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ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen Part21 B/pg 79 (21/01/15) no pm's (Page 75)

forfunlanya Senior Member

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Posted: 31 August 2014 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

Welcome back
So nice to have you back
Oh arhi man
Is there anything left
Well everything
But that mu what about that
Wow khushi and la huh
That was some fight
Glad khushi told payal about what happened
And also his mu about khushi
What's between arhi
Isn't it over technically
This yohan seems to be dodgy
What's he hiding
Khushi thinks she can fall in love again
Sorry dear not gonna happen 

Thank you for such a long comment..and yes yohan is a bit fishy. the character sketch again..but will develop it more in detail in the story...

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forfunlanya Senior Member

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Posted: 31 August 2014 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by srahs

Fabulous loved it
Read it all in a go
Plz continue soon this one soon means in few days not few.months plz :p

I cant promise a few days but a few weeks time maybe...TongueTongue
meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 September 2014 at 12:30pm | IP Logged

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seeta_naips IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2014 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
Damn La has a lot to answer for
She caused so much problems in Arnav and Khushi's relationship

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saran3339 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2014 at 2:21am | IP Logged
Lovely updates...

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forfunlanya Senior Member

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Posted: 07 September 2014 at 6:02am | IP Logged
Hey Guys!

Sorry  for the delay!
Than you so much for your likes and comments, as always it means alot to me. And for all those silent readers at least you guys can press the like button naa..

PART 21 A 

Khushi who was all this while hyperventilating turned and faced arnav, without thinking anything she crashed him in to a hug. Feeling each other's warmth seep in they felt an unknown relief. 

Arnavs hand slowly rose to khushi's back securing her tightly while another hand carresed her hair. Feeling the soothingness from his touch, fat drop of tears started to roll down her cheeks staining his grey west. Feeling her sob, he felt bad and understood that she was not crying of what happen today but for all that happened in this few months and he was the reason for her anger that erupted today. Ever since the diwali and photos incident she had stayed aloof from him but always threw daggers at him with her eyes which he had ignored thinking she was angry that he found out the truth about her but when he realised that she was not at all to be blamed he felt so guilty.  He was glad he found out the truth at the same time also relief that he could make it up to her. He did not mind if she wanted hit, slap or bite him like how she did to Lavanya as long as she forgive him for his brash behavior. Hearing her sobs turn into wailing,  Sensing her condition now, he knew she was not in the state to abuse him and all she wanted was comfort and support.  
He hugged her even tightly and gently whishpered in her ears " I am sorry Khushi. .I am sorry for hurting you..I am sorry for treating you badly for no mistake of yours..I am really very sorry..!"

Hearing his apologies, she stopped crying. She felt a surge of calmness after hearing his confession.  She clinged to him even more close like it was possible because they were hugging so tightly even the air could not pass through.  She felt her feet up in the air as he pulled her closer carrying her up in a hug and continued " Khushi I know words are not enough to heal the wounds I have given you and I know you would have felt cheated after the way I treated you after the diwali night. ( hinting on their make out session at his pool on diwali night which she turned crimson with just the mention of it and hid her face inside the crook of his neck)  " but I had my reasons for behaving like that but also understand how ever much I try to prove myself it still does not justify my behavior and also I know words alone are not enough for you to forgive me so I am giving you the privilege to hit me how ever much you want and I would not stop long as you forgive me"

Hearing his heart felt confession, she smiled than gasped in shock and pulled her face infront with the mention of her hitting him. She giggled slightly as she looked at him imagining how it would look like if she wacked him like how she wacked Lavanya. He stared at her face which had dried tears in amusement. He looked at her lovingly and cracked a joke " if you had done mentally wacking me shall we start it really, but please dont hit me like how you hit La, after all I am the owner of this place. It wont look so good for image you see, my dear tigeress"

She blushed with way he spoke to her and brought down her right hand which was holding his neck and smacked his chest playfully and heard him yelping " uoi ma!" and he giggled. He placed her gently down as she was tiptoeing one hand still holding his neck and the other on his chest. She was about to hit him again on his chest for mocking her, he grabbed her hand with his right hand while the other rest on the back of her waist. they looked into each other's eyes, as he slowly lowered his head to hers, his breathe fanning her face " I am really very sorry Khushi! will you please forgive me"

