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Thank god...after looonnnggg time you are updating
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Waiting dear
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waiting Day Dreaming
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Day Dreaming

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" Deceived or Deceiving?"


"Maan" she glared at him.
"What? You were the one who keeps choosing a bench over me! " he retorted back chuckling.
"Your unbelievable you know that!" she gets up and starts to leave.
"And you are so Hot when you get angry you know that?" he says swiping her off her feet and taking her in his arms.
"Ohh my God. .. Maan .. Maan" Geet screamed which later turned to giggles as they laughed and fooled around the rest of the night away.

A week later. Maan and Geet were becoming very close. Finding out many new things about one another each day.  They went on two dates.  In there first date Maan was at his chivalry best. He was a true gentleman booking her a whole ballroom for dinner, some wine, and a dance.
In the second date Geet decided to have a little more fun by taking him to a dhabba. Geet surely enjoyed the challenge of him trying to not freak out, but to her surprise he did quiet well. Even did a bhangra to prove himself to her.  She laughed her heart out that night with him, something she hadn't done in a while.
And now here they were in the office, Geet as his secretary, while her sexy hypo was the boss. She didn't even realize when and how a week went by so fast.
"Vicky will be back from his vacation today. I was going to introduce you two, but both of you have already met that day when you came in as that sexy veiled client" Maan says grinning as he kept his eyes on the file he was reading.
"How did you know that woman was sexy under that veil Sexy hypo" she says raising an eyebrow.
 " I know woman very well from experience you see" he says nonchalantly.
"Acha?" Geet grabs the file he was reading and throws it to the side.
"Can you say that again? I didn't quiet here you so well the first time" Geet seethes peering into him with her big brown eyes.
Maan in response snakes his arms around her waist and pulls her to him.  She falls on to his lap, while Maan kept her caged.
Geet: Maan. . .choro mujhe Maan.
Maan: Nahi chorunga toh?
"Someone will come in", she whispers.
Maan: Let them come in!
Geet: someone will see us.
Maan: Let them see us maybe then you will confess your love for me faster.
" Maan, this isn't funny" she says frustratingly as she gets off him.
Right then Vicky comes in and sees the compromising position they were in before, she got up and to his surprise it was Mrs.Malhotra. The files in Vicky's hands suddenly fall.
"I'm . .I'm sorry" Vicky mutters still in shock picking up the papers and avoiding eye contact with Geet.
Geet could tell by his face he has recognized her and with the position they were in he must be torn with confusion and shock right now.
Maan: It's okay Vicky. This is brown eyes. Brown eyes this is Vicky.
The papers slip from his fingers yet again.
"Brown eyes ! Does he know her name and that she is MARRIED for pity's sake!

