Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Os only Khushi can make him laugh

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it is a random thought ignore mistake please 

It being 18 hours he left her & came back without talking to any one , he had walk to his room &  had lock him self in his room .

at dinner

Akash: where is bhai?

OP: he went out he said don't wait for me for dinner.

Anjali yeh choteey ko kya hogaya hain ,itna naraz kyun hain

Nani: woh Khushi betiya ko miss kar raha hain

Anjali made face  they all had dinner.

next morning

Nani: choteey nahi aai raha

OP he already left for office early morning .

Nani: choteey yeh kya kar raha hain

Mami: hello hi bye bye yeh sab phati sari ki wajhe se hain

Anjali look at them she got up and called Arnav

Arnav :hello

Anjali : yeh aap kya kar raha hain

Arnav:what i did now ?

Anjali: aap hum sab se baat kyun nahi kar raha hain

Arnav: Di please tell me what you want , when i am at home with all of you you say i am changed , now i am being like before you have problem

Anjali: choteey aap yeh kis tarah baat kar raha hain

Arnav: like i use to Di , i use to talk like this behave like this before , no one like my the changed in me so i am    try to be like before , an aloof person. who don't care for world ? he closed the call.

Nani:"Kya huwa "

Anjali: Nani choteey ghusa mein hain

Nani hide her smile "un kai patni jo nahi hain "

Anjali: per hum sab tou hain na

Nani:" aap nahi samjhe gai "

At night he was going to his room when Anjali stopped him

Anjali: choteey aap itna dair se yun aaraha hain

Arnav for whom i come ,it was a slip of tongue

Anjali : aap iss tarah se kyun baat kar raha hain, we all are at home

Arnav: DI please i am having sever head ache, please let me sleep

Anjali dinner

Arnav i am not hungry ,he walk up he slam his room door so hard that it  echo in RM

Nani: you call Khuhsi and ask her to come back and say he is sick

Anjali: look at her "hum"

Nani: for your choteey you cannot do that

Anjali:nani per hum

Nani:thek ha bana da un ko pehle kai tarah  aap phir se  she was about to walk away

Anjali hold her arm "Nani yeh choteey hum se bradash nahi ho raha hain"

Nani: "tou chala hamara saath hum ja kar abhi Khushi ko la kar aata hain "

anjali look at time Nani it is 10

Nani koi baat nahi chala hum ko pata hain woh bhi jaag rahi hogai , she called Akash and they drive to GM

Khushi was sitting out side on the stairs looking at the sky .when she saw SUV stopping " uff think of the devil & the devil is here" she got up to walk in, she stopped as she heard 3 doors " yeh woh tou nahi" she look back

nani: aap choteey se naraz hain yeh hum sab se

Khushi :nani aap she look at everyone  "kya huwa hai " she panic"aap sab iss tarah se kyun aai hain woh thek hain"

nani: Khushi betiya bus aap hamara saath chala abhi 

Khushi: hold her hand " woh"

Anjlai woh bilkul thek nahi hain hai, aap bus chala

Khushi: look at her "Kya huwa hai, tab hee hum ko yeh ,she paused placed her one hand on her stomach and other on her MS

Anjali: "Khushi ji please chala choteey phir se  na she paused as nani showed her eyes

Khushi: aik min hum buaji ko bol da ...she was scared  she ran in & told buaji . when she was walking out she saw nani & anjali smiling " Arnav ji bemara hain aur yeh iss tarah haas raha hain" she walk back to room & call him

Arnav from other end "Kya hai"he said in harsh tone

Khushi aap ko kya huwa hai

Arnav: rudely " why i tell you ? you said you are not my wife , even i die you will not come to see my face " he  throw the cell

Khushi: someone placed her hand on her shoulder , she turn

Anjali:" i beg you come back , he is really in pain"

Khushi DI we had contract marriage for 6 months and that 6 months are over so i am no more his wife

Anjali & this in your neck

Khushi: DI if i will take this off buaji & babuji will get worried , so for them i am wearing it 

Anjali : don't Lie Khushi ji , when i said woh bilkul thek nahi hain aap na yeh kyun pakara tha

