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MG ff: Teri Meri Prem Kahani (prt 19)(thrd 2 added (Page 103)

suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 8:28am | IP Logged
supeerbbb loved ittt

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sstylishdoll Goldie

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Owsome wowww

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punam2712 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 3:41pm | IP Logged

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
nice update...good that Maan understood why Geet was working in the parlor and didn't heap on some more accusations...
office office - my fav track..bring it on baby...

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DDbiggestfan IF-Rockerz

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Wow...loved it...

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mandymore IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
hes so cruel...yelled at her...awsome prt

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impoojaverma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 9:06am | IP Logged
superb update

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dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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Hi friends! I have updated part-17. Pls have a look and pls press the like button and pls give your comments.
                              Teri Meri Prem Kahani
Both Geet and Sasha's eyes snapped open. They looked at each other. Sasha gave an evil smirk to Geet while Geet reciprocated it with a rebellious look. Both have different thoughts in mind.
Sasha (thought): So Miss Geet Handa now I will show you who I am.
Geet (thought): Its my promise to you Sasha that Maan will himself say that from now onwards I will work under him.
Sasha: So Geet come, let's start the work.
Geet went with Sasha to start her work. First she showed Geet her cabin and then gave her a file to make the index. Sasha marched off to her cabin then. All the way Tasha was following Sasha. When they reached Sasha's cabin, Tasha started her questions.
Tasha: Mam aapne us LS ko itna sa kaam kyu diya? Aapko to use bahut saara kaam dena chahiye taki use karte karte use uski naani yaad aa jaye.
Sasha (with an evil smirk): Isi liye mene use itna saara kaam nahi diya as I want her to remember me not her naani.
Tasha (confused): Matlab???
Sasha: Idiot mene use sirf ek file isliye di kyuki mai janti hu usse ek file bhi complete nahi hogi. (with an evil smirk) Arre us gao ki gawar ko to index ka matlab bhi pata nahi hoga, index banana to dur ki baat hai. Or fir mai Maan Sir ko keh dugi ki Geet ko mene bahut samjhaya, lekin tab bhi use kuch samaj nahi aaya, and everybody knows that Maan Sir won't keep useless employees in his company.

Tasha (victoriously smiled): Mam you are genious.

Back to Geet's cabin, Geet was with Pinky and Adi. They were happy that now Geet wouldn't work like before, the work she didn't deserve, but there was a horrified glint in their eyes as they knew Sasha well. But Geet assured them that she could manage.
Geet (thought): Jab Dusht Daanav ko manage karna aa gaya to Sasha kis khet ki mooli hai.
Both Adi and Pinky left the cabin in few minutes, and Geet too started her file work. She completed the work earlier than usual. She went to Sasha's cabin with the file. Sasha thought with an evil smirk that she came to ask for help, but she was dumbfounded when Geet told her that she had completed the work. Sasha regained her self and gave her a bundle of files to complete them. Geet's eyes popped out seeing the bunch of files.
Sasha (faking a smile): Geet complete all the files as it would give you more experience. And I suggest u to do it in my cabin, in case if u need any help I would be there to help you.
Sasha wanted her just before her eyes as she was sure that Adi had helped her in the first file and he might do that again. So she told her to do the work in her cabin. Geet looked at him skeptically but she had no choice. She went towards the sofa, put all the files on the table, and cribbingly started her work. Sasha looked at her with an evil smark. Geet too looked at her and gave her a faking smile.   
Geet (thought with a faking smile): Aadhi haddi te nangi chudail (credited "Dil Bole Hadippa")
Geet was cribbingly doing her work and thought how to get out of that. Then she saw Maan who was about to pass Sasha's cabin. When she saw Maan, Kanika's incident came to her mind. She remembered how he thrashed Kanika for abusing her. She realized that he could never bare her insult. So she thought to use that to teach a lesson to Sasha. When he was just about to pass Sasha's cabin, she stood from her seat and went towards Sasha and took the glass of water from the table and offered it to her.   
Geet: You are looking tired Sasha mam, have some water.
In the process of giving the glass to sasha, she intentionally spilled the water on her. Sasha was shocked and instantly she stood from her seat and angrily started wiping her dress. Geet showed a fake innocent face.
Geet (faking guilt): Sasha Mam I am sorry.
Sasha (angrily): You idiot. Tumhe kuch kaam karna aata hai bhi ki nahi. Ek paani dene ka kaam to thik se kar nahi sakti, aayi hai KC me kaam karne. Tum na sirf ek hi kaam acche se kar sakti ho or wo hai sweeping.
Geet (thought with faking tears): Sweeping hi to kar rahi thi par mujhe laga floor se jyada tumhe sweeping ki jarurat hai.
As Maan was passing from there so her heard all the screaming of Sasha. He was outrageous listening to all this, how dare she compared Geet to a sweeper. His blood was boiling. He, like a lion, barged into Sasha's cabin. Sasha was horrified to see Maan there. Geet was happy that her plan succeeded. Maan looked at Sasha with red-blood eyes.
Maan (ragingly): How dare you Sasha? How dare you compared Geet to a sweeper?
Sasha (scared): Sir I didn't say anything, I was just'.
Maan (barked, interrupting her): Shut your mouth. Do you think I am deaf? And how dare you lie to me when you know that I hate lies as well as liars. Now get lost from my company.
Sasha got frightened. Tears started coming out from her eyes as she knew that after getting fired from this company she would never get job in any other company. Even Geet felt a little bad for Sasha as she had intentionally done that. She too got scared seeing Maan's raging eyes. So she tried to pacify Maan.
Geet: Ww..wo Maan Sir ss'she is feeling guilty, pls ise maaf kar dijiye. Aa..and thodi meri bhi galti thi, mujhse hi paani gir gaya tha.
Maan angrily looked at her, but didn't say anything. Then he marched off the cabin. Geet came to her cabin. After few minutes, Maan called Geet and ordered her to come to his cabin. Geet came to him and saw that Sasha was already there.
Maan (sternly to Sasha): I am giving you a chance, but remember one thing this is your first and last chance.
Sasha: Thank you so much Sir, I won't repeat it again.
Sasha stalked from the cabin and now Maan and Geet were alone in the room.
Maan: Geet from now onwards you would assist me.
Geet was happy, she got what she wanted. She wanted to dance and sing due to so much happiness, but couldn't. Maan gave her a file and asked her to read it. She composed herself and went to her cabin to complete the assigned task. She returned back to Maan after three hours.
Geet: Sir mene file read kar li hai.
Maan: Good, Geet ye presentation hume aaj complete karna hai as Mr. Rathod is going to Canada for a month for an urgent work that's why he has pre-poned the presentation.
Geet: Ok Sir.
Maan called Adi to his cabin.
Maan: Adi have you completed the accounts' file?
Adi: Jjj..ji Sir.
Maan: As you already know that the presentation is tomorrow, so might have to stay a longer today.


