Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IPKKND OS::: The Horizon

Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
 ~~~~ The Horizon ~~~~~

It pained him, too much indeed but knowing Di, it was diff to argue,,,, moreover he didn't want Khushi to be blamed agn for his actions,,,,hadn't he hurt her innocent soul enuf that now his family was also behaving like him, once he had let himself fall in MU and paid a whooping price, he had almost lost Khushi,,,, A shudder passed through his body, what if it happened agn, he will never be able to survive,,, he kept sitting on the couch and reflecting & replaying the events of past couple of hrs, he had been left alone and hurting two most imp ppl in his life where head set in bring happiness n smiles for both of them.

Suddenly he got up, went to his room, and looked for Khushi,,,, he didn't find her there and he searched quickly everywhere and in the bathroom and she wasn't anywhere he opened the door towards poolside and saw a dejected Khushi sitting on the chair by the poolside.. Tears had stained her calm beaming face, n she almost looked sick, he mentally kicked himself,,, he stood still by the curtain, he didn't want to upset her more than she already was, a couple of hrs later she slowly gv in to sleep, tired n bruised he gv in ... He moved n picked her up,,,and bought her back to room, she slowly put her down,,,, pausing for a few seconds more than required ,,, he removed that lock of hair which came across her marring the beauty of a serene moon,  oh how he wished he old lock her in his heart to be always protected n cherished, oh how he adored this gal, who had when n where stole him, he didn't knew, but now was not the time to let his resolve melt. He slowly bent n his lips touched on her forehead in a kiss so serene like the melting butter.

He took the keys for his SUV and left hurriedly,,, his phone went on a silent for a few hrs,,,, 

Khushi woke up when the Sunday's peeped in her room, was surprised to be in bed, she realized he must hv tucked her in, she turned rand to se him, but bed was empty, she went to freshen up and when she came back, he had still not back, agn it was surprising, he normally returned frm his jig by thus time, her eyes landed on his jogging shoes, that's when the bell rang, he wasn't in the room, he hadn't gone for jog too, he quickly got ready and went n search for him, she knew he must be very disturbed after the events of last night and if he didn't come to room ,,,meaning it was beyond pain for him.  
 she slowly went andlooked  the whole  house, the dinning space, the kitchen, jiji n jijais room, the study  and then she went arnd every room, di, cautiously, she didnt hear him, nani's room, and everywhere He wasnt at RM, and then she asked HP, he too said he hadnt seen Arnav ji, since he came in , her heart felt constriction and she went back to their room n called his phone, it was unreachable, ubknown fear gripped her
she was scared is a understatement, she went back to house and this time st to naniji and asked her abt arnavji. nani was surprised at first that khushi didnt know abt arnav where in she thought she must hv been with her since the last night tamasha,,, but her worst fears were coming alive, she very calmly replied" hume nahi pata bitiya" " Apna confrence call ke liye study mein honge" Khushi then told her she had chckd the whole RM and no one had seen him since morning and the fone was also switched off, Nani immeditaely called Akash and asked abt Aarnav Bitua but he too was unaware,, but he said he will find out,,
some hrs passed no one had any news of Arnav he was unreachable still and most of them were aware of his missing, mami ji was at her acerbic best with Khushi, but khushi stood dignified in a corner surrounded by NK and Payal and now Anjali came in the room, she was aware since morning abt something going not so well but she did not anything abt Arnav and here she heard mami, she paled and thud everyone heard, but khushi was the first one to hold her, she asked " aap theek hai di" Anajli didnt reply her, instead told nani " ye kya ho raha hai" " chotte kahan hai"  " ye kissi ko kaise nahi pata"
Anjali swooned agn and khushi made her sit on the bed with Nani's help and she nani moved closer to her and toook her in her lap, she was crying, talking  very incoherently at her chotte ,,, evryone tried to calm her.
Another for 5-6 hrs passed still no news of Arnavji, everyone was trying there best and Akash, Mamaji, Nk & Aman all had called everywhere and chckd evry possible place, All factories, guesthouses, office regional & Local and hotel from AR, Arnav was nowhere...
