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Day Dreaming

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Part: 29

Return of George


Geet uses that opportunity to sneak out of Maan's arms and runs out the door.
"Wait. . .Brown eyes wait!" Maan yells out to her, but she doesn't stop.
"Brown eyes. Her name is brown eyes. Why don't I still remember her? And what was she doing with Maan? Oh my God! Maybe this the same girl Maan has been seeing and she came dressed like this to have a little alone time with Maan. Damn you Vicky! You disturbed them and now she is running away".
Maan went after her, but she quickly got into a taxi and escaped.
"You escape for now. But we live under the same roof" he smirks as he watches the taxi fade away.

Maan arrives home and starts to look for his brown eyes, but he couldn't find her.
He runs into his daadima in the hallway. 
" Were you looking for me?" she already knew the answer, but wanted to see what excuse his grandson would come up with.
"No, I mean yes I was looking for you.  How was your day daadima?" he says caught in an awkward situation.
"Now that you ask my heart is aching" she says placing a hand near her heart.
"What! Why didn't you tell me sooner? I will call the doctor right away. Let me take you to your room so you can rest" Maan says with concern all over his face. His Daadima meant the world to him.  When the world had turned its back on him, it was only his Daadima who stood by him.
They reach Daadima's room and Maan helps Daadima to her bed. Just when he takes out his phone, Daadima grabs it from him. Maan was going to protest but his daadi just walks away from him. She comes back, but Maan was looking the other way.
Maan: You never take care of yourself daadima and now you are being so stubborn!
"Yeh lo" Daadi says putting something in his hand.
"wah itni jaldi aap mangayi" He smiles thinking that it's his phone, but that smile turns to shock.
Daadi: You didn't ask why my heart was aching? I don't think a doctor can give a medication to this problem.
"Daadi. . .yeh. . .How '" maan was hesitating but his Daadima knew what he was asking.
" I see the way you look at her" she smiles.
"and I also saw Nakul taking the food that you made a big fuss over at the breakfast table to you" she chuckles.
"nahi. . .uhhh . .. I don't know what you are talking about" he turns around trying to hide his face before it gave him away.
"acha? Owww my heart" she hisses in pain.
"Daadi! I am going to call the doctor" just when he was about to leave, daadi holds his hand and starts to laugh.
"Daadi!" he says agrily.
Maan: this is not funny!
" What! There was a time when you would come to me with your problems, but now your to grown up and someone else has made a place in your heart hain na? So what can I do, my poor old heart aches seeing you don't need me anymore" she says feigning sadness.
"Daadi aisa nahi hai" he says hugging her.
Daadi: So then tell me, what are you hesitating in giving her these kangaans?
Maan: It's complicated. She is complicated. The circumstances are complicated.
Daadi: really? When you both love each other what's the problem?
Maan: how do you know she loves me?
Daadi: because any other girl would have slapped you hearing those insults in the morning.
" Trust me she already has" he says lightly touching his face remembering the morning where his world came crashing down. "How could you sleep with a married woman" her words echoed back in his head making him wince, his fists unconditionally tightening.
" I am sorry beta" seeing the pain that could clearly be seen on his face. She decides to let it go. He can tell her whenever he feels he can and is the right time.
Daadima: Whatever the issue is, I am sure you two will get through it together.  She sees the real you.  She was so upset after she came home today. I figured it was because you were still pretending to be mad at her. I have already accepted her and given you these kangaans. It's up to you when you want to give it to her.
Maan doesn't say anything and just hugs his daadi.  He really needed this comfort. For someone to tell him that everything was going to be okay.  But somewhere inside his heart he was worried. What if Daadima finds out she is married? What will she think of her? What will she think of him? His throat was burning to tell her, but he felt he had other hurdles to worry about first. His daadi would understand and support him. She always has he thought.
Maan: As long as you stand by me Daadi. I won't have anything to lose.
"Kaise bhaat kara hai ho. I will always be with you beta. Now you should be with someone else right now. Go after her. Stop teasing her so much. Go. I said Go" she smiles pushing him to go.
He smiles and goes to find her. He decides to go check her room, but she wasn't there. He goes and checks all over the house, but she was no-where to be found.  Worry started to course through him. This time he runs to her room and checks the closest.  He breathes out a sigh to see her stuff was still here.
That's when his eyes fall on a liquor bottle on the table.  He goes towards it and sees there was a piece of paper under it.
