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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

.::Summer of Love OS Contest-Voting Thread OPEN::.

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Hello Geetians!

First of all...sorry for the delay in posting the voting kept getting in the way...i'd sit down to post it every evening and something or other would come up...but any here now...Big here it goes

OS Contest:
Summer of Love


Vote for only 3 entries. You MUST vote for 3 - for those that end up voting for any more or any less, your votes will be excluded from the final count. 

DO NOT promote your own work via PM or any other means. Any promotion or telling other to vote for your OS will result in immediate disqualification. 

DO NOT use MID (Multiple ID's) to vote. You and all MID votes will be excluded from the final count.

DO NOT Vote for yourself! Any contestant seen voting for themselves will have their votes excluded from the final count. 

Voting Deadline is August 3, 2012

If you have any questions or concerns please PM me (jnawaz)

Good luck to all the participants!

Geet DT 

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Entry #1

"Geet, I am busy..."Geet mimicked his words with perfect diction. Placing the phone back on the table, she flicked open the romance she was reading and took out the photo, which more or less served as a bookmark. Glaring at the snap she accused, "Dusht Danav!" She flung the snap away in frustration.


"Babaji dekho!" She started her muttered complaints "He doesn't miss me, even a teeny weeny bit. Aap use kuch samjathe kyom nahi?"


 It's been ages since they spend some time together... There did he even care?   She sniffled determined not to look at Maan's snap again and stuck her tongue out in the direction where it had taken the flight to. Stalking off to the bed she plumbed down and grabbed the huge teddy bear to cuddle. Then realised that that was another gift from Maan and pushed it away after giving it a punch on it's heart, wishing it to be the person who gifted it to her.


"Ohhh….It's sooo cold….." came the voice and the teddy shivered.


"Too bad! See if I care!" Geet looked at it balefully.


"Hug me…please…"


"No I won't!" Geet retorted turning away.


"OHhh… thank you," Mannu the bear proceeded with what was recorded.


"Chup bilcul chup!" Geet said in frustration, imitating Maan again but this time unknowingly. Then pulled the teddy closer for a hug and pressed her face into it's soft folds. "I miss you Maan."




Maan smiled thinking of his sweet Mishti… oh she won't be so sweet now, the smile turned to a grin…. She must have started her litany of complaints to her Babaji.   Ahh ….he could imagine her cute little pout …


He had always loved summer because of the full time masti period with his Dadi. He spent a part of his summer with his Dadi and part of it with his parents in Canada.  During one of those vacations he had met Geet, a chubby toddler with curly hair and dimpled cheeks. Her family had shifted to the neighbourhood and his Dadi was claimed as hers too. She was like an energetic sunbeam filling the lives she touched with brightness. He frowned…he could not pin point when the affection for the bubbly 'hurricane on two legs' had turned to something deeper.


 Love for her had grown in him unaware gradually changing it's textures and flavours as he grew from a boy to man. He realized these changes too late or didn't want to question himself about why he started to notice her appearance with more than a casual glance, why he started to think about her in moments of solitude with a soft dreamy smile, why he started to feel irritated and at times down right angry when he noticed other boys looking at her.


Still he had fought it, considered it highly inappropriate to lust after his friend Adi's sister who was 6 years younger to him. The awareness was like an undercurrent, pulling him deeper and deeper into the vortex of desire by a casual touch or a mere glance.  This Summer he had tried his best to avoid being alone with her once he started noticing her eyes following him…he knew she was puzzled by his sudden withdrawal… but how could he make her understand that as long as the desire was one sided he was able to reign it in …by mocking himself for being attracted to an innocent.  But there was something different about Geet now…. She seemed more bold and confident, as if she was determined to get a response from him.  Capturing his eyes in intense eye-locks, cornering him at unexpected moments, an innocent touch with deliberation she was bent on driving him crazy. He had tried to keep her at bay talking about other girls, flirted with his old classmate in front of her. Nothing worked finally he was driven to hide himself in his room with the excuse of working on a project. But she wouldn't let him be. She caught him playing games in the lap top in his room.


"So this is the project work you have to finish with urgency?" she scoffed.


"What are you doing here Geet? Can't you knock before entering my room?" he asked angry at being caught.


"I would have if I was certain you were really working and not making excuses to avoid me." His raised voice didn't seem to have any impact on her.


"So you have become 'trikal Jnani' now, have you?" he tried sarcasm.


"You never work with music on." she said calmly still unaffected. "You don't refute that you were avoiding me."


"Avoiding!" he let out a laugh. He took a couple of step away from her so as to avoid her eyes when he lied "Why should I? You are imagining things."


"You didn't stop when I called out to you when you were going out yesterday. You walk away when I come near you like you have done just now." Her voice was tinted with the pain she felt. "Tell me I am wrong." She placed her hand on his sleeve in pleading.


He could feel himself drowning in those chocolate eyes. He wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss the pout off her lips.


. "Why are you doing this Maan? Can't you see I …I …"


 He brushed her hand off.


"Go home Geet ." he said not wanting her to say anything that will make it difficult for him to  hold on to his attitude.


"You can't even stand my touch." Her eyes filled over. "Tell me what did I do wrong? Whatever it is I am sorry."


"Did I say you did something wrong?" he couldn't let her believe that.


"Then why?" she pleaded. "Tell me Maan, why are you behaving like this. You wouldn't watch a movie with me. You didn't take me for a ride in your bike like you always do. But you have time for everyone else. You go out with Adi every evening." She paused then continued in a lower voice, "You danced with Parineeta at the party."


"People change and with that their priorities change."


"But you promised I will always be your girlfriend. You will always have time for me."




"Mannu,  Adi bhaiyya is saying you will forget me when you are back in school. He says you have lots of girl friends,"


Geet looked at Maan her eyes filling over.


"Never," Maan said glaring his reproach at the smirking Adi. "Know what, you can be my girlfriend for ever and ever."


"Promise?" Geet held out her hand.


"Promise." He placed his over hers. "Now stop crying."




"You are still serious about that? A promise made to a little girl who was crying, who didn't even know the real meaning of the word? Aren't you mature enough to distinguish between kindness and liking?"


"Are you telling me you were just being kind to me whenever you spent time with me?" she asked desperate. "That you didn't like me even a bit?"


Then shook her head and muttered, "I am such a fool! Of course you were showing off your kindness else why should Maan Singh Khurana even spare me a glance. Now Geet has grown up, so mission 'kindness to Geet' over."


He looked at her aghast at what he had let her think in his attempt to keep her off.


"Geet …I didn't mean…"she cut him off by raising her hand.


"I won't trouble you anymore." With that she turned on her heals and ran away not listening to his attempts to stop her.


He didn't see her for the next couple of days….not even a glimpse. He tried tentatively to find out about her absence. Dadi said she was down with migraine attack. She wouldn't take his calls and made excuses when he tried to meet her. Then she took off, to her friend Pinky's sister's wedding. The door to her balcony remained shut. Their roles had reversed. She was avoiding him.


The unexpected thunder storm, that put an end to the tom and jerry game.


The rain drew him to the balcony, remembering the fascination someone had for it. Sure enough she was in the balcony becoming reacquainted with rain. Her slender hands moved up and down, cupping and scattering the raindrops and jumping with the thrill of feeling the cool drops falling on her. She lifted her face towards the sky, cupped her hands over it and ran them off her face and down her wet hair in a fluid motion. The movement drew his attention to her curves….she had a beautiful figure, so lithe and graceful. As if she was aware of his thoughts the innocent dance turned to one of seduction, with sensual grace she wrapped her arms around herself as if imagining a lover's hug. Her hips swaying  to some imagined music as she spun herself slowly. Her arms opened in caressing movement touching her heart first, moving across her chest to fling them wide in surrender, surrendering herself to the nature. His legs moved forward hypnotized by the dance of the enchantress.


