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MG ff: Teri Meri Prem Kahani (prt 19)(thrd 2 added (Page 117)

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Hi friends! I have updated part-18. Pls have a look and pls press the like button and pls give your comments. So sorry for the late update.
                                                    Teri Meri Prem Kahani
Maan was now frustrated to the core and angrily marched towards her. Geet didn't realize that he  was near and was busy in singing, Maan cluthed her arm and pulled her towards himself, she collided to him. Her eyes snapped open and she looked at him. His firm chest was dangerously touching her bosom, it seemed that their bodies didn't want even air to pass between them. He could feel each and every part of her. He looked at her almond eyes which were deep like ocean. Geet was totally mesmerized by his touch, she felt that she was in heaven. She too looked at him with all her love. Though they were not saying anything but their eyes were speaking volumes. Maan wanted to touch her oceanic eyes, her chiseled nose, her pink petal lips. He was not in his senses. He forgot the surroundings, the inhibitions and everything. Maan felt a deep urge to touch her, to feel her, to drown in her aroma. Though there was darkness all around, but the whole room was glowing in the moonlight; that night moon was radiating too much as if witnessing their love, to eternalize their love. He raised his hand to touch her. First he touched her forehead with his finger tips, the moment he touched her Geet closed her eyes to live the moment as much as she could. He very delicately moves his finger downwards, from her forehead to her cheeks. He very sensuously caressed her cheeks, then aagain moved his fingers downward. He touched the corner of her lips, then after a moment moved his thumb over her lips in an outlining manner. His other hand was on her waist, he pressed her waist. Geet reflexively parted her lips a little. Maan was completely aroused and moved to take her soft petals inside his rough ones, but stopped in between as he heard the banging sound. Maan came in his senses and looked at Geet, she was still in her fantasy land. Maan immediately left her and moved towards the door. When Geet felt warmth going she opened her eyes and saw Maan standing away angrily. She was confused why he was so angry. The guards opened the door and came inside.
Maan (roared): Where the hell were you all?
One of the guard (scared and was stammering): Ss..sir wo.. kh..khana kk..kha rahe the.
Maan (angrily and sternly): This is the first and the last time I am warning you, if this thing happened ever again then that day would surely be your last day here.
Guard: I am extremely sorry sir, it would never happen again.
Maan went from there without even sparing a glance at her. Geet followed him and both came in his cabin. Geet was facing Maan's back and was trying hard to understand his emotions.
Maan (without turning): Almost the work is completed and we will do the leftover work tomorrow. Go and fetch your bag, we are going home.

She went to her cabin and came with her bag, she didn't ask any question to him as she didn't feel it the right moment. Both stalked to home.

Both went to their respective rooms. After changing Maan came to gym as he was feeling a deep urge to give outlet to his frustration and anger. Maan was angry on himself due to the incident that was about to happen in the archive. He was boxing in the air remembering the close moments with Geet. Then he came towards the ice slab, then he remembered their first kiss.
Maan (angrily to himself): Kyu har baar mai uske kareeb aa jata hu? Kyu mai baar baar wahi galti karta hu? Ye sab tumhari wajah se hai Geet, sab tumhari wajah se.
His blood boiled, he very angrily broke the slab with the corner of his right palm. He very vigorously doing his tai-chi, it seemed as if his anger was providing him energy. After a session of vigorous exercise and a lot of thinking, he came to conclusion.
Maan (to himself): Maan Singh Khurana kabhi majboor nahi ho sakta. Mai wo wajah hi khatam kar duga jo mujhe majboor kare.
Maan took his cell phone and dialed a number.
Maan: Yes Mr. Rathod, your son can assist me in this project. Send him tomorrow.

Maan cut the call and was somewhat relieved. He came to his room and was waiting for the next day.

