Devon ke Dev Mahadev


Devon ke Dev Mahadev
Devon ke Dev Mahadev

\|/*~Shubh Vivaah-Mahadev Weds Parvati~*\|/Sangeet Pg32

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I guess all us DKDMians are eagerly waiting for the 3rd of August
why you ask?Shocked
beacuse us din Mahadev Ki Baarat Aaa Rahi HaiDancing

and all (well atleast majority) of us are getting hyper hyperSilly,like well its our weddingEmbarrassed
but who wuldnt,this wedding isnt any ordinary wedding
it is THE wedding
the wedding the lay the foundation to what we today call an ideal marriageHeart
the wedding which began an all new storyDay Dreaming
the wedding brought together Lord Shiva and his enternal Constort Adi Shakti,in the form of Godess Parvati,in such a way that they were united for enternityBlushing
in the true sense this wedding,was the first ever happily ever after type of story of the world...Day Dreaming

so even though this wedding may have happened ages ago(too much to count)LOL
its reprisal through DKDM still give us the reason to celebrateWink

so the Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Devlopment Team warmly welcomes youHug to

*Dhin Chak Dhin Chak Dhin Chak Dhin Chak*
(realizes shes doing her mental dance in front of everyoneShocked)
Okey sorry for my bad dancing skillsLOLOuch
But we are having Mahadev and Parvatis wedding on I-F!!!!!
that means loads of mazza loads of masti...and lots of fun!!
So lets begin???Big smile

Par Usse Pehle Sab Milke Bolo

\|/Har Har Mahadev\|/

Are Baba!!D'oh
Tussi Kithe Jaa rahe ho??Tongue
Pehle Dulha Dulhan se toh Milo!!Wink
Youll were planning to go to the wedding without even knowing Dulha Dulhan Kaun hai??
chi chi,kya ho tum log??LOL
But dont worry main kis din kaam ayungi??
Chalo Vaar Vadhu se Milte HaiBig smile

~*Devi Parvati*~
Its took many years,two births and a severe penance for Adi Shakti to gain Mahadev as her husband forever.The story that Adi Shakti left incomplete in her birth as Sati,got compeleted in her birth as Devi Parvati.But still her being the rebirth Mahadevs beloved Sati didnt make anything easier for her as she had to go through severe penance,give up her royal lifestyle and live like a hermit,give up food and go through tremendous hardships for her to re-unite with Mahadev.
Devi Parvati is an epitome not only for married woman but for young girls as to what an ideal woman should be like,specially for young girls beacuse she put forth that the road of love although hard and filled with difficulties-does have a happy ending 
Most of the vrats that Devi Parvati kept to get Mahadev as her husband are followed even today in the form of the Mahashivratri Vrat and the Solhah Somvar Vrat,by young girls in the hope that like Devi Parvati,they too can get a husband like Mahadev.

He is Devon Ke Dev Mahadev-but still without his Adi Shakti,Mahadev is incomplete.Known as the "destroyer" in the Trinity of Bramha,Vishnu and Mahesh.It is Mahadev who is worshipped as a Grihastha and is regadred to be an ideal husband,in such a way that in each form of himself and Adi Shakti,he is with her-in some form or the other.A hurt man post the death of his beloved Sati,he renounced all worldly relations,only to be brought back to it by Devi Parvati,through her love and devotion.
His love towards his wamangi-Devi Parvati reflects in such a way that without her he is incompete,she to him is an equal-sometimes even more powerful than him-despite that he still loves her.
She may be her dark skinned avatar Kali,or her Fairer Avataar or Gauri-she still is the same for him-a part of him without whom he is incomplete.
Dulha Dulhan Se Toh Hum Mile
Now a Chotu sa Intro to thier Prem KahaaniEmbarrassed
Just for informationLOL,so that poor guests like youll dont get subjected to the Devta Gossip of the Mahadev Parvati Love Saga InsteadOuch(Yeah they were watching this story like a daily soap!!seriously Devta Log..Aapke Paas Aur Koi Kaam Nahi Hai Kya??LOL)

