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Shackles of Love#7#MG FF Chapters 29-31 (Page 8)

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hi de 
what's the timing for the update dear ?

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will be back at 12 people!

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Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

will be back at 12 people!

its so not fair can't we get it now plz de Ouch

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hi thanks 4 da interesting teaser..update soon n do pm! Maan shocked with her reply!

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hayye u came de at last now be quick and give us the update na 
me really sleepy now Day Dreaming

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Ramzaan Mubarak guys. Please remember me in all your duas.



And i am sorry but i couldn't reply to all individually. Thanks loads for all the lovely comments. They mean a lot to me.


This ones for Sara...Happy Birthday my DQ aka Dhamki Queen..Hug


Without further ado, let's proceed.

This is freaking 11 pages, to make up for the delay.Big smile

How about compensatory comments tooLOL

Disclaimer: I did not mean to offend anybody in the hotel scene here. And the medical facts are baselessLOL


Geet reached the kitchen and looked back to see a bemused Maan staring at her back. Unable to control herself, she burst out into a fit of giggles at the expression on his face, breaking Maan's hypnotized state.

"Geet! I am warning you, if you ever put sugar in my coffee then I will'"

"Kya kar lenge aap?" she smirked.

He ignored her and went ahead to make a fresh pot for himself. As the water was boiling, he turned towards her and grabbed her by her shoulders.

"Get this straight, Maan Singh Khurrana aisa hi hai! Na to mujhe meri coffee me mithaas ki zaroorat hai, na hi meri zindagi me." He tightened his hold when she tried to free herself. "Mujhe badalne ki koshish bhi mat karna. Main jaisa hu waisa hi rahoonga. I won't change myself for anyone. Tumhare liye bhi nahi!"

He left her jerkily and grabbed the freshly prepared coffee. He was leaving when her voice stooped him.

"Why did you feel the need to specify?"

"What?" he asked her, not getting her point.

"Aapne kaha 'tumhare liye bhi nahi' iska mai kya matlab samjhu?" She pointed out his unfiltered words, making him squirm as he was caught red handed. He bluffed his way, "Stop trying to find unintended meanings in my words Geet. They will only lead to more pain for you later on. Ye jo aaj kal tumhara naya shauk hai na, isse rok lo. Tumhe kuch hasil nahi hone wala ye sab karke. Maan Singh Khurrana to bilkul nahi!" said that he walked away.

"Maine kab kaha mujhe Maan Singh Khurrana chahiye?" she mocked him. "Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Khurrana, lekin Geet ko to sirf apna Dusht Danav chahiye!" She shouted at his back and received a glare for her pains.

 "Aur ye mera wada hai aapse. Ye Geet aapki zindagi itni mithaas bhar degi ke aap apne ateet ki saari kadwahat bhool jayenge." Geet vowed to herself. "I don't know what's in your past that has turned you into an unfeeling statue. But you will feel, you will live. That's my promise to you."




Happy at herself for having gotten the upper hand over her Dusht Danav for once, Geet did a victory dance after he left for office. After some time, as her euphoria came down, she realized that he had left without any breakfast in anger.

"Tu bhi na Geet! What was the need for all that! He didn't manage to have any dinner yesterday, pata nahi lunch bhi kiya hoga ke nahi. Aur abhi wapas bhooke pet." She started worrying.

She immediately scrounged around in the fridge for anything, but came up empty handed as yesterday she had been too angry to put the food in the fridge and it had all gone stale. Angry at herself for her mistake, she decided to go to Naintara's for some necessities and made up her mind to ask someone to take her to town for filling up with the daily provisions.

But as luck would have it, as she stepped out of the house, she heard Maan and Dev talking about going to the city for some work. Thinking it was a boon, she went upto them and told Maan about the state of the house and the need for some ration.

Seeing this as an ideal opportunity, Dev somehow convinced Maan to take Geet instead. At first Geet was hesitant, but seeing Maan's irritation, decided to irk him further and said yes.

Even though Maan was angry at her, he couldn't say much in front of Dev and so agreed to take Geet along "Waise bhi tumhare pass itni sunder company hai to mera aana will definitely be a hindrance." Dev couldn't resist adding, making Geet blush. "No need of hurrying back. I will take care of everything here. You both enjoy your trip." As he left, he gave Geet a wink and a thumbs up sign, bringing a genuine smile to Geet's lips.

