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Shackles of Love#7#MG FF Chapters 29-31 (Page 46)

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Disclaimer:I know Geet is gaon ki chori and english movies is a far cry. Call it cinematic libertyLOL



It had been a week since that fateful night. And he was still in quandary. He didn't know where to go and what to do. If he listened to his mind, his conscience rebelled. And if he listened to his heart, his mind called him a fool.

But the bottom line was. He believed Geet. There was no reason for her to lie, and the pain of truth in her eyes was laid bare for him to see. Truth be told, it was always present, but he had been too blinded by his prejudices and preformed notions to believe it.

These thoughts were going round and round in his mind, creating havoc within him. To save himself the turmoil, Maan immersed himself in work, maintaining a polite distance from Geet while gently bluffing all her subtle advances. He hated himself when he saw her face fall at his continuous rejections, but he reminded himself it was for her own good.

He once tried to explain to her patiently, hoping she will understand him and let go.

"Jab mera khud ka koi wajood nahi hai, to mai kisi aur ko kya wajood doonga. There is no future in this relationship Geet. Tum kyu apni zindagi mujhpe barbaad kar rahi ho. My life has no place for anyone else."

Geet patiently heard him. He was being cold and hard, but Geet read the anguish between the lines. She didn't know what he meant by his statements, and he refused to explain.

But in the end, she had refused to let go. "Lekin mera wajood to aapse hi hai Maan. Babaji ne humara rishta banaya hai, unhone kuch soch ke hi ye kiya hoga. To aap aur mai unke faisle ko jhutlane wale kaun hote hai?"

And since that day, she had increased her efforts to get him to acknowledge their relation. Only Maan knew how tough it was for him to maintain his aloof faade.

He was like a parched man in the middle of a desert. He had travelled for so long without a drop of water that now he was used to the burning thirst. It was a part of him which he just could not let go. Now that an oasis was before him, he was afraid that it might turn out to be a mirage, like it had before.

And that was the fear which bound him. The fear of it all being a lie, a distant dream which would never become real. It was better to live in this painful world, than to reach out a hand to something which might turn him to oblivion.

What he needed was to talk to Darji! Only then can he clear all the questions running in his mind.

The confusion was increasing, why did Darji lie to him? If he really wanted Maan to settle down then why would he get him married to a girl like Geet, who according to him was of loose morals?

He knew Darji would never think ill of him. Even if he had lied, the old man was doing it for his benefit, or what he thought was Maan's benefit. So did Darji lie about Geet's character too?

But why would he defame his own granddaughter? It didn't make sense to Maan!

He tried to remember their conversation, when Darji was trying to get him to marry Geet. Now that he thought of it, the shady past story had come after he had declined to marry Geet, wanting it to be a contract marriage. Had Darji lied about that as well? Because he knew Maan would never play with an innocent life?

"Kyu kiya Darji aapne aisa?" he screamed within. If what all he was thinking was true then he owed Geet a big apology. But was an apology even enough to cover up his deeds?

He remembered all his taunts about her character, her plans to seduce him, his almost forcing her. He clenched his fist, anger and loathing running inside his veins.




Amidst all his confusion was Geet, trying to get her life back on track. She was trying to understand the enigma which was her husband. He rarely spoke to her nowadays, but the few words he did speak were all along the lines of deterring her determination.

But Geet wasn't the one to give up, was she?

It was one such day that she was sitting in front of the TV switching channels and cursing her stubborn husband. But the promos of the new movie running stopped her gloominess.

Her mouth dropped open as she stared wide-eyed the perfection in front of her.

There he was.

The Batman.

Christian Bale.

One of her fantasies in the flesh.

Doing pushups, that too bare chested.


 "Babaji how can anyone be so perfect!" she drooled shamelessly; remembering when she and Rajji had sneaked out once to buy the CD of his previous films so that they could admire him in the privacy of their room. And boy! Was he one to be admired! She was losing herself in her lala land, when the sudden image of Maan's bare chest came into her mind. A thought ran by that Maan could definitely give him a run for his money. Going off track, she remembered all those times she had seen a hot, sweaty, near naked Maan. Her throat parched over at those images while a current ran through her body. Funny but she never felt this way when she was watching her onscreen hero. But just the thought of Maan was enough to turn her blood sluggish and desire to clog her brains. She blushed at her indecent thoughts and mentally slapped herself for her wayward dreams of her hot and naked husband,

The noise from the TV broke her trance, and she came back to reality from her day dream in which she was touching all that glorious skin!