Lightning flashed breaking the spell. She stood paralysed, eyes closed and hands over her ears to hold off the sound of the thunder. She was back to his sweet si  Mishti who was scared of thunder and lightning. He jumped the parapet and reached her.


Her put his arms around her and tried to draw her close into the shelter of his arms as he had done one summer long back. Then, she had clung to him, choking him with her tight hold. He had sung to distract her. But now she stood stiff, rejecting the comfort he offered. Then she broke free crying, "Go away. I don't want your support."


He held her by the shoulder when she would have moved away and said, "I'm sorry."


"Keep your apology and your kindness. I don't want it." He could see the tears she tried to hide by turning her head away.


His thumb moved in a caress on her collarbone and she shivered.


"Then what do you want?...bolo na Geet," his voice lowered to a caressing breath near her ear.


She looked at him, dazed by the glimmer in his eyes. Her heart started to pound. She tried to look away but he wouldn't let her. He raised his hand to touch her cheek, "what do you want from me? Tell me and it is yours."


She was confused by this sudden change in him.. "Leave me alone…. I don't want to talk to you." she wanted to shout, but the words came out in a whisper, shocking her with it's husky timbre.


"Don't be angry with me, Mishti. I can't bear it when you are. These past days seemed like an eternity…"


His face held a strange intensity, mesmerising her to immobility.


"I am tired of fighting destiny …I know I shouldn't, but …I need to…"


 He lowered his head to nuzzle her ear and she shivered again. His breath hot against her rain kissed skin. She was overwhelmed by the sensations he invoked, sensations that were new in it's intensity which frightened her as much as it thrilled. His lips grazed over her cheek, gliding over the soft skin cooled by the summer rain, making it warm and alive under his touch. Her knees went weak and she grabbed at his shirt for leverage, her fingers feeling the beat of the heart that was as rapid as hers. His lips touched hers gently, brushing back and forth in the softest of caress, coaxing her lips to part.


Lighting flashed again, bringing back the reality. She broke free and took a step back, shaking her head to clear her mind of the heady passion that had her in it's grip. She touched her lips with trembling hands. She had let Maan kiss her. Babaji ! What had she done….


She looked at him standing there with burning eyes. The shimmering rain drops added a unique appeal to his handsome face. A soft smile stretched across his lips and he reached out a hand to cup her cheek. She dashed it away, angry now…angry at herself for falling for his charm, angry at him for making her feel so…so shattered.


"For god's sake leave me alone, Maan . Stop playing with me." She whirled away wishing for the safety of her room to give went to the tears that threatened.


He catches her hand and forces her to stop.


Jaana suno hum tum pe marte hain

 Tumse mohabbat karte hain


She turns to look at him, holding her breath on hearing him sing. He holds her eyes captured in his.


Chaahat meri haseen koi gunaah hai nahin


He takes a step closer and raises his hand to caress her cheek.


Ye jo mohabbat hai

 Yehi to ibaadat hai


He raises her hand and places it on his heart and moves his over her heart.


To phir aao pyaar mein jalayein dil

 Jalke bujh na paayein dil


 Feeling shy, she breaks free and runs away. Then stops, hesitating…



Hai apni manzil yahin pe

 Aa ab kahin na ja


She turns to look him. He stretches his arms wide, inviting her to come back to him.


Tum kahin bhi jaao yahin pe hai aana

 Ki dil ka dil hai thikaana


She rushes back and is enclosed in a tight hug.


Jaana suno hum tum pe marte hain

 Tumse mohabbat karte hain


He croons into her ear.


On her birthday Maan gave her a dozen red roses and said solemnly, "I will love you till the last rose dies!"


Pinky who was with Geet was shocked. "Only for so long?" She demanded on behalf of her friend.


"Uh Uh." He replied with a soft smile his eyes on Geet.


Geet raised the roses to smell them, feeling a bit let down and found that one of them was fake. She raised her eyes to his and found the victory sparkling in them along with abundance of tenderness.

"I love you Maan, until eternity." She reached up to  press her lips to his cheek.

Entry #2

Geet had always been, for lack of a better word, fidgety. She just HAD to be doing something at all times, and that something didn't include sleeping-except for the imperative night-time sleep that she allowed her tired body to cherish. And this habit annoyed Rano no end. She, unlike her daughter needed her rest-an afternoon nap to recharge her after slogging with her kids and household work since morning. So, often she would force her to sleep besides her, if possible, holding her hand.

Geet understood that her mom needed to rest, as she had explained to her. But, she couldn't help it! She could NOT sleep in the afternoon! Why waste your time sleeping when you could be out doing something more interesting, more fun? She loved to do a lot of things. She loved reading the story books her mom brought for her; she loved to paint and would often use up her stock of colors within a week. She also loved to play, but there weren't many kids nearby to play with and her own siblings found her too young to play with her- she was 5 and 7 years younger to her old brother and sister respectively. Thinking of painting again this evening, Geet slowly and very cautiously slipped out of her mother's hold and without making any noise, slipped out of the room. She had a doubt that her mom knew that she slips out every afternoon, but they sort of had a silent understanding that Geet wouldn't go out of the house and her mom would sleep in peace.

Humming to herself, the 8-year old made her way to the other part of the house-one that was named Bhoot Bangla by her, simply because of the fact that when their decade old tenants vacated the place a few months ago, the place seemed to scary, too ghastly without them. The name had stuck and it was referred to by it by everyone in their family of seven now. However, there was nothing even remotely scary about the place. It was more like a collection of storerooms now, one of which housed her painting supplies and had a small window. It was there that Geet would sit and paint silently, sometimes staring at the sunlight streaming in from the window. Before she could enter, her Daadi came out and smiled a knowing smile looking at her youngest grandkid, who could not sit idle for a moment.

Geet made her way inside and began to paint. After several failed attempts and spoiled sheets, she gave up. She was bored! She didn't feel like painting; she felt like going out of the house to play. But, she knew Rano would be angry and would forcefully make her sleep from the following day. So, she sadly went out, thinking of going to the terrace but was stopped by her Daadi.


"Je daadiji",, she stopped to listen to  her Daadi.

"Aaj painting nahin karni?", Daadi asked looking at the slightly sad expression on her poti's face.

"Nahin daadi. Main bore ho gayi. Mujhe bahar jaana hai. Par…", she stopped thinking of her Mom.

"Par mummy ki daant se darr rahi hai, yahi na?", Daadi asked.

When Geet nodded, she said, "Koi nahin! Khurana uncle hai na, hamare padosi, unka Pota aaya hai do din pehle chuttiyon ke liye,tu unke ghar jaake uske saath khel le.Uncle ke ghar jaane se mummy bhi naaraz nahin hongi, aur tum dodno bachhe bore bhi nahin hoge"

Geet's face lit up as she swiftly ran up the stairs to her terrace and gleefully climbed to the other side of the wall connecting her house to the Khurana house. She always used this way, and the Khuranas, who had been family friends for over 10 years now, were used to this. So, it came as no surprise when she climbed down their stairs and straight away entered the kitchen, and asked Daadi for her new friend and playmate.

"Maan! Idhar aana beta", called out Daadi and Geet came to know the name of the kid who was supposed to stay for the duration of the summer vacations.

A boy, who looked almost her age, or maybe a bit older came into the kitchen and she immediately introduced herself and dragged him to the terrace.

"Pata hai, I was sooo bored. Mujhe khelna hai,aur yahan koi bhi nahin hai", she pouted as Maan looked on shocked by the girl who came as a whirlwind and dragged him here.

