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Pink's Scrapbook|Anecdotes#106&107|PG:146 (Page 128)

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Posted: 18 May 2014 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetdesire

That was good one
Originally posted by momi78

Arm wrestling! You're funny Big smile Want to read more!!!!
Originally posted by aishu3003

ha haaROFL
nice oneeLOL
Originally posted by ARandKJFan

I read thinking it's something serious
And then it was arm wrestling ROFL
TASHU, you're a riot. Stern SmileROFL
Lol thank you all! I'm glad I was to make you all laugh!LOL

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Posted: 18 May 2014 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Orchids--

Too short !!
I alwaz get excited getting pm on ur anecdote ..
 But it was too too too short!!
But anyways it was worth of reading as alwaz.. wasnt expecting d matter to b revealed as arm wrestling .. waooo.. dat was hilarious indeed ...
Grt wrk dear..
Plz do write more soon...

I realized dat i hve forgotten to commnt on previous dual anecdotes .. sorry for dat really.. but those were awsmm too... too cute n adorable..

T.c tashu.. :)
Originally posted by KaSh-Maneet-Fan

Originally posted by SleepingBeauty.

haha this one was hilarious! Just ciuldnt stop myself from commenting hahaha
Thank you so much guys! Your comments mean a lot!
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Originally posted by HR-DMG4life

I love how you made winning an arm wrestle match sound so serious :)
Originally posted by Norz

Arm wrestling i thought its something serious good one 
Originally posted by BeautyfulDesire

Haha that's so funny. I love how your anecdotes start out so mysterious and turn out to be something totally different.
Originally posted by Prizi

Originally posted by sanghita0000

so short...Shocked...but it was funny...LOL
Originally posted by anishaalluri

Though it was a short one it was really nice to read :) 
Didn't expect it to b arm wrestling :P lol
Thank you guys! I'm glad you liked the update! And sorry for it being short but I couldn't help it.

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Originally posted by kritikasoni

arm wrestlingROFL
nice one
Originally posted by pinky.padda

absolutely brilliant
so funny
loved it
Thanks so much! your comments made my day :)

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Yello! I'm back apparently. Anyway I would like to dedicate the following OS to Ananya or as I like to call her KaJen Eater! Why because this was her idea  ROFLSo thank her! Anywayz I hope you like it! If anyone has suggestions for a Drabble or OS then please feel free to tell me. PM stuff is page 4 and index is page 1 and lastly sorry for any errors!  Oh and about the John part well that's only because I LOVE HIM Stern Smile. Okies bye.

-Foolishly In Love.-


As the clock finally struck 12 Riddhima walked out of the last shoe store and headed towards the food court to grab a bite to eat. It had been a busy day to say the least. Her list of errands didn't seem to be ending. She had been on her feet for the past 5 hours and now as the sound of her stomach growling caught her attention, she decided to take a break and get something to eat.  As she finished paying for her burger and fries with a large coke Riddhima scanned the food court dinning area trying to find an empty spot. But when it seemed as if there wasn't one Riddhima was about to leave when a voice from behind her stopped her in her tracks.




Riddhima turned around in her spot and there standing in front of her was her newest intern Naina.


"Oh hey Naina. What are you doing here?"


"Oh I came to do some shopping. What are you doing here?"


"Same thing. I came to pick up some new shoes."


"Oh that's cool. Anyway I saw you looking for a place to sit. Why don't you come join me? I mean if it's okay with you."


"Aww that's so sweet of you. Sure I would love to join you. It'll give me a chance to get to know you better."


Naina smiled at that and led Riddhima to where she had been sitting.


"So. Mrs.Riddhima. What's new?"


"First of all. You can call me Riddhima. Were not at work. So you don't have to be so formal with me."


"Sorry. It's just a force of habit. And you can call me Naina. "


"So Naina tell me about yourself. Do you have a boyfriend?"


Naina stared at Riddhima for a few seconds as she heard the word boyfriend. That was the last thing she wanted to hear. How dare she say the word boyfriend! She hated that word! She hated him!


"Yuvi is not my boyfriend!"


Naina bit her tongue as she realized what she had just said. Riddhima had asked her something and she had answered something else. Stupid! I can't believe I just said that! What is wrong with me! What must she be thinking about me now! She's my boss! I'm so screwed!


"I mean..


"It's okay Naina. Don't worry. It happens. It's not a big deal."


"What do you mean it's not a big deal? It is! I just blurted out to my boss that I have a boyfriend and made a complete fool of myself."


"Naina. Believe me. There is no need to be embarrassed. You know I have been in your shoes before."


"You have? But you're married to Dr.Armaan."


"Yes I am married to Armaan now. But I'm talking about before. When we had first met."


"Really? What happened?"


"Well let's just say that I still get teased about that day even now."


-FlashBack: 4 years ago-


It had been a scorching hot day of around 25 degrees but with the humidity it felt like 35. Now usually people would be at the beach with friends and family enjoying the warm weather. But I was sitting inside a therapist's office waiting to see the doctor.  Now I know what you're thinking. I don't seem like a crazy person and nor am I angry or depressed. Then why would I want to see a therapist. Because I just wanted to talk. See ever since I was little I had always been what is referred to as a "Chatter Box". I never stopped talking. I always had something to say. My parent's at first thought it was just me being childish and that I would grow out of it but that never happened.  I only began to talk more and more. And now all because of my own mouth my parent's had forced me to come and see a therapist because they thought I was suffering from some mental illness. And so just to make my parent's happy I agreed to see a therapist. I know it sounds stupid but what was I to do? I loved my parent's and I didn't want to see them worrying. And so I gave up my one Saturday afternoon to see some strange dude.  I sat waiting for my turn for what felt like eons until finally I heard the receptionist call my name.




