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Pradarshak Goldie

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Have you guys seen Soumaya-Rajasmita dance? Please go and check once more...Soumya ne to Rajasmita ko acche se pacchar di... DID & Geeta must have been embarrassed to see DID3 winner not able to keep up with Soumya's standard. Marji ne to ek bhi comment nahi di Rajasmita ko(or probably they cut it). I think even Geeta had to admit. What a shame for DID3!

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pradarshak

Have you guys seen Soumaya-Rajasmita dance? Please go and check once more...Soumya ne to Rajasmita ko acche se pacchar di... DID & Geeta must have been embaraced to see DID3 winner not able to keep up with Soumya's standard. Marji ne to ek bhi comment nahi di Rajasmita ko(or probably they cut it). I think even Geeta had to admit. What a shame for DID3!
Rajasmita was so bad...Her posture was horrible and legs-knees bent..Just in few months after winning the winner already out of shape and could not dance like a champ...Look at Shakti, Salman they are doing wonderful..
Yep what a shame..Embarrassed

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hey.bhaggu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pigbelly4myfeet

Naps!! Hug Aww what a surprise yaar! HugAnd *ahem* sorry I still haven't replied to your pending PM. Embarrassed Will do so soon. 

OMG yes, WORD to everything you said. LOL I also keep going back and forth with my favourites regarding Soumya and Rohan. lol They're both awesome. You're so right...Raghav is really training them so well. These two never miss a beat! It's amazing! 

Like you said, there is that MAGIC in their performances that connects you to their dancing. Something special. And that Raghav touch too. Ahh I can't even tell you HOW much I love this guy yaar! LOL He's a blessing. Just out of this world creative...and BURSTING with ideas. LOL None of the other three skippers come close, really. It's the truth. Approve

It's all in his details. Day Dreaming

And "flowing like a river" is so the perfect term to describe Soumya's dancing. Gosh, I am in such awe of this girl's grace, yaar. Doesn't it feel like she could just move like this forever and ever...she makes it look so smooth and's a treat for the eyes. 

And Rohan too...I agree. I loved that step you're talking about too. And the most brilliant thing for me was how he was doing the whole slow-mo, then fast...simultaneously move. You know? SO genius. And Rohan executed it perfectly. Clap

I am just amazed at how these two kids didn't get a standing ovation over Faisal and all. Confused Doesn't make any sense to me. Seriously what is going on with the judging? Mediocre performances are praised to the skies. Like Faisal's performance...Marzi standing up on the table for that? Really? And then Soumya and Rohan don't get that? So messed up. 

I knew you would be surprised LOL Well I was bored yesterday so was roaming around forums yesterday evening before the show. Saw your post but hadn't seen the performance...and got so pissed with judges comments at soumya-raghav that I came straight here to vent my frustration TongueLOL

And seriously ditto to everything you said. You know all other performances I just see while multi-tasking but I can NOT do that with Rohan and Soumya's performances thinking that I would miss something beautiful, magical just by taking my eyes off it for even a second. And it's true because Raghav has so much to give in each and every moment of his choreographies. 

And you just stole words out of my mouth. She does make us feel dancing is so effortless. Just plain beautiful. And I loved how Raghav even added those classical beats ta-thai. This girl caught each and everyone of them. She was flawless on the stage.

Even I loved that...which was actually the main essence of the danceEmbarrassed But even apart from that, I just loved those small-small moments. I didn't get to capture them all yesterday with one watch so I watched it again and man not only that boondein but that whole stanza was beautiful. Aasmaan ke canvas pe kalakariya karte beautiful was THAT? First making a canvas and then painting on it. I am just wow-ed but Raghav's imagination. When you watch his choreographies, you SEE dance as an ART. 

While other performances, they sure are nice and may be more difficult (with ropes and all) but the beauty lies in this simplicity of Raghav's choreography. And it may not be that simple as it seems because you have to remember such complicated details, interweave them and actually FEEL the song to let the audience connect...but it's amazing how SIMPLE these two kids make it seem like.

As for the judges...all I can say is they DON'T know how to judge.

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frankshk Senior Member

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by abduly4

After reading all bashing comments, I found that faisal and rohan are the weakest and definitely weaker than Tanay. Faisal is always getting more appreciation. His confidence is only due to one lady judge. Simultaneously, the lady judge could not do justice with the girl soumya as there was nothing wrong in her dance. 

