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Thursday March 1
Updates by Ratna(hopper_ocean)

thangamudiyalai ennala

Entire Periasudar family has shifted to new house. Puspa boils milk and gives everyone - everyone naa her kids and Menashi her daughter. Puspa wish her anna sokku was here but Meenashi says they have gone to the temple to stop the wedding and she now wonders what is happening there. Sam ask Meenashi to make sure Sokku Gopi be careful dealing with Gokul. Sam also tells her how upset he is when Mayil talked bad about Maha. Meenashi says she don't know where all this is going to end. She goes in to see Maha before leaving. Puspa tells her anni that last time she had nightmares and now days she is talking to herself alone (ShockedShockedShocked talking to herself vaa??)

Kamu and Paramu at temple. Her husband comes there and walks towards Kamu with a smile on the face ShockedShockedShocked Kamu appadiya sokki poi starts walking towards her attan only to be heartbroken when that erumai just walk pass her and greets the aiyar behind Kamu. He gives some money to aiyar saying appa gave and left temple without looking at Kamu. She starts her oppari on how her husband has changed. If this was what marriage about, she regrets it. She never expected her marriage to be like this. She is so disappointed with him. On top of everything, Mayil behavior is getting worse Ouch Paramu tries to console her and both leaves.

Jeganatha and Mayil ore happy Ouch Jeganatha gives Mayil tattu full of stuff plus cash. Mayil first refuse to take but Jega says kovil lae unmai pesanadhaku idhu nu D'ohJega tells Mayil theyu both had suffered enough with sokku and gopi. Mayil agrees saying he has lost his son because of them Confused Jega ask him not to bother about the pass and from now on he will be there for Mayil. Jeganatha ask Mayil to come to him if any help is needed. Mayil leaves and sees Gokul who ask him to get a nice josiyar as he wants to open a new business. Mayil happily agrees to bring josiyar for him.

okay idhu am cutting short

Gopi relaxing when Gokul calls Angry Veruppufy Gopi. Malaa comes and ask who is on the phone. Gokul warns Gopi and admits he did try to murder both of them but due to the sodapals, both of them are still alive. Gopi says yes his alive to kill Gokul who in returns laugh and ask to give the phone to his maji wife Dead Gopi ask him to come directly here and speak to malar and cuts the call.  Malar ask Gopi if who it is. Meenashi who happens to came that time is not happy with Malar calling husband by name. Ragini comes and tells Malar that rohini is on the landline. Malar answers and Gokul DeadDeadDead speaks to her in Rogini voice and first cries saying gokul is doing something. Malar panics and ask what is happening and Gokul continues with Rohini voice saying Gokul is konjaraning me and to ask her to come and Gokul will konjufy them both (ewww im sick Dead) Malar shouts dei gokul and scolds him. Gokul talks bad and dirty (sorry am skipping it)  Dead Gokul cuts call ask Jeganatha calls him. She cries to Gopi worried about Rogini's life.

Sam comes bringing documents for Malar job. Gopi ask Malar not to answer any calls and leaves with Sam. Malar cries.

Dead Continue ...

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Update by Srima

                      Friday   2.03.2012

@Ratna- indha Fridayum nadai azhagan missing.Otha kalila ninnu my gait has become like Sam'sLOL

  Plaster brothers [ namma Senthil & Shakthithanga with plater rangoli on their face] meet Moorthy mappu on the road & update him about forth coming  Paramu kalyanam with kedi Komaaru . Further they warn Moorthy that Komaru is maha polladavaru , better Moorthy settle difference with kamu & restart his kudumba vaazhkai. If Mayil mama takes his panchayathu to Komaru mappu , Moorthy will also get a face uplift like them. Also will be forced to fall at Kamu's feet & seek apology. Murthy pooh pooh the advice  & leaves saying let that Paramu marry any Saturn , am happy that my brother is spared.

