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Shackles of Love#7#MG FF Chapters 29-31 (Page 128)

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countdown you better be fast. :P

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kyun dara-ing diiiOuchOuch
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Hello Shello…

Late as usual….lekin wada to nibhaya..

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And i am sorry but i couldn't reply to all individually. Thanks loads for all the lovely comments. They mean a lot to me.



A sudden silence echoed in the room, but it was only momentary. Maan broke it by saying that since the file was found, and the clients would be arriving, they should all be getting back to work. He totally ignored Geet and started barking orders to Pari.

After everyone had left, Geet, who had been petrified by Maan's silence ventured forward, "Maann..."

"Not now." Came the icily controlled voice, sending chills down Geet's spine.

"But Maan…"

"I said not now, dammit!" he screamed and banged the file he was holding on the table. "I have an important meeting in an hour and I have work to do. We can continue this later, if you insist" he spat.

"No!" Geet was firm, "I know your meeting is important, but for me it is equally important what my husband thinks of me." She stated calmly, refusing to budge from her stance. She wanted to clear any misconception Maan had, it had taken her a lot of time to build the bridge between them, and she would not let him go back to square one.

"For heaven's sake! Apna yeh husband-wife wala natak bandh karo!" he spat, "tumhe ek baar bolo to samajh nahi aata?"

He was tired. Tired of fighting with her. Tired of fighting with himself. He just wanted some peace. Just as he started opening up a little to her, she does something that makes him revise his opinion. This constant tug of war between mind and heart was taking a toll on his senses and he was fed up with it.

"Maan I am sorry but..." her acceptance of her guilt made him sad rather than angry. He had started thinking that she was different, but no. All women were the same. Out for a good time, and to hell with anyone who came in the way of their ambitions. Thinking about Sameera made him angrier and he lost control.

"Kyu kiya tumne aisa Geet? Why did you do it?" his voice was low but the anger threading it could not be missed. "Ye tumhare liye mazaak hoga lekin mere liye ek professional deal hai!" his tone started rising as his he kept remembering the incident.

Geet who had been feeling guilty at her negligence, snapped her head up and looked at him incredulously, "You think I did it?" she whispered.

"Who else would do it? You were the only one here; you were in a royal snit over my refusal. So to take revenge you…." Maan began angrily only to be stopped by Geet.

"Itna hi samajh paaye hai aap mujhe? Aapko lagta hai ke mai itni giri hui hu ke mai aisi harkat karoongi?" she asked in a whisper, unable to believe it.

Maan stopped short at her words, he looked into her eyes which were pools of pain and misery. But he didn't want to fall into a woman's trap again. He turned away from her, giving her his back.

"Just leave Geet." He stated, clenching his fist to calm himself, refusing to believe her.

"Maine aapse sorry is liye nahi bola ke maine aapki koi file tamper ki, it was because I thought I had been negligent and someone entered your office in my absence when I should have been here. Lekin aapse to baat karna hi bekaar hai. You will only believe what you want to believe and to hell with anyone's feelings." She paused and surreptiously wiped a tear away.

"Maan, a relationship is built on mutual trust and understanding. Without them how can we manage to go forward together? Aap hamesha mujhe galat kyu samajhte ho? Maine to kabhi aapko koi mauka nahi diya, to distrust me so much. So why do you always misjudge me so much?"

"Mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni! I don't owe you any explanations Geet." said an adamant Maan, too lost in his painful memories to accept her claims.

"Kyu nahi deni? Aapko deni padhegi. Patni hu mai aapki, aap is sach ko nahi zhutla sakte. Shaadi ka matlab hota hai saath janmon ka mel..." she continued to pour her heart out only to be abruptly shaken to the sham that was her marriage.

"Humari shaadi saath janmo ka chodo, saath mahino ka mel bhi nahi hai!" he spat, before he could control his anger. Her words were hitting him hard, chipping at the wall he had built around him. Her eyes full of expectations and demands made him ache to fulfill them all. But the knowledge that he can't, was overbearing for him and he just wanted some respite from this emotional upheaval.

His words echoed in the silence that followed the pronouncement.

And in that moment, everything fell apart for her. A numbed silence engulfed her as she could only mutter an incomprehensible, "What?" that made Maan realize what he had just blurted.

 "Shit!" Maan thought. This was neither the time nor the place for this discussion, and he hadn't meant to blurt it out so abruptly, he had wanted to talk things over with Darji first, but the words had just burst out.

"Ye aap kya keh rahe hai?" she asked incredulously, collecting herself to confront him as anger suddenly started taking over her emotions. "If this is a joke then it's not funny Maan!"

"Wahi jo sach hai. Tum humesha mujhse poochti thi na mere behavior ka reason? To suno!" He knew by her reaction that she would not wait for him, but would insist on a full explanation right now.

"This is not a marriage. It's just a contract. I needed a wife for 6 months and Darji offered me to get married to u. I had made it clear that I want a temporary wife, but it seems Darji didn't tell you this. IF what you told me that night is the truth."

Geet had turned to stone listening to his words.


"Wife for 6 months"

"Temporary wife"

His words began to pull her soul down alongwith them as they sunk into her conscious mind, making her feel sick. She couldn't believe that life was playing such a vicious game with her.

"Please tell me you are joking." She pleaded in a barely audible voice desperately clutching the edges but was met only with his unbending back. "Kahiye na, aap mazaak kar rahe hai." She pleaded tearfully.

"Yahi sach hai, and the sooner you accept it, the better for all of us." Came in his unrelenting reply. She felt giddy, sick to the core as tried to make sense of her relationship. She stepped towards him but before she could mutter anything more he went towards his desk and without once sparing her a glance said, "Now if you will excuse me Geet, I have an important meeting to attend."