"Par ab tum aa gaye ho na. Batao kya khelen?", she cutely asked him and then without waiting for an answer started her rant once again.

"Chup, Bilkul chup!", Maan said sternly when he saw that she was in no mood to listen to him.

"Dusht Dhanav….",he heard her mutter under her breath and almost smiled at her cute expression.

He thought for a moment. He had been there for two days and was utterly bored himself. So,he suggested a game and they played till dusk when she ran away, promising to meet him next afternoon. He too went back, happy to have found someone to play with.

So began their friendship, as every afternoon Geet would slip out of her Mom's grasp and Maan would be waiting for her either on his or her terrace and together they would play tag, or other games or go find those coloured rocks that Geet liked from the construction material on the terrace adjacent to theirs. Those two months of summer vacations, they became inseparable.

And then, it was time to depart. They said a tearful goodbye to each other. They would remember each other and for a few days, both were sad, but then, young kids move on quick, they had their school friends back. They met again, the following summer and renewed their friendship.

Every summer, he would come back and they would spend two months together blissfully. As they had turned older, he continued to go there, for the girl that was now becoming a part of his life-even if he saw her just two months a year. He had seen what a sweet girl lay within the Chattery exterior. He adored her kindness and affection towards everyone. For that he had nicknamed her Mishti. They had discussed the prospect of keeping in touch via letters, but then decided not to, to keep the excitement of the precious two months alive.

10 years later (from their first meeting)

Geet took a deep breath as she prepared herself to go meet him, trying hard not to cry. He was leaving the next day-for the US; for 5 long years. He had told her just a week back and they had tried to spend as much time with each other as possible in the last seven days. Though they were both grown-ups now, both 18, they still loved to do simple things together. He knew she loved going to the park, playing around and he went along with her. They would go when it was dark and the kids left and play. She knew he liked to sit by the stream that flowed close by and so they would go there in the afternoons and sit under the shade of the Mango tree there. They had been friends for a decade now and their families had no problem. In the morning, they would get up early, take their bicycles and ride on deserted roads, soaking up the early morning freshness.

Though they had been friends for so long, this year, he had become something more for her. She had accepted to herself that she liked him as more than a friend. But, she didn't know how he felt. Add to it the weird ways of their relationship-meeting just for 60 days and then almost forgetting each other for the rest of the 10 months. There was no doubt about the fact that they had never really forgotten each other, but her fears were not unfounded. So, she kept her feelings to herself. Sometimes when they sat by the stream, she would feel him watching her in an almost revered way, but then she would scold herself for imagining things. After all, had he felt something, he would have told her. If there was one thing about him that she admired the most, it was his forthrightness. If he felt something, he believed in accepting it. So, if he felt something, he would say it. Right?

Pushing the thoughts away from her mind, she made her way out for their time by the stream. They were unusually silent that day. They didn't speak much anyways, but that was because they understood each other pretty well. Their silences were comforting, not uncomfortable. But, today was different. The silence that hung between them was heavy- heavy with emotions; as if both had a lot to say but no words to say it. The impending goodbye hung heavy on their minds. He had to leave in the night so this was the last time they were meeting before they left. Geet had refused to come see him off. She couldn't see him go away. The stormy weather reflected the thunder storm brewing within their hearts.

Lost in thoughts they didn't notice the sky changing color, the minutes ticking away, till a faint red in the sky signaled the end of their meeting. They both rose.

Trying to bring some fake enthusiasm in her voice, Geet started, "So, all set for tonight?"

"Hmmm…", Maan replied slowly, looking at her as if trying to read something on her face.

Geet averted her eyes, afraid of them reflecting her heart's desires.


The way he whispered her name, she couldn't stop herself from looking towards him and in that moment, she saw her own feelings reflected in his eyes, along with sadness and helplessness at the distance that would invariably creep between them in a few hours.

After a moment, he said a soft Goodbye and left, leaving her standing there, fighting the conflicting feelings of happiness at what she saw, and sadness at what could never be.

Maan had left. Her first love had remained incomplete. But, he would stay within her till eternity.


5 years later

It had been 5 years since he had last seen him. About the same duration since she had last heard of him. After all, he had left no contact number with her and the Khurana family, struck with unexpected tragedy just a week after his departure had shifted to another city.

5 years in which he might have forgotten her.

5 years in which she should have forgotten him. But she didn't. She couldn't.

She liked to believe she tried, but in her heart, she knew, she didn't want to. She didn't want to let go of him. She still yearned for him. More than anything, she yearned for the friend that made her summers colorful.

It was her friend's wedding day. Pinky's wedding day and she was getting her ready, somewhere imagining herself in Pinky's place, getting ready for him.

But, she was alone. He wasn't there. Maybe that was her destiny.

One of Pinky's younger cousin sisters' rushed into the room and said, "Geet didi! Please Chalo na! Adi Jeeju's friends are very Akkhadd! They are refusing to give us our Shagun for entering the Mandap"

Getting into her happy mode for her friend and the kids waiting for her, she took her hand and said, "Chal! Main bhi dekhti hoon kaise nahin dete! Aakhir ham bhiadiyal saaliyaan hain. Aise nai chodenge Jeeju ko", and walked away winking at Pinky.

On her way to the entrance of the Mandap,beautifully decorated with roses, the girl filled her in as to how one of Jeeju's friend was the leader and was causing them trouble.

As the girl pointed out the so-called friend, she felt everything stop as she saw the familiar broad shoulders that seemed to have become even broader, the arms that showed strength, the straight jawline which somehow seemed sexier, and those eyes that seemed……Just the Same!

It was him!

She saw the twinkle that came in his eye the moment he saw her, saw the smirk make its way onto his face. Saw as he firmly held his ground standing with Jeeju, challenging her with his eyes. All around her the saalis were egging her to help them and she decided to take-up the challenge that he silently offered. She slowly moved towards him, keeping her eyes locked with his, trying to keep her concentration at the task at hand, praying not to get lost in those pools that were sucking her in, and secretly enjoying the emotions displayed bare in his eyes.

He looked on as she made her way directly towards him; he didn't notice when she took the scissors from him; didn't notice when she signaled her accomplices to target his sweet and gullible friend,Adi, and got her way; or maybe he did!

Maybe he didn't care. Maybe that's what he wanted all along- to get her close to him, with him.

As there was sudden chaos and cheers all around and the Baaraatis merrily pushed in after the Saalis had received their Shagun, he pulled her away from the gate, to the side, which was now deserted as everyone had gone in and said, "I love you!"

That's what she loved about him. No pretences, no warnings, straight to the point. But, she had questions.

As if reading her mind, he spoke again,"Yes! I was already in love with you when I left but didn't want to bind you to myself when you had a life here, thousands of miles away from me. I couldn't take away your right to fall in love again, to move on and that's why I never contacted you while I was away"

"After coming back, the first thing I did was to come here and coincidentally, my best friend was about to get married to yours. I discreetly found out that you weren't seeing anyone so I thought I deserve a chance to at least confess what I feel for you"

Looking into his expectant eyes, she didn't wait at all!

"I love you too", she spoke out jumping in his arms and he hugged her back tightly.

"I am taking you away…very soon….no more summer romances, I want you with me, in all seasons, throughout my life", he gave words to his heart's wishes.

"Likewise Mr. Khurana! But, before you take me away, I have a condition", she said seriously.

"What?", Maan asked confused and somewhat scared.

"Promise that we will come back here every summer, and fall in love all over again"

"Sure, Would-be-Mrs. Khurana", he smiled and gathered her back into his arms, to never let go.

