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ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen Part21 B/pg 79 (21/01/15) no pm's (Page 71)

ChitraF IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 August 2014 at 3:43am | IP Logged
Its awesome story.. please continue it.. at least 1-2 parts with proper ending?

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then123 Groupbie

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Posted: 14 August 2014 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
loved the story  waiting for an update.

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forfunlanya Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2014 at 4:10pm | IP Logged

Hey guys i am back with an update after a very very long time. I am extremely sorry for being so irresponsible. Thank you so much for those who have been requesting me to continue writing this ff as it means a lot to me that you guys like my story.


Since i have not updated in a very long time, i will try to give updates as frequent as possible. I cant promise anything yet but believe me when i say i will really try you guys.Also I will try to finish this ff in another 10 to 15 parts and also would try to complete it ASAP.  New readers please do comment and buddy me. Existing and silent  readers at least press the like button!

Part 20

Part 20

Lucknow (Gupta residence)

As expected the Raizadas except for the Great Arnav Singh Raizada  went to Khushi house to ask for Payals hand. The elderly Gupta's were rendered speechless when Nani approached the topic of  Payal and Aakash wedding to be fixed.  But shashi Gupta understood his daughters wish and agreed to the wedding. While Garima and Buaji had tears of joy.  After having their refreshment the Raizadas took their leave before they agreed that the wedding will be held in three months time Sheesh mahal while the other rasams in Shanthivan itself. The guptas agreed to be in delhi as soon as possible. Then again this time it was the Raizada's turn to be speechless when Buaji dropped the bom by exclaiming loudly " bohuth acha hai, haire nand kishore. Its so good to know that both the girls in this family will be getting married soon. Anjali being very curious, asked buaji " ji, both the girls?

" haan, payalia aur aakash ki saath, aur humari titiliya, yohan ki saath!" exclaimed buaji happily. Anjali looked dejected while Aakash was clueless. He looked at payal for confirmation, and she just nodded looking down. Devyani raizada being the eldest of all, though disappointed because she thought there was something between Arnav and Khushi spoke her age " that's good news! We are so happy to hear this!". With that being the final say the raizada's took their leave.


Aakash had called payal immediately after reaching to the hotel where he could get some privacy to talk to her.

"payal, why dint you tell me anything about khushi's engagement?" questioned a disappointed Aakash. he had never expected that khushi would be engaged to someone especially when he thought finally things were clearer to his brother about the pictures, maybe they had a chance to sort out their differences and a chance of happiness together.

"Aakash, its not I did not want to tell you but Khushi made me promise that I don't spit a word about this to you or anyone. I really hope you trust me that I was not hiding anything from you but I was under her promise. Please try to understand.." was only what payal could manage to say.

"but Payal, bhai and khushi..." aakash was immedietly cut of by Payal saying " I know aakash. but it was so sudden that I don't know what happen between them. Khushi was so distraught and after a lot of coaxing from my family only she agreed for the marriage. What am I suppose to do?"

Aakash was thinking something in his mind. "its ok Payal, I will meet and talk to you once we are back in delhi, tommorow. You take care."

After thinking for a while, Aakash called up Amaan and put in the picture to him. Amaan was caught by surprise with the new found information.  " what the hell? when things supposed to get better, this had to happen? but khushi never told me anything? why would she hide this? God Akash! " he said Feeling despondent,Even he did not know what should be done but  coming to a conclusion that they would meet and discuss about it asap.


Back at Gupta house, Khushi was jokingly teasing and praising payal constantly but Payal seemed to be ignoring her, which made Khushi upset.

Later at night, Payal walked in their room and saw Khushi sitting on the bed holding her legs as she laid her head on the headboard.  She looked so upset and as if she was crying. 

"Khushi kya hua? why are you crying" asked Payal concernly

"Kuch nehi!" she answer dejectedly and turned her face away!  Payal who have always been protective of Khushi put her anger  aside and pulled khushi to face her as she sat beside  khushi. 

"Khushi.." she said sternly as she wiped her sisters tears

" go away jiji.. you dont love me dont care about me." she said as she hugged her knees tighter.

"why would you say that now?" payal asked not knowing wheather to laugh at her sisters accusations or feel bad that she made her sister feel that way because she was angey with her.  But khushi did not speak anything but just kept numb. 

