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ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen Part21 B/pg 79 (21/01/15) no pm's (Page 68)

KSG_luv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2013 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
Hey when will you update this story

forfunlanya Senior Member

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Posted: 04 February 2014 at 10:37am | IP Logged
  I am extremely sorry for being extremely late in updating this ff. i hope you guys forgive me and I promise that I will try to update as frequent as possible. Please keep your comments coming because thats my greatest support in writing this ff...

and now I present to you
Accidents Happen Part 19.

Part 19


Khushi was seating in her cabin and wondering about what Arnav had just said to her. She was so confused and angry with his behavior. As it is he already hurt her and now he is questioning her about Aakash. What does he think of himself? Why is it she's at fault for everything that goes wrong around here? But she also could not deny there was something wrong between Aakash and also Payal. All this while she thought it was a small couple misunderstanding but guess there's more to it. She decided she would talk to payal about it as soon as Payal comes back from Lucknow, suddenly her handphone started vibrating she picked it up and saw Yohan's name appearing. She felt her face drop disappointedly. Wondering why is he calling her she answered the call.

Khushi: hello!

Yohan: Hello darls.. how are you?

Khushi: I'm fine Yohan ji. You?

Yohan: Khushi, how many times have I told you don't be so formal. We are going to be married soon.. thoda mitti sey baath karthi hoon naa...

Khushi: ji tikke.. do you have anything important to say? You called suddenly?

Yohan: haan Khushi I called to tell you a good news, I am getting promoted. So I thought of having a celebration. You and me? Tonight? What say?

Khushi: owh congratulations... I am happy for you.. erm.. tonight I am busy a bit..i have to prepare a bit for my presentation. I hope you understand Yohan ji..

Yohan: what on earth Khushi? every time I call, you are busy. I don't care Khushi, we are meeting tonight. Be ready I will fetch you at 6 at your working place. Understand!

Khushi just mumbled a yes as Yohan cut the call. She felt a tug in her heart. She knew she don't love Yohan but she had to accept the proposal as buaji preasured her by emotionally black mailing her .


After the faithful day Arnav had slashed her heart out by his words she received a call from buaji saying that babuji had a heart attack and is being admitted to  the ward. She and Payal left immediately after hearing the news to Lucknow. She saw her lovely babuji sleeping on the hospital bed weak and she felt dismay looking at him. During that period, her buaji had indicated that her babuji would feel happy if atleast one of his daughters would settle down and since Khushi already had a proposal from Yohans family, they should accept it. Initially Khushi denied it but buaji being buaji had tormented Khushi of being ungrateful, she cant even compromise to make her adopted parents happy. Finally Khushi agreed but with one condition ; that She would get engage to Yohan but she will only marry after Payals wedding.  Hence the engagement took place one week after her father was discharged in a small ceremony where the bride being the most unhappy person in the ceremony.


Looking back from the days she felt a tug in her heart, although she knew yohan since schooling days she never felt anything for him, her  heart and mind is always revolving the beast whom she works for where she strictly tries to avoid but to no avail. She does not know what could have happen that he became  from a sweet dream into a nightmare.

. ...

A week later.

Khushi just came home tired after an hectic day in AR and a dull date with Yohan was surprised that the lights were off, supposedly Payal was expected to be back today morning from Lucknow. She took her phone and started dialing Payal's number but she heard the sound coming from their room. She walked to the room and saw a Payal lying on the bed lifeless and wailing her heart out. Worried she immediately rushed to Payal and enveloped her in a hug sitting beside her.

Khushi: Jiji... kya hua? Why are you crying... what happen? Jiji.. say something!

Khushi repeated the same a few times as Payal sobbed endlessly...and after sometime feeling the warmth of her sisters touch payal started confessing what happen...


Khushi was astound with what payal had told her... she could not put two into two together. If Payal and akash loved each other why dint she tell her parents about it. Why did she agree for her parents to find a groom for her? She is pretty sure that her parent would have not gone against her wishes. There must be more to this story.

Khushi: jiji why dint you tell amma babuji that you love aakash ji? You know they would never go against your wish..

Payals sobs got even worst...yet she explained the situation between those sobs.." khushi, aakash ji cant marry me..his mom would never accept this marriage. He told me to do the right thing for myself since he knows we could not get married as his mother would never agree...what am I suppose to do khushi? its not I am in a rush to get married but think about it..babuji is so ill, you cant get married till I get married, and we are  amma babuji's happiness naa... how would they feel if they see their daughters like this? SO I had to agree, Khushi. I am not happy at all but not everyone can get their prince charming haai naa?" said payal trying to calm herself down...

"haan jiji not everyone would get their prince charming" claimed khushi while trying to think about her ill faith as well...