Hai Bahut Hi Mushkil!LOL
What Happens even if the hero and heroine happen to be a Devi and DevtaWink
so what does it take a "normal Tv couple" couple to get married?-some running around treesEmbarrassed,some misunderstandingsCry,a random kabbab main haddiDead and the general parental pressureOuch before a couple can finally tie the knot!LOL
but what happened for Mahadev and Parvati-nothing of that sort.
Parvatis previous birth of Sati got married to Mahadev,but courtesy a arrogant proud father gave up her life at his Yagya,and thus ended thier beautiful love sagaCry.The aftermath was disatrous making the world reach the brink of a disasterShocked when the situation was brought under control by Bramha and Vishnu.But a broken heart once broken is hard to mendBroken Heart-as despite being a God Mahadev too couldnt bear the seperation from his better half Sati,and gave up all worldly relations and went into deep Samadhi.
But as they say-true love never diesHeart,and Satis love never didEmbarrassed.She took another birth-to a father who repected her husband,with a new life,new relations,a new personality and a new face-with the Name-ParvatiEmbarrassed.The only thing that didnt change was Satis everlasting love for Mahadev,which was carried forward in Parvatis heart.Parvatis attatchment to Mahadev was from the very day she was born,and even before she could understand all worldly relations she understood-She was destined to be of only Mahadevs and no one else.As Parvati grew her love increased by leaps and bounds-however the path of love never the less was difficult.Mahadevs initial refusal,her mothers obvious dislike towards Mahadev despite creating barriers only made Parvati stronger.Parvati hence set on the path of Bhakti to please Mahadev and ask him for the only thing she wanted-HIM,and gave up her everything for him.
Parvatis immense love and devotion in Mahadev,made him too realize that she indeed was his Ardhangini,and without her he too was incomplete,hence accepting her with all her heart,and asking her to marry him...
and what else can i say..Embarrassed
The Rest is Divine History...Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
*drreeeaaammmyyyEmbarrassed* still reeling under the effect of the love storyLOL
Prem Kahaani Toh Ho Gayi
Lets get onto the marriage partEmbarrassed
How it really happenedBig smile

Lord Shiva sent the Saptarishis with the proposal of marriage to Himalaya. Himalaya received his distinguished guests with respect and enquired about the purpose of their visit. The Saptarishis replied'We have come to request you to give your daughter's hand in marriage to Shiva.'After consulting his wife, Mena and other mountains, Himalaya agreed to accept Shiva as his son-in-law. The Saptarishis then returned and conveyed the good news to Shiva.The preparation for marriage ceremony started being made. Finally the marriage procession proceeded towards the bride's home. The marriage procession consisted of all the deities, apsaras, gandharvas even spirits and ghosts.
According to the Brhma Purana, as per the request of Brhma as part of the arrangement , a city was created. It was made splendid by different sorts of jewels, precious stones & gems of various colours. Gold & Pearl came in their embodied form & decorated the excellent city. The ground was wonderfully paved with Emerald. It was adorned with colounms of Gold. Shining Cryatals constituted the walls. Pearl Necklaces were suspended from them. At the entrance of that beautiful city raised platform was constructed for marital rites. The Moon & Sun assumed the form of two brilliant gems & rendered the place warm & cool.
Indra with other Devatas, four oceans, the celestial rivers, the great terrestrial rivers, Sages, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Nagas, Yakshas, Asuras, aquatic & Sky-bound birds & animals attended the marriage.
Brhmaji himself had performed the marriage of Shiva-Parvati. He had bound the hands of Shiva & Parvati together in the Yogic knot. Agnidev stood there with palms joined in reverence. The auspicious mantras of Vedas assumed physical forms & were present at the marriage. The ghee like nectar was dropped into the fire & the binding knot was united. Finally the marriage rite of Shiva & parvati was over
According to some Scriptures, Sage Garg Supervised the rituals of marriage ceremony. Vishwakarma constructed the canopy, where marriage ceremony was supposed to take place.After the marriage was over, Himalaya performed the ritual of Kanyadan and this way Shiva returned with his consort.