LOL Jay Ho Geeta MA ki. Big smile
shika552 Groupbie

Joined: 13 July 2012
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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 5:22pm | IP Logged
I hate Geeta, when Faisal made so many mistakes in his duet act w/ dharmesh, Geeta barely criticized? him & when saumya performed soo well & the only mistake was the choice of song, Geeta went all out on saumya!!!! This is SO NOT FAIR!!! I used to love Faisal but Geeta made me unlike him b/c shes always partial towards Faisal even when he performs bad!! Well I still like Faisal but I'm not crazy abt him tht I used to be!! Geeta made me unlike Faisal.
After shalini, i hope om gets eliminated b/c rohan & saumya deserve to be in top 4 & besides last few performances of om hasn't been so good. even the masters said that om goes all over the place & he needs to control his energy. but then there are less chances of om getting out b/c then kruti would be out but then again om is not so good even uday was far more better than om & during the jugalbandi between om & jeet, jeet was far more better than om, & om is mainly good in doing stunts and contemporary.
gilmores IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
Finally. LOL
So mahaan classical expert of DID Geeta ma is back to talking crap. What the eff was she on when she said "I didn't connect"? I thought THIS song FIT perfectly. It was so beautifully and CREATIVELY used for a classical interpretation and the Kathak beats fit really well...because this is an easy song to choreograph a contemporary routine to you know? And Saumya was sooo awesome in this. What grace, what ada, what expressions, what control <3 Everythign was bang on perfect and the best was effortless and looked SO easy! Liek you said Pallo, she didn't miss was a flawless performance! 
She totally overshadowed Rajasmita the day before too. Rajasmita looked like a complete AMATEUR in front of Saumya..a KID. Seriously her dancing has toh deteriorated even more..and she won what...3 months back only? Even Geeta ma couldn't bring herself to praise Rajasmita..that alone explains how bad she was.
I loved Rohan's performance too..ek toh that song is perfect..there's SO much in it to get inspired from and Raghav really choreographed to the soul of the song..the hurried lifestyle vs the dreams bit...LOVED the Boode girti hain, the saapne/slower bits of the performance, and that sitting down and turning waala Raghva step..he manages to put in his style, his chaap everywhere na?? Then the hurried bits were so awesome too..and ROHAN toh was fab..the control, maturity, and expressions this guy has while performing is just so applaudable really.
I reallyyy loved that Paul-Rohan act on Saturday! It would take me a long time to list everything I loved, but seriously it was just SO creativee! I loved loved the way Paul and Rohan picked up every lyric of the song and danced to it! Right from "jab jab tere paas mein aaoun" and Paul goes closer to Rohan, then the "dil's" and ruk jaana's, the sukoon, yaad <3 Gosh I simply LOVED this act so much! Rohan and Paul were FABULOUS! Their synch, their expressions..I just loved it so much! I found Paul really boring in DID3, but he was so fantastic here! He totally should hve choreographed his own stuff on DID3. Geeta gave him such crap int he name of "hawtness."
Raghav, Dharmesh, and Prince's performance was so much fun! I loved their interpretations of each other styles and tracks..such kadak dancing from all 3 <3 Dharmesh is a better dancer than I remember him to be LOL
I was talking to Tani about this in your other thread Pallo...I wish they did a similar thing with Vrushali, Kruti, and Amrita would have been so cool..all 3 doing classical!
I know I talked about this in your other thread but I loveddd seeing Vrushali again! Her grace, expressions are so unmacthed on this stage..I always get so excited when I see her <3 I didn't agree with Geeta at all when she was like Shalini is much better and other randomness b/c I toh didn't even know Shalini existed in that performance..though I loved how happily Vrushali took that comment from Geeta! Such positivity! Contrast to Rajastima who didn't look happy to hear that Saumya was better than her..Khair whatever, I've always loved how gracious Vrush is about accepting criticism..
Siddesh and Jeet were good fun though I saw someone steal the limelight from Siddesh in terms of nautanki for the first time LOL It could have been better, but fun overall..I liked Jeet's Manmohini too...for such a YOUNG age it's amazing what a great grasp of beats he has! His expressions, his kadakness as a dancer is so awesome :D Oh and that Chikni Chameli of his was the best one I've seen yet..Katrina really should die of shame, like you said Anu, that a SIX-YEAR OLD BOY outperformed her in every way. LOL
Faisal gets off easy..he was making mistakes all over the place and no one said anything..I toh don't remember what he did on Sunday either.
Om's Sunday performance was shit scary. I'm glad they told Kruti off for that. Dangerous stunts does not = challenging the kid. He's a CHILD for God's sake. Though the channel shouldn't even have let her do that performance with Om in the first place either.
I liked Amrita-Tanay's performance also. It was sweet :D
Oh and I'm very behind so I haven't seen this paso doble Raghav choreographed that you guys are talkign about...but umm anyways what the heck is an "aerial tango" ??? Confused How do you do a Tango in the air?
Yikes...this is TOO LONG. EmbarrassedLOL

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.shona. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 7:43pm | IP Logged
Can't even describe what bull of a comment that was from Geetha. Something I heard from Arshad on ZND and remember how it ridiculous it sounded, and sounds more ridiculous when they decide to hear the damn song more than look at saumya's amazing performance. I don't understand what was wrong with the fusion? I guess Geetha just wants same songs repeating on DID over and over again till we hear them in our dream. Kudos to Riteish for pissing her off lmao.

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 23 July 2012 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chocolover89

Oh and I'm very behind so I haven't seen this paso doble Raghav choreographed that you guys are talkign about...but umm anyways what the heck is an "aerial tango" ??? Confused How do you do a Tango in the air?
Yikes...this is TOO LONG. EmbarrassedLOL

Re: Aeriel Tango...Tango on cables with the two kids flying around randomly...LOL all part and parcel of the kind of gimmicky choreography that Geeta and Marzi you can check it out on this link

Re: Raghav's Paso's the link for that...some of it is missing unfortunately but the best bit of the choreography is there...which had the signature Raghav kinda stuff.

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