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MG ff: Teri Meri Prem Kahani (prt 19)(thrd 2 added (Page 129)

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Waiting for update

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Hi friends! I have updated part-19. Please have a look and pls hit the like button and pls give your comments.
              Teri Meri Prem Kahani
Dadima looked at Maan stunned at how adamant he was in marrying Geet off. Dadima knew that he was the king of the business world and no one had the courage to say no to him. Dadima turned to leave as she thought that it was not the right time to argue with him. But she stood rooted to the place as she saw Geet standing near the door of the room with her teary eyes. Geet helplessly looked at Dadima and went from there as she couldn't control herself.  After few moments, Dadima too stalked from there. She came to Geet's room and found her standing near the window, Dadima was facing her back. Dadima neared Geet and put hand on her shoulder. Geet wiped her tears and turned around, she was looking downwards. Dadima knew she was hurt and was crying.
Dadima: Maan se pyar karti hai na aap.
Geet immediately looked at Dadima and her eyes got wet. She hugged Dadima and was crying bitterly. Dadima felt helpless, she too got emotional.
Dadima (while hugging): Maan hamesha se itna rude nahi tha beta, jindagi ne unhe aisa bana diya.
Geet parted from Dadima and looked at her bewildered. Geet saw hurt and pain in her eyes.
Dadima (with pain): Maan ko jindagi me itne dhoke mile hai ki unka jindagi or pyar se vishwas hi uth gaya hai. Maan jab hume mila tha tab wo 15 saal ka tha. Mere bte ne to use ek galti samajhkar faik diya tha. Or jab use is galti ka ehsaas hua tab tak bahut der ho chuki thi.
Geet (confused): Usse pehle Maan kaha the Dadima? Or Maan aap ko kaise mile?
Dadima: Maan ke paida hone ke kuch saalo baad mere bte ka accident ho gaya tha, bahut bada accident (with wet eyes) Jab hum waha pahuche tab wo aakhri saanse le raha tha. Us waqt usne hume Maan ke baare me bataya, or kuch seconds baad unki maut ho gayi.
For a few moment Dadima closed her eyes and tears escaped from her eyes. Geet wiped her eyes. Dadima consoled herself and continued.
Dadima: Bahut saalo tak humne unhe dhoonda, or aakhir kaar wo hume mil gaye, or jis haalat me wo hume mile, use agar hum aaj bhi soochte hai to hume apne bte se itni nafrat hoti hai ki jitni hume aaj tak kabhi kisi se nahi hui. Humne bahut koshish ki ki Maan apna past bhool jaaye or apni jindagi me aage badhe, lekin aisa nahi ho paya. Isliye humne Maan ki shaadi Sameera se karva di.
The instant Geet heard about Maan's marriage, she felt the earth slipping under her feet. She looked at Dadima with popped eyes.
Dadima (continued): Ha beta Maan ki shaadi pehle ho chuki hai. Humne hi Maan ko Sameera se shaadi ke liye force kiya tha, lekin hume us waqt nahi pata tha ki hum bahut badi galti kar rahe hai. Sameera sirf Maan ki property or uski reputation se pyar karti thi, use Maan ki koi parvah nahi thi. Fir kuch dino baad Maan or Sameera ka beta hamari life me aaya. Sameera ko to uski bhi koi parvah nahi thi, use kisi cheez ki parvah thi to wo bas high society parties ki. Lekin Maan apne bte se bahut pyaar karte the. (with tears) Lekin wo bhi unse chin gaya. Sameera or hamara parpota, kuch mahino pehle, ek accident me maare gaye. Or Maan fir akele ho gaye.
Geet too got teary listening to all this. She was feeling bad for Maan. She got to know the reason of Maan's bitterness.
Dadima (gathering herself): Geet beta hum jaante hai ki Maan ki shaadi ke baare me jaanne ke baad aap ke liye Maan ko apnana aasan nahi hoga. Or hum aap ko kisi bhi cheez ke liye force nahi karege. Aapka jo bhi faisla hoga wo hume khushi-khushi manjoor hoga. Good night beta.
Dadima stalked from there to her room. Now Geet was all alone in the room. There was not a bit of confusion or dilemma on her face, she seemed more determined and dedicated now.
Geet (to herself): Mene to apni jindagi ka faisla bahut pehle hi kar liya tha Dadima. Or aaj mujhe ye ehsaas hua hai ki mera decision bilkul sahi tha. Ab meri jindagi Maan se hi shuru hoti hai or Maan par hi khatam hoti hai.

She went to sleep and wished for a better tomorrow. Next morning both, Maan and Geet, went to office. Dadima didn't ask Geet about her decision as she wanted Geet to initiate.