Vicky thought to himself somehow yet dropping the papers again as he battled with his subconscious. Not knowing what to do.
"ssoorry" Vicky hesitates and bends down to pick up the papers again.
Geet comes to help him, but he brushes her off saying, " It's fine I got it" with a little harsher tone, which Geet picked up on.
Just then Maan gets a call.
"Oh he is here. Take him to the conference room. I will be right there" Maan says before hanging up.
Maan: Geet an important client is here. I think Vicky was working on those files. Get them from him and join us shortly.
Geet: theek hai.
" You go ahead Maan, I will give the files to Geet and join her with you shortly" Vicky says keeping his eyes on Geet.
"Alright see you both soon" Maan says leaving.
"So Miss brown eyes. . .what an interesting name you have there" he says with scorn.
Geet: Let me explain, it's not what you think!
Vicky: oh it's exactly what I think! Chi! Who would of thought! It's women like you who had made Maan a woman hater and now the cycle repeats! Give him a goddamn break!
Vicky leaves and goes to his office while Geet went after him.
"Vicky just here me out please. If you don't believe me you can ask Maan. I am not deceiving him" she tried to defend herself.
"Whose him? Maan, Dev, or both?" he stuffs the folder into her hands and leaves.
"I won't let you ruin Maan's life.  Soon enough I will find out if everything was staged!" Vicky thought to him as he headed toward the conference room.
 Geet was fighting back her tears. She would make him understand after the meeting she thought.
She starts to walk toward the conference room, her mind somewhere else.  Was she deceiving Maan? Was she deceiving Dev? Was she deceiving both? Or was she deceiving herself? She was deceiving someone she thought! That's why making a decision of who she loves is still so hard.  This whole week spent with Maan was special. He would consume her with his love, and she would forget the rest of the world. What only mattered was them at that moment.  Yet, she couldn't help saying goodbye to the past. She can't stop thinking of what went wrong and what could have been? It's always there at the back of her mind. It's not something you can forget easily even though she had TRIED! She wanted to make things work with Maan, because he deserved it! Yet, why can't she say the 3 little words to him? What is taking her so long?
Maybe because there was no closure with the Dev chapter in her life.  She needed those answers in order to move on, answers she would definitely get.  But right now she wasn't deceiving anyone she convinced herself.  She just wasn't!
She walks in to the conference room , "Here you go Maan, the files that you wanted" she smiles handing the files to him walking past the client.
Maan being well the sexy hypo that he was, grabbed her hand first instead of the file, making her body jerk, causing her to drop the file as she did not want to make the suspicions of Vicky even more.
'sssorry" she hesitates and bends down to grab the file, just as Maan did.
'Maan please stop. After the meeting please" she whispers to him before getting up.
Maan didn't know what was wrong with her. She never had a problem with his naughty ways before? Then why now?
When she gets up and turns around to place the file onto the table her heart jumped out of her chest.  Ripples of shock coursed through her crippling her. It was as if she got her breath knocked out of her.  She steps back from the shock, unknowingly placing her hand on Maan's shoulder and squeezing it as the pain seeped in.
Maan notices the pressure that was on his shoulder and moves the gaze of his eyes up to see Geet a little shocked.
"Ex. . .excuse me please" she hesitated not knowing where to look.
"Brown eyes , you okay?" Maan says with concern as for sure now he knew something was wrong.
The moment Geet walked in, Vicky watched her intently. She watched her expressions change and now he knew she was deceiving.
" Brown eyes what a lovely name for such a beautiful person. Mr. Khurana we can have this meeting later, I think your personal secretary needs you right now" his voice zipped through her shacking the earth beneath her. 
She fought back her tears with all her power. She WOULD NOT succumb to him.  She hated how he affected her just the same way he had before. Why was she running away now, why couldn't she turn around and get her answers.  WHY???
No matter how much you run away
How many times do I have to say!
Your love is blind
Forever do I have you bind!
Maan wasn't sure if he was comfortable with the way he was addressing his brown eyes. He hid his possessiveness for her with all his might and was going to get up and ask her, but Vicky interrupted, " Come on brown eyes. This is a very important deal. Mr. Malhotra has come all the way from London. Don't make him wait. The meeting will be over in 10 minutes".
Geet opens her eyes getting a grip of herself, and turns back with a smile on her face. " your right. I was just going to go to the bathroom, but that can wait".
It was real hard for her to control her voice from cracking, but she did. She sat besides Maan, right in front of Dev. She looked straight into his eyes, no longer showing any weakness. She wasn't going to let her get to him.
Geet: If you have come all the way to London, who am I too make you wait hain na? I am just a secretary.
Dev was certainly taken aback with her regained strength and composure.  He watched how Maan looked over to her with concern, not believing her white lie, and somewhere in him he was burning.  He didn't like it alright.
Vicky also watched Geet's demeanor change through out the rest of the meeting.  Giving her own pointers and opinions with the project, completely oblivious that her husband was right in front of her.
Maan watched her with pride.  So much had she learned and changed for the best. Dev kept on getting a shock after shock.  She was talking as if she had a MBA degree, when in reality she never even finished high school. Where did all this confidence, strength, and independence come from?  He looked over to Maan who had a sweet smile on his face, and that answered all his questions, his fists tightening.
 Geet finishes her presentation.
" Very well done presentation. I am very impressed Brown Eyes" he says trying hard not to grin, but Geet could see it.
"Certainly being a personal secretary of the great Maan Singh Khurana has its benefits" he says innocently but was indirectly attacking her relationship with Maan, which pierced right through Geet's heart like a dagger!
She controls herself and just looks at Maan to calm her down. She would deal with Dev alright. Just not here!
He gets ups , " I accept this project. Will do the formalities with you some time later this week" shaking his hand.
Geet was not going to let him leave so easily. The moment he stepped out of this building she would not let him leave without answering to her.
"and oh it was nice to see you again Mrs. Geet Dev Malhotra.  . . or is it brown eyes? You never sent me the memo that you changed your name? Not fair wifey!" he says with a smirk.
"Guess you were too busy being his Personal secretary" he emphasized on the world personal , letting the letter "L" roll of his tongue before he walked off.
He didn't understand, as if his brain short-circuited and needed to be rebooted. Around him, everything was in fast-forward while he was motionless in the middle of it all.
Maan didn't know what to feel. He just watched his brown eyes chase after her . . .her HUSBAND!


"When your f***ing some other rich bachelor, how could you feel like Mrs. Dev Geet Malhotra?" he hissed pulling her by her hair and throwing her to the ground.
Geet's head hits against the wall hard as she limps to the ground.
"GEEET" Maan screamed seeing the blood drip from the side of her forehead as she falls to the ground. 

 I just want to point out i loved reading your comments on what piece of Dev you guys wanted ROFLROFL The best one was that she wanted Dev's head to play football with ROFL There is a new twist coming with the next update so the suspense is 10 fold and i will certainly keep you on your toesEvil SmileDo tell me if you want another piece of Dev cuz i certainly do Angry

Do you like and comment Embarrassed

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