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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virman OS: Kahani Teri Meri-New! part 2- Pg 4 (Page 4)

kinny_ranvir Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 1:07am | IP Logged
must say..it was superb update...

fell in love wid this swamini bua...awesome...

hope CVs do d same in EHMMBH wid swamini ji...

do continue...
n pm me for next part..

Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys,
 Thank you all SOOO MUCH for likeing this OS of mine.. as promised here is the second part!
  -Enjoy! Wink

Part 2

One week later- Chandighar

It was 10 pm and everyone was getting ready for bed. The Chaudhry's had already gone to the guest house where they were staying, due to Manvi's health they were taking extra precautions letting her stay in the Mansion so that Jeevika and Virat could take care of her. Manvi looked into each room she passed by, as she headed towards the main hall looking for her Di. Sighing as she gave up after checking into the last room, Manvi stepped into the hall. Spotting her Di she hurried over to her side before her Di could run off somewhere else to give someone else another chore. Her Di was so busy looking into things for her engagement tomorrow she hadn't even spoken to her clearly and the few minutes they did have to chat someone else would come in demanding one thing or another from her. Just as Di finished giving Tarun his last order for tomorrow, Manvi turned towards her, but Swamini Bua beat her to it, whom even Manvi couldn't ignore.

"Jeevika Dear? Have you double checked everything for tomorrow?", Swamini Bua asked her.

"Yes Bua Ji, I've double checked everything, but in the morning I'll check everything again to make sure nothing goes wrong..", Jeevika answered her.

"Ok Beta, But don't forget to rest as tomorrow will be a very long day for everyone'okk?? Good Night'Good Night Manvi..", Bua said to them both, patting each lovingly on the cheek and heading towards her room.

"Ji Bua Ji..Good Night", Jeevika replied.

"Good Night", Manvi also wished her with a smile.

"Yes Mannu?..you wanted to speak to me na?", Jeevika asked her little sister lovingly turning towards her as they both headed towards Manvi's bedroom.

"Bhabhi!...have you seen my glasses? I took them off and put them on the dining table, but can't find them now..", Shlok asked Jeevika running out of the dining room.

"I think I saw Tarun taking them to your room after he finished cleaning..why don't you check there and then ask Tarun if you still can't find them..hmm?", Jeevika told him with a smile.

"Thank you Bhabhi!", he called as he ran towards his room.

Entering Manvi's room, Jeevika turned towards Manvi again to speak to her. As she did so Viren and Virat also entered the room, standing so the four of them created a circle.

"Jeevika'Tell Virat that he should listen to me this time around..", Viren said to his wife.

"But Bhabhi, Bhai won't understand that I always listen to him..and this time He needs to listen to me'", Virat said cutting off his Bhabhi as she began to ask them what the two brothers were fighting about in the first place.

Manvi walked away to stand by the window facing outside and looking at the stars in the sky. Silently, replaying the whole day's events in her mind as she had unsuccessfully tried to get some of her Di's attention. In the back she could hear her Jiju and soon-to-be fianc arguing over something childish and again taking all of her Di's attention. As she again heard the two brothers speaking over each other childishly trying to get their own points across Manvi had finally had enough.

"Bas!!.. That's enough please!", Manvi yelled at them, shocking the three out of their world.

"Manvi?...What's wrong?", Virat asked her as the three of them worriedly came to her and circled around her.

"What's wrong?!... All day I've been running around the house trying to speak to Di, or even get two minutes of her time to myself and every time someone else comes to interrupt asking about one thing or another'im not asking for too much am I? I only want a few minutes of my Di's time to myself!..", Manvi said as she couldn't stop the tears she'd been holding all day from spilling over.

"Mannu'I'm so sorry love.. I promise I didn't do it on purpose.. I was just trying to make everything perfect for your big day tomorrow..im so sorry love!", Jeevika said hugging her sister as her own eyes filled with tears.