CBI officers room , . oru motta boss & a kutta boss talking to the officer.. Kutta boss thanks the officer for his timely alert about Gopi/ Malar's CID work. [ ha ha intha CBI office Gokuloda kootu kalavaniya?] . Officer thanks their stars & says his goody goody acting with Gopi had paid the dividend , Gopi called him first. Had he gone to the local police or other higher authorities matter would have become complicated . Furthe the officer warns not to take them lightly , tells kutta boss that Gokul has to be extra careful , Malar is an educated lady & might create problems . Rohini too once Gokul true colours exposed might follow akka's footsteps & stage walkout . Kutta boss pooh poohs the warning saying Malar is a padicha muttal & all others in her family too sail in the same boat , so Gokul is quite safe. Kutta boss hands over a fat cover to the officer before leaving.

Murthy Superfast express reaches home all elated. Mummy O mummy unakoru juicy news. Paramu marriage fixed ' second hand bride status ' maapu oru Kedi but wealthy. Leelavathy is happy ' Mayilvahanan has saved her & her family. Then for the next 5 minutes she indulges in abusing mayil , Sokku , their paramparai with choicest abusive words. Ramesh comes in. Sonny & mummy give a short  break to their thittals. Break ke baadh  Leela takes Moorthy to the backyard for kaadhu kaduchufy & vepilai adichufy.  Tells him not to moochu vidufy this news to any one , specially to father Nalla Andavar.  Advises Moorthy to go back to Trichi  leaving Kamu in the lurch.

Mayil mama ore happy ' police made grilled sandwich of Sokku & Gopi at the marriage hall 'was a super sight ' nanna venum  - Sokku & co unnecessarily poking their nose ' they don't want to see others happiness ' one day they will surely pay for it. Kamu could  take no more of  this nonsense ' asks appa why this vanman ' if you don't like periappa & family just keep away from them, your avenging attitude is not good  , it will harm not Sokku but our family , kamu tries to instil some sense in to Peacock's pea brain , tries to argue out that Sokku & co are not responsible for Pandi's stupid action , Mayil's anger will destroy not Sokku's family but his own. Aathirakkaranukku budhi mattu ' perfect example Mayil ' tells kamu he is not bothered if his family is destroyed , he will not change his attitude. Kamu rightly asks him ' his Pandi your only child , are we nobody to you , your vanmam is destroying our life , please change yourself. Kopam Mayil kondai aering ' en veetu sotha thinnutu you are supporting my foes , out , get out of this house , podi veliya , get lost. Deiva cries , where will she go ' no pugandha veedu & no porandha veesu for Kamu. Mayil not ready to budge , let her stand in Nadu theru , then only will she realise her mistake.  Now stupid Deiva  in Sokku bashing mode ' Sokku & Co will be very happy , will ridicule .OK says Mayil , Kamu can continue to stay in the house  , on one condition ' ava en kaNNula padave koodadhu , nor should I hear her voice ,oru cornerla mudangi kidakkatum. Kamu takes a firm decision ' indha veetla oru poNama irukkiradai vida , an orphan  status is much better& walks out of the house. [ Well done Kamu , stand on your own legs &  teach your father worth of a girl child.]

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Archives Copy

Monday 5th march 2012 

Episode 479

Kadavul oru naal ulagai kaana thaniyae vandhanam
Nadaswaram  serial sound aa parthu odiyae ponaraam...

Norths  side mayil dance vaikirar...
South side sokku vaayil towel vaikirarr...
East side lola dance aaduraur
west side il dimsu romance senju kollugirarrrDead

Innaikku morning yaar moonji la muzhichen??thinking...

Starts with varuna bagawan's most fav. jeevarasi ..."water"  kaamu...after pouring advice mazhai she leaves the house...Deivs and params stops her...Kaams train sarrr nnu gone...Where is the train going?...

Tootodoyinggg...To her inlaws house...(sumi...happy diwalinail biting)

Train halts at nelli's house...But kaamu ulla pogala...maanam ulla kaamu turns back and starts walking...vanitha comes there and kaamu again opens her eyepipe...again sarrr...vanitha says u r my anni and my dad's DIL...pls come anni...Kaamu hesitates and vanitha convinces her with gems mittai coloured dialogues ...(habbba...indha serial la ladies onnu azhugudhunga...illai pesudhungaat wits' end)...

