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Battle of the hearts


"and oh it was nice to see you again Mrs. Geet Dev Malhotra.  . . or is it brown eyes? You never sent me the memo that you changed your name? Not fair wifey!" he says with a smirk.
"Guess you were too busy being his Personal secretary" he emphasized on the world personal , letting the letter "L" roll of his tongue before he walked off.
He didn't understand, as if his brain short-circuited and needed to be rebooted. Around him, everything was in fast-forward while he was motionless in the middle of it all.
Maan didn't know what to feel. He just watched his brown eyes chase after her . . .her HUSBAND!

"Have a good day sir", the guard says opening the door as Dev left.
"Thank '"
The guards jaw dropped seeing Geet grab Dev's hand turning him around and letting him have a tight slap across his left cheek.

Followed by another slap on the right cheek. Another slap, and another slap as Geet looked gritting her teeth fighting back the tears of rage and pain brewing in her eyes.
"Aaj tumhe yaad aya ki mein kaun hoon?? AAJ!!!" she scrunched the material of his shirt near his collar, shaking him as her questions ripped from her throat.
" I'm Mrs. Dev Geet Malhotra" she whispers as her voice cracks.
"Why Don't I feel like one? Sab tumhara vajese hai! Why did you push me away from yourself? JAWAB DOH MUJHE DEV! Why did you do this when I was yours and only yours? Where did I go wrong in loving you? Batao mujhe!" she screamed her lungs out as she held him  by his collar.
"When your f***ing some other rich bachelor, how could you feel like Mrs. Dev Geet Malhotra?" he hissed pulling her by her hair and throwing her to the ground.
Geet's head hits against the wall hard as she limps to the ground.
"BROWN E-" he stops himself!

"Geeet" Maan screamed seeing the blood drip from the side of her forehead as she falls to the ground.

 "Geet ! Geet please open your eyes. BROWN EYES please!!!" he shook her as he held her in his arms.
"kyun kiya . .. kyun" a whisper of crippling pain ripped from her throat as her eyes faintly closed and opened due to dizziness.
Maan's hands tighten, becoming angry balls of fists.
"MALHOTRA" he screams as he raged toward Dev who had turned around to leave.
Maan swung his fist right towards him. Pain exploded against the side of Dev's head and he staggered, seeing stars; blinking blood out of his eyes.
 "For touching her!" Maan knees him in the pit of stomach another first, his breath knocked out of him as he lets out a yelp in agony.
Geet half conscious watches through her blurry eyes, holding the pit of her stomach, holding the pain as if she was the one who got kneed in the stomach .
"For abusing her!!!" Maan roars as he throws a kick at Dev's chin, making him buckle to his knees letting out a groan as the sharp pain crippled him.
"nahii" Geet lets out a cry curling her legs toward herself feeling each blow Dev felt!
Vicky runs toward Geet, hating himself for suspecting her.  She wasn't deceiving Maan or Dev she was deceiving herself! Just like the first day he had seen her being abused by her so-called husband, she still cared for him! He watched how her body reciprocated with pain every time Maan threw a blow at Dev. 

