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Congrats on the new thread...
awesome update..
awww poor maan hurt...
continue soon

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Originally posted by $ara_$hachi


i am just done with it.  Gonna post it now. GIve me a couple minutes to post :)
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Sara declare herself first *tongue out*
Zey, say it officially.

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just a few more minutes still color coding :)
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Part: 27

Realization hits hard


He knew she only hid those burns from him because he would worry and go crazy about it, but it hurt that she didn't allow him to be there for her, something he thought they were passed in the relationship they shared. He thought they were closer than that! His blind love always fools him!

Geet head takes one full spin around the room, her heart skipping a beat. Her heart felt like it was racing away from her! But then why were their new fresh tears making its way down her cheeks?
Her accusing words echoing and spinning round and round inside her head, "What are you trying to hide from me? What is in there that is so personal to you for which you can't share with me?" making her stumble back against the pole as she took in everything silently and torturously. "Do you even hear yourself" his echoing words pierced through her, making her body crumble and legs buckle to the ground.
"kya hoga ya mujhse" she says so frustrated with herself!
"Why do I keep messing up" her voice faint.
"I'm trying to figure things out, I really am Maan" she whimpers.
" I . . . I hid it from you because . . . because it would raise the question of how I got the burns and. . . and I just didn't want to hurt you anymore" she runs both hands through her hair, and then scrunches her hair in frustration as the throbbing pain started to run through her body. All the while not being able to hold it in any longer, the tears started to drip and drip from her face as her mind replayed her a flashback.
~Back at the beach house earlier that same day~
"I'm . . .I'm going to go for a swim. There is still a little time left before Nakul gets here with some clothes" Maan says getting up from the kitchen table.
Maan could see the concern in her eyes as she heard the word "swim", but she didn't say anything and let him go.
It got so quiet and lonely when Maan left for his swim.  She decided to make some more Pasta for Maan, since not only did she eat most of pasta, but when he comes back from his swim he would surely be hungry.  She heads over to the kitchen and takes the oil, pouring it into the pan and turning on the stove.
Suddenly Maan's words started to really dawn on to her, "You will have to figure out what Love is on your own. You will have to figure out why you feel attracted to me. You will have to figure out why surrendering to me last night felt so good. . .so right. I have always helped you so far, but not this time. This time you will have to find the answers to your own kashmakash brown eyes.  And yes you will have to find those answers. I won't let you run away from them" and that's when her eyes fell on the telephone near the stove.
She slowly and hesitantly approached toward it.  She grabs the phone and with shacking fingers manages to dial the number.  Her heart was already racing and her hands shacking all the more with the increased nervousness.
Geet suddenly hangs up! She couldn't do it. Her heart was scared for more than one reason.
She tries to distract herself by getting the box of pasta from the cupboard.  When she comes back near the stove her eyes fall on the phone again.
"Geet! Stop being a chicken! You need to figure things out so then why are you stopping!" she talks to herself.
She grabs the phone and dials the number with no hesitation this time. But when she hears it ringing again, the nervousness came back and this time ten fold. In order to distract her hands from not be able to hang up she places the phone on her shoulder and tilts her head to hold the phone in place, while her hands held the box of pasta.
Just when she opens it she hears his voice, "Hello" and the box of pasta slips from her fingers spilling all over the floor.  She hangs up and was so lost in the heat of the moment that when she bends down to clean up all the pasta from the ground her hand bangs on the handle of the pan and all the burning hot oil spills over her back.
She screamed and yelped from the anguish of the seeping pain, but at the same time Geet was greatful that Maan was too far in the water to hear her.
**End of flash back**

"How could I tell you that I tried calling my husband? And because of my cowardliness I ended up burning myself? Kaise!" Geet winces and closes her eyes backing her head against the pole.
"It's my special room" his voice rang through her mind.
She opens up her eyes and starts to look around the room, his special room, once more.
"And on top of that you made me think so bad about this special room of yours.  I don't think there is anything else that could make me feel more cheaper than I do right now" she clenches her teeth in disgust with herself.
She gets up to leave when her eyes fall on the so called "Pole".
" I spoke too soon" she sucks in her breath sharply as another lonely tear cascaded down her face.

The grip of the sheet over her shoulders got tighter as she took in the sight that was above her.
It was never a pole but one of the pillars that held a huge painting of her. . . of her EYES!

