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ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen Part21 B/pg 79 (21/01/15) no pm's (Page 15)

dimple2011 Groupbie

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Posted: 01 August 2012 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Well well well , accidents do happen ;) nice update

-EndlessSmile- IF-Rockerz

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nice update..update ASAP
forfunlanya Senior Member

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Accidents Happen

Part 7

Aakash and arnav went to Aakash's cabin to get Amaan. As they reached the door they were taken by surprise seeing the sight in front of them.

Amaan and Priya who did not notice that they had guest were continuing their kissing,  their normal passionate kind of kiss was starting to get wild . Amaan's hand that was on her waist started to pull her blouse out from being tucked in so that he can slip it in and touch her bare waist… and then they heard someone yelping…

Aakash: ouchhh! Bhai my leg…

Arnav and  Aakash who was at the door thought of leaving the couple alone. When Arnav suddenly turned he stepped aakash's leg by accident leading him to shout in pain. They knew they had interrupted the couple, so they just stood there facing the opposite direction not looking at the couple.

Amaan and Priya, embarrassedly pulled away from each other. They looked at each other for a while and then did not look back again. Priya was damn shy to look at any of her bosses. She knew the best thing to do was just walk out of the room and leave things as it is.  She walked away from Amaan without saying a word. When she passed Arnav and Aakash, she just kept her head down and went to the reception counter. Amaan just stood there  looking at Priya's back. He did not want her to go. He wanted to say something but he was lost for words.  He stood there staring at the place she was leaning and kissing him…

Aakash: earth to Amaan..hello (wawing his hand infront of Amaan's face)

Amaan looked at Aakash like a lost soul then to Arnav. He just stood there looking at his friend. Don't know what to say, don't know what to do.

ASR: I guess its been a long day…lets just go and grab a drink…(looking at Amaan)

Amaan: yea, I guess so…(rubbing his head with both his hands arranging his dishevel hair)

The three of them left from Aakash's cabin.

Priya sat at her place. She had a lot of things going on her head. She knew the kiss did not mean a thing to Amaan. She knew it was a big mistake because they work in the same place and things would never be the same. She felt even more horrible that her act was caught by her other two boses.  They were Amaan's friends. They knew he was a player, so now they would be thinking cheap about her. She was so stressed. Then she realize they would be leaving the office in awhile and they will be passing her counter, she did not want to face them yet. So she immediately grab her staff and went to the lift.

As she was about to get in and close the lift, she saw the three men standing in front of her. At the point she wished she was invisible woman or the lift walls would swallow her up.  Arnav and Aakash did not want to look at her knowing she was embarrassed but Amaan was looking straight into her eyes. She looked everywhere but at him. All three of them got in the lift. This 1 minute  of her life was the most torturous  1 minute she ever had. She could not be herself. She was fiddling with the end of skirts to distract herself. The moment the lift door open she just fleed from their sight not looking back.

Amaan wanted to talk to her but he did not know how and what to say. When he finally got the courage and was about to talk, the lift door open and she just ran away as fast she could vanishing from his sight.

Aakash : leave it yaar.. talk to her later. I am sure she is shy with everything that just happened.

Arnav came and pat his shoulder assuring that everything will be fine .

He looked at Arnav and just hugged him back. Both of them stood there hugging each other. They had slight tears in their eyes. They know no matter how much they fought, they still needed each other and would always be there. Although they were silent, their actions spoke louder.

Aakash: abb tum dono ka romance khatam hogayi, hum chalen?

They broke their hug.

ASR: I think dust went into your eyes? (saying to Amaan as he saw tears in Amaan's eyes)

Amaan: han yaar.. it went into yours too…( knowing Arnav also had tears)

Both of them just smiled and wiped their tears off.. seeing this Aakash had tears in his eyes.

Amaan: ab tumko kya hogaya? Bohoth senti hai kya?