As soon as Dev left Maan started shouting at Geet about why she was doing all this and told her that he would get the groceries there was no need for her to come, Geet being Geet reminded him that since this was HER house, she would get the required things.

"Your house? Don't forget Miss Geet Handa that this is my house and you are just a guest. That too an intolerable one!" Maan lashed out.

Geet on the other hand replied calmly, "It's Geet Maan Singh Khurrana and after marriage, whatever is my husband's is mine." She added in a sickly sweet voice and left from there stifling her laughter as Maan looked ready to burst a vein.

Taking in a few much needed breaths, Maan followed her to the car.




Maan grasped the steering wheel angrily, wishing it were Geet's neck. The nerve of her! "Himmat to dekho, mujhe challenge kar rahi hai!"

Geet on the other hand was happy at having bested Maan and having spoilt his mood. She looked out of the window, waving to a few people she knew, calling out cheerfully to the watchman as if she had known him her entire life. Maan glared at the watchman when he tried to return the wave. One look at Maan's demeanor and the watchman went back to his emotionless stance. "Dusht Danav" she muttered loud enough for him to hear, but he preferred to ignore her.

She was as usual fidgeting with the radio, testing Maan's strained patience to the limit. His warning "Geeet!" went unheeded. In a fit of annoyance, he grabbed her right hand which was fiddling with the radio and crushed it between his left and the gear handle tightly making her wince.

"Maan! Leave me!" she struggled to free herself but Maan ignored her effortlessly.

Realizing that it was a lost cause, Geet stopped struggling.

"Agar aapko mera haath hi pakadna hai, to keh dijiye na. Aise bahane dhoondne ki kya zaroorat hai?" she asked innocently.

Maan dropped her hand like it was a hot coal, his expression turning funny. Geet bit her lip to control her laughter.

"Tum ye kya bakwas kar rahi ho? Tumhare dimaag ko ilaaj ki zaroorat hai! Aisa kuch nahi hai! Mai tumhara haath kyu pakdoonga?" he retorted.

Geet glared at him for a while before saying, "Accha? Fir aap kya kar rahe the?"

Maan had nothing to say so preferred to be mum.

But Geet was Geet. She wouldn't let him go so easily. "Kya aap mujhe car chalana seekha rahe the?" she retorted out of the blue.

Thinking it over, Geet realized that it was not a bad idea. This way she would get to spend some time with him as an added bonus. She jumped in her seat in excitement. "Ye accha hai! Wow! I always wanted to learn how to drive. But Darji never allowed me. In HP I used to drive a scooty. Me and Rajji used to go roaming in the fields." And she went on and on about her and Rajji and then to how and when he could give her driving lessons. Deciding it was better to call a halt to her stupid imaginations, Maan interrupted her, "Geet! Geet!" he screamed to shut her up.

"I am not teaching you to drive. I have neither the time nor the patience." He stated. Just as she was about to argue, he said, "I have no objections to you learning to drive. I will get you a Learner's License and then'"

"Lekin aap mujhe kyu nahi sikha sakte?" she asked. Her dream of spending time with him wiped away harshly at his refusal.

"Because!" He replied and went back to concentrating on the road.

But Geet persisted, "Then? Will you send me to a driving school?"

A sudden image of a faceless guy holding Geet's hand over the clutch came into Maan's mind, making his blood boil and him yelling out a "No ways!"

Geet who had been enthusiastic a minute ago teared up at his shout, "But you just said'"

"Why do you have to cry for everything?" he asked in frustration! Her tears always made him mad. "If you would let me complete my sentence" he glared at her the image in his mind doing nothing for his mood, "I would have continued that you can get Naintara to teach you."

 "Dusht! Danav!" she muttered under her breath loud enough for him to hear. Even though she was happy that at least she will get to learn driving, a part of her was sad that it wasn't Maan who was teaching her.

"Koi na Geet! Zindagi me sab kuch nahi milta! Jitna mila hai utne me khush reh!"




After they finished their shopping, and Maan was loading the stuff in the back, Geet hesitantly called him. "Maan..."