Next morning, khushi woke up with a determination. She would not let Payal suffer in silence without getting an explanation from Aakash. How could she let the raizada brothers get away like this all the time. It was ok when it happened to her but not her sister. No one hurts her family. She don't care about the consequences she had to face though she know she might loose her precious job. She was prepared.

Khushi walked in AR building like a storm with her resignation letter. She went to the reception and questioned Aakash's where abouts.  He was in a meeting with Arnav, La and Amaan. She did not give a damn. She is going in now and settling the scores.

She barged in the meeting room and she got all the attention she needed.  All of them was stunned to see the lioness infront them.

Amaan and Aakash: khushi?

ASR: Khushi...what the hell?

Khushi: owh shut up mr. raizada, I am not here to talk to you but your brother. And for your information I am not your employee anymore to be scared of you because I am resigning and this is my resignation letter.(khushi throw the envelope to his front)

Arnav got so infuriated with the way she talked to him. but before he could say anything Khushi was already jumping at Aakash neck by shooting him questions that he do not understand. Even Amaan had no clue about what Khushi was talking about...

Khushi: how dare you? How dare you do this? if you know your mom would never agree to this marriage why did you even come after my sister? Why did you give her false hope? Why did you make her fall in love with you when you had no intentions of marrying her? do you even know what you have done to my sister? Do you know she is suffering because of you? Why do you men always break a persons heart and hope after showering them with your bullshit? 

This got Arnav even more confused.. what is Khushi mumbling about? Why did Aakash break Payals heart? How could he when he and Khushi was together?

Khushi continued her ranting: when you can fall in love, you should man up at face the world for the person you love. Not run away. Can I know what is wrong with my sister that your mom cant accept her as her DIL. Is it because of our aukat mr.raizada? You knew about us. You knew we are not from a very well to do family than? Why did you love my sister? Why did you hurt her?  what you told her to do?  Do what she feels right? What can she do when you are her soul? Why did you break her? its ok... I just came to tell you, congratulations you have successfully ruined my sister's hope. Now she is getting married to someone she don't even know and worst whom she never loved. Anyways its not a knew thing for you raizada boys to do this hain naa? You will behave very love dovely and then you will just crush them...

Arnav knew she meant the last sentences to him as well...


Khushi was calm abit after letting all out. She looked at Aakash and then Arnav sadly. "it is still not to late Aakash sir. If you really love my sister than do something. She really loves you a lot, more than anyone can love you.

As she said her last sentence she walked out the room with tear drenched face leaving all of them lost.

As  she left all looked at Aakash. He had tears in his eyes and they knew he was broke from within. Aaman who was all this while watching decided to butt in aakasah, what was Khushi talking about?" what happen yaar? Do you love payal?

Memories of payal flooded Aakash's head. He knew he had broke payal's hope but he himself is crushed with payal's decision to get married. He never knew all this coming. He felt on his his knees now literally sitting on the floor.

Amaan and Arnav quickly rushed to Aakash side and hold him.

" Calm down please naa yaar? Lets talk calmly ok, there will be a solution for this" said Amaan .

Amaan and Arnav pulled Aakash up to sit on a chair. After that they settled themself as Arnav told La to leave the premises. Arnav and Amaan waited patiently for Aakash to explain.

All this while Aakash just kept quiet looking down with full of guilt  finnaly looked up " bhai , amaan I am really sorry.. I really love was never my intention to break her heart. But you know how mom is right. I tried talking to her but she dismissed me. She said if at all I bring Payal to the house she would never let payal to be happy. what can I do? I know I cant go again maa's wish but at the same time I am afraid for payal if I marry her.

That when it dawned Amaan and arnav that Aakash was in love with payal.

Arnav: Look here Aakash we are here for you. And you know that there's nothing or no one that we cant convince. Leave the matter to me I will talk to mammi.

Aakash: really bhai? You are in this for me.

Amaan: ofcourse we are in this for you first we will convince mammi than we will straight go to Khushi's place and ask for payal's hand?

Arnav: true... we will settle this today itself. Ok... now relax..

Aakash was so overwhelmed. He wish he confronted both his brothers from another mother earlier itself before Payal accepted the proposal.

Aakash: owh shit? Earning both the brothers attention again?

Arnav: what is it?

Aakash: but payal already asked her parents to find a groom for her...

Amaan: toh kya hua.. she just agreed to get married..not married. And even Khushi said its not to late yet..we will bring the dulha proposal naa...

With the mentioned of Khushi's name  arnav was even more confused? Dint khushi and aakash love each other? So did he misunderstood Khushi again? The guilt started to fill him up...but the pictures was real...or was it some thing  else ? did he misjudge Khushi again...he need to know. And there is no other better person to confront other than aakash himself "ok. Aakash, don mind me asking but weren't you and Khushi together?