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 ENTRY #3 

It is 4 pm on a very hot summer afternoon.  Maan & Geet are cuddled in bed taking a nap in their luxurious air conditioned master bedroom.  The phone rings which wakes up Maan.  He moves their soft quilt off to the side & directs his enticing eyes towards his wife.  The phone stops ringing. 


He whispers; "my sleeping beauty".  Geet is looking angelic in a pleasant lavender color lingerie .  Maan with his bare top in his black boxers slides over her, closer to her face.  Geet moans "what's the time ?".   Maan puts his long index finger on her lip and says "chup, bilkul chup".  Geet smiles affectionately as Maan  glides on top of her.


As Geet leaves for the washroom, she says;  "Maan, could you please check if we have any voice mail  from Pinky, I promised  to take her shopping".   Maan checks & responds that Pinky is coming over to meet up with Geet at 5 pm.  Geet says;  " Hey Babaji, I have to take a shower & get ready soon then".   Maan immediately runs into the washroom & says "no problem my love, let me help you".   Geet starts to say something, but in a jiffy, our "genie" grabs a towel  & stands tall under the shower with water trickling down his hair,  onto his  grinning, "puppy" face & downwards.  Geet walks towards him with her eyes wide-opened , pinches his nose  & says "thank you dhust dhanav, will I not be indebted to you for eternity?" & grinds her teeth.  Maan slides the shower door saying "I promise you that you will be ready on-time".


In the living room, as Adi & Pinky arrive & are taking Dadi's blessings, Maan & Geet join them.  Dadi says she is so happy & thankful to Babaji, that finally her only other dream came true; Adi & Pinky are married.  Pinky blushes as she hides her face behind Geet.  Geet turns around & hugs her saying "this is destiny".  Maan also hugs Adi & says "come on buddy, bolo no, on your first night, who belled the cat?  What exactly did you use the roses for?  What was the rate of your heart beat?".   Adi is shy as Maan winks at Geet & she blushes too.  Dadi looks at Maan & says "naughty boy".


The four of them say bye to Dadi as they leave for shopping for Adi & Pinky's honeymoon trip.  Adi goes to sit in the front seat of the car with Maan when Geet says to him  "what is this? Don't make us kabab-mein-haddis" & she laughs.  Adi  sits at the back with Pinky.  Maan is driving, looks through is rear-view mirror & tells Geet "look at them, we both can actually sit in between them, there is that much space".  Before Geet could turn back & look, Adi quickly pulls Pinky closer & they lock their hands.  Geet smiles at Maan .  Maan has this proud look as he smiles back at Geet.


Geet tells Maan it is so hot, he has to stop for ice-cream.  At the store, Maan orders two ice-cream cones of huckleberry ice-cream.  He gives one to Adi & starts licking the other one.  Adi & Pinky exchange confused looks.  Geets tells Adi & Pinky to go sit at a small table in the corner, while she with her elbow in Maans' motions him to sit diagonally across from them.


Adi gives the cone to Pinky & she starts eating slowly.  Maan & Geet fight passionately for each other's turn to lick the ice-cream.  Adi tells Pinky "these two are too much, aren't they" & Pinky just nods.  She finishes all the ice-cream, with a little bit dripping from her right cheek.  Adi says "do you know they both have been watching us throughout, so we better do something".  Pinky is all shy & says "what?".  Adi  moves closer to her & uses his lips to wipe her cheek clean.  Maan & Geet come towards them & Geet says "not bad haan" & they all laugh out loud as they head back to the car.


Adi asks Maan why he stopped at a Spa.  Maan says to buy some lotion for massage duties on their honeymoon.  Pinky innocently asks why they need that.  Maan says "well well, Mr.Adi, to show your kindness towards your newly-wedded wife, you have to massage her every night".  Geet says "wow, lucky you Pinky, the great Maan Singh Khurana is sparing you by not saying all the time".  Pinky says "Geet, do you really mean?" & she stops & covers her face.  Maan says "don't worry Pinky, it is very simple, just turn over & sleep on your tummy & Adi will  handle it all".  Adi bends his head down in shame & Geet looks at Maan & says "are you going to use your Bluetooth to give him cues" & they all crack up.


Geet says "oh no, gaya bhais panni mein" as she sees the store where Maan stops next.  Maan tells Geet & Pinky to wait in the car, as he motions Adi to go with him.  Maan picks up a specific brand of after-shave lotion.  Adi tells him he does not use these type of stuff & Maan says "well, you don't have to, it will just be a mistake".    


Maan laughs & explains that he has to spray it accidentally  on Pinky's cheeks & then say "sorry, I didn't mean to do that, but don't want to waste it, right?", & then rub his cheeks against hers to get it all off onto his.  Adi  couldn't control  blushing, so Maan says "I know Adi, kuch kuch horarahai na, but save that with Pinky".  Adi  says "you are too much Sir".


As they continue to drive, Maan observes Pinky whispering into Adi's ears, so he nudges Geet to look too.  She blurts out "oye Pinky, what is it you are hiding from us?".  Adi says "nothing much, she is thirsty, that's all".  Maan says "oh, this is a serious problem" & stops the car .  


He goes & gets a bottle of  fanta with two straws & gives it to Adi.  He asks Pinky if any demo is required by Geet & him.  Geet says "some people cannot think of anything else" & tells Pinky "Mr.Kadoos is so generous, he has given you two straws so you can drink faster" & she starts laughing.  Maan is furious as he looks at her indicating she will pay for this later.  Adi says "don't worry Geet, I know all of honeymoon-101 well, I can prove that I have passed my internship". 


Geet & Pinky look at each other a bit baffled, as they did not expect such a response from Adi.  Geet says it feels like something hit her really hard from nowhere.  Maan says he can fix that later by hitting her with something very crisp, yet will feel soft.  Adi says "now that sounds like a much higher-level lesson".  Maan says "of course Adi, you are not there yet, now just focus on what you have learnt, don't try to take a leap".  Adi says "yes boss". 


He takes one of the straws & gives it to Geet.  She takes it with a "oh my" expression.  Adi tells Pinky to sip some, she does, then Adi looks at Maan & takes his first sip.  Maan says "see Geet".  Then Adi goes closer to Pinky, tells her to sip some more & he is so close for his next turn that he ends up brushing her lips.  Pinky is startled !  Maan pouts at Geet & Geet says "sorry Maan, your trainee just took a sneaky leap".  Maan says "isn't it true that the student is always better than the teacher?".  They all grin at each other.


Adi & Pinky get dropped at their home.  Maan & Geet wish them a safe trip as they leave for their honeymoon the next day.  Geet tells Pinky "careful, don't come back throwing up".  Maan turns towards Geet & whispers "when will you do that?".  Geet says "lo karlo baath".  Adi says "you both don't worry, I will make sure she eats cooked food & drinks clean water, I can take care of her in that department".  Maan looks at him & says "lo karlo baath".  Geet hits Maan on his shoulder as they drive off looking at each other with passionate smiles..


Dadi asks as Maan & Geet walk in how their day went & Geet says "ask the proud Guru, I am off to bed, goodnight Dadi".  Maan says "Dadddiii, you should be proud of your naughty grandson".  They both smirk at each other as they exchange "goodnight".


Maan walks into the room with a bowl of ice-cubes.  Geet is already in bed.  He changes into his night-suit, snuggles by her side & takes some ice-cubes & starts putting them on her forehead.  She asks "do you have a plan?" to which he says "koi shaq".  Geet says "oh-ho, I would never make a mistake of doubting you the great Mr. Khurana". 


Maan turns the lights off & tells Geet that he made sure he turned the air conditioner off too.  He says "I love you Mishti".  Geet responds "hello - I love you more than you love me".  Maan says "no maam, see I kept my promise of "crisp, yet soft, just like the golgappes that you yearn for.  So, tell me now, how does it feel?".   Geet says "yummy, but one question, it was such a typical hot summer day, why do I feel like we are going to be hit by a thunder storm pretty soon?".  Maan says "because we rock".  Geet responds "acha, I thought we just bump to stun".  Maan moans "kantap now Mishti!!!".