He opens the paper, smelling like alcohol, and reads its note, " Mein . ..Mein jaara hi hoon. . . Aapni pyaar ka paas. He is the only one who ever truly loved me. Lekin mein uska qadar khabi nahi ki!" Maan's fits were unknowingly tightening as the anger in his veins started to pump through him.
He continues to read the rest, "Don't come after me. . .I want . . I want to have some alone time with my pyaari GEORGE! I am his brown eyes from now on samjhe tum".
He starts to laugh so hard.
"Brown eyes not again" he chuckles.
"Looks like I got some competition tonight" he smirks.
When Maan reaches there he sees Geet drinking out of the liquor bottle and lying on her so-called "Pyaari George".
" George . . .I .. . I have to tell you . . .a secret" she giggles whispering to the bench.
"I . . choose. .. you" she chirps in her tipsy voice.
"Not my husband, not my sexy hypo, but you! I choose you" she points toward the bench.
"Now. .. just because. . .just because I choose you. . . doesn't mean I love you. . after a couple of dates . .. and and getting to know you. . I will let you know if you're the one okay? And if it's not you, you have to promise that you will still be my friend?" she says in a serious tone.
"Waada karo mujhse George. Promise me you will still be my best friend" she says cuddling against the bench.
"I promise" Geet heard a voice.
"wait Omg you can talk George" she says touching the bench in excitement.
"You are so busy in the metal arms of your George that you can't even recognize your Sexy Hypo's voice. . . Not fair Brown eyes" Maan feigns sadness as he nonchalantly stood against the trunk of a tree.
"What are you doing here? I told you not to come after me. I . . .I choose George. You're too late!
"acha? I am too late" Maan raises an eyebrow and naughtily starts to approach her backing her up against her back on the bench.
"Stay away from me" Geet whispers inches away from him, looking straight into his eyes.
"Khata ho gaya hai. . .tujhe pyaar karna sazaa hoga ya ha" Maan huskily whispers staring back deep into her big brown eyes.
Maan starts to inch closer and Geet closes her eyes lost in the moment. But Maan passes her lips and just grabs the bottle of alcohol.
Geet opens her eyes to find herself breathing heavily and Maan enjoying her drink with a smirk on his face.
"ughhh I hate you!" Geet pouts and gets up to leave.
But Maan held her strongly by her wrist and twirls her back inside his arms, both falling onto the bench with Geet on top.
"So Miss Brown Eyes was pretending to be drunk" Maan whispers in amusement seeing there was water in the bottle and not alcohol.
"choro. . choro mujhse. Mujhe aapse bhaat nahi karni" Geet struggles to get out of his arms upset that her plan to get back at Maan failed. He would just dazzle her, making her forget what her name was, let alone remember what to do next.
Maan just pulls her closer, her lips brushing against the edge of his lips, jolting both their bodies with temptation.
"So you want to go on a date to get to know me" Maan smirks moving a strand of her back behind her ear.
Geet blushes a little and tries to break free from his hold.
Maan: I am not going to let you go so stop blushing and tell me " Will you, Miss Brown eyes, be willing to go on a date with the dashing one and only, Sexy Hypo?"
Geet giggles into his chest losing herself in his craziness.
"oooh I will take that as a yes" Maan chuckles snaking his arms around her in a warm hug.
Geet suddenly shoves his arm off saying, "Nope! I told George I would be going on a date with him. I can't go back on my word. . .sorry" she taunted Maan.
"acha. . .and how exactly do you plan to have sex with a bench if u guys do plan to get married if i may ask" Maan says boldly.
Geet's eyes enlarged and jaw dropped with his audacity.
"Maan" she glared at him.
"What? You were the one who keeps choosing a bench over me! " he retorted back chuckling.
"Your unbelievable you know that!" she gets up and starts to leave.
"And you are so Hot when you get angry you know that?" he says swiping her off her feet and taking her in his arms.
"Ohh my God. .. Maan .. Maan" Geet screamed which later turned to giggles as they laughed and fooled around the rest of the night away.


Hello dearies! Missed you all! Sorry for the long wait.  Anybody was waiting for Dev?? Well here he comes from the next update. There will be a lot of emotions when he enters. Do let me know if u want a piece of him LOL

Please hit the likebutton if you liked the update and do comment Embarrassed

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love sexy hypo
again george
dev  arghhh
plzz update soon

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great update
loving maaneet

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superb update
a bit funny with ge0rge
and dev grrr

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gr8 to see d update... loved it...

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Hi thanks 4 da pm n awesum update! Vicky disturbed dem! Dadi n Maan have a wonderful relationship n she has accepted Geet! Loved their convo! Maan finding Geet! Geet blabbers away! superbly written! update soon

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