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brown eyes ka updating laga kar so gayi kya zalim 

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simply awesome.loving it,.

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Part: 28

Chuppa Rustam

" If you said this while I was awake I would have pinned you with my body and hold you captive all night. The best part would have been that you wouldn't stop me! But I am not going to do that.  I am not going to let you off the hook so easily.  Be more creative sweetheart.  Let's see what you come up with to cool your sexy hypo's raging temper down" with a crooked smile before slumping back to bed.

The clicking of Maan's polished shoes down the stairs was heard by Geet.

"Babaji help me please.  I can't mess up this time. Woh bahut naaraz hai mujhse" she closes her eyes and silently prayed to her babaji.
The clicking noise comes to a halt.  Geet slowly flutters her eyes open to find the most beautiful and warm pair of eyes looking at her.
He suddenly moves the gaze of his eyes away from her and yells out , " Nakul"!
Nakul: Jii sir.
"Bring my breakfast" he says sternly passing Geet without looking at her or acknowledging her.
Nakul just looks at Geet while Maan goes and sits in his chair.
"Good morning beta" Daadima says noticing the edgy interaction that just took place.
Maan: oh Good morning Daadi.  I didn't notice you there.
Daadi: I am not the only one you didn't notice beta. Everything okay with you?
Maan: Yeah everything is fine. Why wouldn't it be?
Just then Geet comes with the food and slowly starts to place it on the table.
Geet was about to put some food on Maan's plate, when Maan stops her with his hand.
"Remind me again, are you the servant of this house or the BAHU that gives you the right to pour me some food" he says so harshly without even glancing at her.
"Maan" Daadima says in utter shock at his rudeness.
"Oh please daadima. Go ahead and tell her that I am not the type of guy where the way to get to my heart is through my stomach!".
Daadima: Why are you making such a big deal? Did you bring her into this house to use her as a punching bag for your temper?
" That's the same question I ask myself. Why did I bring her here"  he says sending one of his deadly glares to her before walking away leaving the breakfast table.
"Maan" she tried to have control over her voice but it came as a crackling whimper.
Maan: It's Maan sir to you.  Don't try to make a personal relationship with me samjhe tum!
Aur haan ek aur baat. Don't even bother coming to work today.
Geet looks up in shock, "kyun"
"Looks like I am your secretary it seems.  Let me remind you that you have a doctor's appointment in an hour. Nakul will drop you off" he says leaving.
Once he leaves the house fills with such an awkward silence. She starts to grab the dishes his to clean up.
" From Maan's side I am sorry" daadima says.
"There is no need to apologize madam jii. I know Maan. . .Maan sir has a very sweet and nice layer inside him. He just hides it through his hard Maan Singh Khurana exterior. See how he made a doctor's appointment for me. He does care he just has a different way of showing it. And -- " Geet stops herself from blabbering on, noticing who she was talking to.
" Why did you stop?" she chuckles.
"You know it's the first time I am meeting someone who can see the real Maan.  Other girls just can't stop praising his good looks. Even though he insulted and was rude with you, you didn't notice? If it was another secretary in your place they would have already left the position. It's really hard to believe. Are you ---"
"I am just a very unlucky and unfortunate girl who crossed paths with your grandson and can see the heart that he claims to the world he doesn't have. I am getting late for my appointment. Please do excuse me. " she says cutting Daadima off before it got awkward and other questions raised.

Maan was in his car and dials a number.
"Nakul. Send over the food that br-- . .. I mean the food that my secretary made. Make sure no one notices and if you don't keep this between us you can forget about your job" he says in his stern voice before hanging up.
" That was the famous Khurana attitude and temper for you Brown Eyes. I will be waiting to see how you make it melt" he says smiling that reached his lovestruck eyes.

Geet came out of the doctor's place with only one thing on her mind.  What was she going to do?  How was she going to manofy him?  She can't wait till night until he arrives, her heart wouldn't be able to handle so much anxiousness and restlessness. She wanted her sexy hypo back.  She heads over to the khurana office, and hopefully until then she can come up with a plan.

