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ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen Part21 B/pg 79 (21/01/15) no pm's (Page 2)

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ARSHI FF: Accidents Happen 

Part 1(A):


At Gupta house'


Payal:  guess what?? There's a surprise for u?

Khushi: kya jiji? I know u juz finish work and came back but it is still 4am'what surprise can u have for me at this time'.

Payal: do you want to know or what? Lazy bum' chal utt na'

 Khushi: acha tik hai'.ab batao'..

Payal: yeh dekho ( showing her an envelope)

Khushi opens and reads it content'. And gasps'

Khushi: jiji I cant believe it'u got me a job'.i am so happy.. I cant believe it.. I mean how? ?? how did you get me a job at AR Holdings'hey Dewi Maiya'.AR HOLDINGS JIJI?????

Payal: pagal!! its nothing na.. I juz have a friend who is working there..he got it for me for you'.

Khushi:  He??? He who?

Payal: (shyly) ermmm..he is no one juz my x- patient' he got it for me'uska naam Aakkash ji hai.. he works there and told me there's vacancy' so I told him about you..and he got it for u'baz to aisi'..

Khushi (thinking): baz toh aisi'.kuch gadpath hai' she knew something is missing..seeing her sister blush saying aakash name'( I will investigate this)

Khushi:  acha tik..yeh both achi bath hai'at least now we both are working we can reduce babuji's burden' his shop also will be cleared from the debts'and I will be starting my work on Monday ..aap toh hum soh jau'tommorow we have to go shopping to prepare for my job..



Morning in RM'.


Arnav is yelling at HP for his missing files'and after getting the file he goes to the dining table where everyone is sitting'

Anjali: what did the file do? Why are you staring at it like it did a crime?

ASR: kuch nehi di' its juz something's are missing'and I still haven't found my important files and haven't get a PA yet..

Aakash: (nervously) but bhai.. remember I told you my friend is coming in for that position..

ASR: owh yeah Aakash..he is coming in today rite?

Aakash : yea bhai..but its not a he it's a she'uska naam ''.. (being cut by ASR and Anjali)

ASR, Anjali: SHE??

Aakash : haan bhai, di'is there a problem? Its just that she really needs the'''

ASR: yeah wateva'as long as she does the job properly'.(cutting aakash off  and walked off to his car)'.

Anjali shouting after him': chote kuch toh kalo'

ASR: nehi di ..i will eat in the office.. u guys carry on.. I will see u guys later'Aakash don't be late!

Aakash: ji bhai'and turn to look at anjali who was smirking at him'( and now he knew he was in trouble because anjali will start her Interrogation)

Anjali: waise bhi Aakash..yeh ladki kon hai?

Aakash: kon? Owh who..koyi nehi..bas payal ji ki behen.. I mean she is just my friends sister'khushi'

Anjali: Payal JI? friends sister? Naam toh bohuth acha hai na dhono ko Payal'khushi!' (grinning at him and thinking something in her head)

Aakash feels like running away because he knows whats going on in his sisters head'so he just cuts in..: di I really have to go..if I go late today also bhai will definitely cut my salary'and before he can finish it ansh comes in running'..

Ansh: good morning mamma, aaki'

Aakash: good morning ansh.. tq buddy! (Ansh looks at him confusedly as he walks off from there)'

Anjali: good morning ansh! Arnie chachu toh chali gayi unko khushi ko milana hai'

Ansh: ahhh?


Where else in gupta house, khushi is running around like someone poured hot water on her leg..she is excited for her first day of work and is planning to wear  a white color chudithar 'but Payal comes and buts in..

Payal: Khushi what are u wearing?

Khushi: kyun jiji? Achi nahi hai kya? If I last checked u told I looked very angelic in this..

Payal: budhu aise nehi.. I mean to tell u that wasn't it suppose u wear formal office wears on Monday to Thursday and only on Fridays u are allowed to wear traditional outfits'

Khushi: and how do know this?

Payal: woh aakash ji nei humse..( suddenly bites her tongue) I mean wasn't it in your offer letter..

Khushi: no jiji it wasn't'sooo how do u know?

Payal: I think maybe aakash ji would have mentioned to me long time ago.. and plus it's a fashion industry..

Khushi: really??  Whatelse aakash ji informed u long time ago?? ( in the mood of teasing her sister)

Payal: KHUSHI!!!! ( playfully slaps her arm) Stop all this.. aren't you getting late for work.. its your first day.. and I heard ASR is very disciplined and hates lazy and late people.. I am sure you don't want to get in his bad records'

Khushi: ok jiji , I am going'. ( goes and change her clothes and leaves the house before leaving the house she slightly shouts in payal ears and runs away) : I wont GET into his bad books as long as he doesn't get into mine!!!!!!







