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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

~::Love is Blind::~(Thread:4)

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Welcome to Thread 4 of love is blind !


Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love. Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares." (Shakespeare)


Dev and Geet were married and it was a love marriage..They fell in love during college days..both loved each other very much but dev started ignoring her all of sudden when his company got bankrupt. 

On other hand, Maan Singh khurana who's life revolved around his family, for the past month has been seeing these pair of brown eyes haunting him ...asking for help.  He sees nothing but her veiled face and eyes full of masked pain holding him prisoner...Who was this anjaani girl? WHo was this brown eyes?

 He bumps into this girl accidently one night and time stood still as he watched the girl of his dreams walk away. Again her face was covered in a veil only showcasing her hypnotizing eyes.  Was he dreaming? Was his brown eyes real?

This brown eyes is none other than Geet. He again encounters her at a business party again face covered with a veil, but at that party he fell in love with her in first sight.Her brown eyes captured his heart the most.

Dev told geet to dance so that she could impress MSk and do bussiness with him. 
During the party only, Geet got drunk and started dancing and on the way to home with dev she asked him about her husband and dev got irritated and slapped her and told her to leave his house and geet left the house and in way when she was enjoying the rain maan saw her and recognizes her as his brown eyes and geet in drunken state told maan that he is her husband because she sees love in his eyes for her.

After that maan tried best to get rid of her with his harsh words and after some encounters she started calling him hippo.Then they both went to hotel to take a room and surprisingly only one room was available. Inside, Geet tried to get intimate with maan thinking he was Dev but Maan rejected her and geet got hurt and seeing geet hurt maan clarified that he cannot take advantage of her in this condition and they both slept cuddling with each other.

In the morning when geet saw she is sleeping with some random man,she lost it and slapped maan and then maan came to know that she is married geet then went to dev and there watchman told that dev has told to not allow her and geet thought that it is because of maan.

and so to get an answer she went to maan. Maan Singh Khurana seeing Geet confront him in his office out of rage he also goes and kisses her in front of the whole crowd! She ends up fainting.

Geet regains consciousness and finds out that she misunderstood Maan. She blurts out a sorry to him before running away trying to hide her tears. Maan finds Geet and clears everything between them.  He even is willing to go help her and get the answers she deserves to get from dev.  But when they go they find out that Dev has left to london for some time.  Geet is completely broken.  

Maan takes her to his house and is doing all his best to ease her pain and bring a smile onto her face.  But Geet has started to feel this unknown attraction toward Maan!  Are they feelings developing for maan or is it just an attraction?

Part 26:
The Beauty and the Beast


Maan comes back and grabs her by the wrist.
Geet: Maan . . .Maan listen to me.  Where are you taking me ? Maan!
"Chup bilkul chup" silencing with her finger.
"You have lost the right to talk samjhe tum" Maan seethes out.