"I am hungry. Maine kal raat se kuch nahi khaya. Kya hum kuch kha sakte hai abhi?"

"What! Why the hell didn't you eat anything? Koi bacchi ho tum? Tumhari inhi harkato se na Geet mai pareshaan hu!"

"Aapne bhi to kal raat se kuch nahi khaya..." she said in a soft voice breaking off his swearing session. "Aap bhuke ho to mai kaise kha sakti hu?"

Her words touched a nerve within Maan, some unknown part within him which still yearned to be cared for. Something inside him gave way without his knowledge, at her acknowledgement. Unbeknown to him, Geet was managing to chip down the wall in bits and pieces and seep into his life, binding herself there with her tenacity.

But this is Maan Singh Khurrana we are talking about! Would he ever acknowledge it?

"I know I sound like a broken record Geet. But I think you need to be reminded that I don't consider you my wife so all these things you keep doing to impose yourself upon me are not going to work. They just keep irritating me and want to stay away from you."

Geet preferred to keep mum rather than getting into another argument. Maan sighed and turned her towards a small hotel which served breakfast.




A pretty waitress in a short skirt came over to take their order. She was eyeing Maan and tried to flirt with him. Normally Maan wouldn't have given a single glance to the woman, but he was irked at Geet so he started flirting back.

Geet looked at them with angry eyes, knowing that Maan was doing it to irritate her. His smirk was saying it all. The limit was crossed when he addressed her as Miss. Handa and said she was a "distant relation", while winking at the waitress over some silly joke.

Trying to control her bubbling temper and the urge to scratch the waitress's eyes out as she was drooling over her husband, Geet excused herself.

She went to the washroom to control her temper, and came back after splashing some water on her face, a cool calm expression on her face. She saw that the waitress was again at their table, flirting with her husband and laying down the food. She noticed her passing him a tissue with something written on it, which looked suspiciously like numbers. Maan was holding it lightly in his hand, fiddling with it, making sure that Geet saw it. Sauntering over she gave a warning glare to Maan, which he ignored.

 Geet sat down and pretended to search something in her bag. She triumphantly brandished a small bottle and thrust it in Maan's hands. Both Maan and the waitress gave her equally confused looks.

She said soothingly to Maan, "I know AIDS is not curable, and you hate taking these medicines. But you know you have to! They will at least help to prolong your life a bit."

She smiled sweetly while looking at the waitress and said, "Thank you so much for bringing a smile to his face, wo kya hai na, jab se pata chala hai ke inko AIDS hai, people don't even talk to him! So nice to see a young woman wanting to be friends with him." The waitress who had paled on hearing the word AIDS stared at Maan in horror. Geet controlled her laughter and took the tissue out of a shocked Maan's hand. "Oh? Is this your no? Great I will make sure he calls you. A night out is just what he needs at this time!" she concluded in fake concerned tones.

The waitress grabbed the tissue desperately out of Geet's hands and stuttered something negative. Geet looked on in amusement as she tried to get away! She saw her whispering something to her fellow waitress and soon enough everyone was staring at Maan like he was an alien.

Geet had a hard time holding onto her laughter as Maan dragged her out, cursing heavily under his breath.

"Arre Maan! What are you doing?" she protested. "I didn't even get to eat my breakfast!"'

"Chup! Bilkul chup!" he yelled, grasping her hard by her shoulder. "If you ever do something like this next time then'" his warning was cut off as Geet glared right back and interrupted; "Now you listen to me Mr. Khurrana! If YOU ever repeat this next time, then '." She said and pointed her index finger at him.

He was amused by her instant change of mood. Her cheeks had gone all fiery red and she looked adorable with her eyes spitting fire. Thinking it over, he started laughing at her wittiness. It sure was funny.

Geet looked at him laughing; never having thought that he could also have a sense of humor.

She looked at him as he stopped and raised his eyebrows, "Then what?" he smirked, trying hard to maintain a stern expression but failing miserably. She joined in the laughter, both of them laughing light heartedly after a long time.




It was late afternoon and Geet was getting bored sitting at home. As promised Maan had taken her to get a Learner's License and Naina Di was giving her lessons. Geet enjoyed those times. Sometimes Annie accompanied them and they all had a blast. They both were slowly filling a void in Geet's life that she never knew existed. They say "You can't miss what you never had!" and Geet now realized what an elder sister was. She could take all her problems to Naina without fear or hesitation. Her love starved soul lapped up the attention showered upon her by these two women who loved her unconditionally and accepted her without any restraints. That's not to say she forgot her younger sister.