"Yes. That's me."


"You may go in now. The doctor will see you now."


"Thank you."


I wasn't looking forward to it but for the sake of my parent's I got up from my seat and headed inside the doctors office. My heart was beating so rapidly that I thought it would explode at any minute.


I can't believe I'm about to do this! God help me!


I sat down on the sofa and looked around the room. It was filled with books on either side of the room and there was a large window in the middle. You could see the city down below. Oh how I wished I was down there and not inside some stupid office.


God where is the doctor? I don't have all day!


I had been waiting for the past 10 minutes and the doctor still hadn't shown up. I was starting to get irritated. I wanted to get up and leave but before I could even do anything the door suddenly opened and in walked the doctor.


"Sorry to keep you waiting Miss.Riddhima. I got held up in something. Anyway I'm Dr.Armaan Mallik. How can I help you today?"


I can't even begin to tell how stupid I felt at that moment. Not only was I not paying any attention to what he was saying I was to busy drooling over him.


Omg! I think I'm going to die. How hot is he? He's like John Abraham hot! And John is yummm. Omg! He's staring at me! Oh crap! I'm supposed to answer him and here I am busy checking him out! God I'm so stupid!


"Umm..Yeah. I'm here...because...umm I forgot."


Nice one! Now he's really going to think you are CRAZY!


"Did you just say that you forgot why you are here?"




"Okay then. Well since you don't know why you are here maybe you should leave and come back when you do. Okay. Bye."


Oh my god! He's making fun of me! He's not only asking me to leave but he thinks I have some memory issue! Well. Two can play that game.


"Well I'm sorry but it's not my fault I forgot why I came here!"


"Oh really? Then whose fault is it?"




Yeah I know that was a stupid thing to do. But don't worry it only got worse.


"Mine? How is it my fault? I didn't even do anything!"


"Oh don't act innocent! It's your fault that you are so ******* sexy that I forgot why I came here!"


"Excuse me?"


"Yeah you heard me right!"


See. I told you. It only got worse.


"Well. I'm sorry that you find me...what was it..ah yes..******* sexy but I can't do anything about that. It's not my fault that you're brain is so tiny that you can't seem to control where it wonders. Sorry. Now you can leave."


I stood there with my mouth wide open. I had ever been so insulted in my life. How dare he say that. I was so mad and embarrassed at the same time that I didn't even know what to say. So I just picked up my purse and stormed out of his office.


-FlashBack Ends-


"And that is how me and Armaan first met."


"I can't believe you did that. It must have been so embarrassing."


"Oh it was. I mean I didn't know anything about him and yet I blurted out what ever popped into my mouth without even thinking. I had made such a big fool of myself. But in the end it worked out. And now we have been married for the past 3 years."


"You're so lucky."


"That I am. But you are also lucky!"


"How is that?"


"You have Yuvi! And I'm sure one of these days he will see just how amazing you really are."


"But how do you know?"


"Cause he's standing right behind you!"


"He's what?"


Naina turned around in her seat and sure enough there he was standing a few feet away.


"Go talk to him."


"I don't think I can. I mean what if I say something wrong?"


"Just follow your heart Naina and everything will be fine. Sometimes you just have to be foolish in love."


"You're right. Thanks Riddhima."


"No problem. Now go. I better leave too. It's getting late."


"Bye. And thanks again."


"Bye Naina. And let me know how it goes."


"I will."


And with that Naina got up from her seat and went to talk to Yuvi leaving a smiling Riddhima behind. It was then that her phone rang calling for her attention. She dug into her pocket and taking it out looked at the caller id to see the name of the one man she had not only been blurting out things to for the past 3 years but had been foolishly in love with. Smiling she slid her finger across the green line answering his call.


"I'm sorry I can't talk right now I have an appointment today so please hang up!"


"Excuse me?"


"Yes. I have an appointment today."


"Oh yeah. With who?"


"With Dr.Mallik."


"Really now! And who is he?"


"He's my husband. And if you don't mind he's waiting for me at home so please let me go."


"Fine. I'll let you go now. But you wait until you get home!"


"La la la la la goodbye!"


"I love you Fruitloop!"


"I love you too Sparkles!"


"Now hurry up and come home!"


"I'm coming! Bye!"




Hanging up the phone Riddhima smiled. She couldn't believe how time flew. It felt like yesterday where she had walked into his office and made a fool of her self.  And now 3 years later she was still do doing it. But this time she wasn't alone. She had her fool of a husband with her too.

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Ab mujhe dedicate kiya hai toh I will take some time, no? LOL But I am here, finally.

Okay, Burgers and Fries and Coke. Stern Smile Can I kill you? Stern Smile But she teased her about Yuvi. Cute. xD

Okay, WHO IS THIS RIDDHIMA LOL She's so adorbs xD And did she really just blurt that out Shocked Chatterbox toh she is ROFL Doctor ko sexy bulaya toh of course hogi hi pagal ROFL Also, Riddhima and Cupid? HOW? Shocked

And then Fruitloop. OH MY GOD THE FEELS. :| WHY MUST YOU DO THIS? :'(
Psht. Let me go cry and laugh in a corner :|

BYE. Stern Smile

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This's just wowww!!!
Hahaha ridhima and chatter box :D thats sumthing new :D
luvd AR 1st meeting :p

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Haha! So cute :D

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