Aakash: nehi toh… I think the office is full of dust..Bhai I think you should fire the cleaning service people and hire a new one…I think they have not been doing their job properly.

ASR, Amaan: you really think so!

they just smirked at Aakash and left from there to Dublins.


In Dublins

Arnav, Amaan and Aakash were drinking, and chilling listening to the music. Most of the time keeping quiet.  The silence was killing Aakash. He wanted to know why did they fight.

Aakash: ok that's it? Are you guys going to come out with it or shall I ask you all what the hell actually happened just know?

ASR: I told u naa.. its nothing and thing got blown out of proportion.

Aakash: don't you guys lie. I know it's a small a thing and it was regarding Khushi. So are you guys going to tell me or we will have to wait here until you guys do.

Arnav and Amaan was tensed with Aakash's question. They did not know what to answer him but they knew they had to come clean because Aakash will not leave thing as it is. In the end of the day he was a Raizada.

Amaan: hmmm…ok ok..ASR had a misunderstanding about me and khushi…

Aakash (tensed): You and Khushi? What the hell Amaan?  What did you try to do to her?

Arnav and Amaan was beyond shocked seeing Aakash's concern towards Khushi.

Amaan: I did not do anything ok.. I admit I was trying to flirt with her last time, until she made me realize. She pointed out about Neha and all. She made see through things in a different perspective ok! Then I asked her apology and we became friends. Ok that's about it. Its not like what you guys think like.(looking straight into Arnav's eye)

Arnav felt like a stab in his heart, not only did he misunderstand about Amaan, he also hurt Khushi and tried to misbehave with her.

Aakash: yea.. Khushi is definitely not like that. She is different. Ok then? How did it lead to you guys fighting?

Arnav who all the while listening butt in.

ASR: actually I said nasty things about her and Amaan got furious..

Amaan: and I mentioned about sap..SAPNA. I am sorry yaar.. I did not mean it. I just couldn't take it when u insulted khushi.

Arnav just nod his head. He knew the mistake was his. Aakash got the whole picture but he did not understand why would Arnav talk bad about Khushi. He never really cared about his staff.

Aakash: owhhh.. I hope everything is ok now.

Arnav and Amaan just nod their head.

ASR: waise Aakash, how do you know about Khushi? I mean how she is and everything and why are you so concern about her? (Curiosity killing him)

Aakash: nothing bhai. I know she is a good person and I told you naa she is my friends sister. I just don't want anything to go wrong with her in my presence that I cant meet my friend's eyes.

The guilt was killing Arnav more. He just took another shot of his drink. Again all three of them sat in silence. Thinking of the incidents that happened today.

Aakash: Amaan, if you don't mind I would like to also tell you, that priya is also a good girl. She is not like all the girls you met. I hope u understand what I mean.

Amaan who was drinking started coughing. Arnav and Aakash were smirking at each other.

Amaan: huh? Its nothing like what you guys think, I do not see priya in that way. It was a mistake.(looking at his drink, he knew what his friends are thinking. If he saw them in the eye they would have figured out the truth)

ASR: Amaan, we know what you see in her. Its you who is not admitting. It has been very obvious you see. We know you more than you know yourself. This player thingy is all an act. You are living in pretence. Deep down you there's another person.

Amaan: and don't forget ASR, deep down you there's also another person. You are also living in a pretence. We both know why we are what we are today!

Arnav had nothing to say. He knew that was the truth. Aakash who was all the while listening was just praying that another fight does not take place.

Aakash: its about time we go back. Tomorrow we have important meetings and all. What say?

Arnav and Amaan just laughed. They knew what Aakash was thinking.

ASR ,Amaan: idiot. Lets go.


The next day

Priya was sitting in the counter. When she saw Amaan walking in, she just acted busy, hoping that he would go away but he came and stood in front of her.

Amaan: Priya..

Priya: yes sir?

Amaan knew Priya was trying to act normal, but he could see she she was nervous. He wanted to apologize. He did not want to lead her on.

