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MG ff: Teri Meri Prem Kahani (prt 19)(thrd 2 added (Page 23)

dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 12:10pm | IP Logged

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dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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_wallflower_ IF-Rockerz

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loved it...Smile

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6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6 IF-Sizzlerz

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very interesting FF...

Geet gave good response to Maan's rudeness...

thanx for pm...

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dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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Hi friends! I've updated part-9. Pls have a look and pls press the like button and give your valuable comments.Smile
           Teri Meri Prem Kahani
That day Maan had some important meeting out of Delhi, so he went for two days. The two days were a bliss for Geet. Geet enjoyed fully with Dadima in the absence of Maan. Geet bonded strongly with Dadima in those two days, as Geet found her mother in Dadima and Dadima found her daughter-cum-grand daughter-in-law in Geet.
After two days Maan returned to the mansion. Maan came at morning time, Dadima was in the kitchen instructing the cooks while Geet had gone to get fresh flower petals from the garden. When Geet came back in the hall, she called Dadima for pooja but she didn't get any reply. So she went upstairs to Dadima's room, but there too she didn't find her. So she came back to the hall downstairs, on the other side Maan entered the hall, both didn't notice each other. Geet had a plate in her hands which was full of rose petals, her foot stuck in the carpet and she was about to fall, the plate too slipped from her hand. But in the meantime Maan noticed her and caught her by her waist. All the rose petals rained on them. When she was about to fall, Dadima was coming out out of the kitchen and saw the whole incident; Maan clutching Geet from her waist and petals raining on them. Dadima smirked and clicked a photograph of them in that state
Dadima (smilingly thought): Wah! Kya scene hai. Kisi ki nazar na lage.
On the other side, Maan and Geet were lost in each other. Both were lost in each other eyes as if searching for something. Both felt an unknown peace and satisfaction in their hearts. The moment felt magical and heavenly to both of them. They were in that position from past fifteen minutes, they didn't even realized the surroundings. Dadima came to them and smiled.
Dadima (smirked): Maan aisa beautiful welcome to aapka aaj tak kabhi nahi hua hoga.
Dadima's words brought Maan and Geet to their senses. Maan pulled Geet upwards and make her stand on her feet. Geet shied and felt embarrassed. Maan, when realized the happening, got angry and looked at Geet with anger filled eyes. Geet sensed his anger and looked at him and realized that at any moment he would roar on her. When he was about to burst, Geet looked at Dadima.
Geet: Dadima mai garden me dekh kar aati hu ki plants ko paani diya ki nahi.
And with that literally ran from there and came out of the mansion in the garden. She stopped near a bench and put her palm on her heart and sighed.
Geet (to herself): Babaji achha hua mai waha se bhaag aayi, warna ye Khadus Khurana aaj ke breakfast me mujhe hi pakwa deta. Geet tu bhi na bilkul jhalli hai, tu dekh kar nahi chal sakti thi. Gee ab kaam pe lag ja, warna ye tujhe taane de de ke maar dega.
But she realized she didn't ask him about her work.

Geet (thought): Kya mai unse jaake poochho, nahi nahi Geet wo waise hi abi gusse me hai or agar tu abhi gayi to ye Zaalim Singh Khurana tujhe kacha chaba jayega. Mai sham ko inse baat karugi, abhi ke liye kuch or kaam kar leti hu.

Back to the hall, Maan was angry on himself, as he got lost in her, and on her as she was so dumb that she couldn't even walk properly. Maan got more angry when he saw Dadima smirking. He stalked from there to his room furiously.
Maan removed his waist-coat and tie and threw them on bed furiously. He closed his fists thinking about the intimate moment with Geet. His eyes were wide and red due to anger.
Maan (monologue): Ye ladki khud to pagal hai hi or ek din mujhe bhi pagal kar degi.
Just at the moment his phone rang, he, without even looking at the caller-id, received the call.
Maan (angrily): Hello!
It was Adi, his accountant-cum-personal associate, on the other side. When he heard Maan's angry voice, the phone slipped from his hand as he frightened hearing his anger filled voice. But he controlled himself and again put the phone on his ear.
Adi: Ss'Ss'Sir'Gg'Good morning! Mai Adi.
Maan: Hmm'
Adi: Ss'Sir aa..aaj wo Noida project ki meeting hai. Sir meeting is in the evening, to aap office kab aayege?
Maan: Adi tum aisa karo meeting mansion me rakho. And inform them to come in the mansion.
Adi: Ji Sir!
Maan: And do one thing tum sabhi files lekar abhi mansion aa jao. Mai nahi chahta ki kisi bhi wajah se is project me koi problem aaye. (sternly) Is that clear?
Adi: Jjj'Ji Sir. Mai bas abhi sari files lekar aata hu Sir.
Maan: Hmm.

