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MG ff: Teri Meri Prem Kahani (prt 19)(thrd 2 added (Page 13)

Jyoti121 Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 2:44am | IP Logged
awesome updates
loved it

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dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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Hi friends! Thanx for giving me your love and support. Your love and support inspires me a lot. Pls keep on giving me this love and support. I really need it guys. Here is the next update. Enjoy! Smile


                      Teri Meri Prem Kahani



Sunlight streamed in through the open windows and a breeze came through the room, softly caressing Geet's face. The chirping of birds slowly penetrated Geet's slumber, stirring her from happy dreams of home. Reluctantly she opened her eyes. Shoving her messy hair out of her eyes she pulled herself up into a sitting position and leaned back against the pillows. She heard a knock on the door. 
Geet: Aa jaiye.                                                                                                                                          Shyam, another servant in the house, came with a cup of tea.                              
Shyam: Good morning mam. Aapki chai.                                                             
Geet: Good morning. Aap mujhe mam mat bulaiye aap mujhse bade hai. Aapka naam kya hai?         
Shyam: Mera naam Shyam hai.                                                                            
Geet: To thik hai mai aaj se aapko Shyam kaka bulaogi.                              
Shyam: Thik hai beta.                                                                                      
He put the tray on the table and added.                                                         
Shyam: Dadima aa gayi hai. Wo breakfast ke liye aapka wait kar rahi hai. Aap ready hoke neeche aa jaiye.                                                                                         
Vastly encouraged by the news that Dadima wished to see her, Geet flung back the covers. Shyam left the room. She took out one of her best suits, a dark blue Patiala suit, from her bag and went to freshen up. She came out, got ready and came downstairs. In the dinning hall she saw an old lady clad in an off-white but expensive saree which she conjectured Dadima, she stalked towards her.                                  
Geet: Namaste Dadima.                                                                            
Dadima's head snapped around and she stared at her, instantly her eyes twinkled with joy as she saw her grand daughter-in-law in Geet.                                                     
Dadima: Namaste beta. Aaiye baithye. I'm really sorry beta yesterday I wasn't there to welcome you. Aapko koi takleef to nahi hui na?                                                  
Instantly yesterday's scenes appeared before Geet's eyes but she controlled herself and came to Dadima, touched her feet to get her blessings and sat beside her.              
Geet: Don't feel sorry Dadima, aapko koi jaruri kaam hoga. Waise kal ka din mere liye bada memorable day tha, mene kabhi nahi socha tha ki meri itni funny entry hogi yaha par.    
Dadima sensed that something is wrong as Geet's eyes were saying totally opposite. She saw the hidden pain in Geet's eyes and she already know the nature of her lovely rude pota, everything got clear to her. Then she saw Maan coming downstairs.  
Dadima: Geet beta hum aapko kisi se milwana chahte hai.                                 
Dadima hinted towards the stairs. Geet turned her head around and caught sight of "Maan Sir"   the beast striding toward the table with the silent sureness of a dangerous savage.                 
Geet (thought): This morning he seemed even taller than yesterday, lean and superbly fit. His thick black hairs seemed intoxicating, his nose straight, his stern M-shaped mouth finely chiseled. In fact, if he hadn't the arrogant authority stamped in his rugged jawline and the cynicism in his cold eyes, he would be breathtakingly handsome.         
Dadima: Maan aaiye. Allow me to properly present you to Geet. Geet beta ye hai hamare pote Maan.   
Geet (shockingly thought): Pote!!!OuchShocked
Friends I have updated part-6. Pls have a look and pls press the like button and pls give your comments. Within half an hour I will update part-7 as today is friendship day so it will be a treat from my side. You too can wish me by giving your priceless comments. I'm waiting for your comments. 
Smile*HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY*Smile                                                                                            

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Donnaa IF-Addictz

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awesome update
bechari geet ko shock laga...

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dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
           SmileHappy Friendship DaySmile
Updating Part-7 in just few minutes

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dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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      Teri Meri Prem Kahani

Geet (shockingly thought): Pote!!!                                                                                 She'd hoped he might only be a watchman, but actually he was the owner of the house. The knowledge made Geet feel slightly ill at the same time that her pride forced her to lift her chin and calmly meet Maan's ruthless stare. Acknowledging the brief introduction with a curt nod, he seated himself on the front chair and looked at Shyam, who was serving breakfast. He served Maan his black coffee. Maan sipped the black coffee and stared dangerously at Shyam.                     