Amaan: Priya, I am sorry about yesterday. I ,I … I mean I did noT

He was cut by Priya who talked looking at his tie instead of his face.

Priya: Its ok sir. It was not your mistake. I understand! You don't have to explain anything. I know it did not mean a thing to you. I get you. I have no regrets sir. I just hope it does not repeat again sir. I will make sure it does not. Now if you don't mind shall I continue my work sir?

Priya was trying her best not to shed a single tear in front of him. Little did she know that the kiss meant a whole lot of a deal to Amaan. Neither did one of them showed their actual emotions. Amaan just left Priya and went back to his cabin. He did not want to make things worst between them

Khushi came in early morning praying to her dewi maiya to give her strength to face the rakshas. She did not mention yesterdays incident to anyone including Payal. Today morning when she came in she saw Priya looking very upset. She did not want to disturb and decided to talk about it during lunch. So she just came up and started doing her duty.  ASR is no where to be seen yet so she just started arranging the files as per his meeting. Then she saw him entering his cabin. She just stood there while he took his seat. Both of them talked as formal as possible regarding entirely on their work. It was very obvious that they were not comfortable with each other.

The entire morning passed through uncomfortable silence. It was lunch time, Priya and Khushi decided to go the restaurant infront of AR Holdings.

While they were waiting for the food..

Khushi: Priya, are you ok? U look a bit down today. Is everything alright?

Priya: Haan Khushi everything is fine(giving a fake smile)

Khushi knew something was definitely not right. But she did not want to push it.

Khushi: if u say so. But u know na if there's anything u can tell me.

Priya: I know yaar. But what about you? You don't look khushi yourself?

Khushi was stuck, she dint know that Priya also realize that she wasn't herself today. She just decided to deny but the food came by then.

As the waiter place the food, they saw three familiar figure walking in the restaurant. Arnav, Amaan and Aakash.

Arnav and  Amaan was taken back to see both of them there but before they could react Aakash walked to their table.

Aakash: hi ladies! What a surprise?

Khushi: Hi sir. Surprise?

Aakash: yea we always come here but never seen u guys!

Khushi: owh! this is the first time we came to eat here. Normally we will have lunch in the office itself.

Aakash: good! good! so can we join you ladies?

Khushi, Priya: WHAT?

Arnav and Amaan just stood behind Aakash listening to the conversation was surprised with Aakash decision and even more surprised with the girls reaction. Aakash was having fun watching all of them's reaction. He was purposely doing this. he knew there was something wrong between Arnav and Khushi, and as for Amaan and Priya, he already witness it yesterday. He could see how red Priya's face was when she saw them arrive.

Aakash: its ok if u do not want. We understand( pulling their leg)

Khushi: no sir, its ok! U can join us.

Aakash : that's more like it!

Saying that he quickly took the middle sit leaving one sit beside Khushi and One sit beside Priya. He wanted the guys to decide wherever they wanted to be seated. As he expected Arnav took the sit beside Khushi and Amaan took the sit beside Priya. Khushi and Priya had a difficult time trying to make sure they do not touch the other person. None of them uttered a single word. when the guys food  arrived they started eating. Khushi and Priya could barely chew the food. Every bite they swallowed felt like rubber that was hard to chew. Arnav and Amaan notice how hard it was for them and was mentally cursing Aakash for his stupid decision. But there was a lot of things that did not go unnoticed by everyone.

Amaan, Aakash and Priya could notice there was a mysterious air between Arnav and Khushi. Khushi was literally sliding away from arnav in the hope of not touching him. They did not speak a word, when they had a lot of things since she was his PA. she was focused on her food and occasionally looked up and that too never looking at Arnav. Where else Arnav keep on glancing at her.

On the other hand, khushi notice there was something wrong with Priya and Amaan. They were looking at different angles when they were sitting beside each other. Amaan who was always noisy seem to be extremely quiet. She new something happened between them.