(something like this, but prettier Embarrassed)
Right next to it was a plate that gave the meaning of his painting.
I fell for your forbidden eyes!
Now my eyes are Blind.
Without you darkness is all that lies,
Your love is the light for which I pine.
~Maan singh khurana
Geet covers her mouth in shock and as realization hit her hard.
"Instead of trying to understand what was this feel and attraction between us, I tried taking the short cut for which I got burned physically, and i burned your heart"
"You. . . You weren't even watching me dance. . you. . . you were—" she stops as he remembers his words, "I don't have an interest in seeing you strip and dance for me"!
"You were looking above at the painting" she gasps in awe of his blind love.
But then she fills with anger, just not for herself but because of Maan.
His blind love for her was driving her insane!
"Who does he think he is! This is pure insanity! What is he made out of! What is his heart made out of" she wanted to scream!
His painting of her and only her surrounded every inch of this room!  
"How can he love me so much" she falls on her knees feeling bad not for herself but for Maan.
She holds her head back up and starts to wipe her tears away.
"I will forget that I am married for some time! He is the one that left me toh theek hai! I won't hold myself back anymore.  I won't feel guilty! And I am going to give Maan a chance. Myself a chance to see who I am in love with!  You hear me DEV!" she says with igniting eyes of determination and confidence and walks out of the room.

Maan was still tossing and turning in his bed. He let's out a big sigh seeing how long both him and Geet have to go.  His heart became heavy with the thought of him running out of time. Geet is so unstable with what she is going through.  She doesn't even know if she can trust herself, so then how can she put her trust on others. Even if her answer is right in front of her she won't know whether to trust it or not.  She doesn't know whether her heart is telling the truth or lying. And he knows who exactly the culprit is here.  Maan is so close to putting the person who said Love is the best thing that can happen to a person behind bars for his lie! That idiot doesn't even know what he is saying! 
"Ughh! What the hell am I thinking" Maan says running a hand through his hair.
Maan: I am losing my mind! Maan Singh Khurana is losing his mind and that too for a girl who would ever thought such a day would come.
Just then Maan hears footsteps.  He closes his eyes and acts as if he is sleeping.
Maan felt someone sit on the bed inching close to him.  A sweat smile formed on her lips, seeing how innocent he looked in his sleep.
"Mein tumse bahut naaraz hoon sexy hypo" she whispers looking at his sleeping form.
"What! Why is she mad at me! I am still not done being mad at her" maan thought to himself.
"Why did you come into my life now? Why now sexy hypo?" she expresses wanly.
Maan remained numb.  This was not what he was expecting her to say.
Geet: I wish you came before he did and maybe this wouldn't have to be so complicated. I wouldn't have to keep hurting you like this.
"Pata hai, you are everything I dreamed of my rajkumar being" she lightly chuckles.
"Actually your even sexier. After all you're my sexy hypo" she smiles and laughs through her welled up eyes of tears.
" I don't know whether what I feel for you is love, but I am going to truly figure it out for you. I owe you at least this much" she says wiping away her tears and smiling.
"I don't know what's gotten into me. I always seem to cry" sniffling as she laughs an empty laugh.
" I don't know what I am saying or why I am here right now talking to you when you are asleep.  I never meant to hurt you tonight, I was only trying to protect you" she says getting lost in his face.
Her hand unconsciously moves toward his face and moves a strand of his hair back.  Maan fought so hard with himself at that very much from not snatching her wrist and pulling her closer.  A part of him wanted her to vent out what she had to say that she was keeping inside her for so long.  He was not going to lie, but he was liking this moment very much.  Her words were so comforting to his heart, putting back together his hopes. Her words were so pure and straightly coming from her heart.
"Hosake to mujhe maaf karo sexy hypo.  Forgive your brown eyes please" she whispers so close to his face.
Before she could stop herself she plants her lips right against his cheek.
"Goodnight sexy hypo" she weakly smiles and gets up to leave.  There was no guilt, no hesitation, no justification for why she just kissed him.  Neither did she owe Dev an explanation nor herself. She did what she felt like doing at that moment.  There was no need of trying to dissect a reason for why she did it.  She was passed all that now. 
Once Maan heard the click of the door he jolted up from his bed.  He touches his cheek with his hand and was flying over the moon with the rush of sensations that her one touch zipped through him.
" If you said this while I was awake I would have pinned you with my body and hold you captive all night.  The best part would have been that you wouldn't stop me! But I am not going to do that.  I am not going to let you off the hook so easily.  Be more creative sweetheart.  Let's see what you come up with to cool your sexy hypo's raging temper down" he slumps back into his bed, his signature crooked smile playing on his lips.


sorry same pre-cap as last time.

Geet trying to Manofy Maan at Khurana Constructions

Please hit the like button if you liked the update, me crying seeing so low likesCry
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superb  part

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