Geet did keep in touch with Rajji via phone calls and messages. They used to talk at least twice a week if not more. At first Rajji was concerned but later as Geet begun to weave false stories about her life with Maan, Rajji was assured. If sometimes her voice held an unsaid pain, Rajji was too young to identify it.

But the man who stood at the door eavesdropping on her conversation was no stranger to that particular emotion. He heard her talking about what a wonderful husband he was and how he took care of all her needs and loved her beyond imagination. The underlying despair threading her voice shredded his heart. He heard her lying to her sister about how he never let her cry even once, taking so much care of her that even a slight scratch on her made him go into panic mode. His conscience pricked him hard, making him realize maybe for the first time that he was playing with lives.

He heard her building up a lie, realizing that it was her dream that she was describing. A dream that was being crushed by him. The dream every girl has, of a normal life. There was nothing extraordinary in what she was describing, but for her it was a distant dream.

Unable to bear hearing any further lies, he left from there, without making his presence felt and spent the rest of the afternoon, taking out his anger in the gym.

He was fighting a war with himself.

One side saying it wasn't his fault so why was he feeling guilty? Hadn't he made it clear to Darji that this was just a contract marriage? Hadn't he told Darji to tell Geet that? Then why did Geet persist in making it to be more?

For the first time a doubt ran through his mind that maybe, just maybe Darji hadn't told her the truth. If Darji had, then why did Geet expect so much from him and this marriage? Those eyes of her could never lie, could they? He thought back to all she had said, and never once had she ever mentioned about any time limit. She was forever running behind him, taking in all that he dished out, trying to mend something which was beyond repair. Never had she complained about his treatment, even when he was grossly in the wrong. She took every pain every humiliation and tried to move forward, and she expected him to do the same. Why would she do so much for a temporary marriage?

At first he thought she was trying to trap him. But would any sane girl do that? After watching him and his behavior which girl would stay with him? He had never revealed his connection with Savitri Khurana. So she didn't even know that he was rich! Maan kept trying to get answers but he was going round and round in circles and coming back to a single point.

Did she know or didn't she?

Had Darji tried to trap him? He cooled down and tried to think rationally.

He knew Darji wanted him to marry and settle down. He also knew about Darji's and Savitri Devi's family ties. Darji had been her family's Munshi for years. Had Darji tricked him?

His actions became faster as his heartbeat increased in sync with his anger. He trusted Darji! Darji would never do this to him! He punched at an imaginary enemy, taking out all the frustration in violence.

Darji's words were now echoing in his mind,

"Theek hai, theek hai! We will let it go! But think over what I have told u. And do it fast. You need to marry someone beta. Kab tak yu akele zindagi jeeoge? Jeevan me aage badho. Don't let the past cloud you soo much that you yourself impair your future. There is nothing to gain by living in the past. I am sure your Maa must want the same."

"Think about it puttar. Maine tum ko bachpan se apne hi bete ki tarah paala hai. Kabhi tumhara bura nahi chahoonga. No need to decide on the spot. Sleep on it."

"Puttarji you don't worry about her! Geet will never flout my word"

Has Darji really trapped him? No! Darji wouldn't do that to him! Maan's heart screamed. But his mind whispered, why not? Didn't Darji always support Savitri Devi in everything? Hadn't Darji been trying to get him married for some time now? Accept the condition of the will and settle down with his so called legacy?

Had he played into Darji's trap by agreeing to this marriage?

The questions were never ending and answers were none. Only one man could answer him.

Unnoticed by him, someone was watching him work out like a maniac. She could feel his pain in each movement of his body. She cried silently as she felt his body tremble due to over exertion, and couldn't stop herself from running to stop him. The sound of her payals alerted him to her presence and he halted his movements to look at her. She picked up his towel and came to him to offer it to him.

She stood in front of him with her hand outstretched holding out the towel. Maan looked at her and her outstretched hand. Suddenly instead of taking the towel, he held her hand and pulled her to him.