After the lunch, they were about to cross the road to go back to AR Holdings. The road was extremely busy. Khushi and Priya was afraid, looking at the roads. There were too much of cars coming fast. Not wanting others to notice, Amaan crossed the road together with Arnav and Aakash on his left side and held Priya's hand silently on the right. Khushi who was standing beside Priya was super shocked to see Amaan holding Priya's hand that she did not cross the road with them.

As they reach the opposite side of the road, priya quickly pulled her hand off. When she turn to look at Khushi, she was not beside her but still standing on the other side of the road!

Priya: Khushi?

All the three men turn to see what Priya was talking about and notice khushi still standing there. Arnav was the first one to react. He quickly crossed over the road and went to khushi. He reached her and held her hand. She tried pulling her hand of but his hold got tighter.

Arnav: don't create a scene Khushi!

Khushi: excuse me? Who is creating a scene? I can cross by myself! I do not need your help!

Arnav: yea I can see that. You are still standing here counting the cars right?

Khushi: I .. I..

Arnav: just shut up and follow me..

They both crossed the road with Khushi's sour face on. When they reach the other side Aakash was smirking at them. Where else Priya and Amaan just looked at them disbelieved.

Arnav: what? Don't you guys have work? Lets get going..


Weeks later

Weeks went by just like that. All four of them were acting very formal towards each other except for Aakash. They only talked about their work and nothing more and nothing less but Amaan and khushi's friendship was still normal. They would still talk to each other and joke around.

Arnav and khushi will never look at each other in the face. They would stay away as much as possible. Although they felt there was something missing, they would push it aside and behave very formally. Every time they were alone they would stand feets away. Arnav stopped being a gentleman. He do not open the door for her, or pull the chair anymore. Even if he wanted to do those gestures he would refrain himself from it. Khushi also felt amiss for all this but just shrugged it off.

Same went for Priya and Amaan. They would not communicate at all unless its very necessary. Although they missed each other and the kiss kept on playing on their heads they would just put it aside. Priya's silence was killing Amaan, but there was nothing he could do about it.



It was Arnav's parents Memorial Day. He was working from home on that day.

Khushi had to come to RM because she had to get his signature for some important consignment that should be delivered that night itself. When she came in, she was amazed with his mansion. She was welcomed by Anjali.  She liked Anjali instantly and could not believe that she was the rakshas sister because she was so sweet and nice. Anjali than introduced her to Naniji, shyam ji, Ansh, Mama and Mami.. all of them had an instant liking towards her except for mami but never the less she also did not like mami that much.. Arnav was no where to be seen yet. She was sitting in the hall. While talking to Anjali she noticed that everyone was wearing white.

Khushi: Anjali ji is there something going on in your home today? I mean you all are wearing white?

Anjali: haan khushi. Today is mumma's and Papa's death anniversary. So we are having prayers for them. Hoping for them to have some peace. (she had tears in her eyes)

Khushi: owh I am sorry Anjali ji, I din't know. I think I came in the wrong time.( khushi felt sad for them and eyes were moisten)

Anjali: no, its ok khushi. Its not your fault. And we are happy to have you.

Khushi: Anjali ji, if you do not mind can I meet sir as fast as possible. I don't think he would be happy to see me here.

Anjali was reluctant but she knew today was not the day to test Arnav so she agreed and ask HP to show Khushi, Arnav's room.

Khushi followed HP to Arnav's room. HP left her outside the door.

She knocked and when she heard him asking her to come in she went in. Arnav was looking at the big portrait on his bed. She saw he had tears in his eyes. Arnav saw her, she looked sad but he dint know why. He just sat on the recliner and she gave him the files.

While he was going through the files she was looking at his room. It was very neat it and smelled like him too. Than she notice the portrait on the bed. She saw his parents. She noticed how he looked so much like his mother.

Arnav: its done! U can go.

Khushi: owh ok. Sir… u look so much like your mother.

