Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virman OS: Kahani Teri Meri-New! part 2- Pg 4

Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 8:38pm | IP Logged

Hey Guys,

So this is just something that came to my mind after yesterday's episode and also after reading some articles about what is to come.. I hope you like it!!

-Luv Pari

        OS: Kahani Teri Meri

Chandighar ' Two Days left in completion of 7 days challenge

"Jeevika..whose call was it?", Vanshika Ma asked her as Jeevika took her seat at the dining table for dinner where everyone else was already seated.

"Ma..actually it was Virat", Jeevika replied a little hesitantly knowing everyone's mood was going to go off at the sound of his name.

"Oh'so what was Virat saying, Jeevika? When is he coming home?", Swamini Bua asked her.

"Bua Ji'he said he's not sure, but it sounded as if it will be a while before he comes back..", Jeevika replied, her head hanging down, knowing her answer would piss off Bua Ji.

"What?!, What does he mean by this.. he said he would be back in 7 days, and now he's not sure anymore!?", Bua Ji clarified.

"Yes Bua Ji, that's what he told me", Jeevika replied again.

"He has done all the immaturity that he wanted to, I will leave in the morning and go get him myself'there is a limit to everything!", Swamini Bua said getting up in her anger.

"DiDi'he's not so little anymore, let him do what he is..we won't gain anything by separating him from Manvi, I feel that it will just make it worse if we try to do so", Vanshika Ma said to her.

"Vanshika, your saying this? Knowing the pain he will go through at the end?", Swamini Bua asked her.

"Di, even I feel that what Bhabhi is saying is right'he will be happier if he is able to spend time with Manvi, then he will ever be even after he forgets her, and that is IF he forgets her'he's already so in love with her that even at this point separating them will kill him..", Inder spoke up for his nephew.

"Ok, I see how it is.. but I also see the pain he will go through later, which you all fail to see.. no it is final I am leaving tomorrow..now if you will excuse me I have to go pack!", Bua ji answered, heading to her room to pack her things for her trip to Hrishikesh.

Back at the dining table, everyone else had also left, having lost their appetite after that conversation, only Viren and Jeevika remained watching everyone disappear to their rooms.

"Viren Ji!...I never wanted this to happen..", Jeevika sobbed looking at her husband.

"Hey my FM, don't worry.. we all have tried everything we could, now we can only leave it upto god, shh it'll be ok..", Viren replied hugging his wife to comfort her, but at the same time worrying over his brothers and sister-in-laws fate himself.

Morning arrived, and the family stood at the door, to see off Swamini Bua for her trip. As the driver took the last bag to the car, they all hugged her bye. All of the family members deep down wishing that Swamini would not return alone but would be accompanied by both Virat and Manvi.

It was 8pm when Swamini arrived in Hrishikesh, stepping out of the car she headed to the door as the driver grabbed her bags. A minute later the door was opened by Beeji.

"Swamini Ji, welcome, please come in", Beeji said ushering her inside the house.

"Thank You Beeji' I'm sure Jeevika called and told you that I would be coming and why?", Swamini asked her taking a seat on the couch.

"Yes, infact she did call me earlier in the morning, and I completely understand where you are coming from..", Beeji replied also sitting down.

Hearing the commotion Pinky and Madan also came out. Pinky quickly went to grab her something to drink and Madan asked her about Bauji's health after greeting her. Sipping her water, Swamini looked around for Virat.

"Umm.. may I ask, where is Virat?", Swamini asked them, not spotting her nephew any where nearby.

"Bua Ji, im here'.actually I heard you ring the bell, but I had already lit a diya for Krishna Ji and couldn't back out without praying'how are you?", Virat said, taking her ashirwad.

"Im fine' actually Virat, I've come to take you home..", she said to her nephew sternly.

Swamini truly loved both of her nephews dearly; after her brother had passed away she re-watched his childhood through his sons. For her the two of them where her own kids, true she was attached to Viren more, but she loved the both of them equally and wished for both to always be happy in life.

"Yes I know' Bhai had called me earlier today and told me'but I won't leave before the day after tomorrow", he replied.

"But Virat!..", Swamini said.

"Bua please' ill come with you but not until the day after tomorrow'please, at least do this much for me..", he asked with pleading eyes.

"Ok Virat, but after that, you come with me no matter what..", Swamini told him sternly.

Swamini watched Virat sitting with his head bowed, as Beeji quickly changed the topic to their family in Chandighar. Just then a familiar and chirpy voice screamed from the corridor and the next second Manvi came flying or rather running and sliding to a stop in front of her.