"Manvi'hush' of course you're not asking for too much, we all know the bond that you both have is special' now hush.. look your Di is right here with you na?", Viren said to his sister-in-law giving her a side hug for comfort.

"Manvi, Love.. hushh now..look your making Bhabhi cry as well..", Virat said to Manvi as he locked eyes with her comforting from afar, after all he hadn't gotten his certificate to comfort her in public yet.

"I, I'm sorry Di'I didn't mean to make you cry..", Manvi said, sobbing slightly.

"Mannu, its ok'I know you can't see tears in my eyes, like I can't see them in yours..", Jeevika said letting go of her sister as she whipped both their tears away.

"Di.. its just that I really need you, and you just seem to be busy all the time'I just needed two minutes of your time to ask you and then go ask Jiju, if you could spend the night with me?'please..only for tonight?..", Manvi said, begging her Di to fulfill this wish of hers, as tears again threatened to spill from her eyes.

Viren watched his wife as her sister did the same. Seeing his wife get her worried expressions back, he also understood that she was being torn to whether or not spend the night with her sister as even she wanted to, or to go with her husband since it was her duty to do so. Turning towards Manvi, Viren silently read the fear that she held in her mind, the fear of what was to come as the new turn in her life started, and he understood why she wanted and needed her Di with her that night.

"Manvi, you were worried over this? Of course your Di will spend the night with you, tonight and any other night you need her, there is no reason to ask me for this'ok?", Viren said hugging her comfortingly.

"Really Jiju?!", Manvi asked him still a little teary-eyed.

"Yes Manvi, really' after all before she became my wife, she was your Di na?", Viren laughed jokingly as he looked at his wife who thanked him silently through her eyes.

"Ok guys'I think we all should sleep now, we will need it tomorrow..", Jeevika said to them all as she ushered her husband and devar out of the room.

"Bhabhi'please' just 2 minutes?", Virat begged his Bhabhi as he was pushed outside the door along with his brother.

"2 minutes? Alone? With my little sister?", Jeevika asked him sternly.

"Yes Bhabhi'just two minutes? Please?", he begged her, looking behind her at his lady love who blushed in the back.

"Sorry, thats just not possible devar ji, at least not until tomorrow'then you can have only 2 minutes alone with her everyday up until the wedding'understood?", his Bhabhi replied giving him a serious look.

"ONLY? 2 minutes alone, even after the engagement?  Bhai..Why didn't I just skip to the wedding?", Virat asked lovelornly.

Manvi blushed as she heard her Di and Jiju laugh teasingly at Virat. Closing the door behind them as Jiju pulled Virat away, her Di came and hugged her from the side touching foreheads.

"Mannu, you go change for bed' And ill also change into one of yours? I would go grab one of my night suits but I know Virat's probably waiting for me to do just that!", Jeevika laughed teasingly at her sister.

"Dii", Manvi wined as she headed to change, turning a tomatoe red.

Coming out, she watched her Di fixing their bed for the night (as she had already changed) just like old times. Just then Di turned towards her giving her a huge smile and Manvi quickly made her way to the bed. Motioning for her Di to go ahead and get comfortable, Manvi also hopped up after her. Hugging her Di, she placed her head in her lap.

"What happened Mannu? You ok na?", Di asked her worriedly.

"Yes Di'actually its just that all this happened so suddenly, it has been kind of over whelming, and then tomorrow will mark a new turn in my life..and even knowing that this new turn will bring me closer to you, there is still a fear that in this new turn our bond might get weak'Dii it scares me", Manvi said opening all her fears to her Di.

"Manvi'I know how you are feeling, when I was getting engaged and then married, I also felt the same'and in the past I have even felt us drift apart a little'but know this, that are bond is so strong, is so deep, that even a little distance can't break it' you will always remain my first priority'true that sometimes we will get so caught up with the family and our husbands that we might not get to spend much time together like we used to..but also know this, that a single smile or squeeze of the hands is enough for both of us to know we are right there next to each other and will always be'", Jeevika replied comforting her sister as she ran a hand over her head.