Aakash: bhai? No never... Khushi and me are friends. I was in love with payal before I knew Khushi and she knew we loved each other.

Arnav: Aakash I am really sorry but I need to show you this and ask you. I know its personal but its really important. I really need to know about this.

Arnav tooked out his phone and showed Aakash and Amaan the pictures he received after the divali party. Both Amaan and Aakash looked intently and gasped in shock.

The pictures were Aakash opening the car door for khushi, dropping Khushi at home and finaly the worst few ones were aakash not wearing a shirt while hugging Khushi which looked so intimidating. The pictures looked like they had been making out.

Aakash: bhai what the hell is this? wer did you get this from? This is not true? I cant even remember this incident. This  pictures looks like its is just taken to ruin khushiji's reputation

Amaan: ASR is this the recent you are behaving so coldly to khushi? dint you even think for once to ask her about it? Cant you see it in her eyes for what she feels for you?

All arnav could do is keep quiet as he looked at place khushi was standing a while ago with regret. He knew he had wronged khushi badly this time. First he would settle aakash's problem first than he would settle the scores with Khushi. he knew he has a lot of  forgiveness to seek from her. he knew he loved her. he was very upset when he saw all the pictures. His anger possessiveness took over that lead to whatever that has happened.


Later that evening, as Arnav, Amaan and akaash walked in RM, Manorama welcomed them with a surprise. In the living hall were seated Mr. and Mrs Patel and their daughter Ranjani, with them was Mamma, nanni, and  anjali , who was happily seeping coffee with them while chatting. Mammi then specifically introduced Aakash to ranjani after the rest of them exchange pleasantries. It was then they knew, that Manorama called up the Patel's for a marriage proposal for Aakash. That's when Aakash decided it's now or never. He can't hide or expect Arnav or Amaan to back him out on this. He needs to do it on his own for Payal and also for himself.

Aakash(sternly): nehi maa... I am sorry mr. and mrs patel, I am sorry my mother called you here for this. I have something important to say. I love someone and I will only marry her.

This did it the Patels felt insulted and walked out of the room living the raizada's to themselves.

Mammi: aakash, no. you are not.. you are not going to marry to that girl

First what aakash said stunned them, but that even mammi know he loved someone shocked them even more. Devyani raizada being the eldest in the family questioned Aakash.

Nanni: Aakash, who is that girl? Why dint you tell anyone?

Aakash feeling glad nanni was willing to listen to him cleared their doubts " nanni, its Payal. Khushi ji sister. I love her and I will only marry her."

Anjali  (excited): Khushi ji sister, I know you had an eye for her but I dint know you loved her.

Aakash(blushed): haan di... I am with her for quite sometime. And I really hope you all being the eldest in the family will approve this relationship.

Nanni: payal bitiya  looks like a very nice girl. Bohuth sundaar aur bohuth bahudoor ki ladki hai. I know she is very suitable for aakash. Although I met her once, I know when I see a person face. Plus even khushi is a very good girl, I am sure her sister is also a very good girl. Why would we not agree Aakash?

Mammi: nahi! Sasuma that will never happen.

Mamma, nanni: manorama!

Before nanni could say anything mamma walked to aakash and gave him a cold stare.

Aakash(stuttering): paa..

Mamma first said in a stern voice " you decided who you going to marry without even consulting us aakash? After along pause, mamma hugged aakash into a bear hug and said " good choice I must say! Payal looks like a quite and simple girl. Just like you aakash! Make sure you always keep her happy! "  then he turned to everyone "if its decided if payal is our daughter in law than what are we waiting for. We should never let a good girl get away from our hands."

When everyone was smilling and feeling exicted with the news, manorama jolted out of the blue

Manorama: kabhi nehi. Payal will never be the DIL of this family. I will never accept that low class family as our inlaws. If the marriage must happen than it will only happen over my dead body.

All of them let out their unpleasantness: manorama! Mammi! Maa!

Mammi: peleej keepeed quiet! This is my son and I will never agree to this.. If you all still insist than I will leave this house said mammi.

Manohar: mano, aakash will only marry the girl he likes. You are not going to stop that.

Nanni: whats wrong manorama if payal is from a low class family than what about you. Have you forgotten your social status before you married manohar.

Mammi: sasuma!

Nanni: kyun manorama. It stings to hear your flashback.

Mammi: I know that's why I don't want aakash to marry someone like me. I know how it feels to be from a poor family and marry a rich guy. You all will torment her,like how you all treat me.

Nanni: manorama have we ever treated you like that?

Mammi: nehi sasuma but I feel it. So I wont let it happen.

