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ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen Part21 B/pg 79 (21/01/15) no pm's (Page 9)

forfunlanya Senior Member

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ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen

Part 5(A)

Lavenya: Khushi Kumari Gupta' I don't like anyone near my man, my ASR'.U have seen him treating u nicely u will see the real ASR'.

Arnav was in his cabin,  he was in a bad mood because his sister and nani irritated him in the morning itself' its not anything new that they talked about his matrimony and alliance.. but they do not realize by doing so they are pulling back old memories' memories which he could not let go, the hurt that he felt but this time there was also a new image to memories..Khushi!..he did not know why she came in when they were talking about what kind of a girl they were expecting'but he knew what he wanted, he will never  get married.. he will never get his heart hurt by loving someone again'then he remembered what his jeejaji use to say: forgive and forget arnav that's when u will stop hurting holding things in you, you are only bound to hurt yourself '

That's when he heard a knock in the door'he saw Lavanya standing at the door..

ASR: Come in La..

La: hi ASR, How are you? Its been long since we talked' but I guessed u would not have realize'since u are spending so much of good time with your PA'

That's when he realize that La was true, he even forgot that she existed in the office because he was always with khushi and definitely he has a good time when ever she is around'but there was something wrong in the way La said it'

ASR: what do you mean LA' u know I am always busy' and she is just my PA.. ofcourse we have to spend time together handling our task'whats the big deal'

La( smirking to herself): really ASR? Owh that's not what I heard'.plus u know how all this small town girls are..

ASR: what are u trying to say la'

La: I am just telling u what I heard when she went around the office talking about your relationship with her'

ASR( getting more confuse and irritated with la): can u get to the point?

La: owh ASR.. its just that I heard she said how she has u twirled around her finger, how u help her out doing her work, infect u will  open the door before  her or pull her chair for her and that u will never ever yell at her'I also happen to hear that u enjoy talking to her that u don't mind she waste time chatting with u'and so many other stories which I cant remember right now.. You know right I am not interested in gossips'if u don't believe me u can ask Priya'we both heard what she was telling everyone'

Arnav was damn pissed when heard all this'he was like: what the hell? ' he did not like when this type of stories came up'

Lavanya was happy.. she knew already ASR was boiling inside' she just need to add abit more of fuel to the fire rite now'

La: owh come on ASR.. I know about u.. I know your gestures do not a mean a thing but You know how all this girls are right.. they just cant see a young, rich, good looking man. Especially this choti aukat kind of girls'.they will act all innocent and cute, they are very pretentious, so called decent  that they do not like to be touchy, act as if they are so friendly and kind, they will pretend to hate flirtatious  man and avoid them, they will behave like they are one heck of sanskar girl but the moment they know they cant get the man, they will jump to the next one' they will slowly take advantage of people after gaining their trust'trust me ASR I have seen many girls like this' I was just informing u so that u know whats going on behind your back'anyways I got a meeting with mr.mittal.. I will go now'

Arnav clenched his fist and nodded as Lavanya got out' he was so angry' first of all he hated gossips and now it was about him he was more than angry'most of all he feeled betrayed again.. he did not expect khushi to be this sort of a person... he immediately  intercom priya and ask her to come up'


Priya: sir may I come in

ASR: come in..

Priya came in and stood infront of arnav'she knew very well he was in a bad mood..she dare not open her mouth'

Asr: sit! I want to know something's from you' and I want your honest answer'and you very well know I hate don't you ever dare'.

Priya: ye yes sir'

ASR: Have you heard khushi talking about me?

Priya: what sir?

ASR: u heard me right priya.. now answer..

Priya: yes sir'

ASR: ok, what did she say'

Priya: but but sir she did not say anything wrong'

ASR: Priya.. u are here to answer my question, not to tell me whether what she say is wrong or right' I hope u understand that very well and come straight to the point'.

Priya(gulping): ok ok sir' she just said that u don't yell at her, u help her in her job, u help her pull the sit before she sit and  open the car door for her, u listen to her silly talks. She said you are a gentlemmhm''.. ( priya talked as fast as possible and could not complete her sentences that khushi said he was a gentleman before she got cut by ASR)

ASR: ENOUGH!!! ..get back to your work'.

Priya: ohh kay sir (nervously)

Arnav had heard enough'he had to do what he had to do..he wanted to show her ' her place'

Khushi just finish her meeting with the advertising agency when she got a call from Arnav' from the way he sound she knew he was not his usual self and started rushing to the office back'when she was passing priya's counter'

Priya: khushi listen, khushi' I have important things to tell you'.