Maan: Why the coffee is cold?         
Shyam: Extremely sorry Sir. Mai abi nayi coffee banake lata hu.                              
He rushed out. Dadima rolled her eyes at his all-time favourite cold behavior.   
Dadima: Maan hum sooch rahe the Geet should have a new wardrobe, something bright'   
Maan:No                                                                                                                                       Geet's urge to flee promptly overpowered every other instinct.       
Geet: umm' Dadima mera nashta ho gaya. Mujhe kuch kaam hai.                
Dadima shot her a grateful, apologetic look and politely nodded yes. When Geet left Dadima shot a glare to Maan.                                                                  
Dadima: Maan ye konsa tareeka hua baat karne ka. None of this is Geet's fault. You must understand that.                                                                                   
Maan (sarcastically): Really? And does that whining little beggar understand that this is my house and I don't want her here?                                                             
Geet forgot her handkerchief when she left the dinning hall, she was coming back to the dinning hall when she heard Maan's comment, she stopped in mid-way "WHINNING LITTLE BEGGAR".  She felt humiliated and went back to her room. Apparently, Dadima had invited her without his grandson's consent. Geet's face was pale but set as she walked into her room and opened her bag.                                                   
Back in the dinning hall, Dadima was pleading Maan.                                 
Dadima: Geet yaha apni marzi se nahi aayi Maan, humne use bulaya hai.               
Maan (harshly): Mai kuch sunna nahi chahta Dadima. I want her out of here tomorrow. Send her to anywhere, mujhe usse koi matlab nahi hai. I'm not going to spend a cent on her.        
Dadima: Maan, I know you aren't as heartless and unfeeling as you sound right now. At least let me tell you about her.                                                                    
Leaning back in his chair, Maan regarded Geet's story with icy boredom while Dadima plowed doggedly ahead.                                    
Dadima: Her parents were killed a few days ago in an accident. Even her relatives are not willing to take her. In one tragic day Geet lost her mother, her father, her home, her sister, her security; everything.                                            
When Maan remained silent and unmoved, Dadima ran out of patience.          
Dadima: Maan have you forgotten how you felt when you lost Sahil? Geet has lost all three of the people she loved. Think how she feels, Maan! You're not unacquainted with death and loss, or have you forgotten the pain?                                   
Dadima's words hit home with enough force to make Maan wince. Dadima saw this and she pressed further.                                   
Dadima: She's as innocent and lost as a child, Maan. She has no one left in the world except me and you, whether you like it or not. Aap kya sochte hai Maan hume kuch pata nahi hai yaha kal kya hua hoga? I could tell that her reception here yesterday humiliated her terribly. If she thinks she isn't wanted, she'll find some way to leave here. And if that happens, I will never forgive you Maan.                                              
Maan enraged seeing his Dadima taking part of Geet. It infuriated him to the core.          Maan: Oh, please Dadima. If your little angel is so dammed innocent and so courageous, why did she agree to marry me?                                            
Dadima: I made that announcement without her knowledge; she knows nothing of it. Call it overenthusiasm on my part. I assure you, she has no wish to marry you. Even I doubt Geet would have you, even if you wanted her. You're much too rude and hard for a gentle, simple and idealistic girl like her. I dare say Maan agar Geet ko is announcement ka pata chala, she would swoon dead away! She would take her own life before'                  
Maan interrupted mildly.                                                                             
Maan: I think, I have the picture. But what about that stupid announcement?      
Dadima: Don't bother about it Maan. I'll think of some way to rescind it without causing embarrassment to either of you. Go Maan talk to her. Hume lagta hai kal ke or aaj ke aapke behaviour ki wajah se kahi wo yaha se chali na jaye.                                      
A vision of dark-lashed, glowing almond eyes and a face too beautiful to be real drifted through Maan's mind. He remembered the entrancing smile that had touched her soft lips a few minutes ago, before she became aware of his presence in the dinning hall.             Dadima: Please Maan jake unse baat kijiye.                                               
Maan: Thik hai Dadima agar aap yahi chahti hai to mai Geet se baat karuga.           
With that Maan left from there to talk to Geet.                                                  
Dadima (monologue): Beta hume maaf kar dijiye humne aapko itna gehra dukh yaad dilwaya. Par hamare paas koi raasta nahi tha. Ye sab humne aapke achhe future ke liye hi kiya hai.            
In her room Geet was packing her bag while Maan's words hammered painfully in her brain. Whining little beggar'..I don't want her here'..Whining little beggar''.  She hadn't found a new home at all, she thought hysterically. Fate had merely been playing a vicious joke on her. Standing up again she turned toward the door and let out a grasp of fright.                                     
Geet: You!                           
She choked glaring at the tall forbidding figure lounging just inside the doorway, his arms crossed over his chest. Angry with herself for letting him see her fright, she put her chin up, absolutely determined not to let him intimidate her again.                                 
Geet: Kya kisi ne aapko sikhaya nahi ki kisi ke room me enter karne se pehle knock kiya jata hai.
Maan (mocked): Knock? When the door is already open?                                        
He shifted his attention to her bag and raised his eyebrows.                            
Maan: Are you leaving?                                                                              
Geet: Obviously.    
Maan: Why?                               
She burst out in disbelief.             
Geet: Why? Because I am not a whining little beggar, and for your information, I hate being a burden to anyone.             
Friends I have updated part-7. Please have a look and pls press the like button and pls give your comments. Heartily welcome to all the readers. Loads of thanx for your likes and comments. Pls keep on giving this. Smile                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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  Wink  sorry for late reply was too late last nite so not able to comment but I hav read all in the nite.
Coming to this.Staff attitude toward Geet is good.Even she is being taken as a daughter by Daddi Maa...But what about Mr he can say her beggar...But now Daddi's tricks gonna emotionally blackmail him but it is reality to make him realize if he has lost every thing .Geet also have lost every thing.So I think he ll realize what he did wrong.And this emptiness in theri lives will fill the distance/gap between them.

I know in each ff Geet's character is always lik an open book.But Maan's character there r just few writers who did great justice to Maan's character espacially mentioning...Saritha's Maan Embarrassed and Mona's MaanWink.About me I don know...But ur Maan also in same category where u gonna do justice with it...his mysterious  nature   attracting me day by day .Loving it dear

Plz post asap new part


Jass / Sonia Nagra

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Thanks for this double treat :D
The like tab isnt working for the 2nd updte :s
Will try to press like again later.
Amazing parts. Maan was harsh :o such painful words he uttered :o
Thanks to dadi. He went to talk to geet.
Cant wait for more :D

Happy friendship day :D

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Finally the like tab worked :D

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