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 Part 1(B)

AR Holdings

Khushi was waiting at the lift for the lift to come down…

Khushi thinking in her head..: khushi tu toh gayi….aaj pehla din hai.. aur tum itne late hoon…but whats my fault in this… first I had to change my dress.. then I missed the bus… and now this lift is taking so long to come down…hey dewi maiya..mein kya karoon…..


 At that moment the lift door opens and as she was standing really close to the lift she, trips and falls right into a strong pair of arms.. a strong masculine scent fills her senses. When she was about to look up her soft lips brushes with the man's lip and she stood there star-struck when she looked up to the pair of molten chocolate eyes which was hooded looking at her.. they stood there having a starring competition until they were interrupted by a voice

Lavanya: ASR is everything ok? Are u hurt?

ASR: m fine….(in a hoarse voice) still looking at khushi…

Lavanya (Turning to khushi and shouted): hey!! who the hell are you? Are u blind? Cant you see where u are going?

Khushi (still blur with what was going on and looking everywhere else but not at arnav): ji…. I I ermm ermm…

Lavanya: erm erm wad? Are u dumb too?

ASR: La leave it..lets go!..( turning to khushi) are u ok?

Khushi: ah?? Ji..nods her head.. ( quickly mumbles) i am not blind nor am I dumb… and I am sorry but accidents happen….

Although she mumbles the word quickly..Arnav  hears it nods his head and just smirks at her where else La who is still glaring  at khushi just grabs  Arnav by his arms and storms fro there.. Khushi just gets in the lift and presses the button to the 10th floor..while the lift door is closing the door she just notices Arnav turning around and giving her a last look by the corner of his eyes… as the door closes she leans against the lift wall holding her lips and  mumbles to her self.

Khushi: yeh Dewi maiya…. Wad just happen? I cant believe my first kiss happen like this and to a stranger…nehi nehi khushi this is not your first kiss..this is just an accident…but his eyes?? There's something in it..nehi khushi stop thinking about him..what ever it is, that greek god will never fall for u because he already has a leach clinging to him..hey khushi what the hell are u thinking? u barely know him and you think he is a greek god and him falling for u…tum to bilkul sanak hogayi…buaji tik nam raktha tah tumko, sanaka dewi!!…but I have seen him somewhere….where?where?

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forfunlanya Senior Member

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ARSHI FF: Accidents Happen 

Part 2

Khushi in AR office

As Khushi steps in to the office she takes a good look around the office.. she sees everyone relaxed and chatting with one another. Everyone is fashionably dressed but most of the girls look like they are wearing dresses of a five years old child. Too short and skanky..and not to forget they also look snobbish.. the office looks very modernized with the interior designed ..then she goes to reception. At the reception counter sat a chubby, bubbly looking girl dressed decently.

Khushi: Hi I am Khushi Kumari Gupta.. I am a here to meet Mr. Aakash

Priya replies khushi with a big smile: Hi I am priya.. nice to meet you..may I know ur purpose?

Khushi thinking to herself: atleast she is friendly'

And then takes out her appointment letter and says she is here regarding her job and Priya intercoms Aakash ' mean while Amaan walks in

Amaan thinking to himself: areh chick! Hmmm Amaan Mehra show her your jadoo'

Amaan : hello there hottie!!!

Khushi: Excuse me?

Priya: err.. Khushi this is Amaan Sir.. and sir this is khushi, she is here regarding her job offer with Aakash sir..

Amaan: owh khushi!! Your name is Khushi.. I am very khush to meet you..

Khushi: ji namaste

Amaan: owh wow!! Namas''

But before amaan could complete.. aakash comes in the picture'

Aakash: Miss Khushi,??'Aaman?  What are you doing here? Don't you have work?

Amaan: arey yaar ASR went out for a I am juz chilling..and I found Happiness..

Aakash : What?

Amaan: han..she is my khushi.. I mean her name is Khushi (purposely hitting on khushi)

Khushi ( just smiled and folded her hand): namaste.. I am khushi Kumari Gupta'my sister payal talk to you regarding the job'

Aakash: owh yeah!! Payal Ji'hi Khushi ' Glad u accepted the job..

Amaan:  by the way aakash, in what department is Khushi working in?