Khushi decided she couldnt wait any longer, it was more than 15-16 hrs and she needed to act now, before it was too late, she went to her room, changed her clothes, chckd her mobile etc and went to nani's room, she sat near Anjali and said, " Di hum Arnav ji ko dundhne jaa rahe hain, hum unhe wapas le kar hi aayenge, aur agar hum aaisa na kar sake to hum bhi wapas nahi aayenge, aap apna dhyan rakhyega"  and to nani she said, "Aap di ka khyal rakhyega"
NK wanted to go with her, bt she said one male member should be at Rm with all the ladies and to mami she said,Aap inks kayak ralhiye' hum abhi aate hain, she left home n hired a rikshaw and went to AR office, she chckd with the security, shukla ji and a lot of of other ppl. no one had any clue, she chckd hiscabin/room for any kind of info she knew he didnt like her touching things but alas, nothing gained, she left frm there and went to the two places, where he had been held and there too nothing, Infact earlier Akash had informed police too abt his disapperance and they too had no clue, it was abt 10 pm  and she still had no clue for him,
She didnt not want to go to RM and see a heartbroken Anajali, she knew she wasnt doing all that good, with all the past fiasco and  now Arnav missing, she was on verge of a breakdown, and khushi didnt wana trigger anything  at the moment, she herself was willowing in uilt and remorse and scared too
She called naniji and informed her abt going to Lakshmi nagar, though naniji coaxed her to return but didnt force her, she could understand the plight of this young women, who was her DIL .
He told her to call as soon as she reached lakshmi nagar and be in touch regularly.
She took a rikshaw and decide to head Lakshmi Nagar, in the auto she kept reflecting the days event and surprisingly she felt amidst all chaos abt his disappearing, her heart was calm, as if it knew he was well and taken care off... still she needed to find him and bring him back at RM
As soon as she reached Lakshmi nagar, she felt him, her heart ws dancing a dance of his own and she tried looking for his vehicle or anything elsem infact she ran and searched evry nook and corner of the lane.
but nothing she found she knocked the door and Amma opened the door she was surprised to see Khushi at this late hrm but Khushi eyes were fixed on the scene behind Amma, there he was sittting and njoing his coffee, basking in the love of buaji and amma, bauji too was smiling listening him, she ran past Amma and hugged him, " hum kitna darr gaye the" he hugged her back and then she realised all 3 from GH were looking at her, she realised they didnt knew anything and Arnav's eyes confirmed this silently
She looked to him to help out and he stated to her, " khushi maine tumhe kaha to tha ki meri gaddi kharab ho gaye hai aur main happiji ke paas dehane jaa raha hoon, fir tum kyun darr gayi"
Khushi answered" wo jab aap kafi der tak nahi aaye to, aur fir aapka fonebhi nahi mil raha tha" he replied" mera fone discharge ho gaya hai shayad. lemme chck sying that he moved to the bedrooom"
Amma buaji were relieved and heaved a sigh, these love burds, they though, at first they had got scared seeing khushi but now realising the whole situation they chuckled, Amma offered Khushi a glass of water to calm her n buaji uttered kaisan ho Sanka devi, Khushi smiled and Amma said to the room, Arnav babua must be waiting for you and lemme arrange sumthing to eat for you,,,,
Inside the room, she saw him sitting on the table and working, she moved near him and she said
" ye sab kya hai Arnav jii" " he looked towards her innocently & smirking "Kya kya  Khushi"
she replied" Aap yahan kya kar rahe hain" he said " bataya toh meri gaddi kharab ho gayi thi main happiji ko dekhana aaya tha aur maine socha tab tak yahan wait kar leta hoon" she replied" aur aapka fone???" he said "sorry batt drained and yahan main charger bhi nahi le ke aayatha so"
Khushi really lost it now, she pushed him and started thuding him on chest. " ye sab aapko majak lagat hai" He caught hold of her and said "mujhe nahi tumhe ye majak lagta hai"
"I hv been telling u both, ki di aur tum mere liye equally imp ho lekin tum dono sunte hi nahi ho meri" I cant live without you both, dunt force me to choose of demand to leave me, I will fall if u arent there and if you dunt understand than I will go away I can live or bear to be away with you I understand Di has got the shock of her life and she is bound to behave illogical but you, the one I love the women of my future dreams, my soulmate has to understand and support me, fight with me but you keep repeating to leave me, why cant u trust me for once that I will fix everything it mite take time but I will do it and I promise to you, Just stand by me and I will fix things, I know you dunt hv a lot with me to trust but please believe me , I wana fix things and be with both of you, it kills me to see ur pained eyes and joyless existence, once i misunderstood you and now my family is but like I am sure abt u and trust you my family will too.

Please stand by me, I cant let u go, cant live without you, abhi  kal hi to you agreed to accept me as urs and then please,,,," he held her hands softly, Khushi had never seen him like that, almost human he had never been like that, khushi just moved and hugged him, she too never wanted to loose him and for once she wanted to give him a chnace.



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Beautiful OS!


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mommamia IF-Rockerz

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rajulpandey Goldie

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Very nice os loved it.

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DiamondLife IF-Sizzlerz

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nice jhalak..what a surprise..bitwa at his new hiding placeLOL

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Great OS! Loved it! 

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Wow jhalak... Star Clap
A beautiful OS... 
Loved the last para...

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Loved it JhalakClap

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