Khushi: priya I will talk to you later.. I have to meet arnav sir immedietly'( and literally ran of from there to reach arnav's cabin..)

Khushi: sir may I come in'

Asr: come in..

Khushi felt the coldness in him'but she still started her usual chatter about the advertising agency people and she was cut by his not so usual words..

ASR: SHUT UP!! Ms. Gupta you are not paid to talk about your daily occurrence with me or any one in the office'and one more thing do not, I mean DO NOT EVER, talk behind my back .. if I hear it again, u are fired! I hope you do not repeat your mistakes..

Khushi (was startled): bu..bu..but sir what happen? What are you saying? Why are you so angry?

ASR: miss gupta.. do I have to repeat myself?.. whatever I do is none of your concern'I am your boss, and you are below me. You do as I say, not the other way around. And most important of all  know where your place is..dont try crossing your limits! I wont be the same person talking to you here now! you come here to work, do your work and take your money and go! UNDERSTAND?

Khushi was beyond shock' she had never seen him like this before' she had never heard him talking like this as well.. she was very upset with his behavior but she was more upset that she did not know why he was angry .. all she could afford was to muster a "ok sir" to him in the end' and she left his cabin'

Khushi went to her cabin and sat on her chair thinking'"no one has talked to me in this manner before! Wait! He was not talking, he was literally yelling at me! What went wrong? Everything was fine till yesterday!" Thinking back to his words, "I am your boss, and you are below me." Khushi was very upset with his words'" just because I work for him, he thinks he can dictate me, who does he think of himself'owh yea! Now I remember, priya told me naa, he is rude and arrogant! Lagta hai uska asli roop ko vapas agaya! Laad Govenar!

It was break time and khushi went to meet priya because she is the only friend she has in AR holding, most of the girls were very snobbish and she did not like anyone else there '

Priya: hey khushi, I was waiting for you'

Khushi: good because I am feeling so down today.. I thought we could go lunch break together'

Priya: actually yeah.. I wanted to tell u something too.. and its important..

After ordering their lunch they took a sit..

Khushi: tell me what is it? Why so much suspense'?

Priya: no, its just I wanted to tell you that ASR called me up to his cabin today to'.(she got cut by khushi)

Khushi: owh so he yelled at you also today! I think he got up in the wrong side of the bed today'(feeling abit relax that she was not the only one who got yelled!)

Priya: no yaar, he did not yell at me, he asked me about you!

Khushi: uh? Asked about me? What he ask?

Priya: he asked me what you told about him? So I told him everything you said, and he got very angry' I am sorry babe! I was really afraid so I blurted out everything'.but promise I never tell anything bad about him'

Khushi( was confused): why would he get angry'.? I did not say anything bad about him'but first of all how did he know that we talk about him?

Priya: I don't know. He just called me and ask what you said about him'I think there's more to this story' did you tell anyone else about what you told me about him?

Khushi:  I did not..i don't know whats wrong with him' let it be.. after all I am just his staff and he is my boss..and all this is common rite in working places'why should we worry about him.. I will just do my job! I think I better go, before that lard gavenor start yelling again!

Priya: laad gavenor? Khushi tum bhi naa' haha

Khushi: chalti hoon!


 It was after working hours, through out the day she and Arnav communicated very formally.. she did not like it one bit also! Although she was trying to be optimistic, she was very upset, she was in the verge of crying when there was a knock in the door'

Amaan : may I come in beautiful?

Khushi( thinking ): what does this crocodile wants? Cant these office men leave me alone'.

But she still nods her head and says: come in sir!

Amaan comes in and takes a sit opposite khushi..he tries to hold her hand but she quickly hides it under the table'but he was still not giving up!

Amaan: come on baby, its after office hours you do not have to call me sir' amaan or something more sweeter from your mouth would be better'

Khushi: its ok sir' I would be happier to address you as Amaan sir, since you are one of my boses' and I should stay in my limit..(arnav's words keep on playing on her head)

Amaan: owh that's the problem.. its about limits naa' do not worry I do not have limits.. I do not mind if my staffs sit on my lap also'(giving her a cheesy smile)

Khushi: sir what are you talking about? ( she is getting more annoyed by Amaan)

Amaan: come on khushi, you know what I am saying'.

Amaan was getting restless.. he would not force a girl if she is not interested but that does not mean he would stop trying ..

Whereelse khushi was beyond pist'but she did not want to be rude.. so she decided to tact 'fully handle this matter once and for all in a nice way!!

