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ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen Part21 B/pg 79 (21/01/15) no pm's (Page 12)

coolflora Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 12:05am | IP Logged
nice update

annab Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 6:49am | IP Logged
Nice update...i hp arnav soon realise tht  lavanay is behind all this...pls continue soon and pm me pls..thanx..

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akshad Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
nice update
add me in ur pm list
do pm me
continue soon
payal_ARHI Newbie

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 12:45am | IP Logged
 plz put a long update... n also atleat one update everyday... as i look 4 ur update twice aur thrice a day n when i dont get any i seroiusly get disappointed... i keep thinking about it every now n then that whats gonna happen next...  so plzzz update soonCry

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sunny_sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 3:47am | IP Logged
its great!! do pm me wen u update

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forfunlanya Senior Member

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 4:58pm | IP Logged

ARSHI FF : Accidents Happen

Part 6

When khushi felt a tug in her hair and his nose rubbing on her cheeks, she immediately opened her eyes,, she was shocked to see that he was millimeters away from kissing her…

She was to blur at the moment not knowing how to react to this situation. No  man has ever came this close to her. That's when something strucked in her mind, she stepped his foot so hard with her high heels and when he started squirming in pain she pushed him hard on his chest and took of from his cabin  in lightning speed… she went to her cabin and closed the door and leaned against it…she had so many things going through her mind, first of all she did not understand what was his problem than he started misbehaving with her…how dare he? But khushi was even more upset with herself, she could not help wondering why she did not slap him, if this was some other man touching her, she would have gave him one tight slap for his rudeness, but here she did not do anything but just stepped his feet! Then she felt sorry for stepping him, it would have been painful because her heels were sharp and pointy at the edge…she was lost and some part of her was disappointed, she din knew why! She decided to take her the rest of the day off, she did not feel like seeing his face nor being around him and most of all she felt tortured for unknown reasons.

On the other hand, arnav was angry, he was angrier on himself than her. He did not know why he reacted that way to her. He has never behaved in that manner to anyone. He always respected a person's personal space. He never intended to hate women especially downgrade them but due to circumstances he became a cold hearted person. He misbehaved to khushi although he knew she did not wrong him in anyway, that's what is disturbing him a lot. Even if she wanted to be with anyone that was her problem, why should he be affected? They just share a employer and employee relationship. Deep down arnav knew that he was attracted to her, he did not like any man being close to her. But he was also surprised if it was just attraction then why would he be jealous of his own friend when both of them only have one intention towards woman but this is khushi. He knew this feeling, infect he was once very involved in this feeling. The feeling that changed him over night. A feeling that took away all his trust towards woman and happiness in the world. He hated the fact that khushi is invading the feelings again. He decided to stop things moving between them, he had to stop seeing her but he did not want to fire her for some mistake that was done by someone else. He remembered that she mentioned earlier that this job means a lot to her to help her family. So he decided that he would behave very professional towards her. Most to most he would change her department if things got worse between them. Suddenly his blackberry beeped. He took a look at it and saw a mail from Khushi Kumari Gupta. He felt a lump in his throat, he thought she was going to quit her job but much to his surprise she ask for a day off and even more surprised that she apologized for stepping his foot. He knew he should apologize to her but in the end of the day he is Arnav Singh Raizada, and ASR would never apologize to anyone.

He did not what to reply so he just send her back: Ok!

Arnav saw khushi leaving the office from far, he felt disappointed when she did not come in like always to inform him that she was leaving as usual but he just shook all the thoughts in his mind and continued his work till late evening. He looked up the window and noticed almost all his staff went back. Only Aakash and Priya was talking at the reception. He was so busy that he did know how long he had been working. He intercom khushi but she was not picking up. He got annoyed and went to her cabin to see what was keeping her so busy, when he went to her cabin and called her "Khushi!", it was empty. That's when he realized that she left just now and the entire fiasco that happened in his cabin came crushing to his mind.  He just went back to his cabin and sat not knowing what to do because he did not feel like continuing his work.  A knock on the door brought him back to his senses. It was Amaan. He did not feel like talking to anyone especially Amaan but he cant ignore him as well so he just nod his head indicating amaan to come in.

Amaan: Hey ASR! Where's khushi? She is not in her cabin also?

Arnav was annoyed. Here he was trying to get through the day with out thinking about her with him and the incident but Amaan had to bring it up.

Arnav( annoyed): wow! Amaan  you are more interested in my P.A than me I guess?

Amaan (can see that arnav was annoyed but he din knew why): and why would I be interested in you? You are not a girl yaar!

ASR: owh yea! That proves a point! What else would be Amaan Mehra's interest if its not a girl! Anyways, She went back home!