All three of them turn to look at Aakash to hear him out

Aakash: she will be not working in your department ofcourse ( hearing this Amaan shows his tongue to Aakash) and aakash shoves him and tells her: she will be Bhai's PA'

Priya and Amaan: WHAT???? KHushi is lost looking at three of them'.

Aakash: yeah she will be bhai's PA'khushi u wait here..Bhai is out for a meeting once he is back I will do the formalities.. I hope u don't mind being with Priya at the mean while .. make your self comfortable'

Khushi: but aakash ji, I haven't gone through any interview or anything do you think I will be qualified for the job?

Aakash: don't worry Khushi' bhai really needs a PA asap..and U have enough qualities to be one..

Amaan: and you are hot too( adds amaan , khushi feels so shy being addressed like that but jus smiles)

Aakash: lets go Aaman..bhai will be back anytime soon..and we will be dead if he sees us roaming around..( trying to save khushi the embarrassment)

Walking away from the reception, Amaan puts his hand around Aakash shoulder and says: waise aakash  mera yaar how come u did not get me hot assistant like khushi?

Aakash: for you Ms. De Souza is more than enough'and plus I hope khushi will be able to tolerate bhai' u know na his temper'

Amaan: yea for me on old lady as assitant but for ur bhai a hot gal'don u think its poor khushi'but don worry I will console everytime ur bhai blows on her'poor little hot thing'..

Aakash: amaan don't u know there's more to a girl than being hot and preety'

Amaan: like wad? (With a sarcastic face)

Aakash: characteristics, culture's they behold, dignity, qualification, talents?? And theres many more'

Amaan: yea rite'name 10 girls who are like that in our office..except for souza .. sanskar lakshmi koi nehi hai bhai!!!

Aakash: u will neve change..atleast go and do your work'instead of polluting my mind'


 Meeting with Mr.Segal and Co.

Arnav could not take his mind out of the sweet little thing he captured in his arm early today before coming for this appointment with lavanya'through out the meeting  all he could do was visualize the petite form girl dressed in a red formal blouse with high pencil skirt and black pumps with just light make up hitting his chest and her lips brushing his..  'and then blushing for the accident that occurred between them' as he remembered her mumbling "accidents  happens"

Arnav ( thinking to himself) "yea rite..if like this kind of accidents were to happen, I don't mind meeting an accident everyday'"! stop! "What the" Arnav Singh Razaida! u need to stop'the kiss or the girl does not mean a thing to u..infact no girls mean a thing for u..and it was barely a kiss! now concentrate on what you are here for..and u met only once so what's the big deal and there are 15 floors in the damn building so there are very less possibilities of u meeting her'so juz get this deal done instead of thinking of her'.but why am I not able to stop thinking about her?  I mean she is not the most prettiest thing or what..but!!!!! but there is something about'her lips! Her eyes, the innocence in it! Her cheeks, blushing red! Her skin, that milky white skin! Her smell, the vanilla-ish smell, so edible!... Gosh arnav!! Now u sound like a 16 years old boy with raging hormones, seeing a girl for the first time..just stop .. u are ASR,, ASR! Damn it!

Suddenly La interrupts the visual conference that is going on between Arnav and ASR..

La: ASR what do you think?

ASR: uh?

La: ASR are u ok?

ASR: wat?..ofcourse im fine.. u were saying?

La: the deal? What do you think of it?

Arnav turns to Mr.Segal and says : Mr.Segal..i think overall its fine..but I would like to go through the contract once again and I will get back to you again'

Mr. Segal: why ASR is there any complications? Were u not happy with the presentation? We can discuss it again..clearly..

ASR: no nothing like that.. I would just like to go over the contract again with my GM.. thats all.. nothing in particular'hope u don't mind..( mentally noting that this is all her fault..if only I could just stop thinking about her I would not be a lost soul right now'now get back to ur ASR mode)


Mr.Segal: I think that should be fine..u take your time and tell me whats your conclusion than we can proceed with the fashion show in Mumbai..

ASR: YEAH sure Mr.Segal.. I will get back to u soon'and I will take your leave now'

After finishing the not so successful meeting with Mr.segal , arnav and lavanya returns back to AR holding as he was about to step in to the lift.. he thought back about khushi'mentally kicking himself he stepped out of the lift and entered his office'''''''''''''''''''''''.

i hope the story is moving fine..please do give me that i know how my story is going...tq


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hey wow im soo impressed!!itss amazing i mean wow..add me and den pm me for next update...
plzzz update soo.
shwetaaagarwal Senior Member

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Nice update :)
natzzz Senior Member

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really nice updates..
do continue
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ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen

Part 3(A)

AR Office


Khushi  was walking from the caf to the reception counter holding two coffee's… as she was walking she started recalling her conversation with Priya,

Priya: arey khushi you are so lucky…. U are working with ASR as his PA…you know any girl would do anything to be in your post…but then they would not last long because they will be fired very fast by ASR..