Geet: Aap itna naraaz kyun ho
" Strip for me now!" Maan said a serious change in his voice.
"excuse me?" Geet says almost taken aback.
Maan: You heard me!
"oh yeah why don't I spice it up a bit for you just tell me where is my pole" Geet says sarcastically.
"Oh what a great idea. I have one in my special room for which one sexy client of mine used for me. You just sit tight, I will be back with it in a few minutes" he winks and heads toward the door.
"Are you f***ing kidding me!" Geet pushes Maan to the wall, her eyes spitting fire.
"about which part exactly?" Maan says so indifferently.
"Fine! If giving you pleasure will cool your system down, lead the way Mr. Maan Singh Khurana!" she lashed out back. (Anybody shocked as I am??? What is happening here??!Shocked)
Maan didn't even flinch once, " wow there, take it easy sherni! Some things in there are personal. You just stay here. I will bring the party here don't worry" he glints his smile, knowing exactly how it had its mesmerizing effect on people.
"What? Did you think I was your knight?" he laughs menacingly leaving Geet completely shocked.  She knew it was because he was angry, for what she had no idea! But the way he was taking it out on her certainly did leave its mark.
"I don't need a Knight. So baby take off your armor", she says ripping his shirt as the buttons snapped off.
If he was angry, then she wasn't going to bow down to him like a puppet.  Why couldn't he say what his problem was like a normal human being? But no! He has more mood swings than a pregnant woman! Ughh Geet felt like ripping her hair out, but instead she took it out on his shirt, as if ripping his ego!
In a blink of a moment Geet found herself backed up against the wall as he huskily whispers in his baritone voice, "I am not the one whose going to be taking things off tonight!"
Geet couldn't believe what she was hearing. How could this be the same sweet man who said that he would always be there for her!  She was too lost in the heat of the moment to let the tears spill!
And he was nowhere to stopping, "You don't need an excuse to touch me sweetheart!" he says with a crooked smile eyeing his ripped shirt before looking straight back at her.
Maan: I am gonna be the beast while you will be my beauty for tonight!
"Toh dher kis bhaat ki take me there and let's get the night started" Geet retorted back. Could she even hear herself and what she was saying, what she was agreeing to?
" Why don't you lead yourself there. Take the stairs downstairs, go all the way at the end of the hallway and go inside the last room to the right. I will join you shortly with a bottle of champagne" he says walking away.
A part of Geet was waiting for him to end this madness and stupid fight, but it looks like none of them wanted to surrender.
Geet absent-mindedly found her way and made it to the door of the room Maan had described to her.  She just stood there for a few seconds her hands shaking trying to turn the knob.  What personal things were in there that was making her heart restless!  Or was it the thought of some client all over her sexy hypo?
"I don't care who was all over him" she mumbles to herself giving her the edge to turn the knob to open the door.
Suddenly Maan grabs her hand that was on the knob giving her a jolt with his sudden and harsh touch, as he closes the door back before Geet could get a glimpse of the secret that was hidden in the room.
"I thought you would be nervous, but aren't you in a hurry to get inside the room" he says with a sly smirk, really pushing the buttons on Geet's nerves.
"I want to get this over with, so shall we" she forcefully smiles.
"I was thinking, to make it even more spicier? What do you say?" he naughtily utters near her ear, sending a shudder down her spin all the way to her toes making them curl in defeat.
"uhh. . umm. ." she stutters momentarily dazzled by his closeness and tempting voice.
"What is left? you want to handcuff me as well?" she retorts back after snapping out of his trance.
" Now why would I do that? Even something better!" he says pulling out the blindfold.
"Oh really this is better? What are you trying to hide from me? What is in there that is so personal to you for which you can't share with me?" she says accusing him, hurt by his actions, yet not letting it show in her voice.
Do you even hear yourself right now? Whatever don't be a spoilsport and wear the Blindfold for whatever reasons it may be kay sweetheart" he winks at her and blindfolds her not waiting for her to even respond.
Geet was burning with anger at that moment.  She had no idea for what deed he was punishing her like this? She didn't even know who this guy was in front of her. No way was it her sexy hypo. Just no way!
She was still waiting and had a hope in a corner of her heart that he would end this! But that's not what it was looking like. She sucks it up, her ego not letting her to surrender to him and show him any weakness.
Maan opens the door and helps guide her inside the room, with every foot step she took her heart and mind couldn't help but wonder what was in this room that he didn't want her to see.  She tried to use her other 4 senses to get a feel of what was in this room.  Her ears alert and her nose trying to smell what could possibly be in the room.  Maan watched her with amusement, she looked so desperate in her efforts, but Maan didn't flinch.
Maan: Don't try so hard sweetheart.  Your innocent mind won't be able to guess what is in here so stop giving yourself wrinkles.
Geet couldn't see his face, but she knew he was grinning like fool at her helplessness and desperation.  If only he knew how every word and comment he made was like a prick to her heart.  And she thought this whole time they were passed all this.  She thought they understood each other, and he was planning on giving her some time to figure things out! So what the hell was all this?
