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MG ff: Teri Meri Prem Kahani (prt 19)(thrd 2 added (Page 59)

lovely_sweet Groupbie

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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 4:52am | IP Logged
WOW what a dhamake dar update...yaar that was started with so much pain...had tears when I read of maans what horrible people...ruined an innocent childs life due to their lust ...and to our bad luck these kind of people do exist...but then the hot kiss made up for the sad part...gosh love these two...just unite them soon...cant wait to see the changed MAan...i am sure geets love will compensate for the sad times...sorry got long...update soon

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sstylishdoll Goldie

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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 5:35am | IP Logged
They kiss wow owsome

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chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 8:10am | IP Logged

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AshleyAngelena IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
Awesome Part..
OMG Maan face so much in his past and there are still more..
Update soon..
Fantastic job..
The end was just fantastic and amazing ;)
Love it...
Thnx for the PM..
And Please Update the mext part soon..

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Posted: 02 September 2012 at 2:43am | IP Logged

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Shonameet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Its a intresting story. Maans has a painful past. Geet living in mansion with maan n dadi. Though they didnt had a pleasent start...but their was sumthing there from the very begning which was conecting them. And now that unkown connection is bringing them more close. They have started feeling for each other...but didnt realise it. I LOVED IT...Cont.Soon.

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dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Hi Friends! I have updated part-14. Please have a look and pls press the like button and pls give your comments. Sorry for the late update. Now enjoy part-14.Smile
                            Teri Meri Prem Kahani
Maan: Geet andar chalo or kapde change kar lo.
Geet nodded. They both went inside and both stalked to their respective rooms to change.
Maan came to his room and was frustrated to the core thinking about the kiss. Again and again the vulnerable form of wet Geet was coming to his mind. He felt helpless.
Maan (angrily to himself): Kyu hamesha mai us ladki ke saamne majboor ho jata hu? Kyu uski aakhen mujhe sab kuch bhula deti hai? Party me itna sab kuch kehne ke baad bhi kyu mai usse nafrat nahi kar pa raha?
Her harsh words struck his mind. He felt his anger rising up. But suddenly he remembered her pleading in the morning. He got confused.
Maan (to himself): Kal tak to ye mujhe janwar samajhti thi aaj achanak se ye itna plead kyu kar rahi hai? Or aaj us kissing incident ke baad bhi usne mujhe blame nahi kiya? Aisa kya hua hoga party ke baad jo iske behavior me itna change aa gaya? Mujhe raat ke baare me kuch yaad kyu nahi aa raha? Shayad gusse me mene kuch jyada hi drink kar li.
Maan was too much drunk at night as he was frustrated on himself for that intimate dancing with Geet and exhausted due to constant blaming of Geet. That's why he didn't remember his opening up to Geet. He was agitated.
Maan (to himself): Ye ladki khud to pagal hai hi or ek din mujhe bhi pagal kar degi. Jo bhi ho mujhe Geet ko apne aap se door karna hi hoga.

Maan decided to stay away from her as he didn't want the morning incident to happen again.