Amaan: (smirking)haha very funny! (serious)She went back home? Why? Is everything ok with her?

ASR:  amaan she is just a staff why are you so worried? More like disappointed ? moreover its beyond work time, so of course she went back what's the big deal?

Amaan was getting more confused with ASR's behavior. Arnav has never questioned him so much and he felt the questions were very cold like he was holding some grudge in his heart. Arnav was getting annoyed with amaan's care for Khushi. He knew Amaan was a player but he had never cared for anyone. He always had only one intention towards girls but here he was showing concern for khushi. He haven't seen this Amaan  for a very long time. He was very displeased with the changes that khushi had brought in Amaan.

Amaan: nothing yaar, its just Aaakash and I are going out for a drink later, so we thought of asking khushi if she wanted to follow us? That's all!

ASR: owh how sweet! I am here and u dint even think of inviting me but u came here all the way looking for khushi  that too, to invite her? I guess after that u guys have planned something else. More like some midnight activities.

Amaan: ASR, what are you talking? Its not the same, man! Khushi is my friend and plus Aakash is coming with us. And its not that I do not want to invite you but you always avoided hanging with us since we left college!

ASR: ya right just friends, come on Amaan! Just admit the fact that you are planning to hit her base tonight. I know you well and I know girls like khushi well enough! They will do anything to be on top. They are just a cheap piece of gold digger who would do anything for money. The more richer the guy the better for them and even better if they are good in bed! Its always about the money or sex Amaan. Hope you are not forgetting the past, who knows it better more than you and me!

ASR!!!!!!!!!!! growled Amaan. He was beyond pist. He knew khushi was not that kind of a person and he dint like Arnav accusing her for something that's not true and based on their past.


Arnav was angry, but more hurt. Amaan just reminded him the name that he did not want to hear for the rest his life. He felt his ego hurt the moment the name was mentioned! Then he did something that neither he, Amaan or Aakash (who just came in with Priya to ASR'S cabin ) would have even thought in their wildest dream.. he gave a hard punch to Amaan hitting right on his jaw and blood started to ooze out from the corner of his lip.  Amaan who felt sharp pain jumped on Arnav  to give him back what he received. They were hitting each other rolling on the floor. Giving back as much as they received. Strangling each other! Aakash and priya was shocked and just stood there watching them! Suddenly aakash felt a sharp nudge on his shoulder. He looked at priya.

Priya:  sir what are you looking at? Do something!

Aakash: uh? What do I do? (pushing his glasses up from his nose)

Priya: Break them apart before they kill each other!

Aakash: owh ok..Yeah I should

Aakash was actually enjoying the fight. It has been a while since the three of them had a brotherly war like this. But somehow it registers in the slow brain of his that there was something more serious that they were fighting like this. He knew he had to do something but he knew it was not easy to break them apart since he was always the weaker one of the three.

Suddenly all of them was shocked by a voice.

Priya: ENOUGH! Bas kijiye Arnav sir, Amaan sir! You are the bosses of AR holdings and you all are behaving like bunch of children! Now get up and sort yourselves out or I will call the security to pull you up!

Even Priya was surprised with her guts. But she knew she had to do this to control the situation since Aakash was no help at all. Aakash just stood there smirking thanking his stars that priya stopped them as Arnav and Amaan slowly stand up adjusting their clothes. He knew if he interfered he would have been beaten up by them.

Priya: Good! now be a man and talk your problems instead of fighting like children! If you man cant talk it out then I would suggest you both leave the matter here and clean your wounds first.

ASR, Amaan: what the???

Aakash: Priya is right Arnav, Amaan. You are behaving like children! Now sort yourself the mess by talking! (trying hard not to laugh)

Priya was surprised that aakash called ASR by his name since she always heard him call ASR bhai! But for Amaan, and ASR it was not a new thing. Aakash use to call Arnav by his name when they were in college because he did not want aakash to address him as bhai when they were in the same class since they were the same age, only younger by months but for the family sake and for the Man he is,  he called Arnav Bhai!

That's when all the three man burst out laughing remembering all the good old times . when they looked at Priya's face they laughed even more. She reminded them of Anjali Di.

Priya was beyond confused! But she was happy to see all her bosses laughing heartily. She knew tomorrow would not be the same, most probably she would get fired for raising her voice especially to ASR. She decided to leave from there not wanting to interrupt them anymore as all looks fine.

Priya: I think I would leave now sir..

As she was about to walk out she heard ASR's voice stopping her. In her heart she thought "I am gone!"

ASR: priya can u bring the first aid kit!

Priya: uh? Sure sir!

Priya went to her table and got the first kit, when she came back there was pin drop silence. ASR was sitting on his place, Amaan was sitting on the couch and Aakash was standing in between them.

