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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

For those unhappy with the current IPKKND? track!

EvilMindedMe Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 12:09pm | IP Logged

For those who are IPKKND? fans.  Especially those, who are not satisfied with the current track. 

For the past, I don't know how long, but for long time, I've been seeing very negative posts. They were not constructive criticism but bashing and some were really hurtful to read, especially against the makers. So I decided to write this.

Warning: It is going to be long, but as I usually say, it is at least worth a read.


For the past one year, you have been watching IPKKND? and loving it, and for the past one year, you've obsessed over it, like me.  For the past one year, 4 Lions Films has managed to give us a show which makes us want to glue ourselves to the TV set.

Reason: The hard work of all the cast and crew of IPKKND? makes us love each episode.

Those who say where is the hard work? Well it is their hard work that makes us smile at Khushi's antics. Laugh at NK's Hindi. Cry when Khushi's sad. Sigh at Mami's Phatti-Sari/ Khoon-Bari-Taang. Blush when ASR flirts with Khushi and hyperventilate when ASR turns into Arnav. 

Someone(s) has put a lot of thought, time, sweat and blood to make IPKKND? a reality. It is not just hard work by the CVs or the director or the screen-play writer or the producers or the actors or the spot boys, the make-up artist, set designers, stunt-coordinators, body-doubles etc . It's the joint effort each and every one to make IPKKND? what it is.

Now you'll be wondering where this is leading to... So I'll come to the point.

Regardless how much we say we love IPKKND? at the end of the day, it is just a TV show for us. We can make it our obsession, but it will still remain a TV show.

But for those who work to bring IPKKND? to life, it is not just a TV show which they can choose to watch or not watch. It is their job. They earn from it.

I wanted to say something here but I think what Gautam Hegde, said  in his post will do better justice to my thought than I possibly can. (IT'S A MUST READ)


"You may want to stop reading this if you, by now have decided to abhor the word CV. This is on behalf of everyone who comes under CV, that I decide to write. I dont know if its a futile exercise, but I would still make an attempt.
The way a show works is that the producer approaches the channel with a concept. The channel decides if the show would work for the kind of audience they have, the kind of bouquet of shows they have, if it fits well in it. A research team from the channel works on finding if the show has a market out there. When all signs are positive, the show is commissioned.
The crew is assigned, the cast is decided and the show goes on floors. Picture is pretty so far. Now, the car is ready to leave the garage and hit the roads. As a viewer, you'd expect your car (show/ actors)- which is run by the driver (CVs from production house and channels) on the roads very smoothly. Sure enough, we like the ride that way too. But the ride may not always be smooth. It gets rocky, there are speed breakers, the roads are bad, there is work in progress, there is traffic, someone else is driving rashly and you need to go slow. Or worse, it pours and its just not in your hands. 
We go through our challenges too.
Is Pyaar Ko is a romance, a Star One type of show, being tried on a Star Plus type of a platform, keeping in mind that we dont just want the youth, but also the slightly older generation to watch it with interest. If it was just for youth, we would have just kept it in office, made it more 'yo' but we are targetting a larger section.
A show like Is Pyar ko is difficult to write because it is different from the other kind of shows that you see. There are times when we work and we rework and we rework till we are satisfied. I guess that is how the show managed to get its fanbase that grew so much so that today they are fanatic when something goes wrong. But why could it be going wrong? Its always the CVs who are blamed, cursed, given cuss words for.
I mean, why?
We are as human, we tend to err as much as anyone else. And its not like we like to sabotage the show because the longer a show runs, the better it is for us- its our show, its our baby and its our anna-daata. We earn because of the hard work on it.
Hard work and CVs, someone may frown there. Yes, we have to create a bank so that the production plans things well. Because there can be actor availability problems, location availability problems, weather problems, just anything unforseen. There is very less time, some scenes take time to get shot, hence the editor doesnt get enough time, sometimes the daylight is getting over, and the director has to finish, he cannot shoot tomorrow because the schedule is planned some other way. But none of the 80 odd team members like mediocrity. What you see is the best possible way in which the episode could go on air given the constraints. People fall sick. Its not just poor Barun, poor Sanaya, there is poor editor, poor director, poor everyone who would fall sick and the performance may slack a bit because of that because we work beyond the permissible limits of body clocks. 
We give you all 5 half hours of content every week. Thats almost the length of a movie. So basically we make a movie every week. We work daily, and wait, just when there is a breather, there is a maha episode, which means in that fortnight there is no breather as we have done Mon-Fri, then a one hour slot, then again a Mon-Fri. So there is no break. 
Barun is doing a film. He is adjusting his weekends with us and whenever possible he can shoot with us. We write scripts according to that. We go back and forth, bend backwards because we know how much you all love ASR/Barun. We want to provide as much as we can manage.
If a terrace scene is not good, you all will blame the director and editor for a bad job. But poor actors they shot in the sun. Let me tell you that the directors, the production team, the lightmen, the spot boys, the cameraperson do not operate from AC vans. Everyone faces the heat. Trust us on one thing, what we give you is our best.
So a request, do not all the time trash CVs for a bad scene or a bad track. When a Khushi ASR scene moves you all, entertains you all, its not JUST Barun and Sanaya who have given a fab performance. Its the entire team effort. There are 9 posts on Barun and Sanaya and one post on CVs. But if something goes wrong, there will be a rampage of CV trashing, that even goes to the extent of 'CVs are trying to ruin the careers of the actors.' Like really! Next you all will imagine us dressed as komolika and playing with the latt of our hair!!