And he disconnects the call. Then he went to washroom to get ready.

Back in the garden Geet was moving over there searching for the work. Geet walked across the front lawns, then shifted direction and went towards the gardener, intending to help him. She went up to the bald man, and asked if she could help water the plants.
Geet (smilingly): Uncle ji kya mai aapki help karu?
Gardener (smiled): Ha beta. Shukriya. (pointing at opposite direction) Tum waha roses me pani de do.
Geet: Ji.
Geet took the water pipe and started watering the roses. She was humming a song while watering the plants. Then she heard the rustling sound, she put the water pipe on the ground and went towards the sound with slow steps. She slightly moved the plants with her hand. She saw a huge gray animal. The animal caught her scent and raised its head, its feral gaze locking with hers, and Geet's blood froze.
Geet (screamed): Wolf!
She spun on her heel and raced towards the gardener and was gasping.
Gardener: Kya hua beta tum itni dari hui kyu ho?
Geet (frightened): Uncle maine abi waha ek wolf ko dekha.
Uncle meditated for a while and started laughing loudly. Geet looked at him bewildered.
Gardener (while laughing): Beta wo wolf nahi dog hai Maan Sir ka.
Geet (shocked and surprised): Dog!
Gardener: Ha beta wo dog hai or uska naam Willie hai. He's always around here, begging for something to eat. Daro mat beta wo tumhe kuch nahi karega. Willie always acts like he is starved. Maan Sir says if he eats anymore, he will be too fat to walk.
Geet (angrily): If he eats any less, he will be too weak to live.
She could perfectly imagine that heartless man starving his own dog. How pathetic the animal looked with his ribs sticking out like that. She went to the kitchen and requested some food. She came back to the garden with food and a red ribbon and went towards the dog. Despite her sympathy Geet had to fight down her fear of the animal. She neared the dog and put the plate of food before him.
Geet (softly): Here Willie, I have brought you some good food.
But the dog didn't eat the food. Geet thought for a moment and added.
Geet (softly): Dekho mai tumhare liye ribbon bhi layi hu.
She came to him and started tying the ribbon in a very beautiful way as if she was tying the ribbon to girl child to fondle her. Her talking to the dog stopped Maan in mid-stride as he was coming to her. When Geet went to the kitchen to take some food for Willie, everyone in the kitchen got surprised as she was the would-be wife of MSK. After she left, Nakul went to Maan to inform him about Geet. Maan was discussing a project with Adi there. Nakul told him about Geet that she went to give food to Willie. So he was coming to her to tell her to mind her own business. But when he saw the sight in front of him, he halted in his track. His eyes warmed with fascinated amusement as he gazed at her. Miss Geet Handa presented a very fetching picture to him. Her head was bent slightly as she concentrated on the task before her, providing him with a delightful view of her cheekbones and delicate little nose. Sunlight from above glinted in her hairs turning them into more lustrous. Long curly eyelashes cast shadows on her smooth cheeks as she caught her lower lip between her teeth and reached down to tie the knot. The action drew Maan's gaze to the thrusting fullness of her breasts as they pushed invitingly against the bodice of her suit, but her next words made his shoulders shake with laughter.
Geet (smiling): Now you are looking like a cutie pie.
Maan (sarcastically): Do you always talk to animals?
Geet jumped and whirled around. She burst out, flushing in mortification at the scene he had obviously witnessed.
Geet: Lagta hai logo ko darana aapka shok hai.
Maan (sarcastically): You can say like that. By the way, Willie is male dog so usse ladkiyo ki tarah sajane se wo khana nahi khayega.
Geet was in no mood to be mocked and she could see by the gleam in his eyes he was doing exactly that. So she walked past him to continue her task of watering the plants. But when she reached on the spot where she had put the water pipe, she got shocked. She had left the water on and the whole ground was now muddy due to excess water. Her eyes popped out and she put both her palms on her mouth in a shocking way. Maan too was coming back but stopped behind Geet looking at the damped ground.
Geet (to herself): Geet ye tune kya kar diya, ab to ye tujhe bilkul nahi chodege.
She was audible enough to Maan. Maan's eyes snapped.
Maan (angrily): Or tumse expect bhi kya kiya ja sakta hai Miss Geet Handa.
Geet looked back at him.
Maan (sarcastically): Pata hai you are perfect in one thing, and that is messing everything.