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Mahadev Ji and Parvati Ji Marriage is regarded to be the first ever Vedic Marriage in the worldShocked,hence it set a benchmark for many of the rituals that we do in todays weddings as wellEmbarrassed
Even though today there have been many additions to the traditional Hindu wedding,the heart is the same as it was during Mahadev Ji and Parvati Jis time
this presentation is brought to you by-Hamari Mahagyaani DT member MeenaxiLOL

Vedic Hindu marriage is viewed as sacramental, which is a lifelong commitment of one wife and one husband. It is the strongest bond between a man and a woman, which takes place in the presence of their parents, relatives, and friends. This is an irrevocable commitment for a lifetime.
For a Hindu, marriage is the only way to continue the family, and thereby repay, his debt to his ancestors. The most important thing is that all the Hindu God and Goddesses are also united in this. Marriage is for spiritual growth and a way of learning many things in life through experience. In other words, it is a perfect way of following the holy law of the Creator.
There are eight ways of getting married. They are:
1. Brahma:Kanyadan performed by holy parents 
2. Daiva:Kanyadan by God-fearing parents 
3. Aarsha:Kanyadan by parents with 5 other gifts 
4. Prajaapatya:Kanyadan by honor and respect 
5. Asur:Love Marriage 
6. Gandharv:Marrying for money 
7. Raakshas:Forceful abduction of a maiden. 
8. Paishaach:Intercourse in asleep or intoxicated situation thus taking full responsibility to protect her for forever.
Steps to follow for marriage ceremony:
1. Arrival of Baraat and Welcome of the Groom 
2. Milni (Welcoming the Barat) 
3. Jai Mala (Garland) 
4. Ganesh Pooja (Prayers to Lord Ganesh) 
5. Nav Graha Pooja (Prayers to the Nine Planets) 
6. Var Pooja (Offerings to the Groom) 
7. Madhuparka Vidhi (Adorning of the Bride by New Family) 
8. Vastra Dharan Vidhi (Adorning of the Bride by New family) 
9. Kanya Daan (Giving the Bride away) 
10. Pani Grahan (Hand Taking Ceremony) 
11. Exchange of vows and conditions 
12. Lajahuti: (64 Ahuties for 64 different purposes in life) 
13. Mangal Phera: (four rounds for Dharma, Arth, Kaam and Moksha) 
14. Saptpadi (exchanging 7 vows) 
15. Vamangii: (wife at the left side) completion of the vows. 
16. Sindoor Bharan (Vermilion): declaration of the duty of husband and wife. 
17. Hridya Sparsh (Touching hearts): two minds one thought. 
18. Exchange Rings and Sweets: (for love and sweetness) 
19. Surya Darshan (Viewing of the sun): 
20. Ashirvad: (Blessings)
Vaag-daan, Tilak & Sagun (Engagement):
It is a commitment by the bride's parents to complete the marriage of a future date acceptance by the parents of bridegroom. A teeka is then applied on groom's forehead and gifts are exchanged between groom & bride family members.
Ganesh, Navagrah Puja and 'Chura' Sait or Shantipath:
Lord Ganesh is worshipped for success of the ceremony and nine planets for good household life of bride and bridegroom. They are explained the right way of leading a good household life. Chura is given by the brides' maternal uncle Mama as a blessing and well wishing for her married life. Offering Chunni to the bride to signify that from this time onwards she is the bearer of the respect of the groom's family.
Mandap Karan:
Erecting pandaal where the ceremonies are to be performed.
Nandi Shradh:
Offering prayers to the forefathers
Sehra and Badhu Grahaagaman:
Groom's dressing with Sehra and Garland and proceeding to the bride's house.
A warm welcome and greeting of the groom's parents by bride's parents and other close family members with garlands and gifts. Aarati offered to the groom.
Formal acceptance of each other by bride and bridegroom with garlands.
 Reception of bridegroom by bride's father with yogurt and honey.
Sarva Dev Poojan:
Lord Ganesh, nine planets, sixteen Matrikas, sixty-four Yoginies, seven ghee Matrikas are Varuna, Main Kalash, Sun and Kula Devatas are invited and worshipped. In their presence Kanyadan is performed.
Kanyadan (giving away of daugther):
The parents of bride then place their daughter's right hand in the hand of the groom and her fathers declares to the assemblage that he, on this day and hour, of his own free will and that of the bride, hereby hands over his daughter to her the groom saying always follow the rules of religion. Groom promises to protect her.
Paanigrahan (Taking the hand of the bride):
 The bridegroom takes the hands of the bride for the prosperity in household life. He makes a commitment to the bride's parents that from here on he takes full responsibility of their daughter including, her protection.
"I bridegroom hold your hand unto mine for life long commitment and for prosperity of household life. May you attain full age in all prosperity with me as your husband. God, who is the master of all prosperity, the administrator of justice, the creator of the universe and all subsisting and enlightened persons present here is giving you to me for the fulfillment of the household life's attainment and obligation."
Seven sentences are pronounced by both:
1. Always remember the divine. 
2. Always took upon each other with sympathy, love and compassion. 
3. Help in all good deeds of each other. 
4. Keep mind pure and virtuous. Be strong and righteous. 
5. Show goodwill and affection to parents, brothers, sisters and other family members. 
6. Bring up the children in such a manner that they are strong in mind and body. 
7. Always welcome and respect guests.
Gathbandhan (Sacred Union of two souls):
A knot in the sacred cloth of bride and bridegroom is tied and some rice may be kept in that knot by priest as a sign of prosperity and sacredness.
Aashirvaad (Mangalastak, Blessings):
"May you stay together. May you never be separated. May you encompass all life (long life), always be happy in your own house playing with your children and grandchildren. O Lord! Make her endowed with worthy sons and prosperity, bestow on her all the good wishes so that she could bring up good children. May you be queen over your family. Mangalastak and blessing mantras are chanted at this time."
May Brahma, the Lord of wisdom, Shiva the Lord of all beings, Sun the Lord of all planets of the solar system, Shukra the Lord of Devatas, and Skanda the Lord of army, always bring good fortune.
"May Vishnu the Lord of Yagya, Yama the Lord of ancestors, Moon, the Lord of stars always bring auspiciousness."
"May Lord Hari who is on the lotus flower, Lord wind, fire, moon, sun, water, wealth, Pret and all planets cause the good things in life."
"Pradumna, Nal, Kuber, holy elephant, jewel and the Lord of power cause the good things in the life."
"May the three eyes of Shiva, and three feats of Lord fire, three feats of Lord Vishnu, that three Ramas, three Lokas bring good fortune."
"May the three ways of Ganga, three Vedas, three times prayer of Priests cause always good things in the life."
"May the Goddess of prosperity, Dhanwantari, holy mother cow, and Rambha always bless you."
"Horses of Gods, seven kinds of happiness, bow of the Lord, conch, poison, fourteen kinds of jewels brings good fortune."
"May Gauri, the Goddess of family lineage, Savitri, Shiva, Goddess of Knowledge and Truth Goddess Arundhati bring auspiciousness."
Establishing the fire and offering of Samagri into the fire, with the prayers to different power bearing Gods.
Laja Hom:
 (Baked rice grains into the fire) The brother of the bride gives handful of baked rice to the bride and the bride passes it to the groom. Then it is offered to the holy fire. This action is repeated three times. Signifying that she is leaving her parent's Gotra to join her husband's family.
Different system is used in different societies. Such as only three rounds bride leading to the groom, Only seven rounds bride leading to the groom, Four rounds first three bride leading to groom and last groom leading to the bride.
However These days mostly seven Feras are used which includes Mangal fera and Saptpadi. First four rounds are dedicated for four aims of life i.e. Dharma (righteousness to follow the rules of religion, duty, morality and spirituality) Artha (wealth for livelihood, sharing with poor and misfortunate, to work hard and to earn money with right means) Kaam (love, physical and mental support and satisfaction, dedication between husband and wife throughout life Moksha (liberation from this world of suffering by abiding the law of household life).
However when all the main parts of the ceremony i.e. laja hom, shila-rohan (asmarohan), Gatha-gan, feras, 11 promises from the bridegroom & 9 promises from the bride and saptpadi are performed together then seven rounds are taken together.
"May that all-controlling fire be the source of separating me from parental family for joining the husband's family. However it should not keep me separate from my husband. By the grace of God, may my husband attain a long life and the members of our families and relatives flourish in happiness and prosperity. O bridegroom! I drop these grains of roasted paddy into the fire for your prosperity and progress. May there be great affection between you and me for each other. May this fire of yagya be a source of help to us."
(Main part of the wedding ceremony)
Saptpadi is the most important part of wedding, which follows the seven promises of Saptpadi with seven rounds around the nuptial fire. They move clockwise starting from the Dhruva (north polar star as a significance of firmness, like the pole star). Every round starts with the right foot first. The groom leads the bride for the first four rounds, the bride leads the groom the last three rounds signifying that she will always be in front of him in all actions. She shall always be respected as Grahalaxmi. The Priest chants certain hymns from scriptures. This system is called 'Bhavnar' and is the most common and well-known system.
As the Panigrahan ceremony marks the beginning of the formal section of the marriage rites, so the Saptpadi brings the most important section to a close.