"ok fine, feel whatever you want! I also feel that you dont love me Thats why you dont care about what ever I say! Alas I am not  your real sister! why should you.." she said angrily, even she started crying but was quickly hugged by Khushi

"jiji, dont ever say that! you are my sister no matter what and I will always love you more than I could have loved my own blood! You are my own and I have never seen you differently! why are you speaking like that? if you are angry with me than tell me jiji, dont push me away or ignore me as it hurts!" Khushi sobbed as she murmured in payals chest.

" than you know what Khushi what you are doing is no different.  you are pushing me away! you are not telling me your real feelings! I feel neglected Khushi as a sister.  I feel my baby does not need me anymore as she could manage her own problems! I know you are not happy with your relationship with yohan and I know you and arnavji have something but why won't you tell me? " uttered payal dissapointedly

Khushi finaly realizing why her sister had been unhappy with looked up to her in the eye. " jiji, I had something with Arnav ji, but not anymore and as the matter of yohan ji, I am happy as long as amma and bauji is happy." she said deeply. 

"but why Khushi? you love Arnav ji naa? we can talk to amaa and bauji" asked payal concernly

sighing khushi replied"whats the point if I love him and he dont love me back! I have forgotten everything jiji. It doesn't matter anymore"

"Khushi what went wrong? what happened? please tell me," payal begged

Khushi begin narrating the incident that happened day after diwali to Payal saddly! How she had come in for work happily, how he had yelled at her discriminating her status and how she tried to trap rich man with her innocence leaving her so called morals. He had then said that she did not mean a thing to him and it doesn't matter whatever she does as long as she don't mess with him leaving her no room to question or explain herself and in no time had transfered her to a different department and rarely seen him after that unless it was work related matters.  

Payal had listened to Khushi with undivided attention, was sure there was more to this than what meets the eye. She looked at khushi who had been staring into the space dejectedly and somehow could understand the pain her sister is feeling but felt something had gone wrong somewhere.

"maybe there's a misunderstanding khushi" payal tried to make her sister understand

" no jiji, nothing went wrong! it was all misunderstanding in the beginning! I took things differently and he had showed me my place! now I am happy with what ever I am doing because I am doing it for my family! please dont worry" she calmed payal.

She palmed Khushi face gently and immediately Khushi wiped her tears and put up a cheery smile " I am ok jiji, don't worry! everything will be fine. You and Aakash ji are going to get married and I am so happy for you! " 

"aur tum?"payal asked sardonically

"me? well I am going to marry Yohan ji naa.." she claimed clossing her eyes!

" aur pyaar?" again came payals stern question

Khushi closed her eyes trying to blink back her tears." love can also happen after marriage. I am telling you na jiji dont worry! all will be fine! " she said chirpily trying to conceal her feelings.


It was quiet morning at AR as it was still early and there was only a few staffs as Khushi walked in. She walked to her cabin after fetching a cup of coffee from the cafeteria. As she settled herself in her seat, she took a sip of her coffee, she closed her eyes feeling the soothing taste of the caffeine.  

she thought back about the phone call she received earlier this morning.  It was yohan. He had called to arrange for another date with her. Though she was not interested in going out with him but just to please him she agreed. She thought to herself of course today also he would have left his wallet somewhere. Then he explained to her excitedly that Payal was getting married and soon it was theirs and how he cant wait for it. with that said she felt misrable. Unknown to her she could not love yohan, she always felt a certain malignant in him. He seem to be fishy theres more to him but he portrays himself as a noble individual and she could not confide anyone for the matter as everyone is happy with the relationship.   Suddenly there was loud shriek from the entrance disturbing her reverie. 

"what the hell are you doing here? " Lavanya yelled

Khushi feeling confused with the question looked blur like at her "what?"

Feeling irritated with the lack of response " are you stupid? what are you doing here when you resigned few days back? Why are you here for now? you better leave this place before ASR comes! we dont need to rile him up with your unwanted presence! Get out! Now! before I call the security!"