Manohar: stop this nonsense manorama. Aakash is marrying payal if he wants and there's no stopping him. We all agree to this rishta and we are going ahead with this.

Mammi: then fine! I am leaving this house .

Aakash: then fine maa, u don't have to leave this house but I will. I have always listened to you and that's the reason I almost lost Payal but not today. I am not going to give her up. But also want you to know that if I don marry payal ji, I am not going to marry at all for the rest of my life.

Saying this aakash walked out of the house, while amaan rushed behind him. arnav signaled to him that he will control the situation here and asked him to take care of aakash..

He looked at his family members face that was lost and saw mammi mumbling hysterically about gupta sister had poisoned her sons mind but also her family's mind. Arnav looked at everyone at told them to leave him and mammi alone he would talk to her. the shrewd business man avatar took over him as he advanced to mammi's room.

Arnav: Mammi can I talk to you..

Mammi: I know arnav, you would also agree with me that she should not be our daughter in law.

Arnav: no mammi I came here to give a piece of advice. I am still with aakash in this.

Mammi: arnav bituwa...

Arnav: listen mammi... now you are the queen of the house. If payal comes here she will be under you. But you leave the house you do not only leave your family but also the wealth and luxury you have now. Do you really want this? do you want to become a peasant and let all the wealth and luxury to be given to payal? You know mammi, you agree or not payal will be this house bahu, but you leaving this house, do you want to loose your raizada bahu status? Plus mammi , payal is a good girl who will respect and cherish you with out taking over you but what if you married aakash to rich girl who can be rude and arrogant, she might even kick you out of this house one day. Think again mammi.

Saying that, arnav left the room and went downstairs, after a while manorama came behind him and agreed for the marriage. Everyone was excited soon enough arnav called amaan and asked him to bring back aakash to hear the news from mammi's mouth itself. When mammi told aakash about her consentment aakash was exuberated  but then mammi had put a condition the marriage will go in her terms. Everyone smiled and agreed to it.


The next day itself, the whole Raizada clan when to khushi's house to surprise them. Payal and Khushi were stunned to see the whole clan there. Nanni being the eldest approached the topic and gave the permission for payal and aakash to be united. They suggested that the weekend itself they should leave to lucknow to ask   for payals hand. Arnav could not look at khushi face at all. But he knew she was happy with the news but he was feeling even more guilty. After  everyone left, Aakash and Arnav is the only one left there with the girls. Aakash had asked payal to follow because he wanted to talk to her. while arnav waited in the leaving room khushi was fiddling with her duppata and looking else where but him.

Arnav: Khushi, can I talk to you! Khushi I am sorry...(but after that no words came from his mouth as he was lost for it)

Khushi: ji? (not sure if she heard it right)

Arnav: I am sorry for everything...for...

Before he could finish his sentence, Aakash walked in with payal: bhai! Shall we...

Arnav: yeah Aakash, give me a while..i will be there.

Arnav knew he could not apologize to khushi just like this. He needs a more private place where he could talk to her and explain to her about whatever misconception they had. But before he went out " ms.gupta I am not accepting your resignation letter, so you have to be back to work after we come back from lucknow. I hope that's clear. By the way this is not an order but a request, please come back khushi." he said the last sentence huskily and he wore his shades and left to his car where aakash and payal are waiting.


This left Khushi stunned. What is happening? Why is her laad govener behaving like this? did he just apologize to her? she felt herself being alive again then she realize she should not feel anything for that man not because she was insulted and hurt by him but because she was already engaged to yohan. A lone tear dropped from her eyes. 

how is it you guys??? please like and comment...

sorry for any mistakes...Tongue

if you want updates please add me @forfunlanya

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 February 2014 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
welcome back
teen baar ek update interesting
well done mate you ruined things for the two of you arnav
she is engaged to someone else now
and all this realisation of what you did came bit late
well at least not too late
waise i have to give it to khushi she sure gave it to those raizada brothers
ahhh i was hoping she would do
after what he did i think thats the least she could do
and she is right in what she said if aki really loved payal then he gotta accept her or else forget her
she cant see her sister be sad like this can she
so she went and told aki all
and well thankfully payash are getting together
even mami listened thank god
well more thanx to arnie
but arnav what about you and khushi
well this will not be easy for sure
rakenduvadana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 February 2014 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
hi dear

read all the nineteen parts in a go

loved this wok of u so much

pls pm me for future updates

Amanram IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 February 2014 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Welcome back and thanks for the pm. It is so good to see this story being updated. It was an awesome update. I hope khushi and arnav manage to sort out their differences soon. ASR needs to get to the bottom of the pictures he received on his phone too!
prabha75 Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2014 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
excellent update
please pm me when u update

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