Vanitha brings kaamu in...Lolavathi and moorthy comes there and starts their sangu oodhing...edhukudhi vandha?...shouts lola...Vanitha reply shouting...amma stop it amma...(adengappa...udanae unga amma stop pannittu dhaan adutha velai parkumAngry)...

Lola thittufying mayil...then kaamu...Vandhar andha veetu thalaivar...indha serial's orer hero nelli andavar...asusual talks in support of kaamu...moorthy says naan koopitten varala...innaikku mattum yen vandha (annaikku edukku koopita...adhukku dhaan innaikku vandhurukkaAngry)...

Moorthy says she wants to live there with her parents as their daughter...not as my wife...(kaamu...vaayila enna kozhukattaiya vachurukka...nee mattum eppadi nnu un purushana thiruppi kelen)...Lola tells nelli to vettivittufy divorce...Na and kaamu shocked...

Mudiyaylappa...mudiyala...konjam rest eduthuttu vandhu ezhudharen...hypnotized

Iam back...Cry

Nelli's nacchu comment...Nee koodathan lo lo lo nnu katharadha headwriting nnu vedikkai that da mavanae...adjust karo and take kaamu with u to trichy...Nelli mavan says...I will take her app...but she should listen only to my words...u want ur pondatti to obey ur wrods...adhu maadhiri dhaan enakkum...(Loosu payalae...unga amma ennaikku unga appa pecha kettanga...Feb 30 aam thedhi yaa??...andha episode aa naan miss pannitomo??)...

Nelli tells kaamu...all becoz of ur appa ma...nammadhaan adjust apnni nadandhukonum...Moorthy and kaamu leaves...(Break...fight will continue in trichyDead)....

DImsu doing shaving for Mr.Divya (mental anne)..M.anne  disturbs dimsu...Dimsu tells him to keep quiet...mental anne gets angry and veluthu vaangings dimsu..Amma comes there and she gets some dharma adi from her son...(Anne...director pakkathula irundha avarukku 2 vainga...punniyama pogum)...

Appa comes there...2 avarukkum vizhugudhu...Dimsu takes him  out of the room...Amma and appa calls dimsu and asks...unakku edukku paa indha thalai ezhudthu...DImsu's reply thappu senja adikava mudiyum...(2 mins makkalae...2 mins...wait...i'll go bang my head in the nearest wall and come back).....

Amma asks abt mahesu...Dimsu says i miss my mahesu...Divya overhears this and gets kadu kadu...Gives a badrakali expression...(avaru original pondattiya pathi pesina innoruthanoda original pondatti kova paduthu ppa)...Dimsu says he too want to go and meet mahesu...i want to go with her to hospital...she will; be very happy...but is important na ma...Amma praises dimsu ...says u r uthama purushan...we will take care of deva...u go and meet ur wife and stay with her  for 2 days and come back...Happy dimsu goes to meet divya...(next panjayatha??...)...

EEroinee (heroine) divya angry aa sitting...EEro (hero) dimsu coming...inna matteru asks divya...Dimsu says he wants to meet mahesu...eeroinee kadu kadu  nnu says go and meet ur kattina pondatti...she will be very aaappy...Dimsu says naan amma kitta summa sonnen ...Divya vittufying semma dose and dimsu leaves...

Maha's house...Baby crying...Maha comes out and searching...enganakulla  sound varudhu nnu...partha pandi standing there...(Pandi kku pesa theriyadha? maadhiri azhudhu koopidraru??)...Maha sirichukitte comes near pandi...and says pandi...ingayum vanhuttiya??i love u so much...nee enge ponalum naanum varuven...Then yenda setha asks maha...Naan saagala...ennai konnuttanga...says pandi...and maha is shcoked...


ippadi sethu ponavanga ellam vandhu saatchi sonna police uncle kku ellam thoppai dhaan koodi pogum...i think pandi will say gpoi dhaan ennai konnan nnu...and maha will start her pazhi vaangum padalam again..