Khushi: sir do you have any sister?

Amaan( thinking) :where in this did sister come in? don't tell me she wants to be my sister..owh god some girls love playing hard to get! But he still opened his mouth and said: yes khushi I have a sister, Neha' and I have no interest in making you my sister sorry!.. you can have aakash for your raksha bandhan celebration!!!!

Khushi: no, sir I have no interest being your sister'but I was wondering, what you will do when you know men keep on hitting on her for obvious reasons? how Neha will feel?'or maybe she is a lot like you'.you know what I mean naa..


What khushi meant was that Amman sister Neha, is also easy like him' although she did not like doing it because she does not even know her, she knew this is the only way to trigger him because she got to know from Aakash that for Amaan his family especially his sister the apple of his eyes , are the only people he loves and respects other than the raizada's' and Bullseye!.. she hit the target!

Amaan( was clenching his jaw): Miss GUPTA! Watch what you say! Don't you ever dare talk about my sister like that! She is not that type of a person'

Khushi (calmly): and how do you know I am like that kind of person? Owhhh.. I forgot for you all the girls are like that right' so how is that your sister is an exception? Care to explain sir?

Amaan: Miss Gupta, ''''''''''..(lost of words)'''''miss gupta, my sister is not like that!( very softly , clenching his jaws and fist)

Khushi: why sir? Is it because she is from a rich family? So I am like that because I am middle class girl trying to help her fathers burden 'I am easy because I will agree to be your temporary girlfriend so that I get expensive gifts, promotions and luxury at the cost of my body sir? Hai naa sir? Its because of my social position right sir.. that you don't have any respect for me'.is it because you think that for me all those temporary things are more important than my self dignity and pride right sir'I guess I am not like that sir..i am really sorry sir' for me there are more important things in my parents,my family. my believes, my pride, my dignity, my dewi maiya and also myself' Money is not evrything sir...i hope you understand sir' and I am also sorry for pulling your sister in.. I am sure she is great girl because she has a loving and protective brother like you'.and if you don't mind I have to go back'have a good day sir!

 Amaan was so lost' no girls have ever talked to him like that'. He was not disappointed that he could not hit the sack with khushi .. but he was upset of the way he behaved'he repent for his behavior'.



The next day.. A new day A new Beginning'

Thinking of what will happen today since yesterday was a bad day.. first Arnav than Amaan'but she still felt bad for amaan' no matter what she should not have pulled about His sister..after all she is still a girl..when she told payal about it.. payal said "she was wrong to pull his sister in but she still had to make her point clear so its ok"..she was glad that atleast her sister understood her! , Khushi went to her cabin.. and she found a bouquet of yellow roses on her table with a note'''''''''..

Smile.. i hope u guys like it...

p/s: guys i see that many people view my ff and most of u all are silent readers, but atleast press the like button naa if you are to busy to comment...i just wana know how are u all accepting my story...sorry i do not mean to be rude in any way!!

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ayu_tripathi Senior Member

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loved it...continue soon..!!>..and plz PM me when u update..!!plzzz...

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meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Love khushi .. Budding a friendship

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AnupamaJY IF-Rockerz

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plz pm me when u r updating nxt! :)

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memories_im IF-Dazzler

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hey read it all in one go..loved it..
please pm me when u update?
Sent u a buddy request :)

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forfunlanya Senior Member

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ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen

Part 5(B)

The next day.. A new day A new Beginning!

Thinking of what will happen today since yesterday was a bad day.. first Arnav than Amaan!but she still felt bad for amaan, no matter what she should not have pulled about His sister..after all she is still a girl..when she told payal about it.. payal said "she was wrong to pull his sister in but she still had to make her point clear so its ok"..she was glad that atleast her sister understood her! , Khushi went to her cabin.. and she found a bouquet of yellow roses on her table with a note...


Amaan was very sorry for whatever happened..he decided to get khushi's forgiveness because of his rude behavior..he was thinking: Amaan ulu ki pattai, since you have done the damage , now you have to repair it!  But how? Its so easy to tackle girls..but its so hard to apologize from them...just do the same but in a friendly way! haan this will work...he got khushi yellow roses something that he never got for any girls through out his life..he wrote a note with it too and left it in her table early morning itself before ASR or khushi came in!


The note stated

I am sorry for whatever I did.