Back to Geet's room, Geet was changing her clothes and was constantly thinking about Maan. But unlike other times, this time she was not cursing Maan in her thoughts, but there was some different feeling in her thinking. She came out of washroom and went towards the dressing table. She seated herself on the chair and was looking at her face in the mirror. Her gaze slid downwards and stopped at her lips. Instantly a smile carved on her lips which was full of shyness. She touched her lips with her fingers and the kissing moment again revived in her memory. A current ran down her spine. She felt a different sensation in her stomach. She then looked into her eyes in the mirror. There she saw a glimpse of a new dream; a dream of staying in his embrace ever-ever and forever.
Geet (to herself): Ye mujhe kya ho raha hai? Kyu mai unhe apni har saans me mehsoos kar rahi hu? Kyu ye hooth sirf unhi ka naam pukarna chahte hai? Kyu mera dil unke baahon me jaane ke liye bekrar hai? Kyu ye mann sirf unhi ke paas rehna chahta hai? (after few moments) Kahin mujhe unse pyar to nahi ho gaya?
In her last question she felt a beat in her heart. She put her palm on her heart. Her eyes twinkled with joy with the realization. A smile came on her lips as she felt contented.
Geet (with joy, to herself): Ha mujhe Maan Sir se pyar ho gaya.
She stood from the chair and opened her arms and was twirling saying again and again.
Geet: I am in love. I am in love with Maan Sir. I am in love.
But suddenly she stopped as a thought struck her mind.
Geet: Par mai to ye baat unko bata bhi nahi sakti. Wo sochege ki kal raat apne past ke baare me batane ke baad mujhe unpar dya aa gayi or isliye mai unse pyar karne lagi. Or abhi tak to mujhe ye bhi nahi pata ki wo mujhse pyar karte hai bhi ki nahi. Sabse pehle to unhe manana hoga tabhi kuch pata chalega. Please Babaji meri help karna. Aapko to pata hai na Maan Sir ko manana sher ko ghaas khilane ke barabar hai. Please Babaji mere sath rehna.
She fastly combed her hair and came downstairs in the hall. There Maan was sitting with Dadima and was checking his mails while Dadima was busy in some magazine. Dadima saw Geet.
Dadima: Geet beta aaiye, hamare paas baithiye.
Geet smiled at Dadima and was observing Maan from the corner of her eyes. Geet came and sat beside Dadima. Geet was observing Maan from the corner of her eyes hoping a glance from him. But Maan was fully absorbed in his mails and was trying hard not to look at her even for once.
Dadima: Geet beta aapko kal ki party kaisi lagi?
Geet remembered the yesterday's incident and was filled with guilt. She guiltily looked at
Maan but Maan didn't show a single trace of emotion.
Geet: achhi thi Dadima.
Dadima: Waise Maan kal aap beech me party chod kar kaha chale gaye the?
Maan looked at Dadima and then stared at Geet piercing her. Geet too looked at Maan. Her eyes were full of guilt and pain for accusing him without any fault.
Maan (mocking): Kal meri wajah se kuch log party me enjoy nahi kar pa rahe the so I thought agar mai party se chala jao to party or shandar ho jayegi. Or waise bhi Dadima insaano ki party me janwaro ka koi kaam nahi hota.
Geet felt a pang in her heart due to his last sentence. She knew she had given him immense pain by accussing him again and again. Dadima was confused hearing his reply. Geet downcasted her eyes due to guilt.
Dadima: Maan aap kis baare me baat kar rahe hai?
Maan: Kuch nahi Dadima. Dadima I am going to my study and (eyeing Geet) I don't want any disturbance.
Dadima: Ok beta hum Nakul se aapki coffee ke liye bol dete hai.
Maan: Hmm'
Maan stalked off to his study. Geet was thinking of how to talk to Maan.
Dadima: Geet beta hum apni ek friend se milne ja rahe hai, aap hamare saath chalegi?
Geet: Umm..Nahi Dadima. Wo mera mann nahi hai.
Dadima: Ok beta. Agar kuch kaam ho to Nakul ko bata dijiyega. Or ha beta Nakul ko aap Maan ki coffee ke liye bhi bata dena. Hum chalte hai.
Geet: Ji Dadima.
Dadima went off to her friend's home. Geet came to kitchen to tell Nakul about Maan's coffee. Then an idea popped in her mind.
Geet (thought): Kyu na mai unke liye coffee bana ke le jao. Or tabhi mai unse baat kar lugi.
Geet smiled and started making his coffee. She, very enthusiastically, was making his coffee. After preparing the coffee she marched to his study with the coffee mug in her hand. She was a little scared as she now she was fully aware of his temperament. She was moving with slow steps and stopped right in front of his room beside the door. She gulped as if gaining courage to face and endure his temper. She then looked at him, he was sitting on couch and was absorbed in some file. She, without knocking, moved in and came to him and put the coffee on the table. Maan sensed her presence when she moved her first step inside the study. But he ignored and was trying hard to concentrate on his file. She tried to start the conversation.