Throughout the ages this particular act of bride and groom together walking seven steps around the ceremonial fire has been regarded as the symbolic moment when the couple is said to be married. It is, in fact, the completion of the seventh round of the Saptpadi that the Hindu marriage Act of 1955 recognizes as the moment at which the marriage transaction attains legal status.
 Manu, the great codifiers of Hindu law in ca. 300 AD states that after taking the hand of the bride and upon completion of the seventh step around the sacred fire the man and woman are legal couple.
The Likhita Smriti, another ancient law-text provides that upon taking the seventh step, the bride leaves the Gotra of the family of her parents and becomes a member of her husband's family.
To confirm the new family membership of the couple, shortly after the Saptpadi ceremony, and after observing a few minor ceremonies such Sindoor Dan and Mangal Sutra, the couple departs for the groom's home.
The Saptpadi rite is performed around the ceremonial fire, which is maintained by a Priest. Seven circles of rice are drawn around the fire, starting from the 'Dhruva' (north pole star) side, north point and proceeding eastward. The groom takes the right hand of the bride and places it onto the first circle of rice. She follows through by bringing up her left foot, careful to proceed to the next step. The bride and groom pronounce the seven important mantras, which form the
Groom: My beloved, our love became firm by your walking one round with me. you will offer me food and be helpful in every way. I will cherish you and provide for the welfare and happiness of you and our children.
Bride: This is my humble submission to you, that when you give me the responsibility of the home, food and taking care of the household activities, I promise you that I shall discharge all responsibilities for welfare of the all family members and children.
Groom: My beloved, now you have walked the second round with me, fill my heart with strength and courage, and together we shall protect eh household and children.
Bride: My Beloved, in you grief, I shall fill your heart with courage and strength. In your happiness, I shall rejoice, and I promise you that I will please you always with sweet words and take care of the family and children. In return you shall love me alone as your wife.
Groom: My beloved, now you have walked three rounds with me. By virtue of this, our wealth and prosperity is going to grow. You shall be the only woman to whom I shall love and respect as my wife. Together, we will educate our children and may they live long.
Bride: My beloved, I will love you with single-minded devotion as my husband. I will treat all other men as secondary. My devotion to you shall be of a chaste wife and you shall be my joy. This is my commitment to you.
Groom: My beloved, it is a great blessing that you have walked four steps with me. you have brought auspiciousness and sacredness into my life. May we be blessed with obedient and noble children, may they live long.
Bride: My beloved, I will decorate you from your feet to your head with lots of happiness of different flowers, garlands and ornaments and fragrance. I will please you in every way I can.
Groom: My beloved, now you have walked five rounds with me. I know wife is the best friend and well-wisher. You have enriched my life. May god bless you. May our loved ones live long and share in our prosperity.
Bride: My beloved, I share both in your joys and sorrows. Your love will make me trust and honor you. I will carry out your wishes.
Groom: My Graha-Lakshami, you have filled my heart with happiness by walking six steps with me. may you be filled with joy and peace for all time.
Bride: My Pati-Parameshwar in all acts of righteousness, in every form of enjoyment and divine acts, I promise you I shall participate and I shall always be with you.
Groom: My beloved, as you have walked the seven rounds with me, our love and friendship became eternal and eternal . we experienced spiritual union in God. Now you have become completely mine therefore I offer my life to you. Our marriage shall be forever and ever.
Bride: My beloved, as God and Holy Scriptures, I have become your spouse. Whatever promises we have, we have spoken in pure mind. We will be truthful to each other in all things. We will love and honor each other for ever and ever and ever.
Hridaya Sparsha:
O lord! Dwelling in every heart, may our aim be identical, and our heart united. May our minds be one may our thought be identical may we attain the destiny of life together and may we live together in concord.
Sindur, Mangalsutra, Suhag:
Symbolizing her as a married woman who will always wish for the long life of her husband and they say now onwards we understand that we are married.
Blessings are taken from Gods & elders of the family.
Shanti Path:
May there be peace in the heavenly region. May there be peace in the atmosphere. May peace reign on the Earth. May the water be soothing and plants be the source of peace to all. May all the enlightened persons bring peace to us. May the Vedas spread peace throughout the Universe. May all other objects give us peace and may peace even bring peace to all. May that peace come to us. Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