Morning came and Maan and Geet were ready earlier than usual. After breakfast they came to office. Everyone was busy as it was an important day. The clients came, Maan gave the presentation and it was impossible for anyone to find any fault, as every business man was aware of Maan's genius. The presentation was a success, after the presentation almost everyone left for lunch. Now there were only Maan, Geet, Sasha, Adi, Mr. Rathod and his son.
Mr. Rathod: Mr. Khurana ye hai mera beta Vineet. Thank you Mr. Khurana aapne meri request accept kar li. Aapse achha mere bte ko business tactics or koi nahi sikha sakta.
Maan (to Adi, Sasha and Geet): Aaj se Vineet Khurana Constructions me kaam karega and like Geet he too is going to assist me.

They all shook hands with him. After that they all went for lunch. The day passed as usual.

Next day came and Maan and Geet went for their work. Early morning Maan had an important meeting, so he was in the conference room. Geet came to Maan's cabin, she knew that he was in the meeting, and opened a box. She took out the wind chime from the box and then pulled the chair towards the entrance of the cabin. She stood on the chair and was trying to hang it on the entrance. Thankfully no one was there as Maan and Geet came a little early that day. Maan, after the meeting, was coming back to his cabin, his eyes snapped open looking at Geet. Geet didn't notice Maan as she busy in hanging the wind chime. Maan came near her and angrily looked at her, till the time she had completed the task of hanging the wind chime.
Maan (angrily): Geet what are you doing?
Geet startled due to the sudden voice and lost her balance. She was about to hit the floor but Maan caught her on time. She was now in his arms. Both looked at each other, and were lost. Maan soon came to his senses and put her down on her feet. Maan then remembered that he was angry with her.
Maan (angrily): Geet what is this?
Geet (innocently): Sir ye wind chime hai.
Maan (rolling his eyes on her stupidity): Geet ye mujhe bhi dikhayi de raha hai ki ye wind chime hai. I am asking ki tumne ise yaha kyu lagaya.
Geet (sweetly and innocently): Sir entrance par wind chime lagane se good luck or happiness aati hai or'
Maan (interrupting and angrily): Stop it Geet. Ye mera cabin hai koi doll house nahi jo tum ise sajane me lagi ho. (sternly and straightly looking into her eyes) And remember one thing that I like things in my way, don't you even try to change it.

Geet was hurt but didn't show any kind of emotion. Maan then took out the wind chime and handed that to her. Geet numbly looked at him. He, without sparing a glance to her, came into his cabin and door automatically got shut on her face. A lone tear escaped from her eyes. But she gathered herself and came into her cabin. She wanted to cry but something was stopping her; might be the hope that some day he would realize her love, reciprocate her love. She half-heartedly seated herself on the chair and tried to concentrate on her work.

It was 9 o'clock and the office was fully loaded. It was Vineet's first day in office. He was a little scared as his father, last night, gave a very scaring introduction of Maan. Then he remembered that, like him, Geet too was assisting Maan. So he first came to Geet's cabin.
Vineet: Hello Geet!
Geet (gave a little smile): Hai Vineet. Today is your first day right. All the best.
Vineet: Thanx a lot. I really need it. I have heard that Maan is a very strict boss.
Geet nodded in positive.
Vineet (acting as if telling a secret): Tab to hume dost ban jana chahiye.
Geet (confused): Kyu?
Vineet (in a sweet flirting way): Ab Maan Singh Khurana ke saath kaam kar rahe hai to daily 50-60 daant khane ko to milegi hi, to friends banne ke baad tum mujhe console karna or me tumhe console karuga.

Geet smiled widely with his cute answer, she accepted his friendship unaware of the fact that some one was watching her. Maan was, all the while, observing her and Vineet. Though everything was going as per his wish but he felt pain in his heart. He was burning inside seeing their co-ordination that too on the first day. He ignored his internal pent up emotions and tried to concentrate on his work.