 I  never had a girl as a friend,

 And you are the first person I am offering this opportunity,

Hope you grab it, since this kind of offers come once in a lifetime

P/S: u can still call me Amaan sir if u insist and  I really meant the sorry


Khushi was surprised with the note.. she thought it sounded very sincere  and funny!  she decided to forgive him and accept him as her friend.. because her babuji always say when one ask forgiveness, one should be able to give in because grudge leads to hatred and  it will ruin lives.. She was walking to the cafe because she knows Amaan will always get his caffeine  intake every morning around this time there..

When khushi when down she saw amaan at his usual spot..the moment he saw her he rise from his chair but Khushi walked straight to the counter and got her self cappuccino.. amaan was disappointed that she did not accept his apology, but the next moment he saw standing right infront of him..

Amaan: Khushi... I am,,, I am sorry for yesterday..

Khushi just raised her hand infront of his face indicating him to stop talking..Amaan was again taken back but was relieved when she said..

Khushi (with a glint in her eyes): there's no sorry and thank you in friendship naa  Amaan sir?(Saying that she brought her hand front for a handshake) 

Amaan  shook his hand with her with a big smile and ask her to sit.. they were enjoying their drink and happily chatting...what they did not realize was Arnav came in there long time back and was staring at them..he clenched his fist upon seeing the sight infront of him. he remembered Lavanya telling him "the moment they know they cant get the man, they will jump to the next one" and she was proving it. He just stomped of from there bumping in to lavanya..but just murmured something and walked off..Lavanya was confuse with his behavior and looked at the cafe and figured out why after seeing the two souls infront of her and she thought to herself: very well, exactly what was needed right now!

After the morning break khushi happily went back to her cabin..while she was scheduling some meetings Arnav called her to his cabin...and she went quietly not expecting what kind of wrath is waiting for her this time..

ASR:  why must you take so long? if you are still in your dreamland  than I would suggest you getting out of it because  I am not paying you for dreaming during work hours but then again I am damn sure you are not worried about the job anymore since u caught a big fish!I mean the next best fish..( anger so evident in his eyes)

Khushi: I don't understand what are you saying sir...

Arnav was beyond pist.. he hated the fact that she was behaving very innocent when she know what he is talking about..

ASR: DON'T ACT!  You very well know what I mean! for your type of girls if not one  guy another guy will do..and its always about the money isn't it..for money you will go and throw yourself to any guy! so do not act like you do not understand what am I saying.. it will not work with me! I know girls like you very well.

Khushi was getting sick of Arnav's attitude problem! first of all she do not know what was he talking about and then he is stereotyping her into a cheap girl! and that also for something that she did not do!

Khushi (in a angry tone): sir why are you talking like this?  What is it that I did so wrong that you are behaving like this to me? Sir if you have nothing else to talk about other than  my character than I would take your leave and the next time u decided to call me here please strictly talk about work only and nothing else especially my characteristic! maybe u should analyze yourself first before jumping the gun. I hope we are clear here Mr. Razaida!

Saying that she was about to leave his cabin when she felt a tug in her wrist! when she turn around sh saw him standing infront of him holding her wrist tightly! they stood they staring at each other!Arnav was one has ever dared talk to him like that and this cheek of a girl, how dare she? Feeling irritated he asked..

ASR: if not? What will you do?

Khushi was struggling to pull her hand her away! she did not like him holding her hand in that manner! the more she struggled the more tighter he held..and in one sweep he pulled her to him with her hand behind her back.

ASR: I asked what will you do?

Khushi was feeling very uncomfortable in this position,both their chest were hitting each other..their face inches a part..

Khushi(scared): sir you are misbehaving!

ASR(in a low dangerous mode): I haven't start misbehaving yet, Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta!

Khushi was scared to death! she could feel their bottom halves rubbing against each other! his minty breath on her face! she quickly closed her eyes.although she was not comfortable with the way he was holding her, she found him dangerously sexy! she could not afford to look into his eyes, afraid of the consequences that she was not sure yet.

Arnav could not resist the fact that he was very attracted to Khushi Kumari Gupta. the moment she closed her eyes, his mind was coming up with many assaults.. he forgot about his anger, he like how she had many mix emotions on her face,  he felt like kissing her until their lips were swollen,he felt like taking her there and then..but somewhere in him, he knew she would never agree.. but he decided something else...he slowly brought his face close to her...

When khushi felt a tug in her hair and his nose rubbing on her cheeks, she immediately opened her eyes,, she was shocked to see that he was milimeters away from kissing her...


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vrindagupta IF-Rockerz

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just loved it

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its a very nice story please PM me when u update

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