 Bottomline- Its a creative process. Some ideas are good, some bad. Sometimes we HAVE to do a parallel track because we have to shoot two units and make sure twenty two minutes of content everyday is ready. We all go through the same problems as Barun and Sanaya and 'Arhi' and 'Payash' are as close to us as they are to you all. We try, we fall, we get up, try something new, because lets face it- everyone on the show has come with years of experience. Its just that sometimes things work, sometimes they dont. 
You may feel why is this guy ranting so much. Why is he getting senti? Then, well, let me tell you if you are not senti as a person, you cannot be a creative person. I am attached to the show and take it seriously. So does the rest of my team.

 PS: Barun and Sanaya are not my enemies. You never know someone out there might just take THAT as a takeaway message from this!! Sanaya in fact is a good friend of mine! And guys, its a show, take it as entertainment. There are more things in life to get aggressive and serious about. Watch Satyamev Jayate and you'll know"


Now those who read this, and those who are dictated by common sense, answer me this?

Why would they purposefully want to sabotage their own show?

Why would they willing want to sacrifice the means by which they earn?

Be practical people. 

Be reasonable.

As Gautam said, there are ups and downs in any track they follow.

I know everyone wants different things but not everything can be fulfilled. Sometimes, you get Arshi scenes and sometimes you get the scenes of other people. You have to realize that there is not just Sanaya and Barun in the cast. There are other actors too and as actors, they deserve screen space too.They are not props that come and go in the episodes when needed. They are actors, but more importantly, they are people. 

The makers are trying to explore everyone's character. In the beginning, they focused on Arshi and little space is given to the other actors. Now, it's time for the other actors so show their potential.  So the PH is trying their best to pacify both the fans and the cast and crew.

They are balancing on a very fine line but they are balancing. 

But this does not go well with everyone and results in utterance of very hurtful words.  Especially, by the fans. 



Let's look at it practically, with an unbiased perspective.

In real life, you have some good days and some bad days. And real life is difficult.

But this is not real life which makes it harder for the makers to make is seem real.

They have to create a reality from scratch and trust me it is not easily.

I mean, from personal experience, I know writing a good story is hard.

Writing a great story which everyone loves is tough.

But bringing that same story to life is tough beyond comparison.  


I'm not here to say whether the current track is good or not. I'm no universal judge. I am just a person who is entitled to have an opinion like the rest of those who are reading this.

What I am saying is that, these are the same people who have us the Khushi-teaching-Lavaniya-and-teasing-ASR track.

The same people who gave us the Diwali episodes

The same people who gave us the Akash/Payal-Shaadi-cum-ASR/Khuhsi-flirtation-track

The same people who gave us the reason the fall in love with IPKKND? in the first place.