In the office, Maan and Geet were in their cabins. Maan called Geet and Vineet. Both Geet and Vineet came to Maan's cabin.
Maan: Today we have to go to Sharma's party. Inform Adi and Sasha, they too have to come.
Vineet and Geet: Ok Sir.

Vineet and Geet went from there. They informed Adi and Sasha about the party. All five, Adi, Sasha, Vineet, Maan and Geet left the office in the lunch time, as in evening they had to attend the party.

Back to Khurana Mansion, in the evening, Geet was getting ready for the party. Dadima was sitting in the living room. Then she saw Maan descending the stairs, all ready for the party. Dadima was confused, as why he got ready half-an-hour before the given time.
Dadima: Maan aap itni jaldi ready kyu ho gaye? And where are you planning to go?
Maan: Dadima mujhe ek important kaam hai, me wahi se directly venue par jaoga.
Dadima: Maan, if I am not wrong, Geet bhi aapke saath is party me ja rahi hai.
Maan: Dadima Geet is party me aa rahi hai par mene kab aapse kaha ki Geet mere saath aa rahi hai.
Dadima: To Geet party me kaise jayegi? Aap ko unhe apne saath lekar jana chahiye.
Maan (angrily): Dadima mai Geet ka driver nahi hu jo apne kaam chod kar use ghumata rahu. And I told Vineet to pick Geet.
Dadima was very angry on him, but she had no choice as she could't force him all the time. Maan marched from there. Dadima came to Geet's room. Geet was combing her hairs. Geet saw Dadima in the mirror and turned around.
Geet: Aap yehi sooch rahi hogi na ki mai itni jaldi ready kyu ho gayi?
Dadima's eyes snapped open with the question. Geet smiled at Dadima and continued.
Geet (smiling): Wo kya hai na Dadima Maan is very punctual to mene socha mai time se pehle hi ready ho jati hu, taki is baar unhe mujh par gussa hone ka mauka hi na mile.
Dadima looked at her, her love and concern for Maan. She was hesitant to reveal that Maan had left her, as she knew how much hurt she would be.
Dadima (hesitantly): Geet Maan chale gaye hai.
Geet's eyes snapped open and she looked at Dadima with a hurt expression, tears were about to fall from her eyes. But she gathered herself and casted her eyes down.
Dadima: Vineet aapko pick karne aayege.
Geet didn't say anything. After few moments, Nakul came.
Nakul: Mam koi Mr. Vineet aaye hai.
Dadima: Aap unhe baithaiye hum abhi aate hai.

Geet was silent all the time. Though she was in no mood to attend the party but she had to as it was important for Maan and she could do anything for Maan. Both Dadima and Geet came down. Vineet greeted Dadima and after a few minutes, they both, Vineet and Geet, headed for the party.

Both reached the party venue, Adi and Sasha were already there. They entered inside, at first Geet was a little nervous as Maan was not there. And the party seemed a disco theque to her. She was all the time waiting for Maan, her eyes were stuck on the entrance.

Back to Maan, Maan had intentionally done that, as he wanted to stay away from her. After about two hours he reached the party spot. He came inside and first met Adi. He was constantly looking here and there; searching for Geet, but he didn't find Geet anywhere. And then he saw Vineet in a corner with a girl, but was nowhere around. He got worried. He asked Adi.
Maan (worriedly): Adi where is Geet?
Adi: Ss..sir abhi to yy..yehi thi, may be rest room gayi ho.
Maan immediately went from there towards the rest room side. The area was secluded, no one was there. Maan was very worried now as he didn't trace any sign of Geet. He frustratingly ran his fingers through his hairs. He was standing in the middle of the corridor. Suddenly someone banged on him. He turned around and was shocked seeing the sight. He for a moment froze on the place. The person was none other than Geet. Maan looked at her, her hairs were all messed up. Her sleeves were torn, there was no dupatta on her, blood was oozing from the corner of her lips, her arms bruised and her eyes were full of tears and clearly showing how much scared she was. Maan was numb for a moment seeing her condition. Geet too looked at Maan and hugged him. Maan reciprocated the hug, he can easily feel that she was shivering badly due to fright. Then he saw a man in the same direction from which Geet banged on him. The man frighteningly looked at Maan and ran from there. Now everything was clear to him. Maan angrily clenched his jaw and his hold on Geet tightened. His anger was rising with every passing second. But his anger soon changed to anxiety as he felt Geet's body lifeless. Maan parted her from him and saw her closed eyes, she had fainted. He was very worried.
Maan (worriedly patting her cheek): Geet! Geet please open your eyes.