"Please stop. . .please" she cried and Vicky held her murmuring, " Your okay Geet. Everything is going to be okay Geet. Maan is going to make the pain go away!" he hushed to her trying to comfort her, to little success.
As Dev crippled down to his knees Maan took the opportunity and grabbed him by the neck and slammed him to the wall "For breaking her heart" he seethes choking him as the rage pumping through his veins took over his senses.
They both looked at each other, their eyes met with a fury and hate so strong like a furious storm was raging inside both of them. Dev tried fighting him off, but he was nothing compared to the love and passion for his wife that was fueling this man!
Geet screams feeling herself getting suffocated. Maan looks over to her momentarily hearing her screams. Seeing the helpless state that she was with blood running down her face and tears swarming down her cheeks Maan lost all every ounce of control.
"AAAHHH" a scream rips from his parched throat as he slams his head into Dev's head.
Dev sputtered out a curse laced with blood, his eyes rolled back inside his head as his limpy body crumpled to the ground.
"YOU bas***d" Maan raves getting ready to take his life with one last punch to him.
Maan stops midway, his breathing rigid, his eyes thirsty for blood. But unexpected to everyone in the crowd watching and to Maan himself he stops. Tears of rage threatening to escape from his very eyes, but his soul and body was calming down.  Only one person could do that, only one person could tame him! His very own Brown Eyes! But unexpectedly or should have had been EXPECTED??, Geet grabs his hand, pleading with her moist big brown eyes to stop.
Seconds past, but Maan and Geet laid their, their eyes holding each other captive in place.
Dev chuckles, " I am too late" as he coughed up more blood, finding it hard to breathe, snapping both Maan and Geet away from each other.
"Just let me go Geet! Sometimes the truth is an ugly reality. Just let me go with the remaining dignity I have and carry on with your life with him" his tone shifts and there was pain visible in his eyes as he staggers to get up.
Maan rolls his eyes, while Geet laid frozen not being able to help herself from feel concern for the very man, who countless times buried her alive with pain.
"What are you waiting for? Nobody is stopping you! Get away from her life before I regret saving your sorry ass!" Maan said with venom springing from his voice.
"That's what I plan to do" he says holding his stomach as pain shot through him/
"Just. . .Just promise me. . . you . . you will take care of her please" he says through his coughing and inability to breath properly!
"Promise me you will remove the pain that I have given her and replace them with your boundless love, which will forget me" his eyes were getting teary and his voice cracking.
Everybody including Maan looked at him with shock. Nothing he was staying was making sense. A tear cascaded down her eye, confused, hurt, angry, happy. She was going through every emotion at the moment frozen as a statue.
Maan: No point of showing concern for her now. You had left her in pieces, which I tried so hard to put back together. You never deserved her, you are just lucky her love was blind for you or else she would of never put of with your shit! Get lost and be rest assured she will forget you.
Dev: No ! She was lucky to have your love so blind for her!
"Goodbye" Dev manages to choke out as started to leave.
Geet ran towards him once more and slaps him across the face once more, her eyes fuming fire, her breathing rigid.
"Who the F*** are you?!?" she held him by the collar she gritted her teeth as she seethed.
"Why show concern for me now, when you pushed me so far away you bas***d" tears were swimming in her eyes.
Maan didn't stop her. She needed to get her answers. She needed to get a final closure to move on.
"God damn it Geet! I can't tell you! I won't tell you. Why don't you move on with your life!" he screamed.
Geet: I will only be able to move on when I get my answers. What did I do? What was my fault? Was it some other woman?? You f**king some new girl now! JAWAB DOH MUJHE!!
"I HAD CANCER!" a yelp of pain and anger escaped from his throat as he shook Geet.
Geet's heart stopped, Maan's breath get's stuck in his throat.
"C a n c e r" Geet murmurs in shock.
"I was pushing you away from myself so you could hate me once I left this world and move on with your life. The doctors told me I didn't have much time. I was in the last stage of stomach cancer, which is why I kicked you out and went to London!" his back was turned away from Geet, trying to hide his tears.
Dev: I escaped death somehow. The doctor's managed to save me saving it was some Miracle. I didn't know where I would find you or if you would ever forgive me, because honestly I don't know if I will ever forgive myself. The guard told me that he last saw you with Maan, so I came for the meeting, in hope of asking your whereabouts afterwords.
"but then when I saw you. . ." he stops finding himself crippled with pain.
Dev: When I saw you, I knew I was too late! No sindoor on your mang. No Mangalsutre on your neck, and the love in your eyes that was only for me. . . No longer was there.
Geet was frozen. Her brain wasn't processing, her heart refusing to let her feel anything. She was numb.
Maan's heart was pricking him with pain as he watched her intently, waiting for her to say something, to express something. But she didn't. No matter how much he prayed and wished for her to say something, to his greatest dismay she didn't. She just stood there numb.
With a heavy heart he starts to walk over to Geet.  He grabs her by her hand.  She snapped out of her numb state the moment he touched her. The effect he had on her was beyond words. She just glanced at him following him, letting her pull her like a puppet.
Before she knew it Maan throws her to Dev!
As Geet looked questioningly towards him, Maan ends the silence! "JAO!" shaking the earth beneath Geet's feet.
"Maan" a whimper escapes from her dry throat. 
What was happening with her? Why did she feel like the earth was swallowing her and burying her in a pool of pain.
"I made this decision easier for you Mrs. Geet Dev Singh Malhotra!" he scrunches his hands into a ball of fists, fighting off the pain.
Geet felt as if her breath was ripped from her lungs and the air was thick as she gasped.  The name Mrs. Geet Dev Singh Malhotra was pricking her heart for the very first time.
"Your love will always be blind for him. Nobody is stopping you Mrs.Geet Dev Singh Malhotra. You don't need to hesitate to be in the arms of your husband because of me! You don't owe me nothing" he continued to attack Geet's heart with his words of daggers.
"Think of it as charity, I always help the less fortunate" he nonchalantly utters intending to hit the bull's eye mark of Geet's heart.
He turns around; not even waiting to see how low his blow was towards his Brown Eyes!
The crowd clears, Sasha smirking, Vicky confused and upset, but follow Maan especially with the glare that he gave.
"I told you the truth is an ugly reality, but you didn't listen" were the last words of Dev as he also left her to fend with the shattered pieces of her heart all by herself.