 ENTRY #4 

MUMBAI, May 2012


"Come on Geet, what is wrong with you?" Pinky asked exasperated.


"Nothing Pinks." Geet said gloomily.


"Yeah right," Pinky said rolling her eyes, "Summer is going to begin, summer vacations are going to start, and here look at you, all brooding. I mean you                should be happy."


"I know, but this time I am not."


"Just because your parents are taking you to Delhi, you are sulking, isn't it?"


Geet made a pouting face and nodded.


"Uff ho Geet, relax. Take it in a positive sense. You will know whether you love Dev or not."


"Pinky," Geet shouted, "I love Dev and he loves me. There is no doubt about it. And you know it very well. I don't know what's the problem with Dev and me being in a relationship."


"Because he is not right for you, we are still in school, and he is in college, where he has numerous girlfriends. And you don't want to see it."


"Not a word against Dev. You know I will not tolerate it. I love him, and trust him." And then she took her bag and left for home.


"Babaji, please do something. This Dev is not right. She trusts him blindly not knowing he is just using her for his own selfish reasons, playing with her heart. How many times I have tried to make her see his true face, but he manages to escape. I want my friend to be happy. Please bring someone in her life who will truly love and cherish her."




NEW DELHI, 2 Weeks later


"Adi bhaiya, where are you going? Please take me with you, please, pretty please. I am getting bored at home." Geet tried to make her cousin understand whereas he was refusing.


"Geet, try to understand, I am going out with my college friends. I will take you some other time, and we will spend the whole day together."


Geet make a crying face and replied, "You always say this. It has been a week since I came here and nobody takes me out. Pari didi goes out with her friends and you with yours, and nobody takes me with them, saying I am a kid. I will not talk to any of you."


And she ran to her room crying. Her mother father had left her here while they went to Hoshiyarpur to meet some other relatives. They knew Geet will not go to a village, so they left her with her tauji in Delhi.


And now she was stuck in the house with no one to take her out. Her both cousins, were elder to her and they went out with their friends, leaving the kid, Geet, to sulk at home.


Adi or Aditya Handa knew that if she began crying then he is doomed, because he can never see his cutie Geetu crying, and now he has said no to her. He did not want to, but what can he do when in his group all were guys and no girls. He did not want any of his guy friends to look at his baby sister in other ways, and he knew if Geet goes with him, then it would be really hard for him to manage her, as she is too nave to understand their not so nice looks, after all they are guys, though his friends, but anyone who sees Geet just goes speechless because of her beauty. But more than that, he has made her cry and now he only has to pacify her.


He took out his mobile and made a call, "Hi Yash……..Listen, I will not be able to accompany you guys today……I have some other important work which just came up.………Okay dude, bye."


He made his way to his Geetu's room, to take her out.




After lot of promises to his cutie, they finally made their way out to DLF Emporio, to fulfill her wishes.


"Come on Geet, I'm tired."


"No, Adi bhaiya, you can't be. You have promised me, remember."


Aditya sighed, there is no way out. They went to Food Court to have something, with of course Geet's long list of food items also. Poor Aditya made his way to get her everything that his cutie had ordered.


She was getting bored sitting all alone, so she got up looking for her brother.


Lost in her own world she was roaming looking for her brother, not seeing where she was heading, she collided into something or rather someone.


"Oh, I am sorry, really sorry. I wasn't looking where I was walking."


"Buzz off, you girls just need an excuse to get closer to guys like me."


"Listen you, I did not deliberately do this and I apologized for it because I was at fault. You need not shout at me."


"Whatever," he said and went his way, not wanting to remain in her close proximity anymore. It was already driving him insane being close to her.




"Dusht Danav it the right word for him Adi bhaiya, he did even listen to what I was saying and went away." She was ranting to her brother about the strange boy with whom she had collided, while Adi was listening to her silently knowing she won't stop until and unless she takes it all out.


"Hey Adi," they heard someone calling.


Adi looked in that direction and got up to greet a guy, the same guy, Geet collided with, and to say she was fuming would be very less.


"Hey Maan, when did you come back from London?"


"Yesterday only. I was missing you all, so thought what better time to spend with my friends than the summer days, just like the old times."


"Definitely, good to see you back. Here, let me introduce you to Geet, you remember her, my cousin from Mumbai."


"Not that much, I do remember a chubby little girl always running around us to include her in whatever we play."


Adi laughed while Geet fumed.


"Come on Maan, she is a big girl now," and whispered, "and still the same."


They all seated together and enjoyed, well mainly Maan and Aditya, while Geet was once again sidelined. In fact they were remembering the old days and teasing her.




Few days later


"Babaji, ye aapne kahan phasa diya, ye Dusht Danav to mere piche he pad gaya hai. He just irritates me to no end. Jabse aaya hai, bus yahi par rehta hai aur mujhe tang karne ken aye bahane dhundhta hai. Please Babaji, do something."


Ever since meeting her in the mall, Maan used to come to Adi's home regularly to spend time with him, well actually to tease Geet and he left no stone unturned to make her mad at him.


Even now he was listening to her speaking to her Babaji as she always did in childhood. How can he not remember her, she was always there in his thoughts, always in his heart, how can he not remember his Mishti.


"I promise you Mishti, I will make you fall in love with me. Only I know how I have spent my time away from you, but not no more. I will not let destiny take control from now on." He was thinking while standing near her room, listening to her.


"You, what are you doing here? Just get lost from here," Geet came charging towards him when she saw him entering her room, and that too without knocking.


She continued to speak but was interrupted, when Maan jerked her and pinned her to the wall.


"Chup, bilkul chup," Geet was just lost looking in his eyes, which spoke only of concern, affection, and maybe more which she was unable to fathom.


"Kitna bolti ho tum. Now listen to me Mishti, I have waited long enough, and now I can't anymore. I am leaving tomorrow for London," Geet's heart was filled with some unknown emotion, her heart felt heavy, listening that he was leaving. Though he irritated her, but she always felt a connection with him, like his presence just makes her all the more alive.


"I just wanted to capture your heart before I leave. And by looking at you, I think I have."


"What….what are you saying? Listen tum…"


"No, you listen, I will be back soon, and when I do you won't be able to run away from me as you always do. Understand, wait for me, I will come."


He kissed her on her forehead, and he just left from there, without saying anything more.




MUMBAI, one week later


She was still not able to forget him, his eyes, his words, his arms on her. It was only later did she realize the intensity of his words.


That he loved her, and later she also realized that she also felt something for him, something she never felt when Dev was near her.


She broke up with him after one week. It was the best summer for her, and she experienced a new way of life, a way of love.




Every day she used to get a single red rose while entering her school, first she was puzzled, but after one week, a note came with it.


"Don't worry Mishti, it is your Dusht Danav only."


She was left surprised, she never knew that he would be the one sending her this, when he was miles away. It just made her believe in him more.


Only one more person other than her, knew about it, her friend Pinky, who more more than happy to know that her friend has found someone who loved her. And though Pinky never met him, but his gestures proved it to her, that Maan really loved her.


Even when Geet went to college, the roses did not stop coming, it was like he always knew where his Mishti is.


His acts did not stop at Geet only, he even wished Pinky on her birthdays sending a gift, Pinky was bowled over his kindness.


Geet used to wonder why did Pinky get a gift from him, little did she know that it is Pinky only, who was talking to him and making sure that his Mishti was fine




While she just waited for him because he promised to come.