Geet: Umm..Ye aapki coffee.
Maan (without sparing a glance at her): I know this is coffee. Or tumhe kisne kaha tha coffee laane ke liye, Nakul kaha hai?
Geet felt her heart pierced with his harsh words but she had expected that. She knew that she had done the mistake and only she could correct that.
Geet: Ww..wo Nakul bhaiya market gaye hue hai vegetables laane, isliye mene socha mai aapki coffee le aati hu.
Maan (stared angrily at her): Agar tumhara coffee dene ka session pura ho gaya ho to jao yaha se.
Geet sadly looked at him and murmered something. Maan was irritated as he could't hear anything.
Maan (angrily): Agar tumhe apne aap se baatein karni hai to apne room me ja kar karo.
Geet (sadly): I am sorry Maan Sir. Mujhe maaf kar dijiye.
Maan stood from the couch and came towards her and stopped few steps away from her.
Maan: Kya? Kya Kaha tumne? Sorry? (mocked) Miss Handa aapke mooh se ye sorry or thank you jaise words achhe nahi lagte. You should say things in which you are perfect; and that is insulting people.
Geet: Aap meri ek baar puri baat to sun lijiye chahe uske baad aap mujhe kuch bhi keh lijiye.
Maan: Why should I listen to you? Tum kisi ki baat sunti ho jo mai tumhari baat sunu.
Maan turned around and now his back was facing her. He added ignoring her pleading face.
Maan: Geet leave from here.
Geet was hurt with his reaction but she was determined to take his forgiveness.
Geet: Aap jab tak mujhe maaf nahi karege tab tak mai yaha se nahi jaogi.
Maan was astonished hearing her. He turned around and looked at her with a hawk's gaze. He ignored her determination and again sat on the couch to engross himself in his file. This time she was confident so came towards him and seated herself beside him, closed to him. Maan was surprised with her action and felt something with her close proximity. He then stood from the couch and went towards the window along with his file. Geet too stood from the couch and stood beside him.
Maan (thought): Maan stay like this and ignore her or kuch der baad ye khud hi pareshan hokar yaha se chali jayegi.
Maan for twenty minutes stood like that and tried to ignore her and concentrate on his file, but he couldn't. At last he tuned from there and came and seated himself on his chair. She too came to him and seated herself in front of him on the table, her legs flowing down. Maan astonishingly looked at her as he hadn't expected this much from her. She was grinning clumsily. Maan was hell irritated now. He agitatedly stood from the chair and went towards the washroom. Geet too stood from the chair and followed him. Maan stopped in front of the washroom door. Geet without thinking was following him and bumped his rock hard back. Maan angrily turned around.
Maan (mocking): Ab kya washroom me bhi mujhe follow karogi?
Geet realized her stupidity of following him to the washroom. She was about to move away but an idea popped in her mind.
Geet (thought): Geet don't go. Agar mai inhe washroom me bhi follow karugi to ye washroom ja hi nahi payege or inhe mujhe maaf karna hi padega. Ha yehi ek raasta hai inhe manane ka.
Geet nodded her head in yes. Maan was shocked with her reply.
Maan (thought): Is ladki ka dimaag kharab ho gaya hai. Mai bhi dekhta hu aakhir kab tak tum mujhe follow karti ho.

Maan determinedly turned around and came inside the washroom, Geet too came inside and stood few inches away from her. Maan then looked at her and started opening his belt, without losing the eye contact, with a smirk on his face. Geet gulped her saliva and was constantly chanting her Babaji's name; she too was looking at him showing her strong determination, but there was a fear too in some corner of her heart. Maan threw the belt away. Maan then slowly-slowly opened his shirt buttons hoping Geet would back off. But when he saw her not moving he decided to move forward. He opened his jeans' button'.

If any of the readers want pm for this story, either add me to your buddy list or comment on this story. Hope you would like this part. Heartily welcome to all the readers. Star         

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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 12:46pm | IP Logged

i am laughing at the end...start ka painful part bhool gayee...bas hasee aaa rahe hai


lets see who gives away first..

P.S. waise wo SHIRT kyu utar raha haiShocked

Edited by aashluvsmaan - 07 September 2012 at 9:46am

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