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Wednesday - KNG Acting Continues...
KNG Donkey innum konjam act pannuthu..malar is crying more.. its was irritating to see it so lengthy..Finally Phone cuts off..Roh's Resume back to room..Meanwhile malar calls mommy n tells roh's in trouble.. so entire jag's family assembles n knock the door of KGN FN room..KGN opens roh's accompanied by him..all shocked to see.. jag's check whether something wrong with them..KNG asusual Continues his oscar acting.. Jag's jumps on mommy n hit her badly telling that ask u not to believe that malar.. ur not listening nu..n apologize to the couple n leave..KNG as usual Smirk sacastically
Rasappa comes to puspa home.. n have kido fight with her for not informing him thier relocation..both puspa n sam passifying him.. Mayil brings KNG to Josi's home for nal fixing.. there comes malar.. where KNG tries talk to her indirectly.. there comes Kobi get hyper n start beating KNG with malar slippers..
Screen Freezes..
If any thing missed pls post on my behalf.. as the video was not much clear.. by the way SUN is up again in our cableClapClap
Credits :

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"Purushan pattamal innorathen kudha porava ..." says Gokul and there Gopi forcefully takes Malar chappals and starts hitting Gokul (habbaa finally ... semma adi Gokul vekke ..) and ratna hand clapping ClapClap jolly jolly nu Big smile. Mayil and josiyar try pannuranga to stop Gopi and Josiyar grabs Gopi shirt rudely from the back. Gopi stops hitting Gokul and turns to Josiyar and josiyar with the same chappals Clap  Sokku and Meenaschi comes out just in time to see Mayil stops Gopi and gives him a hard slap ShockedAngry But Gopi ignores the slap and gives more adi for Josiyar. Sokku ask what is going on and Gopi said the both spoke bad about Malar so he hit them. Sokku looks at Mayil and ask ivanga rendu peer adichavan evalava neram edakum unna adika? .. mayil keeps quite. Sokku says Gopi still respects him as Chitappa adhan he controlled himself. Sokku takes Gopi Malar in and slams the door.

Gokul takes back his jadagam and tells Mayil not to let Jeganathan know what happen here and leaves. Josiyar (he still deserve moreAngry) pour more fuel on Mayil saying Gopi got scared after getting the slap from Mayil Ouch adhan they went to hide inside the house. Mayil says they have to come out so he will wait outside here (edhuku...?Ermm)

Kamu waching cloths ,,, with her kannir Confused Husband comes and very pasama Shocked ask if she is crying Shocked .. Holds her hand and takes her inside the house. Tells her very softly that he does not hate her and has changed. Very softly with so much pasam in his voice he mattam tattufy Kamu sister, father, sokku, gopi and then very badly speak about her entire family. Kamu faces the other side bites her lips and control herself and tears despite him talking so low about her family. Hubby says the minute she came looking for her husband when her father chase her out.. instead going to sokku family has changed soften his heart OuchFrom now on he wants both of them to live happily and never to bother about her family. He smiles and says naan unna nalla patakuren Kamu ... and kamu just shakes her head. He leaves happy while Kamu gets back to her crying ...

Paramu new mappilai (Kumar vaa peeruErmm) takes sakthi to go see Senthil. He then takes the both of them to go see Paramu (ShockedShocked ivan enna eldra pull pannaporano..

(sattiyama i forgot Mahes hubby name .. so am using sumi nickname LOL) Dimsu coming with big bag to visit in wife and inlaws. Notices Mayil sitting in front and mariyadhei kaaga says vanakam but Mayil indirectly mattam tattufy Sokku and Gopi. Dimsu controls himself and Josiyar too starts to mattam tattufy and dimsu tells Josiyar that his quite cause he respect Mayil, but for Josiyar he will give him adi if his not quite. Dimsu knocks the door but inside the entire family sitting and sokku tells them not to open thinking its Mayil Gokul gang. Dimsu finally calls out Mahesu kadavu tirai selvarangam vandaruken nu (finally the name... Confused) Sokku and family open and greets him happily while Josiyar and Mayil insults them. Mayil ask dimsu to go inside and get a saree and ask Sokku to tie around him. Dimsu gets angry and wants to go and hit Mayil but Meenashi and Sokku forces him back inside and close the door. Josiyar continues to pour fuel for Mayil D'oh