Geet was surprised at his actions, because he looked calm to her. Whatever was burning him was at present well under control. She looked at him, tracing his sweaty features with her eyes. She could feel the heat emanating off his near naked body, making her tremble a bit. Maan waited for her eyes to meet his. Only then did he speak.

"Mere ek sawaal ka jawaab dogi?"

"Aapko aaj tak kabhi mana kiya hai?" Geet instinctively answered, wondering what was going on. He sounded different, not the usual Maan.

Maan paused to gather his thoughts and asked the burning question in his mind.

"Why did you agree to marry me Geet?" he asked surprising Geet even more, because whatever she had expected, this wasn't it.

"What kind of question is that Maan?" she asked hesitantly, confused as to his intentions. But his intense gaze was piercing through her, as if trying to find the answers to a lot more than the simple question he had asked.

He grasped her shoulders and looked her straight in the eye, holding her captive, "Answer me Geet. Why did you agree to marry me?"

Now it was Maan's turn to be surprised as Geet laughed out loud at him. "Maan humare HP me ladkiyo se unki marzi nahi poochi jaati. Bas apna faisla sunaya jaata hai." she replied after calming herself, looking at him.

"What??" Maan felt the earth beneath his feet moving. He couldn't grasp the fact that the man he had idolized could do such a thing. But Geet's voice had a pain which he could not ignore.

"Yes. One fine day Darji came and told me that I was getting married and to prepare for my marriage. I had no idea who it was that I was going to be married to." She paused remembering those dreaded days when she had feared who and what her future had in store. Knowing her Darji hated her, she had been afraid about who he was warding her off with. She closed her eyes remembering her horror laden days when she had no idea who her intended husband was.

 "I never wanted to marry. I wanted to study. Lekin Babaji ko shayad kuch aur hi manzoor tha." Coming back to the present, she looked at Maan who looked like he had turned to stone.

She deliberately went over to him and very lightly engulfed his face in her hands, wiping the droplets of sweat off his brow.

"You know Maan, after Mumma and Papa passed away; the only person who I had faith on was my Babaji. Unpe mujhe bharosa tha, humesha se. Haan thoda bahoot beech me wo vishwas dagmaga gaya tha. But now I my trust in him is restored." She whispered in a low tone, barely reaching his ears, but the underlying conviction in her words and the look in her eyes shot straight to his heart, warming him up from within.

"You know why?"

He shook his head slightly.

"Because He chose you."

A peace settling in him, killing the angst he didn't know was present in the first place.

She stood there looking him in the eye, searching his for something, anything which would give her the courage she needed to follow the precarious path she had chosen to his heart. And find it she did.

That indefinable something in his eyes was like a break in a wall, allowing her a glimpse of his soul.

The light seemed like a beacon in a dark tunnel to her, welcoming her in its warmth.

Her lips curved into a beatific smile, bewitching the man who was looking at her, making him smile back a little automatically.

Something within her made her move forward and boldly place a small peck at the corner of his mouth, which had just begun to curve into a smile and whispered in his ear, "And I am really glad that it's you."

And she hugged him tightly, keeping her head against his heart, listening to his increased heartbeats, telling her more than his words the effect she had on him. At first he tried to unclasp her hands, trying to get away, but she held on tight refusing to give way. In the end he admitted defeat and listened to his heart, engulfing her within the circle of his arms tightly. He was tired of fighting his demons and most importantly himself.

Geet felt at peace within his arms, she caressed his back lovingly trying to soothe his inner turmoil, as if she knew of his fight. As she felt him relaxing into the embrace, she once again held him securely to herself whispering under her breathe, "And one day you will be too'."

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

Some are still stuck up over the goof-upLOL

Theek hai bataing. It's in this paragraph. Abhi to guess karloAngry Ke NPM dekh ke sabki intelligence out of window?LOL

When Geet turned around, the sight which met her eyes was enough to make any woman hyperventilate. Her husband stood before her, half naked. His bare chest covered only by a towel, glistening with dampness, the skin gleaming in the moonlight, beckoning her to touch it to see for herself if it was as perfect as it looked. His hair, still slightly damp, was falling in disarray across his forehead. His muscles bulged as he moved, the perfect curve of his spine, dimpling as he moved towards her breaking her stupor.

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