"Thank you Di'just talking to you makes me feel that I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way and I know that ill always have you and Virat by my sides..", Manvi said to her Di, kissing her on the cheek.

"Mannu'im so happy for you and Virat.. I know that both of you will make the best of your lives together..and if you ever fall down he will pull you back up when I am not there to do so' but at the same time inside me there is this fear too, that you won't be just my Mannu anymore, this fear of having to share you with Virat now..", Jeevika told Manvi as tears formed in her eyes.

"Dii.. I can tell you this part from experience ok'so don't worry.. when you got married to Jiju, I had the same fear but as time passed, I realized that if there is anyone else who understands our bond as good as us, its Jiju and Virat, sometimes they even realize our need for each other before we do..", Manvi said consoling her sister as she sat up and whipped her tears.

"That is so true Mannu'thank you..", Jeevika said hugging her sister closer to herself.

"Anyways' if we feel we need special Behna time, we'll just kick our husbands out for the night and have sleepovers!", Mannu replied laughingly.

Laughing, Jeevika tucked Manvi into bed for the night and then laid down next to her baby sister, hugging her as Manvi put her head on her shoulder. Remembering their childhood and discussing their future both sisters went to sleep peacefully, engulfed in each other's love for one another.

Engagement Day-Afternoon

Manvi was sitting in her room, alone and bored as she was forbidden to touch anything or help with setting up for the ceremony that was to take place in a few hours now. Just then she heard a light nock on the door, sitting up she looked up to see her soon-to-be fianc come sneaking inside the room and quietly turning the door behind himself, but leaving an inch gap so it wasn't completely closed either.

"Virat?!", Manvi said to him, shocked to see him there when he was strictly told to not be alone with her.

"Shhh..", he said coming closer to her and telling her to calm down.

"But what are you doing here?...If Di see's you, your gonna be dead even before we exchange rings Mr. Vadera!", Manvi yelled at him.

" Arre, Bhabhi won't see me, she's busy in the kitchen for now.. plus can't I have a few minutes alone with my lady love'please..", he said pouting like a kid, making Manvi laugh.

Virat took full advantage of his soon-to-be fiance's distraction of laughing at him by making his way to her and hugging her from the back.

Manvi's breath caught as Virat's hands wrapped around her waist, and pulled her closer to himself, making her back hit his chest.

"V-Virat'what are you d-doing?", Manvi asked breathless.

"I'm trying to romance my soon-to-be fianc, if she lets me..", he replied kissing her on the neck gently making her tremble.

Manvi continued trembling as Virat slowly turned her around so they were facing each other. Then holding her tightly so that she couldn't break out of his grasp he pulled her closer to himself and leaned in for a kiss. Just as he was about to get his kiss, he heard the sound of payals coming closer to the room from outside..

"Bhabhi?!", Virat whisper yelled, realizing she was coming to Manvi's room and he was going to get caught.

He and Manvi both jumped apart as she pushed open the door and stepped into the room two minutes later.

"Manvi..i've brought your medicines", Jeevika said as she walked in with the tray in hand.

Looking up she came to a stop as she saw her little sister blush and her devar give her a sheepish look as he ran his hand through his cropped hair.

"Virat?! What are you doing here?", Jeevika asked him placing the tray down and putting her hands on her hips disapprovingly.

"Bhabhi'woh, actually..I..I..I came to remind Manvi about her medicines only!", Virat said to her, trying to come up with a convincing story.

"Achaa..remind her about her medicines only..huh??", Jeevika said walking upto him and twisting his ear lovingly.

"Arre Jeevika'what is happening here?", Swamini Bua asked her as she, beeji, and Ma stepped into the room seeing Jeevika twist Virats ear.

"Noth-nothing Ma.. Bhabhi was just'", Virat said trying to let the moment pass by without the whole house coming to know of his deeds as he silently begged his Bhabhi with his eyes to let him go.