Kumar ask sentil sakthi to go and bring Paramu outside as he wants to meet her. They both go in and one calls madam and the other calls anni nu LOL .. Paramu shock to see them both and more shock to know that Kumar wants to see her. She refuses saying both her parents are not in and further if Kumar wants to see her to come later when her parents are back or ask him to come with his parents. Sakthis Sentil mulikuran and goes tells Kumar who is happy to hear her answer but still wants to see her. He sends them both again to ask Paramu to just stand inside her house and Kumar just wants to look at her once vaam. Both loosu goes back inside and stops at the gate tittufying Kumar not noticing Kumar is behind them and heard everything LOL sanggu adhi taan nalai for both SS LOL

continue ...

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Uma SundarshoobhanaselvalakshmiKrithiga.ganeshssmily_faceZEESXYJanuswash2Carynraaspachnithya..

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                           Friday 9.3.2012

Shakthi / Senthil nondhufy their headwriting ' Kumaru's torture 'be courier boys for their erstwhile sweet heart . Their polambal falls in to Komaru's ears. He straight away goes & calls out Paramu. Paramu hides behind the door ' coal poosing on the already black Kumar's face - come when my parents are at home , edhuvum murappadithan nadakkaNum . [srima sings for Kumar ' PeNN ondru kanden Mugam kaaNavillai aen endru naan solla venduma ].Kumar carries on with his asattu pisattu romantic dialogues , then leaves saying will soon come with parents for peNN parkum padalam. [Paramu paazhum kiNaru is better option than this peruchaLi.] Kumaru  suggests talking on phone , Paramu vetoes that too. Ayyaku kuppura vizhundalum meesayil maNN ottadhu ' tells his ex competitors , Paramu is an excellent girl  - Mayil VaLarpu appidi.

Gokul drives down home. The man always love to see his own face & hear own voice  - looking in the car mirror & talking to himself ' vera enna ' avenge Gopi for adichufy him with Malar's slipper. Then enters the house with a pavam face . Reason out for his early morning thalamaraivu ' went to meet the Josiyar  for date fixing ' starting a new chit fund business '  Josi predicted thottadellam thulangum , Ohonu varyven .Jaggu super happu ' mappu finance mine. Govindha Chit Fund Sorry Rohini chit fund  foundation laid. Scene ends with Malar archanai & maapu ashtothram.

Kumar meets Mayil & Deiva on the road & updates him about going to their house to see paramu & also Paramu's refusal to meet him. Praises Mayil for his vaLarpu, says Paramu is 24 carat  gold. So next day is peNN parkum vaibavam. Mayil happyo happy , Deiva vayellam pallu. The to asatu baligadas blinking.  Deiva praises mappilai  evlavu adakkam , Mayil indulges in self praise  naan paartha mapillai , super mapillai unlike that high wall jumper Ramesh. The best part about the mapillai is , he is the sole soul giving  good conduct certificate to our Paramu.

Pushpa & Pirai take Maha to a psychiatrist. The Dr. asks relevant questions to Pushpa about Maha's behavioural  pattern during her so called conversation with Pandi.  Asks about Maha's earlier history. Super diagnosis by the doctor ' Maha physically fit but mentally disturbed [yov adhukkuthane unna parka vandiruka]. Compliments Pushpa / Pirai for their initiative to get Maha a dance teacher job which would definitely benefit Maha. . Then suggests private counselling for Maha. Gives lamba chowda lecture trying to convince what she is going thru is just an illusion, with little effort will be able to , asks her to concentrate more on her interests ' dance ' dance & music are indeed better medicines. Dr. further gives her some more advises. Maha patiently listened & blurted ' " Doctor enakku Pandiyoda pesaradhu romba pidichirukku. "

One week naan esss from Kumaru Paramu kottu mela sattham . Leaving for Delhi tomorrow. returning on 16th. Will be back on time for next week Friday concert  .                    