"Bua Ji! You? When? How? Why?!", Manvi asked with a smile on her face reaching to give her a hug.

"I just came a few minutes ago, with the driver, and to see you'can't I do that, if I'm feeling up to it?", Swamini replied hugging the charming girl in greeting.

Swamini sat making Manvi sit down next to her, seeing Beeji's expression Swamini had understood that no one had told Manvi anything, since it would have made her upset and it would be harmful to her health if she stressed herself. Swamini also knew that everyone thought of her as a Hitler, with her sternness and constant thoughts for the families reputation, but no one knew that if Manvi had been as healthy as the rest of them, she herself would have become cupid in her nephews love story. But she had lived her life in pain and loneliness herself and she didn't want her nephew to go through the same. They sat talking, well she and everyone else kept laughing and nodding their heads as Manvi went on talking at her 1000 wph (words per hour) speed. Just then Manvi started having a coughing fit making everyone around her panic. Swamini sat watching as Virat got up and quickly got a glass of water for her, coming to her side he helped her drink some as he gently patted her back.

"How many times have I told you to slow down your talking speed! The worlds not going anywhere that you have to speak so fast!", Virat yelled at her once she had calmed down.

"The worlds not going anywhere'but I am..", she replied looking into his eyes, making him realize her fate.

Swamini watched this heartwarming scene and also watched as her nephew hid his tear filled eyes from everyone and headed towards his room. A few minutes later making an excuse she also followed behind him and entered his room, seeing him standing by the window she went upto him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Bua? You here?", Virat asked surprised, trying to quickly wipe away his tears.

"Yes me, Virat why don't you understand that this is what I've been trying to keep you away from, this pain and hurt, this loneliness..", Swamini said to him, whipping the tears that still flowed from his eyes and hugging her child to her heart.

"Bua.. its not the pain or hurt that im crying for' im crying because she won't give me a single chance to help change her fate for the better' I know you all think im just saying things, but Bua if she accepts me, then together I can help her fight this awful disease, alone she will just keep eating up herself from the inside, with me, ill become her support so that even when she goes weak ill be there to balance it out for the both of us..", her nephew replied, touching her heart with his words.

They sat talking for a while and as the night moved on, they both headed to bed. The next day Swamini watched as her nephew patiently tried to woo Manvi and how she kept struggling to keep him away from herself. Seeing this Swamini realized that even Manvi was supporting her and not Virat in this, she also tried to push him away for his betterment. The last day that Virat had asked for was coming to an end slowly and he still kept trying to convince Manvi, who was just as stubborn as he was, Swamini noticed with a smile. Around 9 that night, Swamini saw Manvi head outside to the back lawn deep in thought and a few minutes later she saw Virat following her outside with a determined stride. Seeing this, Swamini quietly followed them, she watched Manvi standing in the middle of the lawn looking up and talking to her parents. A minute later Virat was beside her, demanding to know something. Not being able to hear what was going on, Swamini moved behind a tree out of their view but still within hearing distance.

"Answer me! What is keeping you from expressing your feelings to me.. because I know its not only your health!", Virat yelled at her with anger.

"Nothing Virat!...how many times have I told you, NOTHING is keeping me from telling you anything!... I..I..I simply just don't love you!", Manvi said turning her back on Virat.

"We both know you are lying!", Virat screamed at her.

"I am not lying Mr. Vadera! After all what is so special about you for me to love anyways? Huh'? You are nothing but a spoiled brat who lives off his family! Even this new thought of restarting your singing career was because I made you think on it, because I made you go to the auditions'what have you done for yourself huh?... so what would you do for me then, if you can't even do something for yourself?", Manvi yelled at him and began to turn to go inside.

"Ok Fine' ignore me again..reject me again, and again..just know this.. I will not move from this position until you accept your love for me! And we both know that deep down, I am your life as you are mine. That just like I can't think of living even a second after your last breath you feel the same! You know Manvi, I know, our families know, the world knows that without Manvi there is no Virat and without Virat there is no Manvi.. ill let you go, but know this' I will not move from this exact spot until you confess your feelings by looking directly into my eyes..and that Ms. Chaudhry is a promise!", he screamed at her from behind.

Swamini watched the heartbroken girl ignore Virats words and head inside, as Manvi walked towards the door, the clouds that had been threatening all day roared and rumbled and then opened up letting the rain wash down. Manvi ran inside to escape the rain and turned at the door to wait for Virat to come in as well. Turning around Swamini watched her nephew who hadn't even moved an inch, being drenched in the rain.