His declaration of dismissing anything between them as well as his nonchalance towards their rocky marriage got her to panic. He was the only one she had and the thought of losing him scared her wits. She grabbed his hand and twirled him around to face her, her teary eyes pleading, but the set look on his face gave her the answer to all her questions.

She left his hand, and suppressing a cry ran from there, as fast as her feet could carry her.




She ran, as far as her legs could carry her, trying to run away from her destiny. From the joke that her life had become. But no matter how fast or how far she ran, Maan's words echoed in her mind.

The pain she should have felt over her family's deceit and betrayal was surprisingly daunted by the thought that Maan was never hers to begin with.

She reached the lake which Naintara and Annie had shown her. It bordered their site on one side and was a peaceful place without anyone to disturb her. She sat there, leaning against a tree, trying to make sense of Maan's words.

This simple thought was piercing her heart, mind and soul like a thousand needles. She didn't even think that maybe Maan was lying. She knew him well enough by now to realize that he was a man of principles. That's why he had tried to keep her at a distance.

She hadn't been wrong. She had seen desire in his eyes. But he had controlled it even when she had thrown herself at him. It wasn't his fault that her Darji had deceived her.

She cried. Cried for what might have been. Cried for the broken dreams she had woven around him. Cried for a relationship that she had begun to believe in. Cried for the relationship she wanted with all her heart

His words today had made her realize that she was running after a mirage. Maan's words had had an underlying determination which she had always failed to recognize.

She wasn't bothered about why he did this. What had occurred that made him take such a drastic step? She just rued her destiny which had once more brought her to the brink of bliss only to then push her towards oblivion. To play this cruel joke on her without any mercy. What she thought to be a beautiful dream had instantly turned into a nightmare. Once again she was left alone. All alone to suffer.

Last time her parents had left her. But she had always had her dreams to keep the loneliness at bay. But this time, there was nothing left in the ashes of her burnt dreams.

The prince charming for whom she had always waited did come.

 He did claim her, shackled her with him in the bonds of matrimony and entrenched a place for himself in her heart.

But the moment she started believing in her happiness, it was all taken back. Her prince was only eager to abandon her. Once again pushing her into a deep pit of solitude and this time her destiny had robbed her off of all her dreams.

There was no more hope.

No light at the end of the tunnel.

 Her fairytale had turned into her worst nightmare.



Maan left the conference room, the deal being procured. But the sense of achievement and happiness he should have been feeling was missing. Instead it was replaced by a growing restlessness. Geet's eyes had haunted him the whole afternoon and he had been rather lost. Had it not been for Dev and Virat, they would have lost the deal. All his focus had been to leave the room and go see for himself that Geet was fine. But he didn't have the liberty and had to suffer through the presentation, while his mind was elsewhere.

The truth must have hurt her immensely. But that had needed to be said. She had to understand that what he was doing was for her good. His life wasn't meant to be shared with anyone, least of all with her. She deserved someone better than him, who would fulfill all her dreams, who would give her all the happiness she deserved. Not a scarred person like him whose soul had been vanquished a long time ago.

Leaving the packing up to Pari and Dev, Maan excused himself in a hurry and went home. On finding the house empty, his heart nearly stopped beating. He shouted "Geet! Geet!" as he wildly searched for her everywhere he could think of.

Nearly at his wits end, he stopped at the entrance of the site, trying to call her only to find her phone switched off. He threw his phone in anger, watching it break into pieces. The watchman came over hurriedly to enquire if he was okay. The old man had seldom seen his boss in such an anguished mood.

"Saab, kya aap Geet Baby ko dhoond rahe ho?" He asked, guessing what was troubling his boss as he had seen Geet running away towards the lake which bordered the site, crying her heart out. He had called out to her to stop, but she had waved back saying she will be ok.

Maan nearly jumped on him, "Do you know where she is? Kaha hai meri Geet? Jaldi batao." He shouted. The old man quickly told him the direction he had seen Geet take, and Maan ran past without delay.

"Ye ladki ek din mujhe pagal kar degi! Agar ise kuch ho gaya to!" He was hell worried as it had been more than 6 hrs since she was last seen. He cursed himself for having blurted out the truth in this way and then leaving her alone.

He found her, sleeping near the lake her back resting against a tree. Her tear streaked face testifying how she had spent the afternoon.

The relief he felt at finding her unharmed was almost palpable.

He brushed her hair with his hand, which was falling over her face. Innocence oozed out in abundance and he felt a prick in his heart at the thought of crushing all her dreams and expectations, but he convinced himself that it was better now than later. She needed to come out of the illusion she was living in.

As at the end of the day, it was never going to turn to reality.

Maan Singh Khurrana never went back on his words, no matter what the temptation.

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Author's Note : As most of u guys said, he did blame her. Because there was no reason to trust her. Their relationship is not so strong that Maan would blindly trust her.

But the difference here was that Geet stood up for herself and Maan believed her when she defended herself.

 Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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Ek chumma to mereko udhaar de deDay Dreaming
Geet ko nahi to mereko hi sahiDay Dreaming
I lurveee khotta MSKDay Dreaming

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is gadhe ko koi laat maaro... idiot! ullu ka pathaa!Angry

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khota maan! kitna bak bak karta hai... koi iske bolne pe tax lagaoApprove
poor geet.Ouch
why why why did the watchman tell him where geet went.
khotte koh search karne deta.Winkand when dis geet become HIS geetLOLaaya bada kaha hai meri geet walaAngry
 i want geet to give him a royal ignore and that shasha a piece of his mind in MSK style when he comes to know the truth about shasha making Frisbee of his so called imp project file. Wink

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Originally posted by muskanp


Muski left a msg for u on Pg 141
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