Stomping her feet she went to Khushi and pulled her out of her  seat

" La mam listen! you are getting it all wrong!" Khushi pleaded

"shut up and start moving! " Lavanya screamed grabing her arm

Khushi felt annoyed with the lady in front of her! She had always been nasty to her from day one and today was the limit. With  force she pushed Lavanya in her chest making her tummble behind leaving Khushi's hand. " Gosh lady whats wrong with you? can you let me explain"

Lavanya was furious to no limit with Khushi's act. " How dare you?" Lavanya charged at her grabbing both her arms, clawing her. Khushi taken by surprised by the act of La looked at her and pushed her back. suddenly she felt La grabbing her hair  fist fully with force and that was the limit for her she too grabbed Lavanyas well maintained hair and in no time both of them were cat fighting. Screaming, Slapping, hitting and pulling each others hair.

One was angry because of the other's presence and the other dint know why she was fighting but it felt good leaving all the pent up frustration for all the unwanted things happening in her life recently.

Arnav had just entered AR and before he went to his cabin he wanted to stop by at Khushi's cabin to see if she was back heard the commotion from the corner itself,  a few feet away he spotted Amaan, Aakash, and few of his other staffs standing in front of Khushi"s cabin looking aghast as if they had seen a ghost there. Feeling impatient and curious he walked there fastly and seeing his presence, his staffs scurried off immediately leaving Aakash and Amaan.  He looked into the cabin and he was left speechless seeing the scene unfolding infront of him.

Khushi was holding Lavanya's hair and slapping her while Lavanya was bitting her arm that was holding Lavanya's hair both screaming in pain and anger. 

"what the hell is going on?" he roared but that did not stop them.

He turned and looked at Aakash and Amaan who was looking at him when Amaan told him " I think you can stop two men fighting but not women. "

"what the.." he said putting his hand on his hips. "than stop them dammit"

"but Bhai, how?" aakash asked meekly scratching the back of his head.

"what you mean how, dammit? pull them apart he yelled at both of them. making both them go inside as Amaan tried to pull La and Aakash pull away Khushi. But the girls seem to have a ego bigger than sizes not willing to give up on the fight. Leaving them to stare helplessly at the girls. Having enough of it, arnav walked over to khushi and asked Aaksh and Amaan to bring La away. Both of then carried La by the sides of her arms as Arnav lifted Khushi from the back pulling them apart. Realizing what was going on the girls left each other and kept quiet looking down, breathing hard.

"whats going on?" he asked with authority

"she hit me"

"she started it"

"she pushed me"

"she clawed my hand"

"she was rude"

"I asked her a question" 

They started bickering while the guys looked at them in amusement.

"stop it!" Arnav roared again

La looked up at him while Khushi looked at him 

"why is she here after resigning? I am sure she is up to something!"

" you would have known if you let me explained!"

Before they could start back all over again, Arnav interfered" I am the one who ask her to come back! and before anyone have any questions, I would like to remember you that its none of your business!" clearly indicating it to lavanya. 

"But ASR" Lavanya was about to cut him only to be cut of by Arnav again " Amaan, Aakash bring La to her room and make sure she gets treated and I will help Khushi here" gaining an understanding look from both the guys. 

Lavanya was about to protest but Amaan and Aakash lifted La in to the air by holding the sides of her arm while Amaan muttered mischievously " Come on now puddy cat! your show is over!" which inreturn he got a glare from La, while Aakash gigled silently.

As arnav saw the retreating figure of the three and when the door closed on its own accord, He looked at Khushi who was still in his arms. She was breathing hard with her eyes closed. From the back he could see scratch marks all over her face and hands, her cheeks look swollen must be due to the slapping, he thought and her hair was sticking all over  due to the extensive sweating and clothes were wrinkled. 

He huskily wishpered from the back" Khushi"

Khushi who was all this while hyperventilating turned and faced arnav, without thinking anything she crashed him in to a hug. Feeling his warmth seep into her she felt an unknown relief and vice versa for him as well. 

Thats it you guys. Hope you like it! Please press the like button and ofcourse keep the comments coming.

Tongue Have a nice day!

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jyothirockz IF-Rockerz

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Nice one... Loved Arnavs comment... 

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pran28671 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 August 2014 at 12:28am | IP Logged
ha ha ha cat fight LOL

awesome update

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honey-sweety IF-Sizzlerz

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That was wonderful... i really enjoyed allot...
nano123 IF-Rockerz

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Wonderful update

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surrazdan Goldie

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wow after such a long time... ur update is coming...

thank u so much...

i am so much angry at arnav... why noone trusts their love...

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