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Archives copy

Monday 12th mar 2012 update

Maha and doctor convo...maha tells doctor that she likes talking with pandi...Docttor asks her the reason...Maha says i killed him...he died becoz of me..i feel  happy when he comes and talks to me...(mansuangalaoda pesa pidikala nnu clear aa solluma maha)....ennai innum mannichukitte dhaan irukaru...(mannnichukitte irukara?...adhu sari...ippodhana 500th episode vara pogudhu...innum oru 1000 epsiode aavadhu dirctor otta mattaru...mannikattum manikkattum)...

Maha says she wants to meet pandi like this always...she wants to talk to him...adhukku u should help me doctor...(aama doctor...oorukulla innum 4,5 tree nattu vainga...pandi tree kku pinnala ninnudhaan maha nnu azhudhu kitte pannunga doctor thatha...)....Doctor says ur family members are worried abt u...Maha says they only care abt me...but i dont want to misspandi...she starts crying...Doctor sends maha out and calls her parents in...(next square table conferenceDead)...

Doctor says nothing to worry...konjam risk...but curable...ur daughter firmle beleive that pandi died becoz of her...edho bayangarama pazhi vangirukka pandiya...that is torturing her now...(and also us doctor and also usCry)....she is suffering from kutra unarvu...u should let her to talk with pandi...Dont disturb her...Ava enna thappu senja nnu she should tell...appodhaan ava cure aava...And she is not ready  to forget only way is send her to dance school...that will divert her...Doctor gives some sleeping pills and pirai and pushpa leaves....(doctor thatha...unga adress sollunga...naanga line aa varom...indha paragh naandhaan ezhudhinen...ipoo padicha onnumae puriyala...indha serial partha effect aa??)...

Aacharyam aanal unmai...aaappy BGM playing...that too in moorthy-kaamu house...Dorr bell rings andkamu opens the door...Ramesh comes...says he came to get the money...Kamu gives him rs.55,000...Ramesh asks abt kamu's nilamai...kaamu says ellam pazhagi pochu...

Ramesh tells abt paramu...Kamu tells ramesh to avoid talking to paramu...Ramesh says paramu is my pondatti...(pongada dei pongadaa...nalla varudhu enakku vaayilaAngry)....Ramesh says paramu paavam...dont torture her anni...(paramu paavamam...ellarukkum ketkudha makkalae...paramu paavamam).....

Kaamu says paramu kku komaru ngara mappu fixed...Ramesh super shcoked...says i'll go and talk to that mappu...Kaamu says pls ramesh...dont interefere in this matter...pls leave paramu...forget her...

Moorthy comes and tells ramesh to stay...ramesh goes in...Moorthy gives a covery to kaamu...says idhula poovum halwa vum irukku...(namma makkal munnerala ngaradhukku oru saatchi...poo and halwa)....Moorthy says...forget ur fmaily...i';ll buy poo and halwa daily...(kaamu oa kudumbam nada porara..halwa oda va?)...

Maha vetrigarama joins the school as dance teacher...Mayil comes there and comes near maha and sam...Maha silent...Mayil asks sorry...theriyama pesitten...Maha onnumae sollama goes and mayil asks sam abt maha...sam says maha teacher aa join pannirukku...mayil starts his bakwas once again...says gopi and sokku dhaan konnanga...pandi will come back and pazhi vaangufy them..

Sokku's house...dimsu selvarangam kku gavanippo gavanippu...meenu and mahesu (yaaru indha ponnu...eppo mathinaru mahesu va??)....dimsu eating...sokku praising dimsu..u r doing a mahaan job...Dimsu gets phone call from juliet divya ...romeo dimsu says wrong number...phnerings againa nd dimssu says appuram pesarena nd ends the call...Malar detective look vittings...

Dimsu and co leaves...Malar tells mahesu to be careful...keep an eye on ur purushan...(oru eye avan mela vachuttu nee nadakum podhu kuppura adichu vizhu )....Dimsu'sphonerings again and malar tell mahesu to attend the phone call...



Migan dimsu phone attend pannittu tuesday update la solluvnaga...over to migan...

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