MUMBAI, 2016


She stood all dressed in her wedding outfit, the thunderstorms in her heart rising, waiting for her love to take her away.

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 ENTRY # 5

It was bright sunny day on goan beach...geet and her friends just had a wash in the sea...playing, spraying water on eachother...thats when her eyes caught a sight to behold, it was a couple smooching in the open sea...geet got fascinated looking them, and kept ogling looking at the passion and intimacy...and that's when her friends dragged her out...geet got highly irritated, as it was her most cherished fantasy...yes she had this fantasy to kiss and make out in open air, under moonlight...her friends somehow made her sit on the beach side put some brains in her head...geet pouted, twisting her lips...


"uff girls get a life...I was just ogling at it a crime????????" geet laid on the bench...wearing her dark shade sunglasses...



"geet grow up was there private moment for god sake" pinky her best friend gritted with anger...


"yup private moment...I can see that" geet grinned slyly...winking at pinky...



"geet yaar tera kuch nahi ho sakta" pinky sighed...


"ya ofcoures, you all will now say this to you all have boyfriends and what about me...i am feeling left out" she pouted...



"ohhh baby, you know why you are single now just stop cribbing on that, as we cant help it" pinky raised her hands in air...


"look I know I am single just because of my over possessive brother...he wont allow me to have any serious affair" geet exclaimed...



"hmm good girl, you know your limits" pinky sighed in relief, but then got alerted looking at her naughty expressions..."whats cooking in your devil mind?????


"nothing...was just thinking to have a summer fling" geet casually it was nothing...



"what" all the girls shouted in union...


"girls just calm down...isn't summer's filled with breaking the rules, ignoring your head, and following your heart" geet got up enacting with her hands...


"are you out of your mind...what if brij bhai gets to know this..." pinky feared...


"ya but how will he come to know...we are in goa, enjoying our one is here to spy on me...and I hope you all will act as true faithful friends right" geet pointed her finger, intimidating them...raising her eyebrows, asking for their consent...


All the girls nodded in yes...but later geet made them understand, that this will be the only time, she can enjoy her life freely, as when she gets back...she would have to act like a sweet obedient daughter...


"so from now we will start hitting over guys on the beach" geet high-fived, laughing hysterically...


Pinky shook her head in disbelief, looking at geet's excitement...but then could not hold back the urge to ask her how she wants her fling to look like...


"He should be handsome with sexy, masculine body...should be tall with an hoarse sexy voice...fair or wheatish bhi chalega...and most importantly he should have a perfect M- shaped know for what right" geet winked at her naughty smile...pinky was stunned with her audacity and started running behind geet who ran towards a group of boys playing beach volley ball...



At the same time some where in goa, a guy was marching back and forth in his hotel room, highly raged...he looked at the trembling adi(his assistant) standing infront of him with his dadi...


"this is not fair dadi...I cant belive aapne yeh sab mere saath kiya" he brushed his hair back in sheer irritation...

"you fooled me, the Maan Singh Khurana...infront of whom the whole world fears to even voice there opinion" he now looked at adi, boring into his him his most intimidating look, scaring the hell out of his already trembling form...


"maan, adi ko darana band kijiye...unhone hamara kehne pe apse jhoot bola" dadi tried to calm him...


"Yes dadi its you who brought me here in goa, on the pretext of some official client meeting"...he gritted his teeth...then made a thoughtfull face...

"umm let me see, client meeting on the beach, bathing in the sun...whats the dress code dadi, swim suit right" he laughed maniacally...he was angry but dadi somehow managed to convince him to stay back just for few days...


"dadi you  are great, for now you have receded the thunderstorm...but what will happen when maan sir comes to know your real intentions" adi could not hold back his anxiety, as they moved out of maan's room...but dadi told him that she will manage it...



Maan had a quick shower, thinking over dadi's words...she was right, he is loosing his life behind work...but now for dadi's sake he will enjoy his time here...he came out wearing a towel, wiping his hair...he stood infront of his balcony and looked around smiling, as people where playing, swimming, surfing in sea...playing beach games, bathing, enjoying sun...thinking for a while, he called dadi, letting her know that he is moving towards the beach for surfing...


Maan wore his cargo pants, leaving his upper front bare...he took the surfing kit and got into the sea...the feeling was unique, like your are one with the wave...


Maan after playing for some time got out on the beach...he walked towards the bench, passing through a bunch of boys playing volley ball...the water was dripping from his torso, making his tanned skin look irresistibly sexy...his wet pants stuck to his skin, giving an perfect idea of whats hidden beneath...brushing his hair back he stood infront of the bench, wiping his body...clueless of the fact that a group of girls where drooling over his every move...



Geet was standing infront of  boys, ogling at them, passing flirty comments, and that's when maan passed by her...geet looked at maan without blinking her eyes...her hazels roamed all over his body, feasting on his every muscles...she blindly started following him, keeping her eyes glued on his sexy taut back, then moved little down towards his wet dripping pants, which were glued to his flesh...her mouth went dry, looking at his an unknown sensation ran all over her body, making her shiver with goosebumps...


"wow he is hott" exclaimed one of geet's friend, ogling on maan's body...


"hayyyeee yeh toh DD hai...dhak dhak" screamed pinky with geet angrily glared her..."oyeee tera boyfriend hai don't you dare, hit on him" geet warned, charging towards pinky and other they moved back scared with this wild cat..."kya jamana aa gaya hai...boyfriend hote hue bhi dusare ladke ko ched rahi ho" geet smirked, looking at the fear on their faces...then turned around looking at maan...


"he is my summer girls better stay as an spectator...and watch how I make him dance on my tunes" geet had that teasing excitement on her she started walking towards maan...


"Mind if I join you?????" geet said with confidence standing right besides maan...


"sorry" maan said raising his eye brows...geet walked close to him, brushing her arm with his...sat on his bench, glueing her creamy legs, close to his...she seductively looked at him...

" So you like the Sun and the sea, we have something in common" she said with elegances...

" I'm here independently by myself, hope you don't mind if you kept me company" she had that cute naughtiness plastered over her beautiful face...Maan got her intentions, may be she is flirting around...he smirked leaning on she moved back laying on the bench, grinning at her victory...maan hovered over her, giving his naughty smirk...then stopped just inches away from her lips, breathing on it..."try this tricks on some other fool, as I am simply not interested"...winking at her, he left from there with an crooked smile playing on his lips..."intresting" he exclaimed...


Geet pouted sitting up, stunned with his attitude...what he thinks of himself..."dhak dhak nahi...Dusht Danav hai" she looked at her friends who where laughing there heads off...geet stomped her foot with anger, and left from there...



Next day, maan, dadi and adi where waiting at the beach side lounge, when dadi told him about a girl, who is supposed to be here any moment……and she wants him to meet her for once...but before maan could deny, dadi saw sameera walking at a distance, and then pointed out her to maan looked at the direction, dadi left him alone...but maan saw geet playing with small kids, helping them prepare castle...he smiled looking at her innocence and kindness...he thought she is the girl dadi wants him to see...he started walking towards her, getting lost in her musical laughter..."mishty" he said in his trance...then smiled on his own thoughts...he stood in front of her, looking at her geet stood up, then twisted her lips, pouting with cute anger...maan laughed at her antics..."why are you laughing...yesterday you insulted me infront of my friends, wasn't that enough...aap na sach mai dushta danav ho..." she continued her cute blabbering, when maan pulled her by waist, gluing her to his body, shutting her mouth with his palm...


"chup bilkul chup" he spoke commanding her...captivating her with his alluring gaze...geet blinked her eyes couple of times...his intoxicating aroma was driving her crazy, as she moved her arms around his torso, caressing him above his shirt...maan looked at her shocked, her touch was driving him crazy...he just could not make out, what is happening between them...