Khushi DI, aap na bol tha ka woh change woh gai hain, hum see bardash nahi huwa, ka hum aap ka aur un ka beche mein aai. iss leya hum na un ko chordiya 

Anjali: hold her hand in her's " hum ko maaf kar da , please ghar chala. un na kal se kuch bhi nahi kahaya hain, na kaise se thek se baat kar raha hain"

Khushi: DI  woh aap ka bhai hain aap un ko sambjala , aap ko hamari kyun zaroorat pargai ,waise aap iss leya  aai hain

Anjali: "Khushi choteey hum ko aaj bilkul pehla ki tarah laga raha hain , jaise un se hum na sab kuch cheene liya ho "

Khushi look away

Anjali" agar aap un se pyar karti hain tou chala hamara saath"

Khushi"nahi karta pyar hum, hum ko un se nafart hain ,aur na woh hum se pyar karta hain"she sobbed

Anjali "thek hain na chala aap per agar kal un ko kuch hogaya tou hum ko na boliya ga aap , un na kal se kuch nahi khaya  hain aap ko pata hain un ki tabiyat katni kharab hojati hai

she turn around Khushi had a flash back he fainted 

Khushi roka thek hain hum chalta hain ,per aap phir hum ko ghar chorda gai

Anjali hain thek hai

Khushi chala 

Anjali " shayad aap ko pyar hain Khushi ji abhi bhi thora thora "as they drive back home .

Khushi : DI i am coming because you and Nani came to ask me

Nani hide her smile

Khushi laad Governor se pyar hum nahi karta 

Nani had seen her wiping her tears while she was sitting out , her face was pale and life less , and right now she was excited , as she had twice asked Akash to drive fast  and take a short cut 

At home she took the tray from kitchen 

Anjali: hum chala

Khushi nahi Di aap per asie hee ghusa kara gai ,i will see him .she walked up stairs " laad Governor sab ko tang kar raha hain " she without knocking walked in as if it was her right , she got shocked he was  hugging her pillow and his hand was the picture frame . which he had broken . she kept the tray on the coffee table . she walk on her side of bed pull away the frame ,she was scared she wanted to check him whether he was asleep or ...the thought made her shiver in her spine . she felt she heard her voice from some where , she look around , she saw his cell was lying next to his ear , her message was continuously played  " aap aaji please hamara woh matlab nahi tha" she felt her heart will pound out .

Arnav was fast asleep and in his dream he was dreaming he kissed her belly and then her forehead , ( i have  a feeling they will show it as a dream)

Khushi saw his lips had a smile "yeh khwab mein hass kyun raha hain" she said bit loud 

Arnav what the ,he open his eyes 

Khushi what the what the baad mein kara first sit and have dinner

Arnav Khushi

Khushi pinch him "you are not dreaming it is me " 

Arnav ouch 

Khushi ran and picked up the tray

Arnav:but from where you came ?

Khushi: Nani and Di came to pick me , hum aap ka leya nahi aai hain , hum DI aur Nani ka bolna per aai hain , jaldi se khatam kara jiju na hum ko chorna jana hain

Arnav moved her hand away " i dont want to eat ,you go away"

Khushi: i will not go till you eat 

Arnav smiled really 

Khushi hain 

Arnav  then i will not eat he laid back

Khushi you will faint 

Arnav tou tum ko kya hain mein maro yeh 

Khushi LAad Governor

Arnav: jao na muhje ko sona hain itna acha khwab dekhe raha tha

Khushi: hain hum na dekha aap haas bhi raha tha

Arnav: she was so beautiful

Khusi kon

Arnav Khushi you are no more my wife as per you said , why you want me to tell you ?"

Khushi: dekha aap hum ko batain, she pull his shirt 

Arnav:  i will not  karna hain jo karlo hold her hand in his hands and hide his smile 

Khushi: why i came ?