*Phew!!!* it takes so many steps for two people to get married...LOL
but from here on the FUN startsWink

Yaha se the journey will commence with our craziest DT member-(i guess all of us know who we are talking aboutLOL) Srusthi-who is going to make this wedding super fun and Happening!!

SRUSHTIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...(screams on top of her lungsLOL)

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AAA AAA AA...Sunaaa maineTongue

Ahem Ahem...CrazyOuch You called me CrazyOuchBig smile

Haye.Tongue..But we all are naEmbarrassed...We are Mahadev's Mad MessengersEmbarrassed


Aaj hum Khabari nahi *shakes her head in negative*

Aaj toh hum Wedding planners hai *Lifts her phatichar collar then hides it quickly*

Toh After the Creative Shruti and Competent Minaxi now it is time for Collateral Chaos...Tongue namely me!!!



Toh Celebrations toh banta hai na!!!

Toh Let us BEGIN!!!!

But before that...

Let us have some basic Rules!!

General Rules

  • No bashing
  • No Chating
  • No Religion-offending Comments
  • Follow the schedule
  • Please see the schedule posted below and play accordingly...Dont mix up the games.
  • We will have teams, so please stick to your team and participate as a team.
  • The Ladkiwales will post in Red or Orange and the Baratis that is the Ladkewale will post in Green
  • There is bound to be some confusion as it is a big event, please tolerate with us and in case of some confusion, pm Shruti, Minaxi or me...


Antakshari-24th to the 28th
Treasure hunt:-29th and 30th
Sangeet-30th to the 3rd

Game Rules


  • There will be two teams..and the teams have to maintain the colour theme...Ladkiwales in Red or Orange and Baraatis in Green.
  • Please Post in colour so that we can identify and upgrade your names in the last post...and we can also know who wins or losesWink
  • No offensive posts and please please please...have lots and lots of fun!!!!


Antakshari Pg2

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(Banner Credit: Naturally humari CVB Shruti)

Srushti comes on Stage *Ahem* *Ahem*

Shruti : Srushti were supposed to wear green and me orange, now we both look like Bhrigu and Kashyap combo without the beardsAngry

Minaxi : I told you, you both are completely useless Wedding planners, you should be called Wedding DisastersOuch...Mahadev ki Baarat is already to set and go  and we are standing here with the mike...

Srushti Checks the mike: 1234

And she hears the uproar from the behind...

Shruti : What is that??Shocked

Minaxi : Those are Mahadev's ganas, ready to come and beat the pulp out of both you!!

Srushti and ShrutiShockedConfusedOuch

They hear the Chhham Chham voice of the famous manjira...

And they look around and Guess who they find???Embarrassed

Narad Muni: Murkh BalikeeSSS!!!Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho??? MAhadev ki baarat mein band ki Koi Aavashyakta nahi...Uski band kyun baja rahi hoAngry

Srushti: Oye...Humara Radio Aa gayaEmbarrassed

Minaxi : Shut up!! What are you saying???Ouch

NaradMuni: Ek toh har haftey mujhse free mein gaane bajaatey ho...and now you are calling me a radioAngry

Shruti: But Naradji, we are in difficulty, Baarat toh ready hai, but ab kya karein???

Naradji: Nadan Bachio...Baarat mein kaun kaun hai ye tumhe pata hai

All three bachis nod in unison...

Naradji tells...Chalo...Hum tumhe inse Parichay Karvatey hai...

Toh chalo shuru Karein

*Naradji Starts to beat the jazz Tune of Don'

Duniya mein Asuro ne, Dil apne phir thame,
Jaata hoon, Mein apne Mahadev ki Baarat Laane,

Tarka Tujhe Kartikeya banyega Bandi,
Mujhko Pehchaan lo...