"sorry for yesterday" he moved her curls, tucking it behind her ears..."I didn't knew who where you, till then" geet blinked looking at him innocently, not getting his words..."lets start all over again...I want to know you before we land ourselves in anything" he said genuinely, wanting to give a try atleast...



Later they started meeting on the beaches...spending time, talking endlessly...chasing one another, cracking some jokes...maan liked her company and was falling for her innocence...her smile, her antics, her naughty self, her beauty, everything attracted me...he liked her from the begning, knowing that she is his dadi's choice too...


And here geet too was madly falling for him...he was just like an dream, any girl would die for his one look...she was delighted with the fact that he was giving all his attention to her...pinky was happy looking at them together...she thought they are made for each other...but then she feared with geet's intentions to dump him, when she gets over with this summer fling...


It was night before geet was suppose to leave for her home town, both maan and geet where walking on the sea shore holding hands, soaking there feets in water...suddenly maan pulled her in his arms...geet kept looking at him with mixed emotions...she wanted this to continue, but knew they don't have future...maan cupped her face in his palms...


"wasn't we destined to meet" he stopped looking at her expression..."this is our destiny geet...i feel I have fallen in love with you" he leaned in closer and took her lips in his...kissed her passionately, yet demanding her to reciprocate...geet was stunned, as her most desired M-shaped lips landed on her yearning once...she could feel him nibbling on her lips...seeking for permission  to probe in her virgin mouth...she instantly parted her lips, giving in...sratching his shoulders, hugging him intimately...maan got wild with her approval and took her in his arms, pulling her up his body and kissed her for like eternity...licking, sucking and nibbling over every nook and corner of her flesh...


Geet's heart pounded in her ribs, as maan broke the kiss and carried her towards the sand...he gently lowered her down and leaned over her blushing form...they both where laying under the stars, with maan completely on geet...maan kissed her all over her face, then moved down towards the hollow of her neck, biting and sucking, leaving his mark...geet pulled him closer, snacking her arms all over his back...he came between her legs, as geet circled them around his hips...he grinded himself deep in her, kissing and licking every part of her body...they where making out under the moon, with there cloths on...finally quenching there desire, maan pulled out, laying on his back, taking her in his arms...geet kept her head close to his heart...hearing his thudding heartbeats...


"Geet you really wana go back...I mean I can ask dadi and fix our marriage pretty soon" he exclaimed hugging her close...


"umm I have too" geet said meekly not wanting to hurt him with her truth...


"geet you are not understanding I cant live without you now" he pushed her up his body, kissing her lips..."I promise I will always keep you happy"...


geet suddenly backed out from his hold...standing up, crying with her guilt..."kya hua jaan did I hurt you" maan cupped her face, bringing her closer...


"I am sorry...I don't love you" she whimpered...


"please mishty, this is not the time to joke" he kissed her again, fearing for his life slipping away...


"maan I was faking till was just an summer fling for me" she cried moving maan stood there shocked...


"I thought it was more than just a summer romance" he looked at her with pain...


 "just answer me geet, what was that, which we shared just few minutes back...was that your another fling" he grabbed geet by her shoulders...making her wince in pain...


"We lost our control and that was let me go" geet screamed with helplessness...and maan left her with pure rage...She ran from there, as maan kept looking at her retreating form...


And they parted away, with no clue of there where abouts...later maan came to know that she was not the girl whom he was suppose to meet...he cursed his stars for making him go through this pain...the pain of there love, which was burning him day and night...maan got himself involved in his work...he knew she was his first love, and its impossible for him to forget her ever...he loved her truly, although knowing the fact that she can never be his...



It was an usual office day. maan was busy in conference room, addressing his employees...and that's when he saw geet barging in, running towards him...he was stunned looking at her after whole 2 months...she looked the same, just little worn out, as she stood infront of him...maan blinked his eyes couple of times, assuring himself of her presence...


"hi" geet huffed, holding her stomach...then picked a rose from the vase...she kneeled down infront of him...pulled her hand up with that rose..."I love you still love me" she said breathing heavily...then waited for his reply...but maan was strangely numb...geet had tears in her hazels, thinking he hates her...

"please don't hate me...i am sorry" she cried looking down...when maan pulled her up, with a force and smacked his lips on hers...pouring out his longing, his pain...


"I love you...I love you a lot...please dont ever leave me again" and hugged her tightly...not bothered about the world who where looking at them with surprise, then clapped for there maan picked geet in his arms and started walking away...


"I will never forget this summer...this was the best summer of my life" geet smiled, kissing his cheeks, hugging him like never before...


 ENTRY # 6

"Yes Dadi?" Maan asked though he could assume the reason why she was calling.


"……" he listened to his Dadi's requirement.


"No Dadi. This time you are going to be on my side."




"I know Geet is upset. I know you have great affection for her and can't stand to see her sad."




"If you can't lie, then I will make it true. I am not coming. Okay?" He was sure that should do the trick and smiled in victory when he heard Dadi's capitulation.


It took another 10 minutes to reassure her about his plan.




Geet's and Maan's family belonged to Hoshiarpur and had a long standing friendship. The families hoped that Maan would marry Geet. But Geet was busy with studies and Maan in helming Khurana Contructions. Knowing Maan no one dared to broach the topic.


Geet was upset because she had expected Maan to join his family for the summer but some last minute emergency had made him cancel the trip. Her plan for a relaxed and fun filled holidays was ruined because of it. When Pinky made the plan to visit the temple, she agreed. The plan had two advantages, she could spend the journey trading insults about Maan with his sister and she could personally maskafy Babaji to let her pass her BA with good score. She was doubtful if the last part would work because her precious nights of last minute studies were taken over by chatting with someone who had gone abroad, the same someone who instead of comforting her when she had disclosed her fear of scoring low marks had advised her to agree to her parent's condition to get married if her results were not good!


 "Dusht Danav!" She muttered. He loved to tease her so.


"What?" Pinky asked


"Your brother…DD…Dusht Danav."


Pinky chuckled, "Wonder what Bhai would think of your expansion of DD….. but I for one think your interpretation suits him better than Tasha's Dhak Dhak."


"That is because you are his sister."


"So you agree that your heart goes dhak dhak on seeing him?"


"Promise me you won't tell Maan!"


"SO you guys do have something going on.."


"What rubbish…. Okay I find him attractive but who will love a Danav! All we do when we meet is fight." Not entirely true, she mused, the last few meetings had something else brewing between them.


Pinky smiled as if she was privy to some secret.


"What?" Geet asked suddenly suspicious.


"You do know the families have expectations, na?"


"So? If you think I wish to spend my whole life fighting? No way!"


"Wasn't it kind of him to let you win the hidden treasure contest? I know he had already spotted that parcel hidden behind the statue."


"Kindness and Maan Singh Khurana? Ha! He knew the winner had to clean up the mess made by the searchers and give a treat to the losers."


"Oh!" Pinky was disappointed her attempts to boost her bhai's character had gone awry. She had so hoped to give Geet some favourable memories about her brother before….


Suddenly they were surrounded by a gang of masked men. The driver put up a feeble fight along with Geet who tried to kick and punch whomever she could manage to. But the men subdued them and grab Geet.


"You can take the other girl and go back," one of the men told the driver. "Our friend is interested only in this one."


 They drag Geet off to another car and blindfold her.


"Where are you taking me? Let me go…" she screams in outrage. Still she was relieved that they had let Pinky go. So she waited until the car was on the way before threatening, "You don't know whom you are messing with. My Veerji will hunt you down and break every one of your bones.  And Maan, he will bury you alive."