Maan, Geet and Adi were working on the presentation, they even lost the track of time. One by one everbody was leaving the office. It was now ten o'clock. Adi's work was done, so Maan freed him and now Geet and Maan were alone in the office.
Maan: Geet Gurgaon Project ki file lao.
Geet: Kaha se Sir?
Maan (irritated): Geet files kaha rakhte hai?
Geet: Sir archive me.
Maan (screamed): To jao waha se lekar aao.
Geet got scared and cursed herself for her stupidity. She ran from there to archive. She entered the archive, the archive's door lock was not working properly, it can only be opened from outside and it was a moving door, when anyone opens it, it itself got closed so everyone had to put a stopper to stop it from closing. Geet didn't know that thing, she didn't put the stopper, and the door automatically got closed. She took the file from the rack and went to open the door, but it didn't. She tried it again and again but it didn't. Thankfully there was a phone. She called Maan from the intercom.
Maan: Yes.
Geet (worriedly): Sir mai Geet.
Maan (rolled his eyes and angrily): Geet don't say that you didn't get the file.
Geet (worriedly): Sir file to mil gayi lekin mai yaha archive me bandh ho gayi.
Maan (rolling his eyes): Oh God, not again.
He slammed the receiver back. He stalked to archive and opened the door. Geet was standing near the table, waiting for him. Maan went inside, he too did the same mistake; he too didn't put the stopper and the door automatically slammed closed. Geet was relieved to see him and came to him.
Maan (annoyed): Geet tum bina kisi problem ke koi kaam kar sakti ho.
Geet: Sir is baar meri koi galti nahi thi. Actually wo door apne aap bandh ho gaya or jab mene kholne ki koshish ki to wo khula nahi.
Maan (irritated): Ab chalo.
They both came towards the door and Maan went to open the door, but it didn't. Maan tried again and again but it didn't. Maan frustratingly hit the door with his leg.
Maan (angrily and frustrated): Damn it.
Geet looked at him from the corner of her eyes.
Geet: Perfectionist bhi galti karte hai.
Maan angrily looked at her. Geet tried to change the topic.
Geet: Maan Sir ab hum kya karege?
And suddenly the power cut. Maan was more angry now. He was frustrated to the core. Anger was taking a toll on him. Then he remembered that there was an intercom here. He went towards the table and called the guards, but no one answered. Maan's anger was now on top. Geet was scared due to dark and partly due to Maan's anger. She thought to divert his mind. So she started singing.
Geet: Gori hai kalaiyaa, pehna de mujhe hari hari chudiyaa
Apna bana le mujhe balma, gori hai kalaiya
Oho, ooo, ooo'.
Maan looked at her with his raised brow.
Maan (angrily): Geet ye gana bandh karo.
Geet: Ok Sir.
But after few moments she again started another song.
Geet: Dulhan banu mai teri, hai, dulhan banu mai teri
Jis din se mene tujhe dekha hai, us din se ye faisla mera hai ki,

Dulhan banu me teri, re, dulhan banu mai teri.

Maan looked at her shocked as it seemed to him that she was pouring her real feelings.
Maan (angrily): Geeettt..
Geet: Sir aapko ye bhi song achha nahi laga, koi baat nahi mai aapko koi or song sunati hu.
Aaja piya tohe pyar du, gori baiya to pe waar du.
Kis liye tu itna udaas, rukhe sukhe hoth aakhiyo me pyass,
Kis liye'., kis liye'

Aaja piya tohe pyar du, gori baiya to pe waar du'.

Maan was now frustrated to the core and angrily marched towards her. Geet didn't realize that he  was near and was busy in singing, Maan cluthed her arm and pulled her towards himself'..

PRECAP:  Maan (to Dadima): I want to get rid of Geet as soon as possible and I think Vineet is the perfect guy for her.
If any of the readers want pm for this story, either add me to your buddy list or comment on this story. Heartily welcome to all the readers. Star

Edited by dreamymishti88 - 28 September 2012 at 2:24pm

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