Though there were some weak points previously in the show but the CVs recovered the story and persuaded us that the story still has the magic it had when the show started. Whenever I have doubted that the story is going downhill, the story, as if to prove I'm wrong, turned 180 degrees and made me rethink and realize that I'm wrong. The story is still good and worth the 30 minutes of my life.

So, no matter how bad you think the episode was, no matter if the CVs gave you 99% crap episode 


If there is still 1% which makes up for the other 99% and makes you turn your TV or laptop on the next day, when IPKKND? airs,  it means that despite what you thought of the previous episode, you still want to know how the story turned out. So, for the sake of that 1%, put some trust in the CVs because though you think they gave you 99% crap but they are also the ones who gave us that 1% you loved. 

And as a farewell, I would like to say that we have known IPKKND? for just a year but it has been with them longer and as Hegde said, it is their baby (Its kinda true 'cause even I consider every story I write as my baby)

Its their job.

Its their means of earning.

The makers are not our enemies.

And how could they be our enemies' they've given us IPKKND? after all.

So every time, your faith in the makers flatters, just remember all those Rabba-veys you love and have faith the makers that whatever they do, they are trying to make the viewers happy, because in a long run, all these seemingly unimportant episodes are going to be important. After all, they are shot for a reason.

In short, what I mean to say it is'

Just give them the benefit of doubt that they have planned something.

Just give them the benefit of doubt that they are trying to justify the story to make it real as well as make is  go in a natural place.

But most importantly'

Just give them the benefit of doubt that they actually want to please the fans.

Because if we don't give them the benefit of doubt, what is the difference between us and a deeply-grieved-Anjali?

So, have faith in them.

They haven't failed us before, and I have faith that they won't fail in the future.


P.S. If you like it, please share this so that we could spread the word. Smile And comment so I can know what you think. :)

EDITED: Seeing today's episode (23-7-12) just proved my point. After today's episode, I'm seeing so many positive posts. I'm so happy that people are finally happy!

For example

Originally posted by xxChanga_Jixx

after watching today's episode and ..reaction after friday's episode...i learnt very important thing thr will be ups and down ..but CV will never fail to surprise us...wht an episode...Star 

so from now main shapat leti hoon ...main IPKKND ko, co stars ko ..track ko...episode ko...CV ko ..Jo koi bhi IPKKND se juda hai main unko khabhi bash nahi karoongi chaaye kaisa bhi episode ho..kyonki ab muje pata hai jo bhi hum dekhenge oosh ke pichhe koi kaaran hoga..

(from now i m promising tht ...I IPKKND ,co stars,Tracks,Episodes , CV or whoever connected to IPKKND ..I m not going bash them doesnt matter how episode will be cause i know tht thr must be reason behind tht ..I turst our IPKKND team IPKKND from bottom my heart

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suveenaster Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
 Thumbs Up very vel said n very true Clap

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arsalatabbsum98 Groupbie

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
true ...Approve

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fj08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
well said

i can totally understand GHs sentiments for saying dont watch the show if you dont like it, being a fan i hate all the negativity in this forum, imagine having someone criticize your work like that... but nahin dekhna bhe hai aur rona bhe hai...

each post on the forum has a no bashing disclaimer on it... one tends to learn which ones to avoid judging by their subjects

lets enjoy the show and move on or just move on

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Sarun_4ever Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

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ipkkndfanfmdfw Newbie

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
All I can is "VERY WELL SAID!!" :-)

I agree with every thought and word of yours. No matter whta we love IPKKND.. Its the best for me.. I have never watched any SOAPs.. we live in dallas, Texas, USA.. and I watch this show online. There are millions of people who watch this from all over the world..

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Kasu4lyfe Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
True nice post!! Smile im sure they wont dissapoint us so lets have some faith in them and im sure we wont be dissapointed this time!!!!

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vinutha91 Groupbie

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Thanq so much for ur posting this yaar... I was so fed up f readin all t negative posts since t past few days... Ipk rocks.. No matter wat, i shall always stick to t show

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