There was a bit of snigger at that bit and she didn't like that one bit. "You think I am joking? You don't know Maan, my ……" boyfriend?... She thought …no didn't feel possessive enough. "…my fianc," she amended. "He is a tai chi champion and can flatten 10 guys in …." Again she paused determining a time period that would suit "…10 minutes."


"Really? That is new information to us." Again that tinge of something that felt humor. "We are so scared."


The voice did seem familiar she was mulling on that when the phone of one of the kidnappers rang.


She caught the ringtone and relaxed.


"Yeah your baggage is with us. Yeah and safe." he said then winced as Geet's legs stuck and kicked him. "Ouch!"




"She just kicked me," he glared at Geet and then realized it was of no use since Geet was blindfolded. "Oh! You may laugh. Every one of us has been punched of kicked!"




"You may feel proud now…hope you know what you are getting into."




"We are almost there….." another pause "Are you sure you don't want her drugged?"


"……."Even as Geet shook her head in panic came the assurance from the kidnapper.


"Just kidding yaar," he pacified. "Just thinking about your safety buddy."


When the car stopped she was led by hand somewhere and instructed not to open her eyes until they were gone.  Geet knew everything was right and her heart raced in anticipation. Was it the thud of her own heart beat or had she heard the soft tread of someone's shoes? No she did feel the presence of someone near her. Her hands reached back to open the blindfold and felt something shower on her making her pause, something as soft and sweet smelling as rose petals...


Hands cupped her eyes replacing her blindfold


"Maan…" she named, and shivered as she felt the warm caress of his breath close to her ear.


 "Shhh…Chup bilkul chup", a husky voice commanded.


She was turned to look at a pair of chocolate eyes, melting in their intensity. Music floated around them as if in magic.


                            Hey zu Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm

                                hey hey hey hey hey hey

                       Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain

                      Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain

                     kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain

                 deewano jaisa haal hain tumhara hi khayal hain

                            Ho ho aa ha ha ha la la la la la la

                  Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain

                     kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain


Held captive by those mesmerizing depths, she was barely aware of that they were swaying to the music…..


She sighed, maybe she was dreaming….. if she was, then she desperately needed to do this before she woke up…


Closing her eyes, she stretched on tip toe to reach those M shaped lips. Just a brush, it was all she wanted.  Something to give substance to her imagination….. those lips felt warm and soft like her dream….that was the last thought she had before being taken over by the demanding pressure of his mouth. He deepened the kiss craving for that first taste of her, brushing his lips over hers again and again, then nibbling on her lower lips which parted at his insistence. The soft feel of her tempted and lured, inviting him to explore further. His hand came up to cradle her head as his tongue explored at leisure making her gasp and shudder. Her senses swam under the new sensations, an ache she couldn't recognize. His mouth scorched like sun and the world spun out of control. She felt giddy and her fingers tunneled into his hair for support.


With a groan he broke off the kiss, his breathing ragged as he had run mile. He touched his forehead to hers and whispered, "Ah! Mishti ….. don't tempt me so!"


"Mishti?" she queried. "You mean Mirchi?"


"No, Mishti…." He wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned back a little to hold her eyes captive so that she understood without a semblance of doubt what he wanted to convey, "…My Mishti …my sweetheart."


He saw deepening color of her cheeks, the reappearance of that demure smile which lurked in the her lips whenever she was around him…. the quick glance that flitted away when he caught her watching him…all those which added to his excitement. Oh! He had loved to flirt with her, never giving her the real words yet making her know that he was interested. It was fun to rattle her.


But the waiting was over, he had given her the time to spread her wings to be sure about her feelings as he was. It was time to give a name to their relation. It was time he claimed her as his.


He looked at Geet still quiet, the reflection of elation and love in those hazel eyes. He could also read the apprehension in them. He had never seen Geet so tongue tied before, to have his theeki mirchi confused, at loss of words which was an absolute rarity.


He sighed, "and trust you to interfere with my script!"




"Haan ! Kiss toh last meim hona dha na?"


"Last meim?"


"Haan dekho.." Maan took a list from his pocket. "Dreamland…roses… dance… chocolates….."


Geet grabbed the paper, scanned thru it and glared at Maan, "You read my personal stuff?"


"How can it be personal when Pinki is allowed to read?" Maan countered.


Geet huffed, "She is my friend."


"I am not?" Maan demanded folding his arms across his chest.


"You …" Geet looked away feeling the burn of his teasing eyes, "You are…"


 "Haan bolo Geet , I am…" His voice enticed, bringing his eyes back to his by the gentle pressure of his hand under her chin.


Geet felt heart beats going crazy at the intensity of those eyes…


 "Tell me, who am I to you?"


"You … okay, you are my friend too." Geet blurted out fast and moved away feeling the need to escape those eyes that seemed to be trying to read her mind.  At the railing of the pergola she took a deep breath to steady herself.


Being a couple of feet away from the magnetic presence of the one who could possess her senses by merely being there in front of her, she was free to look around. They were in a secluded place, surrounded by the trees which looked drenched from the rain that accompanied the last day's thunder storm, all green leaves and dark wood. If she breathed in deeply she could still smell the wet earth in the fresh air that surrounded them. She could hear the ripple of the river which flowed somewhere near.


I want him to carry me off, away from the reality of mundane life to a dreamland… which smells sweetly as the roses of romance….


The pergola was decorated with roses…'s floor covered with rose petals, the curtains of mirror reflected the golden glow of the evening sun.


He will woo me with soft music and dance with me, holding me close in his embrace as if he never wanted to let go….


The romantic voice of Sonu Nigam had given way to another of her favorite songs….


She remembered what she had written not so long ago… her fantasy about how she wanted ….


Suddenly the kidnap seemed to be more than a prank. Even as the thought entered her mind, he was there beside her to lift her face towards his with his fingers. "Only friend?" he queried softly.


She couldn't reply being held captive again with the bewitching eyes.


"What if I say I miss you when I am not with you …. Thoughts of you take over my mind when I am away from you … when I think about you, I just want to be with you ….. when I am with you I feel complete." He cupped her face within his palms, "I love you  Geet."


Geet took a deep breath, her eyes started to sting. Her heart was thudding as if it would burst. She tried to speak, but the ache in her throat made it impossible.


Maan smiled and asked huskily, "Nothing to say?"


"I …I…" Geet stuttered.


"It is quiet easy you know." Maan teased. "Just repeat after me. I…"


"I…."she repeated her voice a husky whisper.








"You… I love you  Maan." Words burst out.


"And I will marry you…" Maan continued with a straight face.


"And I will marry…" Geet stopped. "What?" she exclaimed.


Maan took her hands in his, "I want you with me to share my thoughts, to fight with me, to dream with me, to fill my life with joy and to love me till eternity. Will you marry me, Geet?"


The tears that slid down her cheeks did not dampen the brightness of her smile. "In you I see my today, my tomorrow and my future…you are my destiny."


She put her arms around his waist and leaned into him.




Stroking her hair absentmindedly, sitting cuddled together as they watched the sun go down he asked, "So are you ready to start your MA ?"


She replied tilting her head back to look at him, "I'm so scared Maan I don't know if I will get the marks to get admission in a good college."


"Since you claimed I am responsible for that, I will make sure that you will get Admission for MA." The twinkle in his eyes made her suspicious.


"I will personally train you." He promised




"MA…Marital Arts." He chuckled seeing her blush. "Why don't I give you a course description?" he teased leaning towards her with eyes on her lips.

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# 2 , #4 nd #5

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entry # 2.. 4.. 6 ..

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Hard choice to make. All are so amazing. Clap Clap
I will go with the following entries :

All the best to all. Big smile

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All were good but my vote goes to entries # 1, 2 and 6.

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