"Tu bhi na Geet! Stop dreaming! That DD would never let your dreams come true!" she sulked. But then cheered up, thinking that at least something's are possible. She will ask Maan to take her out for the movie; at least she can drool over Christian Bale! And this way she would get to spend some time with him too. She patted her back mentally for her brilliant idea, killing two birds with one stone.

Knowing Maan, she had great doubts whether he would agree, so she thought to sweeten him up by making his favorite pasta.

Packing his favorite lunch, she decided to pay him a visit. He had been working on some new deal which was important from the looks of it and so was rarely seen at home. Coming home late and going early. Whether it was a deliberate attempt on his part to avoid her or it was really work pressures, she didn't know. But she was fed up with his avoidance and decided to head the lion in his own den.




"What are you doing here?" he asked surprised to see his wife chatting away with his PA.

"Wo mai'.wo mai..." she stuttered "Haan! Mai Pari se milne aayi hu!"she exclaimed triumphantly putting her arms through Pari's and giving a sunny smile to Maan.

"Accha?" Maan raised his eyebrows doubtfully.

"Haan! Kyu? I can't come to meet Pari?"

"Wo kya hai na Geet. This is my office. Not your house that you will have your kitty party here!"

"Dusht Danav" she muttered loud enough to make Pari's eyes pop on hearing him addressed as such!

"Mr. Khurrana, agar aap bhool gayee ho to mai yaad dila du. It's 1.30. And that means lunch time. Mai janti hu ke aap robot ho aur aapko bhook nahi lagti! Is bechari ko to khane dijiye!" she said sarcastically before she could control her tongue.

Maan massaged his temple. He could feel a headache coming. Arguing with Geet nowadays was like banging his head against a brick wall. He looked at Pari and said "Get that Chopra file and come to my cabin. Now!"With a final glare at both, he went back to his cabin and slammed the door.

Geet cursed her errant tongue, "Jhalli! Unko manane aayi thi na! Ye kya kiya tune?" she made a crying face and looked up "Babaji madad karo na!"

Pari hurriedly gathered the files and asking Geet to wait, went inside before the volcano erupted on her. She had seen the softening of Maan Sir since Geet had entered his life, but she also knew that Maan was still the same strict autocrat in office. And this was a huge project. KRK badly needed it to gain momentum at this point.

Geet was bored, her plans of having lunch with Maan having flopped, she was sulking. But she understood by the hustle and bustle going on that they were working on something big.

A harried looking Pari came out, nearly tearing off her hair. The clients were coming a day early and nothing was ready. Seeing Pari's condition, Geet offered to help her out. At first Pari refused, but then thought that Geet could do a few small tasks. Geet helped her out by making prints and running a few general errands, thereby reducing Pari's workload.

Glad that she could be of help, Geet happily went on with the assigned tasks thinking that if they finish early. Maybe Maan could still take her out to watch it.




An hour later, Maan still showed no signs of slowing down. She had finished whatever Pari had asked her and decided to go meet Dev but was told that Dev was on site and will be back in some time. Pari had gone out to do some other work, and Geet was languishing in Pari's office. Bored, she decided to peek in on Maan. After all her lunch was still pending, and if his mood seemed okay, she would broach the topic of the movie too.

She peeked in slowly, trying to make as less noise as possible, gauging his mood before venturing into the lion's den.

"Kya chahiye tumhe?"

"Inhe kaise pata chala mai yaha hu?" She thought to herself.

She entered saying, "Kuch nahi."

He was himself surprised how he knew it the instant she stepped in. There had been no sound, no indication of her arrival, but it was as if his heart knew that she was there. He could feel her presence in the air. Disturbed by the notions, he said rudely, "Geet, I am busy. I have an important meeting in a couple of hours. Kya kaam hai? Jaldi bolo aur jao."

She twisted her lips in a pout at his rudeness, and entered closing the door firmly behind her. She kept the lunch basket on the table in front of him, such that he couldn't ignore it.

He looked up at her, the basket bringing back memories of another time when she had done something similar. His guilt over that time still pricked him and so his next set of words were controlled. "You brought lunch for me?"