Arnav just clenched his fist.

Khushi: I can understand what you are going through sir. I am sorry for your lost! (holding his shoulder)

That's it! Arnav lost his temper! he got up from the recliner and clutched her shoulders. He hated her because somehow she always provoked his feelings. She always manage to bring out his vulnerability. 

Arnav: what the hell? How on earth can u understand my pain? You are happy with your parents. Do you know what's the meaning of losing your parents? Do you know how it feels after burning your parents and bringing their ashes home? Do you know how it feels when your whole world crashes down in one night? Everybody says they understand but no one understands a single shit! So just shut up and get the hell out of here.. (shouting at her)

Khushi (with tears): sir.. I dint mean..


Khushi just ran out of his room, across the hall And finally out of RM. She was crying badly. Everyone in RM witnessed this scene without uttering a word. They knew Arnav yelled at her because he was upset. So they did not mention a thing to him when he came down. Its when Aakash came in to RM and asked

Aakash: di,why did Khushi run away crying? I tried calling her but she just ran away.. whats wrong?

Anjali: no, chote was already upset about today then she wished him her condolence..

Anjali started narrating the entire thing to him, about what Arnav said to her and all. Aakash was both upset and angry with Arnav. He knew he is upset but he should not have talked to her like that but he decided to talk to Arnav after the ceremony.

After the prayers, Arnav , anjali, shyam and aakash was sitting in the hall. Arnav was reading newspaper while the rest them was talking to each other. Aakaash  is still trying to find an opportunity to approach his Borther.

Aakash: Bhai!

ASR: yes aakash!

Aakash: Bhai, u should not have talked to Khushi like that!

Everyone looked at Aakash. They never heard Aakash talk so seriously to Arnav especially whats right and whats wrong?

Arnav: what do you mean I should not have.. she should know her limits. She is my staff and that's about it I don't need her sympathy at all.. who is she to tell me that she understands what am I going through? What does she know? She likes to behave like she knows everything, right? So there, I showed her place.  Next time she will think before acting smart.

Aakash: bhai u would not understand. What do you know about her that you yelled at her like that? And do you even know if that's her real parents? Just incase, let me tell you! Her parents died when she was a child. Now she is living with her mother's sister who adopted her after a month her parents died. Atleast you grew up with your parents love until you were 20. What about her? You had Di, Nani, Mamma, Mammi and me. She had no one until her mother's family who disowned her mother came to her rescue. And talking about limits and she is your staff and all, is a surprising me because you are the same person who hold her hand and crossed the road with her. What happen to your ethics and limits at that time?

Arnav: Aakash! I, I… I have nothing to say.. I dint know…

arnav was helpless, it was not her fault and again he hurt her, he just sat that lost. Wherelse Aakash was just looking at Arnav. He knew his brother regretted his mistake. He did not want to make him feel worst.

Shyam:  its ok Salleh Sahab. U dint know. (trying to calm the situation down)

Anjali: poor khushi. I feel so sorry for her. No wonder she had tears in her eyes when I mentioned about Mumma and Papa. She knows how it feels.

Arnav was getting more upset with the situation but he did not want to show it infront of his family so he excused himself and went to bed. He knew it was not her fault and no matter what he should not have talked like that to her. He knew how it feels mentioning about your dead parents. He had to apologize to her and he was determined to apologize to someone for the first time in his life after taking the ASR avatar.


hey guys here's another update. hope you guys like it. I am sorry there not much romance in it. i hope you guys understand! 

please please please give me your opinions or atleast like the post.and if you have any suggestions or if you do not like how the story is moving please do inform me.

for those who constantly likes my post and gives comments... THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOUR SUPPORT MEANS ALOT! you guys motivate me! Tongue

Heart you all

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loved it thanx for pm
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just read all of the parts and im in love with this ff plzzz update soon
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Amazing them
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I read it in one go... Loved it!! Plzz update soon!!
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amazinggg ff...loved it

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