There was a woman in a black burqa pacing left and right continuously in front of the Khurana Office entrance.
"uffo Madam kya kar raha ho tum. Kyun idhar udhar ghoom rahe ho.  You are making us dizzy. If you want to go inside so badly then gives us a better show" Vicky says with a naughty glint in his eyes.
She turns around, hearing a guy's dirty remark.
She slowly starts to move toward their direction as he continued with his remarks, " Last time you were here, the guard told me you sneaked past them wearing this burqa. But I wasn't here so you left me a special note".
Vicky takes out a money note that had a red juicy lip stick mark on it and shows it to the woman in the burqa saying, "I know it's you. I could never forget those eyes of yours".
The woman starts to take the niqaab off, only showcasing her eyes.
"oh my God. . .I'm . .I'm so sorry" Vicky hesitates realizing what mistake he just made.
"I . . .I mistook you for someone else. I am ashamed and sorry for my inappropriate behavior. . .I".
"I believe you" the woman cut him off.
"I am sorry I wasn't the girl who you hoped it would be. She is a very lucky girl" she says so warmly. Vicky could sense that she really mean it through her eyes.  There was a tinge of familiarity in those eyes, but he just couldn't put his finger on it.
Vicky: No please don't apologize. I still feel very bad for the way I behaved. But . .. if you don't mind. . . could I ask you something?
"If that will get the guilt off your chest than go ahead shoot me with your question" she says.
"Have we met before?" he says with curiosity still trying to recall where he had seen such a pair of eyes before.
She giggles, " Well if I told you where would the fun be in that. How about you help me with something, and by then you might be able to put your finger on where you have seen me before" she says putting her niqaab back over her face.
There was so much mysteriousness, yet a lot of naughtiness playing around in her eyes. If he had run into such eyes before then he should of remembered on the spot, which guy would be crazy to forget such eyes.  They were mesmerizingly haunting.  Who was she? He was just going have to agree to help her and find out for himself.