"Yes!" she said and went to sit opposite him. "Mai aapki kuch help kar du?" she added sweetly, fluttering her eyelashes at him. Maan looked at her, trying to decide what she was doing, but then gave it up as a lost cause.

"Haan! I will be very grateful to you if you could do this one thing for me" He answered back sweetly, lifting his head and smiling at Geet, surprising her.

"What?" she asked eager to be of any help.

"Go back home and stay there. Mai yahan sab sambhaal lunga!" he finished sarcastically, and put his head back down in the file he was reading.

Muttering profanities about her DD under her breath at her foolishness to believe him, she glared at him. But then remembering her mission, she again tried to smile and cleared her throat, "Maan at least eat na. Maine itni mehnat se banaya hai."

"Tum jao. Mai kha lunga." He said without lifting his head from the file."Uff Babaji!" she exclaimed, "I know you won't eat if I leave it and go. Come on Maan. Just 5 mins. Eat and then go back to your files. See it's nice and hot. Baad me thanda ho jayega to accha nahi lagega."She said while opening up the basket and serving the pasta in a plate. The delicious aroma rising from it made Maan dither and Geet took advantage of it, thrusting a spoonful of pasta towards his mouth.

"Mai khila du?" she asked hopefully, to which she received only a glare which clearly stated that now she was pushing her luck too much! He grabbed the plate and started devouring it, mentally savoring it.

Geet sat in front of him, eating from another plate, glancing at him to gauge his mood. The relaxing of the furrows on his forehead, gave her encouragement to venture forward. "Maaannn..." she started in a sweet voice.

Maan, who was devouring the pasta, stopped in between, her voice sounding fishy to him. "Hmmm?"

"Wo'.errr'..actually-I-was-wondering-if-you-would-take-me-for-a-movie-tonight!" she muttered at a go.

"What?" Maan asked unable to clearly make out what she said.

She repeated it slowly and clearly, waiting for his reaction, "I just saw the promos of Dark Knight Arises. And it was looking simply fabulous/amazing(dedicated to REVA!)Please mujhe wo movie dekhne le chaliye na!" Her dazzled eyes shone with excitement as she mentally went into her Christian Bale world.

Maan looked at her as if she had gone bonkers. "Geet! Have you lost it? I have an important meeting! And you expect me to take you out? Ghar jao! Mera dimaag kharab mat karo. Mujhe bahoot kaam hai."

"Par Maan, aapki meeting to aaj sham hai na. Raat ko to ja hi sakte hai."

"Geeet! I said no means no! Now go!" he screamed at her making her tear up. Her tears made him feel guilty and he controlled his voice saying, "If you really want to go, take Annie and Naintara along and go."

"No. I want to go with u." She said stubbornly. "If you don't take me then I will..." she looked around heatedly for a believable threat and grabbed a couple of files from his desk, "haan! I will not give you these files! If no movie then no meeting either!" she whined. "You know Maan I can't wait to see him on the big screen. Isn't he just soo soo good?" she rambled on oblivious to Maan's rising irritation. "I mean how any guy can be so perfect. Don't I just love him!"

That got his attention, since when did the YOU turn to HIM, Maan thought mutinously. Agreed she had never said it to him, but then he didn't expect her to say it about another man either.

"Who HIM?" He asked suspiciously. His voice laced with jealousy which Geet missed as she was in her CB world. "Christian Bale! Who else?"Geet retorted before going back to her drooling session. "Isn't he like the sexiest guy you would ever see? Please take me to see the movie na."

His eyes popped as he heard his innocent wife utter the word SEXY! That too in context of another man! There was no way he was going to let Geet drool over another man, that too in his presence.

"Isn't his body just perfect? Did you see his muscles?" She spread her hands to indicate it. "They are this big! I am sure he must be hitting the gym for 6 hrs at least to keep that perfect body in shape" she finished reminiscently, making Maan gnash his teeth as he looked at Geet whose eyes had a glazed expression giving away what or rather who she was thinking about!

That's it! There was no way he was letting Geet go with Naintara and Annie either, he vowed childishly.

"Geet no one goes to the gym for 6 hrs! And what's so perfect about him? He is just a normal man. Nothing special." He finished derogatorily.

Geet looked at him as if he had committed a blasphemy. "Maan!" She whispered in a horrified tone, "He is Christian Bale, The Batman. Not an ordinary human."