Khushi: lucky? Why? And why would they get fired ?

Priya: owhmygawd! Have you seen ASR?

Khushi: no not really.. I mean I know he comes out frequently in daily's but never really paid attention so can't recall how he looks like

Priya: owh fo khushi.. what do I say about him??…such a hottie.. so sexy, so stylish.. everyone in AR thinks he is a Greek god! But somehow I always preferred Amaan Sir (priya blushing).. anyways leave that…but they get fired because ASR hates girls or Miss La spoils their reputation…but mostly because of the later…and kabhi kabhi some girls leave the job because fearing ASR'S  temper..

Khushi: temper??

Priya: haan yaar… sometimes his temper reaches the seven sky and that's it.. toofan, volcano eruption, earth quack,  ..u name it u have it…

Khushi: (with a shock face)really?

Flashback ends

 Khushi gulps down her coffee thinking of her temperamental boss… then she tells to her self… " achi bath soch khushi toh achai hoga" " u are here to work, do your work properly and save  yourself from his wrath! nothing will go wrong! Whats the worst that can happen? Dewi maiya tumahiri saath hai khushi!"…… suddenly she remembers Priya telling that ASR looks like a greek god…and thinks about the guy she collided in the lift… "surely he is a greek god…but can he be ASR? Nehi hosakta! Because according to priya ASR is ruthless..ofcourse for bumping on him he would have yelled at me  But he din't infect he asked me if  I am alright? How can he be ASR? And moreover there are 15 floors in this building Khushi! he can be from anywhere or maybe not from here also… stupid me, I did not even hear properly what the leach was calling him because I was so lost thinking about him….hmmm" and that's when the bell rings on her head.." KHUSHI, U STARTED AGAIN! Stop thinking about HIM…!! This is all ASR'S fault, if only he came faster I would have started my job and I wont be thinking about him….and here I am waiting for more than half of the day"…priya's voice distracts her…

Priya: (in a hush voice) jaldi karo khushi!!!

Khushi (keeping the coffee on the desk and asks Priya): kyun? Kya huwa? Y is the office so quiet suddenly?

Priya: shhh (signaling with her eyes and telling her to look behind her)

Khushi: uh? ( slowly turning to look at her back)

ASR: Priya is there any………


As khushi was turning, Arnav came and stood almost right behind her that she turn and hit hard on his chest… since she was wearing high heels she almost fell to her side and she quickly close her eyes but then suddenly she felt a strong but warm grip on her waist helping her to steady herself… when she open her eyes and looked up she frozed looking at the same pair of molten chocolate eyes…

Arnav  & khushi (thinking): not again….

Aakash : bhai?

Breaking their eye lock, but still not breaking their distance while his hands stilled on her waist and her hand gripping his coat, they turn and looked at Aakash  and the entire unit of the office staring at them…

Aakash: bhai this is khushi, your new PA… remember I told u this morning…?

Suddenly realizing the way they were standing, khushi and arnav broke their distance by taking steps backwards…..La who was watching silently all this while was fuming in her heart….

ASR: ok meet me in my cabin..(without looking at khushi)

Khushi: ji… arnav sir!

While walking to his cabin, Arnav smiled in his heart…he liked the way his name sound on her lips..though he dint like the sir….

La: hey u! it's A.S.R… BE PROFESSIONAL! UNDERSTAND! ( and stomped of from the reception)

Khushi who was in the state of shock was startled by La's voice.. that's when she recognized the leach was still there..

Aakash :Khushiji, shall we? Bhai does not like to wait…

Khushi: ye..yea sure ( grabbing her things in the reception counter)

While walking to ASR'S CABIN….

Khushi (thinking to herself): hey Dewi maiya of all the 15th floors he has to work in the same floor as me? And that too has his PA…why? Dewi maiya why? How am I going to concentrate?

In ASR'S cabin, arnav stood at his glass window looking at the figure moving to his cabin…concentrating on her he was thinking: gosh! two accidents in a day! How convenient is that? Damn u ASR… she is ur PA for god sake….holly hell! (loosening his tie as he feels the heat)

Knock knock……

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