There was a knock against Maan's door.
Maan: Come in.
Vicky comes in and explains, " bro our special client's wife from Dubai is here to meet you to discuss the plans of building that hotel in london".
Maan: really? I thought we were meeting next week.
Vicky: umm well you see something urgent came up and the only time she could make it was today.
Maan: It's okay, tell her to come in. I don't want to lose such a big business deal over this.
The woman in the Burqa comes in. "Hello Mr.Khurana. I apologize for the inconvenience I may have caused" she utters sweetly in a British accent.
Maan:Oh it's fine. Take a seat.
"Damn she is good. . .A perfect british accent. Great just great. Now I am more lost in who she is. Maybe I met her in London?" he lowly mutters to himself, the curiosity in him increasing by the second.
Maan: Umm Vicky did you say something?
" hmm . . .uhh no" and leaves.
Maan and the client get engrossed in their meeting. Maan get's up and heads over to the board to explain the project better by showing her visuals and images.
He was flipping through the third visual saying, "In the next picture you will be able to see'"suddenly the pen slips from his fingers as he lost his train of thought.
"a hypo" she mutters both in amusement and curiosity.
"umm. . no" he hesitates and quickly changes to the next visual.
His eyes popped in shock, he stumbles and this time the blackboard was about to fall, but Maan catches it in time.
"oh my mistake. A muscular hypo. . . no I think that's a very sexy hypo. I mean look at his pose' she says.
Maan starts to smile and then chuckle under his breath with the image in front of him.
"I don't think though that the fountain should have a hypo statue with water coming out of it. I admit its unique, but not what I was looking for" she says professionally.
He starts to shake his head knowing exactly who was behind this.
"Oh she is good. But how is she doing this? Is she watching me? I shouldn't show to her that she is making me melt. I want to see what else you got Brown Eyes" he thinks to himself getting an idea.
All of a sudden his expression changes and turns to hard and mean.  He grabs the visuals and rips it.
"um no I am sorry. I need to deal with something" and walks out.
"Yeh kya baqwas hai" he yells throwing the pieces out of his office as it scattered all over the place, scaring the life out of his employees.
Vicky gulps in fear of getting caught because of this unknown girl in a burqa. What was he thinking! She could be some hooker for all he knew! Yup he was so going to get fired now.
He starts to eye here and there to see if she was here, but curses his luck and goes back inside.
"He went back inside" Vicky says both in excitement and shock. 
"I am saved for now, but he went back inside" he breathes out a sigh and goes toward the pieces of ripped paper.
He tries to put the pieces back together and sees it was a hypo. A Hypo??? What the hell is going on there!
He looks up to the ceiling. "God please. I made a mistake.  There is a crazy girl in there. She tricked me with those eyes. Please I don't want to get fired" he silently prayed.
"I'm sorry" Maan apologizes to his client.
"It's alright. I don't mind" she says politely.
He sits down on his chair " okay so as I was saying" maan says pointing at the file and continuing where he left off.
After a few minutes of talking so much Maan picks up his coffee to take a sip. Suddenly his eyes fall on the note on the plate that he picked his cup from and he starts choking on his coffee.
"omg are you okay" the client says all concerned.
"excuse me. . um.. .yeah I'm fine" maan says picking up his hankie, wiping his mouth.
He puts the hankie down, when his eyes fall on something on his hankie.  He opens up his hankie to find a message engraved in it.
Come on already, Sexy hypo!
You know you want to forgive your Brown eyes :P
And instead of her signature was a pair of brown eyes.
While he was reading the message, he had a big smile on his face, which didn't go unnoticed by his client.
"I know this is an important meeting, but we are practically done and I trust you and your work.  She has sent you more than one message now and has caught your attention.  If you need to be with someone else it's totally understandable" she says.
Once her words hit, realization hits, his expression changes back to cold and filled with anger once again.
He leaves the room once again and starts to roam around the office looking for his chuppa rustaam of a brown eyes!
His employees were looking at him as if he has lost his mind.
"Mein to gayi" Vicky murmered to himself still hiding thinking his boss was looking for him.
In order not to look suspicious Maan yells out, " Will someone give me a damn lighter?".
Vicky quickly takes out a lighter and hands it to him with shaky hands. 
He lights up his hankie in flames and then yells out for them to put the fire out.
He then turns around to head toward his office when something caught his eye and he smirks going inside closing the door behind him.
Maan: That girl has done some jadoo on poor Maan.  That's why he is acting so crazy. I need to get that girl out of here!
"Did you find her?" the client asks.
Maan: No I didn't go out to find her.
"I don't waste my time on desperate girls. I am used to it. They always come and go".
"What! Desperate. . ." the client says taken aback.
"yeah DESPERATE!" Maan emphasizes.
"anyways let me show you one last detail on my laptop which will wrap our meeting up".
The client nodes.
Maan turns toward his laptop where the screen savor had a special message for him.
Maan laughs an indifferent laugh.
"Look look. Let me show you how desperate she is! She doesn't have the guts to apologize to me in person and instead sabotages my meeting with her so called sweet apologies.
" umm it's not really my business and I actually have to go. I am getting late for my flight. I love what you are doing. Keep it up. Talk with my husband for the rest of the details" the client hesitates and tries to make a run out the door.
A strong muscular arm blocks her way, "What's the rush. I wanted to introduce you to someone" he says walking towards her, while she took two steps backwards.
She gets cornered to the wall. "Listen Mister! My husband is a very powerful man. If he hears about this inappropriate behavior with me, you won't have a head on your body! So . . so let me go" she says hesitating the last bit a little.
"Oh really. The wife took my heart and now the husband will take my head. Rab ne bana de jodi!" he smirks closing the distance between there bodies.
"I don't know what you are talking about! I am serious Mr. Khurana! Let me go or else I will scream and my bodyguards will come rushing in" she threatens.
"Karo na! Scream! What are you waiting for?  I am sure I can handle Vicky. He is your bodyguard right? I promise you I won't even lay a finger on him and he will surrender in defeat".
"Be wise Mr.Khurana, my husband is dangerous. For the last time I am going to tell you nicely to let me go" she seethes.
"Dangerous?" maan chuckles.
 "Does that mean your husband will finally come out of hiding?" He gloats.
"Let me give you a message to give him" he smirks inching closer to her ear.
"I was never really mad at your wife.  I wanted to see how your wife would manofy me. And let me warn you she turned out to be a chuppa rustaam.  You might want to keep one eye open when you sleep, or else someone called sexy hypo might steal her away" he huskily whispers.
The whole time Geet was numb with his words and closeness.  He was just feigning anger, and this whole time she was going crazy in trying to make him forgive her! Ughh she didn't want to melt so easily in front of him.
Just then someone barges into the office, " Oh SHIT" Vicky mutters in shock and turns around leaving the room. If he thought he was fired before, he is so fired now!
Geet uses that opportunity to sneak out of Maan's arms and runs out the door.
"Wait. . .Brown eyes wait!" Maan yells out to her, but she doesn't stop.
"Brown eyes. Her name is brown eyes. Why don't I still remember her? And what was she doing with Maan? Oh my God! Maybe this the same girl Maan has been seeing and she came dressed like this to have a little alone time with Maan. Damn you Vicky! You disturbed them and now she is running away".
Maan went after her, but she quickly got into a taxi and escaped.
"You escape for now. But we live under the same roof" he smirks as he watches the taxi fade away.


You know George. I  . .. I actually figured out . . .something" she bends down whispering to George and chuckles after taking a sip of her drink.
"Do . . .Do you want me to let you know the secret? It's about love" she says trying to tempt him.

Who misses George??ROFL

Plz hit the likebutton and comment as this a super duper long update Embarrassed

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Awesome dear.
Loved geet's extraordinary way to manofy maan.
Continue soon.

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awesome part just loved it 

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Wonderful update..
luved it..

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Maaneet are ADORABLE

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awesome  update...

loved it...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

continue nxt prt soon plz...

eagerly waiting...

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