"Okay! Okay! Cut out your star worshipping! There are other men who have better bodies." He argued peeved at her.

"Better than my Christian Bale?" She asked skeptically. His brows furrowed at her MY, but he let it go.

Finally she sighed and threw up her hands, "Honge! Magar maine to nahi dekha! For me, he is the best! Always and forever." She crossed her heart childishly as she proclaimed her undying love.

"Yeah right! Sapno ki duniya mai jeene ki aadat hai na tumhe. To zahir si baat hai ki tumhe yehi sab sach lagega. Dekha jaaye toh in logon ke pass aur kaam hi kya hota hai?" Maan expressed his criticism that was triggered off by Geet's inclination. "Haww... Aap aisa kyun keh rahe hai? Woh log bhi mehnat karte hain, din raat shooting karte hain, phir bhi apne liye waqt nikal lete hain, zindagi bhi jeete hain, khaana bhi khaate hain aur gym bhi jaate hain." Geet sarcastically added, passing a fleeting glance at the food, "Aur kabhi kabhi apni biwi ke saath picture dekhne bhi jaate hai!" she finished sulkily

"What are you implying?" Maan narrowed his eyes.

"Yehi ki no one beats my Hero! Is liye toh sab jalte hain unse." Geet stuck her tongue at him. Stunned at her attitude, Maan gaped at the audacity of the woman. Was she the same Geet he had left behind at home in the morning?

Desire to strangle the man named Christian Bale rose from the depths of his soul. If only he could lay his hands around his neck! "Normal log unse kai zyada kaam karte hain, Geet! Aur unko ghar, office, apni fitness ke saath saath apni pagal biwi ko sambhalne ka kaam bhi karna padhta hai!" Maan bit out.

Geet gasped and her mouth opened wide in protest. However, the storm brewing in Maan's expressions told her that it would only be wise to stay mum over the topic. Even after a whole minute passed, Maan's expressions hardly softened and Geet thought of ways to pacify his anger once again."Waise Maan, aapki body bhi itni buri nahi hai!" She said as an afterthought making him splutter in protest. When he gave her an angry glare she immediately realized her folly and corrected herself to "Mera matlab hai bilkul buri nahi hai! You could be a close No.2 haan!" She smiled a big fake pacifying smile. But suddenly the image of Christian Bale was replaced by another charismatic man in her thoughts, making her cheeks turn red at the image. Maan, who was angry a while ago, looked at her flaming cheeks in amusement, thinking that this was the girl who was just going gaga over a TV star's body and now is going red in embarrassment.

Before he could tease her further, they were interrupted by Pari, who entered to tell Maan that he was urgently needed at some site. "Okay, I'll look into it. Listen, did you get those copies ready?" Pari nodded and looked gratefully at Geet. Maan was surprised. "So fast? Great! At least someone here values work!" he taunted looking at Geet. Pari was about to protest but Geet shook her head at her. Pari left and Geet turned back to Maan.

"Can you do anything except taunt me? Mai aapke liye kuch bhi karlu! Aapke liye kam hi hai na?" she asked him in a sarcastic voice, anger threading her tones. Maan grabbed the file which she was unconsciously crushing, and said in a final tone. "There is going to be no outing and no movie! Stop trying to rope me into your shenanigans. I have no time for your childishness. And you are NOT going with Naintara and Annie either!" He finished in an afterthought leaving Geet flabbergasted.

"Aur ek baat samajh lo Geet, maine tumhe mere liye kuch karne nahi bola hai! So stop trying to force yourself on me!" Lamenting her stubbornness, he walked off rudely, leaving his plate half eaten in annoyance.

Geet stopped him, asking him to finish it but he said he had enough and left angrily. Geet started her muttering as soon as he left, cursing everyone she could think of. As she was about to leave, she looked at his plate, which was still half full. She went and covered it up, "I won't go! I will wait here till he comes back. Otherwise he won't eat!"

Having decided that, she looked around to pass her time and noticed the shambles the office was in. everything was haphazardly strewn around, files cluttering the floor instead of the cabinets. She remembered Pari saying that they were in a hurry searching for something and hence the shambled condition. Having nothing better to do, she started cleaning up, putting away the files alphabetically as she had seen in Pari's office.