Arnav ask your self i didnot asked you

Khushi" all men are alike , you have started dreaming of other "

Arnav: not one but 2  2 

Khushi: dekha abhi bhi hum aap kai patni hain sun aap na

Arnav:oh really

Khushi: ji 

Arnav socho lo ho ka nahi ho

Khushi hoon yeh dekaha ,yeh hum na abhi bhi pehna hain 

Arnav hmmm  hide his smile 

Khushi: and if you will think of someone else i will kill you.

Arnav :you cannot stop me dreaming of them ok 

Khushi i can ,and i will 

Arnav you cannot 

Khushi if anyone want to enter your dream ,she should asked me and take permission from me

Arnav oh so i should keep you as a PA for my dreams too

Khushi yes 

Arnav : ok deal i appoint you as my PA but for that you have to be with me 24/7

Khushi: look at him as he had again trapped her 

Arnav if you dont want to agree then let me sleep and kindly go away with your tray

Khushi "i want to , but you must tell me all your dreams " 

Arnav " ok deal"

Khushi first have dinner 

Arnav without give a second though he sat and open his mouth, as he was feeling weak 

Khushi kya 

Arnav:khalo yeh jao 

Khushi Laad Governor , made him eat he intentionally teased her  by kissing her fingers ,as she finished "ok me going now you sleep"

Arnav ok bye , i will dream of them

Khushi: you said you will not

Arnav i said if you will stay 24/7 then only as then you can keep eye on me when every i smile in sleep you wake me.

Khushi bite her fingers "haan baat tou thek hain"

Arnav one was very cute ,but other face was not visible

Khushi: i will stay let me tell jiju 

Arnav go tell Akash you are not going back home as when i am alone they both will again taken over my dreams kya karo"

Khushi i will kill them both ...she walk out but the whole RM was dark  no one was there .she walk back he was lying with close eyes and smiling ,she lock the door and ran to bed "open your eyes quickly i will not let you see them"she shakes him 

Arnav hide his smile "oh they  have occupied my mind"

Khushi  i will not leave them  she sat biting her nails "kya karo"

Arnav something special that make me forget them 

Khushi look at him and suddenly kissed him ,he was not expecting it as it was very sudden. "then cannot do this for sure" as she moved away , he warp his arm around her waist 

Arnav do you want to know who they are ?he was out of his mind 

Khushi yes 

Arnav one you know and other 

Khushi lavanya ji

Arnav shake his head in no

Khushi then with eye he pointed at her 

Arnav you

Khushi me and you were smiling looking at me in your dreams 

Arnav yes 

Khushi hold his collar who was other ?

Arnav i don t know it was boy or girl he pull her in his arms made her fall on him and hug her tight 

Khushi kya  

Arnav dumbo i saw you and our baby in my dreams ,only you can make me smile 

Khushi blushed she dont know where to run or hide as she had her self locked the door ..she placed her head on his chest to hide her self 

Arnav had a laughter "so mrs Khushi kumar gupta singh Raizada you are again in my arms "

Khushi you again did cheating 

Arnav everything is fair in love and war, i didnot did cheating i really starve so i faint and you come back to me for ever"

Khushi you are cheater 

Arnav : i learn all these tricks from you ,had a laughter

Khushi aap kal raat ko wahan kya kar raha tha

Arnav :so you knew i was out side 

Khushi jee my heart tell me that ,and you left in morning  

Arnav you have spoiled me  kya karo tum ko dekho nahi to neend nahi aathi aur subah sab se pehla na dekho tou subah nahi hoti 

Khushi in shock OH ,he kissed her without giving her time to talk as he know if they will talk more they will end up in an argument 

Anjali closed her eyes " only she can make him laugh sorry choteey and Khushi ji ,i cannot take away my brother smile "she slept 

My heart want to say Anjali cannot turn negative , she was so sweet once , dil nahi maanta kya karo


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wonderful di
yeh asli pyaar hai
arhi always stay together

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 2:01pm | IP Logged was awesome..aww it made my day!i hope each and every line u hav wriiten shud be real!i really want like dis!amazingly written!pm me plz next time!

luv it

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even i dnt want anjali as negative :(
awesome os naddiya <3

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 2:10pm | IP Logged

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Hope soon we will get this Anjali back.Really miss her.Nice OS

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Really nice!

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Loved it.

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