"Virat this is foolishness! Come inside!", Swamini heard Manvi yell at him.

"No Manvi, this time im not listening to you!", he yelled back across.

Being carefull so that no one could see her, Swamini headed back inside towards the side entrance. Once inside Swamini went towards the back door, and saw Manvi close the door behind herself. As Manvi picked her head up, Swamini's heart filled with pain seeing her eyes so red due to crying in pain.

"Virat..why don't you understand this is whats best for us.. it may not be what you want or even what I want, but its what your family wants.. I heard Swamini Bua telling Di this was best for us all'and ill follow her words until my last breath, even if it literally kills me in the end..", Manvi spoke to herself out loud as she whipped her own tears and headed to her room.

Swamini silently returned to her own room with the evenings scenes replaying in her head. Getting into bed, she tried going to sleep but failed to do so, giving up she walked to the window, looking out she could see her nephew sitting down in the same place he was standing earlier. She watched Beeji head over to him and explain something to him, when he didn't agree, she ran a hand through his cropped hair and placed her shawl onto his shoulders and then headed inside with a worried face. Swamini spent the night pondering the last few weeks, rethinking upon Inders comment that night in Chandighar, Swamini became more resolved in her decision. Early the next morning she would return to Chandighar, with Virat one way or the other.

Waking up early the next morning after the little sleep she had gotten last night. Swamini quickly repacked her bags, seeing Daboo pass her room she asked him what Manvi was doing.

"She'she is sitting crying because Virat Bhaiya spent the night outside in the rain due to her..", Daboo replied sadly.

"Oh'", Swamini replied, handing Daboo her bags for him to take downstairs.

Swamini herself headed towards Manvi's room, the two of them had to have a much delayed conversation.An hour later, Swamini sat into the car, and waved at the Chaudhry's who stood in the door waving back.

Chandighar- 10pm

Vanshika Ma, Inder Chachu, Kadambhari Chachu, Dada Ji, Viren Ji and Jeevika sat in the family room waiting for Swamini Bua to arrive. They had received a call from her earlier saying that she was on her way back with Virat. Since then the whole house had become quiet with tension on what was to come. As the bell rang a few minutes later, they all jumped.

"Ill get it..", Viren Ji said heading to the door and opening it as the rest followed him from behind.

"Bua Ji?...Virat?", Viren Ji said seeing them standing outside.

As they all saw only the two them standing at the door, their hearts fell, since they had all been hoping Manvi had also came with them.

"Yes Viren..it is us..", Swamini replied to him with a stern face.

"Virat.. how are you?", Viren asked him, seeing the sad face of his brother as he ushered them inside.

"How can I be Bhai?", Virat replied in a sad and fallen voice.

"Its ok Virat'everything will be ok..i promise", Viren said to him also with a dejected face.

"Of course everything will be fine Jiju! Afterall im here na?!", Manvi screamed coming out from her hiding place on the side.

"Manvi!?", the whole family yelled with excitement and pulled her inside and hugging.

"Uff'calm down everyone' there is so much we need to do", Swamini said to them as they all took a seat again this time their faces beaming with happiness.

"For what Swamini?", Bauji asked her.

"For Virat and Manvi's wedding of course!", Swamini said with a huge grin giving her family another shocker!

Cheers rang out through the whole house as the family and servants all celebrated this news. Virat and Manvi blushed as they were congratulated and teased all at once.

"I Love You, Manvi..", Virat whispered to Manvi again as the others were busy making plans.

"I Love You, Virat..", she whispered back, blushing as Swamini caught this little whispery exchange and smiled at them lovingly.


How was it?? Please do comment and hit the like button'and if I get enough response ill add a part 2 with Virman scenes and an engagement ceremony?, What say??

-Luv Pari

P.S. If you haven't done so yet, do check out my Virman FF: Woh Barsaat'here is the link:


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hooriaa IF-Dazzler

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Amazing Jus Speechless You Made Me Love Buaji In Here Too I Wish This Really Happens Only If Swamini Bua Was This Nice...
Beautifully Written Amd I Loved It So Much
Thanksz For The PM

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Aashika_virman Goldie

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i wish this to happen soon.nice os.
Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Great update dear
Love it.Heart
Cont Soon dear n thanx 4 d pm Heart
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Awesome. I want smthng like dis 2 happen.
harshana1 Senior Member

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this is awesome u should defiantly make a part 2 and pm me when u do
girl_rocks IF-Dazzler

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this was speechless mindblowing...just awsm
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