"Just take me to the damn pole and stop acting like such a smartass. It doesn't suit you" she said callously, keeping herself strong.
Maan: Fine.  Here we are! Would you like some champagne? Your so much fun when you're drunk.
Geet showed no emotion. She didn't even reply.  She just stood her hands out trying to find where the pole was.
"It's a little to your left" Geet heard his voice a little farther away this time. 
Then came the popping sound of the Champaign bottle.  So this is what it's going to be she thought.
She touches something.
Geet: What kind of pole is this! It's so Big. How am I supposed to dance around this!
Maan: Just do it.
She clenches her teeth and starts to dance around it.  She didn't even know what she was doing.  Didn't care.  She may have been in the room, but her mind was somewhere else, contemplating and battling something else. She danced and swerved her body around the pole, not even remembering that her back was paining her. She was so busy lost in his thoughts, in her battle.
She freezes in place feeling his hands snake around her navel.  She was breathless and her chest was heaving up and down.    Her heart was beating even faster now as he inched closer to her body pressing her more against the pole with his body.
"You were supposed to be stripping as well. Why don't I help you" he whispers near her ear.
But before Geet could react Maan rips the back of her shirt.  The ripping sound was too much for Geet and the blindfold, which was soaked with her tears started to drip from the blindfold down her cheeks. She was lost and confused.  What was he doing? Why was he angry?
Maans fingers slowly slide down her back, before going lower and in circular motion.  Geet closes her eyes as the cells of the skin he would touch surrendered in defeat.  She could feel his sweet breathe fanning off the side of her neck and down her back. Geet's hand just scrunched up the material of her outfit as she tried to surpass the zipping sensations flowing through her.  He was going in round circular motion, as if spreading something; her back felt like the fire, and his touch the ice. His touch felt so cool under her skin.  That's when her eyes snap open as reality dawned on to her. Before she could say anything Maan placed a sheet around her back and shoulders abruptly turning her around and placing his finger on her pink and trembling lips, " Chup bilkul chup"! slowly backing her up against the pole, making sure it didn't hurt the burns that were on her back.
" I had told you, you had lost the right to speak. But then you said so much" he whispers so intently to her.
She desperately wanted to tell him , "SHushh" he hushes her, not letting her speak.
Maan: Now I will talk and you will listen samjhe tum!
Maan: What are you trying to hide from me? What is in there that is so personal to you for which you can't share with me? That's what you had asked me hain na?
Maan: I could ask you the same thing, but you hid it from me, like I was some stranger.  I thought you had accepted me as a part of your life, but what you hid from me really did make me feel like a stranger! And I was the fool to think we were passed all that.
" Sorry galti hui! Next time I won't raise my hopes so high!" his voice spitting out venom, but it was just the mask which he hid the pain.
"I am not going to ask you how you got those burns.  But I applied the cream over it, which will help sooth the pain until we can go to the doctors tomorrow".
"maan" she pleads.
"I am not done yet! I don't have an interest in seeing you strip and dance for me, but it was my lesson to you to show you how it feels to make someone feel like a total stranger!
"I bet you didn't even know who I was. Guess we are even now!" He says harshly before letting her go.
Maan: Don't move or talk varna mujhse bhura aur koi nahi hoga!
After a couple seconds, "You can take off the blindfold now".
Geet takes off the blindfold, but couldn't believe her eyes.  She sucks in her breathe sharply in shock.  But there was no Maan to see her reaction. He had left her and the room. He had nothing to hide.  With Geet he was always open.  But tonight he took out his anger, but at the same time made Geet realize something.  He knew she only hid those burns from him because he would worry and go crazy about it, but it hurt that she didn't allow him to be there for her, something he thought they were passed in the relationship they shared. He thought they were closer than that! His blind love always fools him!


First day at Khurana constructions and Geet trying to Manofy Maan Embarrassed

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Thread 4:
Part: 26

Realization hits hard

Chuppa Rustam

Return of George

Decieved or Deceiving?

Part: 31
Battle of the hearts

A Rose's Thorns

Thread #1 (Parts 1-13)

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congrats on new thread
awesome dear
loved it

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Congratz 4 new thread...awasome prt

like geet I was confusd too abt his behaviour but nw we knw y

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 beautiful update...

loved it...

maan is hurt by geet...

thank u very much fr such lovely update...

continue nxt prt soon plz...

eagerly waiting...

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for new thread awsem update maan hurt because of her hiding pain
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congrats for the new thread .
nice update Zee Smile
waiting for the next update ,to see how will Geet manofy Maan Wink

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