"Actually Ma...i caught this Devar of mine trying to sneak some time alone with Manvi'", Jeevika laughed teasingly.

"Haha'really Virat?", his Mom asked him teasingly.

"N-no Ma..nothing like that..", Virat said guiltily running a hand through his hair again.

"Haan haan, Virat, we understand everything'koy baat nahin pyar mein aksar aisa hotha hai..", Swamini Bua teased him, making him run out of the room as the ladies in the room laughed.

"And what do you think your laughing about huh?...Your just as guilty as he is!", Swamini Bua teased Manvi as she smacked her head lightly.

"Bua..woh..", Manvi stuttered blushing and hid her face in Bua's shoulder as everyone kept teasing her.

"Ok now, enough fooling around, Me and DiDi will go and make sure everything outside is good for the function today and then go get ready, Jeevika you make sure Manvi takes her medication and then help her get ready.. I'll send Khadambari and Pinky to help you as well.." Vanshika Ma said heading out with Swamini Bua behind her.

Once they had left, Jeevika made Manvi take her medicines and then sent her to shower as they only had 2 hours left before the function. Once Manvi was done showering Jeevika began to help her apply light makeup such as blush, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. As she was finishing the mascara, Khadambari Chachi and Pinky Chachi walked into the room and helped Jeevika adorn Manvi with choodiyan, necklace, and rings, leaving the earrings for last.

"Ok Manvi, go put on the lehngha and then we'll help you put your earrings on and set your pallu'", Jeevika said, ushering Manvi to go change.

Coming out with her outfit on, Manvi took a seat at the dresser stool, and watched her Di and Chachi's fuss over the things. Looking at her reflection, tears came to Manvi's eyes which her Di noticed immediately.

"Mannu..what happened love?", Jeevika asked worriedly.

"Nothing Di' I was just thinking'if I still had my hair, it would have been so much better na..?", Manvi asked her, making everyone cry as well.

"Actually Mannu, there is a surprise for you'", her Di said whipping her tears and picking up a box off the bed.

"Whats this Di?", she asked confused.

"You'll see..", Jeevika said to her placing the box on the dresser she lifted the lid and picked up what was inside.

"Di'yeh tho wig hai..", Manvi said shocked.

"Haan Mannu'but this isn't just any wig..", her Di said to her.

Before Manvi could ask her what she meant, her Di handed her a letter. Opening it Manvi began to read it out loud.

Hi Partner,

  I know your probably upset right now and wishing you had your hair back. I was trying to think of a way to make it up for you and came up with an idea of a wig. Now this isn't just any wig with a dressy hairstyle'this is your hair that was shaved and Bhabhi had kept to a side, I got it specially made for you. So your wish of having your hair today is fulfilled, hai na?.. Whether or not you want to wear it is your choice, just know this, hair or no hair, you are the most gorgeous girl alive today and im so happy and proud that you'll finally be mine.

-Love Virat

Manvi finished reading the letter and looked up with her own teary eyes at the others who were also smiling lovingly at her with tears in their own eyes. As she reread the letter in her heart her Di and Chachi's helped her fix the wig into place and then helped set her pallu into place.

Once she was ready Jeevika made her sit on her bed and relax while she got ready herself.

Vadera Mansion 8pm

Virat looked around the hall amazed at the speed in which everything had been done to perfection. It was decorated with baby blue, baby pink and white drapes all around and tulips of the same colors adorned the staircase, and pillars. All the guests had arrived now, and Virat was getting impatient to officially declare Manvi as his. Looking around he watched his Bhabhi speak to his Ma and then with a nod head inside..to get Manvi possibly? He hoped.

A few minutes later, the lights in the hall dimmed, one spotlight fell on him while another was aimed towards the entrance to the hall. Looking there, he spotted his angel coming down wearing a pink and blue lehngha choli he noticed she also wore the wig he had gotten made for her it was set so that the hair was pinned up and then placed over her shoulder with curls. She took his breath away as she locked her eyes with his. Standing next to him she came to a stop.