Mein hoon


The Ganas Clap Clap!!!!Clap

Naradji : Dhanya waad Dhanyawaad!!Chalo ab Aagey Badhtey hai...Srushti...March past nahi karna hai Angry...gaane mein aagey badhna hai!! *slaps his head in frustration*

He again strings his Veena and brings out the sounds of Guitar for the legendary song of 'Hero' (Tu   mera jaanu hai)

"Woh humare Jaanu haiEmbarrassed
Woh Humare Dilbarr hai,
Laxmiji ki life ke Woh hero hai!!

But Shiv Parvati ke prem kahaani mein,
Woh toh Side Hero hai!!! OOO!!!

Bolo Kaun!!!!

Ganas Start chanting HAR HAR Mahadev!!!!

Chalo Chalo...ab aatey hai Indradev ki taraf?

Minaxi : But where is he??

Naradji: haha woh gaye hongey apne khud ke sringar ke liye!!!Pata nahi kitni baar Make up touching karenge!!!

So let us dedicate this song to him

Naam Gum Jaayega...
Chehra ye badal jayega,
Meri buri Aadatein hai pehchaan hai,
thoda Daaru De do!!!Tongue

Hmm toh ab aati hai!

Naradji again takes the Veena and plays banjo stringsConfusedLOL

Bholi si Surat,
Aankhon mein masti,
Lotus pe baith ke Sharmaye.

Vishnuji ki Biwi ye toh
Pran priye KehlayeEmbarrassed

Shiv Paro ki Love story mein
Isne bhi Kirdaar nibhayeee!!!!Embarrassed

Woh hai

Humari Laxmiji

Vishnuji : "Pranpriye, Dekho Forum ki ladkiyon ke saath saath ab Naradji bhi humein chidhaane lageEmbarrassed'

Naradji: Prabhu...Mein toh sirf Maata ki prasansha kar raha thaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Vishnuji smiles his own charming smile

Naradji : Prabhu, you are diverting my audience, if you smile like that who will see meOuch

Vishnu: Naradji no nautanki please...Continue with your DJingLOL

Naradji: Toh agli peshkash hai??


Jo hai Alebla madnaino wala
Jiski deewani hai Dakshabala
Woh Rishi Kashyap Hai, Woh Rishi Kashyap hai
Woh Rishi Kashyap Hai, Woh Rishi Kashyap hai


Oye inhe kaise bhool sakte hai...
The first cupid of the original love story...

Mann Balwan, Lage Chattaan,
Rahe Mahadev ke pichhe,
woh hai Dadhichi Dadhichi!!!

Ho junjaar, kaat sake na luhar,
Iron man hai woh humare
woh hai Dadhichi Dadhichi!!!

*seetiyaan and Taaliyaan*

for Rishi Dadhichi!!!!!

The Baarat has reached the Doors of Himalayas...

And we the wedding planners are jumping up and down to have one glimpse of Parvati Mata!

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Everybody is pushing and pulling...

And Elo ...we see the tall Man walking towards the Baaraat with a big smile on his face!!

And so we ask "Naradji who is he??

And so here we start the ...

Naradji: Pehle Tum inse milo, Ye hai Dulhan ke pitaji.
Parvato mein hai wo Sabse Bade, Unke aagey rahe na koi Khade!!!

Mann Bhanvar uthe,
Tan Sihar uthe,
Jab Khabar uthe ke aave

Changu ko kheench ke keench ke

Mangu ko dhabeech ke Lehpat pad jaaye re

Tingu ke kheenche ke kheench ke baahon me in bheench ke
Jhappli mil jaye

Na kisi se ye kum
Parvati ko de dum,
Best daddy hai ye Himavan!!!Embarrassed

Aur woh Dekho...

Aa gai...Maina...

Naradji all in his romantic mood

'Tere Naina Tere Naina...Tere Naina reee!!'

Sees Himavanji walking towards him...

'Tauba Tera Jalwa, Maina, Tauba Tera pyaaar,
Tera Emotional AtyachaaR!!'

Himavan gives a big laugh and a big pranam to Naradji

Aha...Dekho Woh Safed Safed kaun aa raha hai...Dheere Dheere se niche...