ASR: take Amaan and help him clean his wound ( he said to priya)

Aakash: priya theres another kit in my cabin. U go there and help Amaan. I will help bhai here.

ASR: its ok Aakash, I am fine.

Aakash: bhai listen to me. I will help you and that's final!

Arnav just kept quiet as aakash started cleaning his wound, as priya dragged amaan out and brought him to Aakash's cabin.

In Aakash's cabin

Priya made Amaan sit on Aakash's chair and took the first aid box. She was leaning  her lower body on the table as she was wiping his wound.

Priya:  sir what was that?

Amaan (slowly): nothing. Just some misunderstanding! Shit! I hurt him! I should have never mentioned her name! ( he banged his fist on the table making a sharp pin poke him) ahhh!

Priya quickly took his hand and started rubbing his!

Amaan( full of hurt): I am such an a*s priya. I hurt my friend, my bhai! I just could not stand him talking bad about khushi! But I did even a bigger mistake! I am damn sure he is hurt and its not because of the wounds but because of my words! How can I do this? I never wanted to mention her name ever in his life but it was not fair for him to blame khushi for her mistakes.

Priya(thinking): khushi? Amaan sir fought with ASR His own best friend for khushi?

Deep down Priya was hurt, she always liked Amaan and she knew he was always a player and stayed away from him but he too never seem to cross limits with her for reasons unknown to herself. But today she was hurt that Amaan was more concern for khushi that he was willing to fight with his friend. Why? And then she could not forget to note that he mentioned about someone to ASR and it would have hurt ASR A lot! That means ASR has a past  that too, linked with a girl. There was a lot of things going in the brain of hers.

Amaan: I do not know how am I going to face him again? (Staring to the air thinking something)

Feeling something touched his shoulder, he turned and looked at Priya. Who was looking at him with full of concern. He looked at her properly, her small pouty lips, the slight dimple on her chubby cheeks that showed without smiling, cute nose, big round eyes, her heart shaped hair line on her forehead, her hair tied into a high pony tail, small and slightly chubby. She looked like a cute doll standing in front of him.

Priya gulped as she notice Amaan staring at her. She decided to break the silence. She looked him in the eye and said : "everything will be fine sir! Don't worry!" than looking at his wound on his lip she pressed the cotton ball on the cut on his lip.

Suddenly she felt Amaan jerked up from his seat, when she looked up, she saw him staring into her eyes than to her lips, he was standing so close to her that she could feel her body heat up and in a sweep motion his one hand cupped the back of her head, tugging her hair and one hand on her waist he pressed his lips on to hers. She was taken by shock. She slowly closed her eyes. Amaan bit her lower lip asking access to explore her mouth as she kept her lips tight. The cotton ball on her hand fell off. She parted her lips anticipating in the kiss as her hand travel to the back of his neck. They were kissing passionately………….

In Arnav's cabin

Aakash had clean Arnav's wounds. Both of them sat in silence thinking of what to say to each other.

Aakash: Bhai u ok?

ASR: ya, am fine! U?

Aakash: me? Arnav, u and Amaan had a fight! I was just watching it. So now tell me, whats wrong? Why were u both fighting!

ASR: its nothing Aakash. Just a small misunderstanding. No body's fault.

Aakash: really arnav?

ASR: owh fine… it was about khushi and things blow out of proportion!

Aakash: khushi? What did she do?

ASR: she dint do anything.. we were talking about her! Baas, Amaan achanak senti hogayi!. (trying to cover the story)

Aakash was very curious, he knew it would not have been that bad if it was a small matter but he decided to talk to Amaan about it later.

Aakash: bhai, everything has been said and done. I would just like to tell you that Amaan has been with us for a very long time. Especially you! Ever since you guys were children! we have gone through thick and thin together! And he has been there through the hardest part of your life as friend. Even his family helped us a lot. He is more than a friend, more like a brother. I hope you guys settle your differences. That's about it, we will be at Dublin's incase you wanted to know.

Saying that Aakash was about to leave when he saw Arnav getting up from his seat and taking his coat and laptop. Aakash looked at him questioningly.

ASR: what? Aren't we going to Dublin's?

Aakash: that's the spirit bro! good to have u back!

Aakash and arnav went to Aakash's cabin to get Amaan. As they reached the door they were taken by surprise seeing the sight in front of them.


hope u guys like it.. please do comment, and if you guys are busy atleast press the like button. i just want to know how you guys think its going.. and if u guys feel there something not right please do tell me. tq. have a nice day!

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sanZ_Rash IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 6:59pm | IP Logged to comment...yupppiieee...
nice update... :)

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flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazimg story ...loved it...update soon

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