But she didn't respond, he instantly scooped her in his arms and, from the back door, came towards the parking lot. He didn't want anyone to saw Geet in that state. He seated Geet on the passenger seat, then took out his coat and drapped her with that. Then he came to the driver's seat and headed towards the Khurana Mansion.

It was late night and Dadima was in her room, servants were in the servant's quarter, that's why no one saw Maan and Geet. Maan took her to her room and gently placed her on the bed. He then brought a towel soaked in warm water, cleansed her wounds, and then patted her wake her up. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a bleak figure of Maan, tears came out from her eyes. She instantly hugged Maan and was crying bitterly, Maan helplessly closed his eyes, her every tear was piercing him and accusing him. Maan caressed her hairs and, after a few moments, parted her from him. He forwarded her a dress, to which Geet understood, and she silently went to washroom to change. She came out and seated on bed, Maan gave her an ointment and came out of the room. Geet was constantly thinking about that unfortunate incident, and didn't care about her wounds. The only question that was ringing in her mind was what would have happened if Maan had not came on time. Maan came inside the room after 15-20 minutes with a bowl of soup. He saw her sitting on the same place and it seemed to him that she didn't even touched the ointment. Maan came and fed her the soup.
Maan: Geet so jao.
He neither talked about what happened, nor did he ask any question. He didn't want her to remember the horrible incident again. He stood from the bed and was about to go, but he found his hand tugged by Geet. Maan looked at her.
Geet (with tears): Maan please don't leave me. Mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai.
Maan again seated himself on the bed and lovingly put his palm on her left cheek.
Maan: Don't worry Geet, I am here with you. No one can do anything to you.
Geet (with tears and sobs): Maan wo'wo Vineet'us Vineet ne mujhe us aadmi ke paas akele chod diya. (Maan was shocked) Mai jab rest room se bahar aayi (sobs) to kisi ne mera mooh bandh kar ke mujhe jabardasti kamre me le gaya, (cried) He forced me Maan but some how I hit him and ran out of the room, in the corridor I collided with Vineet (with cries and sobs) That man was following me. Mene Vineet ko help ke liye kaha lekin wo mujhe forcefully usi aadmi ke paas le gaya. (she cried bitterly, Maan put his palm on her shoulder gesturing her not to cry) Vineet mere through aapke tender ki quotation jaanna chahta tha, isliye usne mujhse dosti ki thi as I was the best source kyuki mai aapke ghar me rehti hu. (while crying) He said "you are useless to me, at least, you would be of some use to my friend". Vineet mujhe apne dost ke paas chod ke chala gaya Maan (cried) He was drunk isliye mai waha se bhaag payi, warna to'
She cried bitterly. Maan clenched his teeth, he was seething in anger. But he controlled himself and wiped her tears.
Maan: Geet forget everything or so jao. Mai yehi hu tumhare paas.

Geet lied on bed and slept, as Maan had mixed the sleeping pill in her soup, he knew that she was very much scared and upset and sleep was far far away from her eyes. He wanted her to relax and that's why he mixed the sleeping pill in the soup. When she slept, Maan came on the couch.

In the morning, Dadima came to see Geet and was shocked to see Maan there, they slept upto late that day as both were emotionally too disturbed. Dadima didn't say anything, nor did she wake them, and came to her room. Maan, when he woke up, came to Geet and woke her up.
Maan: Geet there is no need to come to office today.
Geet nodded, as she too didn't want to. Maan came to his room and freshened up and went to office, without his breakfast. Geet too didn't came for breakfast, so Dadima brought her breakfast in her room.
Dadima: Beta aap breakfast ke liye nahi aayi to hum aaapka breakfast yehi le aaye.
Geet: Dadima wo mujhe mann nahi tha.
Dadima: Beta thoda to kha lijiye, achha hum TV on kar dete hai, aap apna favourite show dekhte dekhte kha lijiye, aapko achha lagega.

Dadima switched on the TV, and both Dadima and Geet were shocked whey they saw the screen'  

PRECAP:  New Thread
                   And a BIG TWIST
If any of the readers want pm for this story, either add me to your buddy list or comment on this story. Heartily welcome to all the readers. Star      

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me :)

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U made me cry
awsome update
usse vineet ki tu
thanks god maan save geet

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what now
why do i think its related to what almost happened with geet
what new more tensions for our duo man
god cant they be in peace or something
leave our maneet to be ppl
that vineet how dare he maan wont spare him man
cheers for pm
see ya in new thread then

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very emotinal update Cry

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nice update ClapClap

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awesome update...waiting for twist eagerly

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