All this was being noticed by Sasha who had come to meet MK. Angry at being thwarted and still feeling sore because of her Dad's lecture, she vowed to take revenge from Geet.

She waited around for some opportune moment and hit jackpot when she saw Geet leaving the office and going towards the pantry.

She crept in quietly and taking a random file from Maan's desk, pushed it gently out of the window. Hearing the sound of Geet approaching, she hurriedly left the room before she could be caught.






Maan entered his cabin after about an hour to find his wife standing up on a stool to reach an upper shelf. His desk seemed to miraculously appear neater and more organized than it had ever been. He looked around to find that the whole office had gone a slight overhaul, with most of the things in their proper places.

He just stared at her, taking in his fill of her beauty, admiring her pure profile, without giving himself away. The way she talked to herself, playing with her flicks while working on re-arranging his office. Her dupatta was tied around her waist and her perfect figure was visible to him. He was shamelessly taking in the perfect lines of her body when he saw the stool shaking.

His exclamation made Geet turn back in a jerk and loose her balance. She was precariously balanced on the stool and would have fallen had it not been for Maan who came over to grab her before she could hit the floor. Geet caught him tightly around his neck, her eyes scrunched up, and the fear of hitting the ground still present.

Maan was lost in the beauty in his arms and kept staring at her without blinking. Feeling his intense gaze on her, Geet slowly opened her eyes to find his passionate eyes drinking in her features. Their eyes locked in an intense eyelock, a yearning awakening in both. It was clearly visible on the face of one while the other did his best to hide it.

Maan came back to his senses when he felt Geet's fingers on his nape, caressing him through his shirt. He abruptly dropped her to her feet and put some much needed distance between them screaming for Pari to get some file which he really didn't need.

After Pari left, he turned his back to Geet, ignoring her while she stood there twisting her dupatta, the emotions running within her too strong to let go. Maan was watching her all this while from the corner of his eyes, his heart yelling at him to take her in his arms and kiss those eminently kissable lips breathless, but the ringing of his phone gave him the much needed control.

By the time he was through with the call, both were under control, and Geet looked at Maan immersed in his files, deciding that it was better to leave. As she was about to leave, Maan's voice stopped her, "Where is the Chopra file? I left it right here on my desk."

A surprised Geet looked back to see whether he was talking to her. "Maan I didn't touch any files on your desk."

"It was the file which you were hell bent on annihilating a few hours ago. I clearly remember leaving it right here." Maan said, searching it among the files kept neatly at the corner.

"I just cleaned up the papers there and arranged them. I didn't touch your files Maan."

"To gayee kaha? Dammit! The clients are coming within an hour and the file is nowhere"

His screams brought Pari and Virat inside who was getting an admirable account of Geet's abilities from a grateful Pari. All of them searched for the file which seemed to have mysteriously disappeared.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Sasha entered, "MK is this your file? I was just roaming outside when I saw someone throwing this file out of your office window. At first I thought it was rubbish, but then I read the name and remembered Dad saying that they are your new clients so I thought to check it with you." She said innocently.

Maan grabbed the file to check if it was the missing one. On seeing it the way it was, he heaved a sigh of relief, but Sasha's words about someone throwing it out caught his attention, wondering who could have done such a filthy deed.

"Did you see who it was?" he asked her, sifting through in his mind if he could pin point the culprit.

"No MK, I didn't. I just saw someone's hand, and I could say it looked like a woman's hand." she added hesitantly.

Maan turned to look at Geet who was shocked at the proceedings. "What are you saying Sasha? How is that possible? No one entered the cabin in the last one hour."

Sasha cunningly brought a few tears to help her out, "Why are you shouting at me? I just told you what I saw! If you don't want to believe me then don't!" and she ran away crying.

"Sasha wait!" he shouted, pushing his hair back and massaging his forehead. "I didn't mean to say that I don't believe you. I am just wondering who it could be, because no one was present in this room except'." A flashback of Geet grabbing the file and threatening to destroy it came to his mind's eye and he finished on a whisper, looking at her with shock, "'Geet!"

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PRECAP : Will he blame her or no? What do u think?

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Tera kuch nahi ho sakta!!!


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lol here is the link of jalpari the mermaid ff guys Wink

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12 hogaya aur update nahi mila...
doc jhoti nilkli

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bikul theik payal
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doc posted r

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Index of Finished Maaneet FF's - SS's - OS's

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