi soga kadhai keLu

 Now flash back

Jr. Pandi is the only son of the Mahas ' papa Maha[devan] & mom Maha[Lakshmi] ' chellama known as Mahas. Both working parents carrying  pulimootai EGO on their back. Their house is always Kurukshetram field. Husband & wife never believe in sharing & caring of work & responsibility .One evening uppu peradha matter exploded like a bomb. Both come home tired , poor child Pandi asks mom for milk , mom asks dad to fulfil son's wish , papa Maha flares up ' velaikku poi sambadhikkum thimir , household jobs are your responsibility , if can't manage both leave the job & be a house wife. Mama Maha becomes MahakaLi- touches his week point , your clerical job nambi vaazha mudiyadhu. Ego clash ' vai yudham turns kai yudham ' papa Maha gives a tight slap to Mama Maha. Mummuy Maha no less , returns the  gift 'extra tight slap '[ nee adikkumbodhu en kai poo parikka pogadhu , got it] 2 Sumo wrestlers katti purandu fighting. Then both walk out of the house going in two different directions leaving the poor kid crying. Next day morning engirundho  paati comes & ever since taking care of the boy. Parents petha kadanukkaga sends money. Paati gives conduct certificate to the boy ' romba nalla pillai , family background has made him a bit arrogant. Teacher Maha is moved by the story.




Komaru mappu joola aadinde cell phone talking. Some happy news  on  the phone. His mummy wants him to sharere the happy news 'Right then Mayil mama comes running & panting- pochu mapillai pochu ' oru nalla kariyam panna vida matengiran en pazhappona annan Sokku ' he has thoondified Nelli who threatens me with the abduction of Paramu ' has given me a time limit to tell a positive reply. Komaru mom sky earth jumping but mappu calm & laughs. My dear mama don't you worry ' ooperwalene [ God] Nelliko time set kar diya. Yes Nelli has met with an accident & is fighting for life in the hospital.  Nelli uyiru joola aading , ellam valla Iraivan seyal.'no connection for us in this.  Mayil shocked ' warning bell rings in his brain ' frets & sweats but fear shuts his mouth. Kumaru offers to drop him back in his house. Goes to mummy ' shows  thumbs up-


Nelli clan labo dibonu entering the hospital. Lolayee's high pitch alaral hospitalaye oru aatam aating. Kamu gets full share of abuses .Same old  ivaL vandha veLai pona veLai dialogues ' Lolayee is convinced that the accident is the handiwork of the rowdy Kumar. Ramesh  too gets his share of beatings ' all because of you & your love for Paramu ' akka thangai both are jinxed  - [ appane Muruga  Pl. bless me also to take shelter atop a hill like you ' Indha serial vasan kartha's dialogues thhanga mudiyala ' ivar Vasana Karthava Vasavu Karthava?]. Lolaye oyara varaikum Kamu porumaya standing. Then viru virunu goes to her house. Left right vaanging mother.


Kamu bashes Komaru with choicest abuses ' asingam pidicha rascal [ sathyama kamuthan ippadi thittina] , avan aathakari  oru chi , Mayil & kumaru get to hear this , mayil tries to stop Kamu. Kamu gets even more vociferous ' calls Komaru by his ancestor's name ' says this Korangu is responsible for my Mamanar's hospitalisation. It is better to thllaufy Paramu in the well than marrying her off to this Kannadi Karumandi [ naan Vasavu karthanu sonnadhu saridhane]. Challenges Kumar ' says Paramu's wedding will take place only with ramesh ' Komaru raises his voice ' Kamu cuts him down ' calls him spineless , a murderer  . Komaru raises his hands to beat Kamu. Moorthy enters at the time & cautions ' kabardhar en wife mela kai vaichana ' vettiduven.

BIL'S fight [  Bull's fight ?] on Monday. - Sagalai Sandai Shreenithike

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good luck to updaters...Pls no more divya n Selva scene... and please stop using that (Rajni;s song)BGM for pamaru's new mapilai...

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