She stood still gazing his eyes, she could see through him realizing he was very sincere. She nodded her head giving him a slight smile and fresh tears started streaming down her face. She finally felt alive, like she found back something so precious which she had lost. She wondered how an simple sorry from this man could change everything she felt all this while. Her frustration, her anger and her sorrows seemed to dissolve slowly. He looked at her intently, even he felt like the 100 tan burden on his shoulder in the name of guilt vanished when she merely nodded accepting his apology. His gaze slowly traveled from her eyes to her lips than back to her eyes with desire. Seeing her eyes which mirrored his own, he slowly bend down and brushed his lips on her which ignited the fire between them. He pulled himself away difficultly to see if she was ok it. The momment she felt his lips move away from hers after lightly stroking her she gasped with the lost of contact. she swallowed the lump in her throat not wanting to open her eyes scared if it was a dream.  After seconds she opened her eyes when she did not feel any movement around her. and stood stupefied to see him staring at her intensively with his armed crossed and smirk on his face. She was about to turn away feeling embarrassed when suddenly she felt him pulled her towards him " not so fast miss gupta" and placed his lips on hers. He lifted her by her hips while his lips still glued to hers and put her on her desk, while she pulled the lapel of his west with one hand and the other hand cupping the back of his head. The kiss started feverishly and then became a wild and pasionate one.  He groaned when she traced his lips with her teeth and was about to nip her lips with his teeth.

Priya: khushi..I heard you an la...

Priya stood there looking scandalized seeing her boss and friend in a compromising position.  She gaped at them like a gold fish trying to find the right words to say when they pulled away and looked everywhere but her than decided against it  turning away from them and walked out the cabin without saying anything or looking at them, mentally slapping herself for walking into them.

Arnav was looking at khushi intently as Khushi looked at the door as they arranged their dishelvved appearances. Khushi was speechless and embarrassed by the whole situation she did not know how to face him.  Arnav sensing her discomfort  hugged her from behind " we wilk talk about this later!"  he said huskily and placed a kiss on her cheeks and walked off from there closing the door smiling. 

Watching Arnav's retreating back, Khushi walked to her desk and slumpped on her chair. She closed her eyes thinking about what happen momments ago, she blushed and suddenly she eyed on her hand which was resting on the desk making her heart stop for a momment. It was her engagement  ring. She became angry with herself that how she could forget her relationship with yohan and behave impulsively with Arnav in a spur of a momment. She felt conscious of her act and also guilty that she was so distraught that she didn't know what to do at this moment.  She was leading on two men and ashamed of her self. Than she decided she would speak to Arnav. like it or not she is already committed to yohan and theres nothing she could do about it as her parents were also involved. She need to explain to Arnav so that he does not judge her again, she knew she can still survive without him but not with his anger or guilt.  She hope against hope that he would understand and let her go and also she could let him go. Theres no point crying over spilled milk she though as her tears flow again.

Priya was so distant in her thoughts as she walked down the aisle.  When she arrived this morning, she heard from stella that Khushi and La was involved in a cat fight. She was so curious to know what happen she barged into Khushi's cabin without even knocking the door and was left speechless with the scene unfolding infront of her.  She knew Khushi was in love with Arnav and then one day they became apart before they even got togather which later part Khushi confided her and told her about the incident where Arnav hurt her. She knew then there was some misconception and before she could get to the bottom of it,  khushi suddenly  told her she was engaged to someone named Yohan. Then now this? what the hell is happening. This placed seemed to be jinxed she thought. First Arnav and Aakash walked into her and Amaan when they were kissing and today she walked in to Khushi and Arnav.  Gosh! what a coincident she thought reverting her mind back to Arnav and Khushi's problem.  She need to help her friend and Somewhat she need to know why Arnav behaved in such way that hurt khushi when she could see love in his eyes for her. Being his assistant had given her advantage of seeing how Arnav always flinched in the mention of Khushi"s name and how he looked at her longingly at times and then suddenly turning it into scowls. 

As she was walking she dint realize that she bumped into Amaan who was walking with Aakash to his cabin. He held her by the side and tried to steady her. when realisation dawned her she stood there staring at him untill Aakash cleared his throat breaking their contact. 

" priya are you alright you look lost?" aakash asked concernly eyeing on Amaan as if asking whats up?

"no..nothing sir.." she mumbled

"are you sure?" aakash asked again as he touched her shoulder.

"no..woh Khushi and Arnav sir..they..I..I mean.." she looked agitated not knowing how to explain and somewhat lost.

"okay..okay relax priya..lets sit and talk " Aakash invited her inside the cabin as he knew Priya either knows something or saw something that she seemed so pertubed. Amaan shrugged his shoulder and went to his sit. 

"comee in Priya!" aakash said casually. as she took steps in.