It was now one week, and with every single day, Geet and Vineet's bond is getting stronger. Geet liked him as his friend. Maan everyday observed them and decided to take the next step.
It was night, Maan came to Dadima's room to talk something important. Maan handed Dadima an envelope. Dadima looked at him puzzled. Dadima opened the envelope and was confused seeing the photograph of a boy.
Dadima: Maan ye kiska photograph hai?
Maan: Dadima ye Vineet hai. I think he is perfect for Geet.
Dadima was shocked as if the storm had fallen on her. Dadima was looking at Maan with her snapped eyes. Dadima got angry.
Dadima (angrily): Maan ye sab kya hai or aap hote kaun hai Geet ki shaadi ka decision lene wale.
Maan (looked at Dadima with his raised brow): As far as I know you were the only one who told me that from now onwards Geet is our responsibility. And moreover, I want to get rid of her as soon as possible.
Dadima (pleading): Lekin Maan itni jaldi kya hai?
Maan: Dadima mene kab kaha ki shaadi kal hai, I am only saying that I have finalized Vineet for Geet.
Dadima (thinking some relevant reason for denying): Maan agar Geet ko kuch objection hua to?
Maan: Mujhe nahi lagta Geet ko koi problem hogi kyuki Vineet and Geet are good friends and moreover Geet bhi yahi chahti hogi ki uska koi apna ghar ho.
Dadima looked at Maan bewildered and angrily, as he himself his sending away his fortune which God had given him in the form of Geet. Dadima wanted to Geet Maan's bride and here he was planning to marrying her off. Dadima once again tried to convince Maan.
Dadima: Maan beta agar Vineet ya uske ghar walo ko koi objection hua to?
Maan (smirked evil-ly): Maan Singh Khurana ko na kehna is not so easy Dadima. Agar unhe mujhse connection rakhna hai to unhe Geet ke liye ha kehna hi hoga.

Dadima looked at Maan stunned at how adamant he was in marrying Geet off. Dadima knew that he was the king of the business world and no one had the courage to say no to him. Dadima turned to leave as she thought that it was not the right time to argue with him. But she stood rooted to the place as she saw Geet standing near the door of the room with her teary eyes. Geet helplessly looked at Dadima and went from there as she couldn't control herself.   

PRECAP:  Maan came to Geet's room and looked at her tear stricken face, then his gaze moved towards her bruises on her arms and her neck. His blood boiled, then Dadima's words struck his mind " Maan aaj jo Geet ki haalat hai uske jimmedar aap hai". Maan closed his eyes in anguish and a lone tear escaped from his eye... 
If any of the readers want pm for this story, either add me to your buddy list or comment on this story. Heartily welcome to all the readers.  Star

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holy macromoni has he freaking lost it or something huh
paagal ho gayen han aap maan
must be the first time he is letting geet go away from him
well usually he is possessive of her that if he sees her with any other man except himself he goes ballistic and here the idiot is throwing her away from himself paagal mat baniye maan
dude this will bite you back later on
aur geet koi khilona nahin hai ki kissi ke bhi haath mein de rahein hain
inhe bada shauk hai aone pair parr khulhadi marne ka
hey babaji inhe thodi akkkal dijiye maana ki jo kuch aap ke saath hua woh galat hua parr isme geet ki kya galti hai
cheers for pm
god what did geet do hope she didnt do anything to herself

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u updated after a long time...but thanks
Maan himself is hell bent upon his self destruction but woh kehte hain na...kismat ko koi nahi badal sakta aur pyar pe zor nahi hota...

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awesome update
good start with maaneet moment
but after that ...

maan koi apane khilaf itani solid planing karata hai kya??? ise kahete hai apane pai par kulhadi marana

hai poor geet heard everything

precap: omg what happened to geet ?

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Update soon
Waiting eagerly

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loved it '
did vineet do something

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kya ho gaya hai maan ko ...cant believe maan can do such things...

excellent n wonderful update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
nice update please continue. Waiting for next chapter.

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