Naradji clears his throat and starts singing in a female voiceShocked

Mein Albeli
Ghoomoon Akeli,
Koi Peheli hoon mein.
Pagali nadi mein toh,
Shivji ki Saali mein toh,
Ganga ki neher hoon meinEmbarrassed

Ganga blushes and does a big prinam to NaradjiEmbarrassed

And Finally, the PAPPA of us all

whose favourite song is...

*Naradji takes the Manna De voicevoer*

Tujhe Prajapati Kahoon, ya Dakshaa
Tujhe Goat Head kahoon ya bakra,
Mera naam Karega Roshan,
Jag mein mera Raj Dulara!!


Everybody is shocked and turns around to see

Narad...Bas Karo...Mere Kaan Pak Chuke hai...Isse toh accha hota mein Virbhadra ko hi gale laga leta...Tumhare gaayan se hum sab pakk Chuke hai...Ab Daya karo!!

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The Bin Bulaye Baraatis!!!

After a pin drop silence ...After the Daksha AnnouncementStern Smile
We here a lot of squable!!!!

And we all turn around to see...
humari Forum member...Vanadhi!!!!Ouch

So Ab Mahadev ki Baaraat mein kucch toh bin bulaye Baarati toh honge hi na...So here comes Vanadhi!!! Tongue (this segment would not have been possible without bin bulayi Baarati toh banti hai naEmbarrassed)

And E lo...Look who she brought!!!

And there is a roar from behind


What are you doing here in Mahadev's Baarat!!!!!

Changu Mangu and Tingu: Pitashri, we have come here to meet Mahadev and get moksha,,,,

Takku: Bewakoofon!! Tum log Asur ho, Indra nahi...Jo itney besharam ho gaye!!! You have come here without invitation!!!

Shukracharya: Tarkasur...tum bhi toh Swarga mein bina invitation ke hi tapak Pade the...!!

Takku: Acharya!! Aap mere nikamme bachon ke saamne meri beijjatti mat karo!!
Changu and Co: Pitashri, Mahadev ki baarat mein invitation ki kya zarurat!!

They go and touch the feet of Mahadev who is sitting on Nandi, ready to leave for  Himalaya...Seeing the three bandars of Takku, he thinks...'Phir se aa gaye, Meri Shaadi rukwane!! I need to bring Ganesha soon, Vignaharta toh wahi hai naTongue"

Changu and co fell on his feet and Shout 'Mahadev'..we want Moksha!!

Mahadev in all his excitement grants them the boon "Tathastu, Mera Beta Kartikeya aayega toh tumhe Moksha Dilayega!!!'
Mahadev thinking "Isi bahane tum mere pairon ko chhodoge aur mujhe shaadi toh karne dogey!! Angry"

Takku and Shukracharya hear this...and bang their heads against the wall!!!

Mere apne beton ne meri Maut ki date  ko fast forward kar diya!!

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Special Thanks to Our Partners in Crime err I mean Wedding Planning:

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The Teams and The Scores

So the plan LOL

We are going to have Fun...

till 3rd August

We are all be Shaadiwalas!!

We are all going to be divided into Two TEAMS

The Baraatis and
The Ladkiwales...!

The only criteria for being them is the Colour!!!

The brides side will be writing in
Red or Orange

And the Groom side will be posting in
Green colour!!!

The Schedule and the Rules will be put and updated in the third post of the First page

So let us BEGIN!!!!

Start Posting in your teams colour and we will upgrade the post...

This post will maintain the names and scores of the teams!!!!

The ladkiwales use this Siggie

The Baaratis use this Siggie

Please use this siggies...Either of them..
For team identification!!

The Baarati
    The Ladkiwales

  •                          mnx12                                       shubhika124
  •                    disha15                                     shruti.nil  
  •                    Shruti_P                                    subha2601
  •                     narangi_77                               GERTRUDIS
  •                    akki-rockstar                               sukhi...
  •                    -SilverFlames-                             harianjana
  •                     foram.                                        Limraina 
  •                     flamingo_aries        
  •                      lakshmikumr
  •                      deboleena.manna
  •                      flamingo_aries
  •                      sohiniluvsmusic

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