With that he went from there to continue his discussion with Adi. Geet too sadly left from there to her room.

Evening came and Maan told all the cooks to prepare Italian food as some delegates were coming to the house. He warned them that the food should be perfect. After some time Geet came in the kitchen intending to help the cooks as she thought she knew cooking perfectly.
Geet: Aap kya bana rahe hai?
Cook: Maan Sir ke kuch guests aa rahe hai or Sir ne Italian food ke liye bola hai, to hum sab wahi prepare kar rahe hai.
Geet: Mai bhi aapki help karti hu.
Cook: Nahi mam aap to guest hai. Hum aapse kaam nahi karwa sakte.
Geet persuaded them and they agreed. The cook asked her to garnish the dishes and she agreed. All the dishes were on the side table in the kitchen. She started garnishing one of the dishes, but accidentally her hand banged the other two dishes and they fell on floor with a loud noise. The whole mansion echoed with the noise. Maan heard the noise and came to check. What he saw was everyone looking on the kitchen floor with shocked and scaring expressions. He too looked on the floor and got stunned. He came forward to know the source of this mess and disturbance. When everyone looked at Maan in the kitchen, they got more scared.
Maan (ragingly): Ye kisne kiya?
His eyes were spitting fire, everyone started shivering.
Geet (scared and stammering): Yy'Ye muu'mujhse hua hai.
Maan's eyes snapped open and he stared at her as if he would eat her any moment. He ordered ominously.
Maan (with blood shot eyes): You, Miss Geet Handa, stay out of the way of servants, leave the gardening to the gardeners and the cooking to the cooks.
Then he cast a glance to the servants.
Maan (sternly): I want this mess to be cleared and the food to be ready in one hour. Is that clear?
Servants: Ji Sir.
Maan left from there and all the servants resumed their work. Geet went and stood in a corner in the kitchen far away from the servants. She guiltily looked at all of them working scaringly and fastly because of her. After two hours, the delegates came and Maan and Adi received them. They have them seated in the hall. Maan got a call and went to receive the call giving the charge to Adi as it was an important call. In the kitchen, Shankar Kaka was going to give cold drinks to the guests, but Geet stopped him in between.
Geet: Kaka aapki tabiyat abhi thik nahi hui hai. Laiye mai cold drinks serve kar deti hu.
Shankar Kaka hesitated for a moment, but Geet added.
Geet (pleading): Pakka mai is baar koi galti nahi karugi.
He gave the tray to Geet and she went to serve the drinks. In the guests there were two males and a female. The lady named Kanika was looking egoistic and extremely sexy. Geet went to serve the drink first to Kanika. But her foot stuck in the carpet and all the glasses fell on floor with a loud bang. Few drops fell on Kanika's expensive sandals.
Kanika (screamed): You idiot! Kaam karna nahi aata kya. Tumne mere itne expensive sandals kharab kar diye.
Geet (guiltily): I'm extremely sorry.
Kanika (with ego): Sorry nahi saaf karo mere sandals.
On the other hand, Maan's call ended early and he was coming back to the hall. He witnessed the whole scene. He got furious.
Maan: Get out!
All looked at him. When Maan didn't saw any movement in the listener, he ragingly added.

Maan (barked): Get out of my house right now!



Precap: To whom Maan is saying get out?Wink

             GuessLOL GuessBig smile GuessWink


If any of the readers want pm for this story, either add me to your buddy list or comment on this story. Star

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Hi dear...Sorry to fill this res place was too late and I wanted to reserve place.I hav read it at nite.But now commenting coming to this part.I m loving day by day Maan's character.How dominating and mysterious he is.Lik he is in front of me.Geet our poor girl why such stupid things happens to her in front of DD...her luck is bad may be.But it gonna  b good soon.Aab iski shaddi karva do jaldi se and I wanted to c them falling for each other after marriage...not before becoz it gonna rock then

Loving it plz try to update soon.


Jass Nagra 

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