Maan holding a file and meeting Dev in a dark confined place.

Hold your chappals, tomatoes, eggs, etc LOL First of all excuse any mistakes . . .i am in a real rush. Secondly please try to understand the reason and depth of what just took place in this update before jumping into conclusions or hating either Maan or Geet. I feel like sometimes i have to remind you what the concept of this SS is. .. "Love is blind" my dearies. I personally know what that feels like so what i am writing. . .the pain and all that. .has some truth to it. Believe me it's not easy so don't think Geet can just switch off loving Dev and switching on loving Maan. The poor soul is confused. . .she was born an orphan and was never Loved! Not by family nor friends. . .Dev is the only love she knew. He came as her night and shining armor. She is confused and numb about what Dev just revealed to her. . .but Maan decides to take a drastic action. . .can you blame the poor guy? I don't want you misunderstanding him for what he did nor Geet. . . try to understand them and their circumstance. WHen your love someone so much you endure any type of pain for them. Very soon Geet will realize who she loves, how she will you will just have to wait and read. But i am sadly disappointed to say that the end of this SS is very near. . .so shower your love of me instead of chappals!

By the way 

Happy halloween !

IMportant NOTe after reading some comments:

Guys calm down. . .if you have read my other stories and r familiar with my writing style . . .i always having something up my sleeve. . .i am not like the cv's of shows. . .i have updates planned ahead of time so i can control the flow of my story.

All i ask you is to trust me please. . . i am not going to ruin this story. Right now i haven't revealed much and just ended it on a suspenseful note. . .don't make any judgements until you read the next update.

This is a new twist. . .and in no way am i going to make it disgusting. . .i don't like Dev. . .and i don't approve of the physical abuse he used on her. . .it's a just part of a new twist. . .so trust me. . .and see how i unfold the rest of the story. . .

I PROMISE YOU that you have no idea what i have planned next. . . so just wait please.

look at the pre cap. . doesn't something look odd to you. . ..what papers is maan holding?? why is he meeting Dev in a dark place??? All part of the new twist. .. so patience my lovely readers Hug

PMs later. .. have to run to class right now!

Please hit the likebutton and comment!Embarrassed

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superb  part

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awesome dear
loved it

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nice update and wat a twist nw waiting f0r next

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dev having cancer...
maan leaving geet...
nice twist 2 story...
waiting 4 next...

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shocking part...

dev having cancer and trying to push off geet out of his life is understandable... but the physical violence which he used is not at all acceptable...

geet feeling numb at the situation is also understandable... dev was the man whom she loved blindly and hearing such a truth from him will be surely shocking for her and also again the dilemma whom does she love... even am confused...

maan... feeling so sorry for him... may be he knows that geet loved dev and he definitely knows how hard it is to make a choice for her and he helped her here tooo... just love him

but lastly y dev too left geet? precap is confusing

continuje soon

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