"Welcome family and friends..i Viren Vadera thank you for joining us today to help witness the forming of a special bond between my monkey Brother and sweet Sister-in-law..", Viren said smiling.

"Virat'stop getting impatient now, you can exchange rings!", Viren said teasing him as laughter and applause broke out at his words.

Jeevika stepped forward holding a thaal decorated with white, pink, and blue flowers which held both rings, she handed one to Virat and then the other ring to Manvi.

Virat took hold of Manvi's hand and placed the ring on her finger keeping his eyes locked with hers. When he was done he kissed her finger right above the ring and applause and cheers broke out through the hall making Manvi blush. Giving him a look that told him to behave, Manvi held his hand and put the ring onto his finger as well. Not seeing it coming as she was turned towards the audience, she received a cute kiss on the cheek from her fianc in front of everyone making her eyes go wide in shock as the hall rang out in laughter and applause at their cute antics. The next second the audience laughed louder seeing Manvi threaten Virat to hit him with her high heel shoes if he didn't behave.

The moment passed laughingly and Viren announced the first dance of the evening in name of Virat and Manvi.

Virat held his hand out to her asking her to dance, she placed her hand in his and confidently followed him onto the floor. As the music began he spun her into his arms with his hands on her waist and hers on his shoulders.

'Is pal main hoon ya tum bhi ho
ya dono ho ke bhi na hain (Both were lost into each other, making a world of their own)
kyon ho kya ho, ho bhi ki naa ho
ya kehna sun-na manaa hai
is pal mai hoon ya tum bhi ho (Other couples also joined in around them, leaving Virman and Vrika in the middle of the floor)
ya dono ho ke bhi na hain

tumhe dekh ke yaad aayi, vahi bisri kahaani
deewane ka kissa, ya phir ik deewani
dono sang sang rehte hardum
aisa ye, maine suna hai (Virat and Viren both spun their girls out and back into their arms, this time hugging them close with their backs touching their chest)
is pal main hoon ya tum bhi ho
ya dono ho ke bhi na hain
kyon ho kya ho, ho bhi ki naa ho
ya kehna sun-na manaa hai

ishq hua'
tum bata do yaad koi, kya puraani leke aaun
yaa nishani deke jao
yaa kahani leke jaao
Ya ki mann chod do jaye (They twirled them around and then spun them back in)
Yeh jaata ,jaata jahan hai
is pal main hoon ya tum bhi ho
ya dono ho ke bhi na hain
kyon ho kya ho, ho bhi ki naa ho
ya kehna sun-na manaa hai
is pal main hoon (Lost into their own world they didn't notice the music had stopped until the room rang with applause)

The night passed with more dancing and masti. Virat held onto Manvi all night long as he had gotten the license to do so now. The night passed and years did too, yet they stood together always and forever, for they say there is no Virat without Manvi, and there is no Manvi without Virat. Later even the world began to say

" There is no Love, without Virman..".

                                                      *The End*

So?? How was it?? Do comment and hit the like button!

-Luv Pari

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
 Hi Guys,
  Im really sorry, i was just about to send out PMs but something came up so i have to head out!!
   Please forgive me... i will send pm's when i get back later tonight!!
  So sorry...
   Luv you All!

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Saaraa. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
beautifully writteennn!!! luv it ur a gr8 writer u shud deffo write more stories <3

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Shabana0786 Goldie

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 That was just simply amazing!..
Virat is soo cute!..somehow finding his ways to spend time with Manvi
I adored the "behna" moment..
Love the way u ended the OS...really nice!.. 

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Kanwal_chohan IF-Rockerz

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You have made me love buaji now I hope she agrees like this in real to i loved it it was amazing I'm speechless truly awesome great job

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mika17 IF-Dazzler

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Loved it, was da most beautiful ending

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Loved it!! amazing story!! Embarrassed ClapClap

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