Seeing Amaan infront of her priya suddenly became conscious, remembering what happen diwali night after they left Arnav's place. She looked up to see him staring at her suddenly she felt little. Like a rabbit wakking into the lions den. They stood there staring at each other and hearing Aakash clearing his throat they broke the eye lock.

"yes priya, now tell me what happened?" aakash asked as he took a sit infront of Amaan and gestured her to seat.

"hmm..sir .. Its actually about...err..err..Actually I dont intend on being a busy body or invading anyone's personal life mean.."
"can you speak up already! we dont have the whole day .." Amaan growled!

"Hey calm down man!" aakash told Amaan and looked at priya who flinched at Amaan's tone. " don't worry priya..he is just pms-ing" which he earned a nervous smile from her and a glare from Amaan who then resumed looking at priya. Aakash continued calmly" whats the problem priya, you can tell us!"

"actually sir, its about Arnav sir and Khushi.. I mean I want to help them because Khushi is my friend. I mean..sir..err..Khushi is engaged! but I know she still love Arnav sir but Arnav sir Hurt her I don't know why than she agreed to marry yohan but then now I saw them..." she did know what she was saying and blab everything that came to her mind while Aakash and Amaan looked at her intently. 

"you knew Khushi was engaged? how come you did not tell me?" Amaan questioned her angrily. 

"what? why should I tell you and who are you for me to confide in such circumstances" she glared back at him folding her arms across her chest.

Aakash sensing a new controversy coming up, calmed the situation down."hey chill..chill you guys! lets not divert from the actual problem here."

Both of the just nod their head like small children and looked up at Aakash. Suddenly, Amaans phone rang and it was from mrs de sauza claiming a bunch if execs wanted to meet Aakash in his cabin and  He replied her to give him 10 minutes for Aakash. 

Aakash nodded understandingly and looked at Priya. "I know you want to help your friend and we want to help them to but right now work calls. Are you free this evening, we will talk about it in the cafe nearby. Payal will also be there since we want to talk about this also! is it ok for you?"

she just nodded meekly. " great than we will see you later!" aakash chipped while Amaan looked at her like a predator. She clumsily woke up quickly and sprinted her way to the exit while Amaan stared at her from distance thinking about the past as Aaksh looked at him curiously. 

Sensing Aaksah eyes on him, he turned and looked at him questioningly " what??" while Aaksh gave him a sly smile.

"she is right you know!!" aakash chided

"uh??" looking even more lost.

"who are you for her to confide things? " aakash said solemnly as he walked out shaking his head leaving a distraught Amaan alone.
Amaan pushed his head upwards and closed his eyes as he recollected the momments with Priya  on diwali party night.

Amaan had volunteered that he would drop priya back after the party as Aakash will drop Khush and Payal at their place since Priya lived in a different direction. Through out the journey Priya was silent and only answered in monosyllabic which irritated him causing him to halt the car in the middle of nowhere. 

" dammit priya whats your problem?"He asked as he banged the steering.

" there's no problem sir!" she was insistent in behaving aloof while he lost all his patience. He got of the driver side and went to the passenger side and dragged out and slammed her on the car. priya who was taken by surprise try to wriggle out of him but his hold got harder.

priya: leave me!

Amaan: not until you tell me whats wrong. why are you pushing me away dammit!

Priya: I dont understand what you are saying. .

Amaan: stop acting...

Priya: I am not...

"really..?" he asked her without giving her time to reply he slammed his lips on her. Though first she melted in the kiss, her consigns hit her making her push him harder away and giving him a tight slap. amaan looked like he bolted out of the blue feeling the tinge of her slap as he caressed it slowly with his palm.

Priya: Mr.Amaan Mehra, I have told you so many times dont you ever try to man handle me. I do not want anything from you thats why I am staying away from you because you can't give me what I want. I want a relationship, I want commitment I want long life promises and since you cant give me all that I won't force you but that does not mean you can force yourself on me!  for the last time I am telling you, leave me alone. we are two different people, though I would be lying that if I say I am not interested in you but I cannot sacrifice myself for you. so leave me alone!

Saying that she walked to the auto stand nearby  and hailed the auto and disappeared from his sight not giving him a chance to explain leaving to return by himself as he knew that was their ending. He did not want yo force her anymore. 


Khushi was sitting at her desk doing her work, when  the peon came in and delivered a very beautiful bouquet of flowers with a note.

" I am sorry for everything. .Give me a chance! Dinner tonight?"

Part B coming up soon!

Smile hope you guys enjoyed it...

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Loved the update!!  Wonder how arnav will react when he comes to know that khushi is engaged :-S 

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Fantastic update

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