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IPKKND100 Newbie

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Hey that was awesome
Loved Anjali's part it was hilarious 
I love Anjali in this SS
Poor Arnav though 
Kushi is the only one to wear red wow 
Thanks for the hints
Please update soon 
And thanks for the PM

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amanda123456789 Groupbie

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 5:47am | IP Logged
Hey !! That was lovely, The update was so cute
Poor Arnav 
Arnav and Kushi on the phone 
Loved Anjali's planning
Kushi is going to be the only one in red - LOVED READING IT 
Thanks for the PM
And please update soon 

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ARSHIROCKS12345 Newbie

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Hey sorry I couldn't comment earlier 
Amazing update 
I just love Anjali in this SS 

By the way Thanks for the PM

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aminta13 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 5:54am | IP Logged
NOTE : UPDATE IS LONG... ( x 5) 
I'll post it in a few minutes

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aminta13 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 6:00am | IP Logged
Chapter - 5 -THE PARTY !!! :)

She walked to the balcony far from Kushi

Di: I told her to wear red as red is Chote's favourite colour , You won't understand I've completed the next step of the plan by the way you wear white not red  okay it's per the plan

Bye as she cut the phone

And told all of them her amazing plan and invited them for the party  

Whoa it was 5 all ready and the party was at 7pm just 2 hours and the plan would be at action Anjali thought and chucked at the plan and her being the master mind of the plan

She knew Arnav won't be  able to stay away from Kushi If she wear's red and all other couple's would be wearing white and when the time comes Kushi would be the only one n RED !!! and then she would apologise to Kushi for sure but till then she  would enjoy the fun

So It was 6 :30 Anjali wore a white dress which she had hit from Nani all these days safely it had white crystals in the corner and came up to her knees

Whoa she looked beautiful today as she was going to meet someone !!!

She was over ' excited about the plan well she imagined the scene , she just wanted to make that happen she got to the mirror  to take one last look at herself before she left for the party

She had rechecked if the plan was going right and yup it was there was 15 minutes for the guests to start arriving and she wanted to check on Chotte , so she decided to move on to his room

As she entered his room she saw him staring at his wardrobe

Anjali: Chotte

Arnav: Ha Di

As she tried to control her giggle

Anjali: So it's not only me who is excited to meet someone is it ?

Arnav: It's not like that Di Actually'

Anjali: Ha..

Arnav: Di which suit do you think looks best , as he pulled out the black tux and the black with blue waist coat  

Anjali started to giggle

Arnav: Di what's so funny , I'm just asking you a question

Anjali: Ok Ok sorry Chotte, But for what are you dressing like this , Is it because you're fianc is coming to the party

Arnav: N..No Di It's because of the party

Anjali knew it was because Kushi was coming

As she took the black tux in hand

Anjali: Chotte this looks better and Kushi would love it

Arnav: Really Di.. I mean is it OK

Anjali controlled her chuckle once again and nodded

Anjali: OK Chotte I have to go and check on the dishes

Arnav: Ya Di

As Anjali walked out of the room closing the door behind her

Her Chotte was seriously falling in love , and after this plan there will be no neglecting in it

She called up Kushi

Anjali: hello it's me Kushi

Kushi: ha Di

Anjali: Kushi are you ready could come early

Kushi: Ya I'll come early , Only Jiji is taking a long time getting ready

Anjali: Ok then Kushi , Why don't you come I'll tell Akash to go and pick up Payal then

Kushi: Ok Di , I'll be there in 5 minutes

Anjali: Ok c u in the 5 minutes Kushi , she giggled as she remembered

it was just a 5 minute walk , as they had discovered a new path through the park , otherwise they would take 15 minutes to come due to traffic so they had discovered this route

As she cut the call

Anjali: Plan is right on track,as she chucked at her smartness  


Kushi left for RM

Back at RM

As she informed Akash to pick up Payal on his way

And boy was he happy on hearing that

Anjali: Akash , you have to pick up Payal as you come

Akash: Ha Di , he said floating on cloud 9

Anjali chucked remembering Kushi saying that Akash can hear things when Payal's name is in it

Anjali: Akash I guess you gave up the Bet

Akash: Kya BET Di?

Anjali: THE BET , Akash remember you said that you would go to the E.N.T specialist by yourself if Arnav falls in love

Akash: ha Di, Par ab kya

Anjali: Did you visit the E.N.T ?

Akash: Oh stop it Di

Anjali: Ok ,Ok by the way , come 15 minutes late

Akash: What?

Anjali: Oh God !! Akash , 15 MINUTES LATE

Akash: Who 15 minutes late

Anjali: Come late Ok

Akash: Par why Di

Anjali: Just do as I said , as she cut the call

Akash: I thought people say come early to the people you invite to a party but this Di, God she's crazy   


Anjali: Plan is so.. gonna be a success

Arnav: Which plan Di Arnav said as he got down the stairs

Anjali: Shoot !! she mumbled

Anjali: Nai, Chotte actually you know Akash is deaf right so I tried to test him on what Kushi said

As soon as Arnav heard the name Kushi he ran up to Di

Arnav: Di What did Kushi say she's going to the party rite

Anjali: Ha.. Ha.. Chotte don't worry , Do you remember in the Caf

Arnav: Oh ya Whenever you use Payal's name Akash hears properly

Anjali: Chotte you have such good memory she said rather sarcastically

Arnav: Di I'm going to the Poolside tell me when they arrive Ok Chotte

As he went to the Poolside

She had to be careful she was almost caught

Then came a knock on the door she knew it was going to be none other than Kushi

As she opened the door and greeted a beautifully dressed Kushi in Blood Red

This Plan was so awesome as she praised herself

As Di was grinning at Kushi like as if she won a lottery for billion dollars

Kushi: Di, now that I've come early What can help you with

Anjali: Oh , well actually could you check if the caters have no problem

She was gonna send Kushi to call Arnav

As she ran off to the kitchen to Kushi

Kushi: Yes Di

Anjali: Actually Kushi could you go call Chotte down stairs , this was the only thing that Kushi didn't want to happen

Kushi: Di am.. actually ' I have to tell Jiji something give me a minute she ran trying to excuse herself

Anjali thought if Arnav saw Kushi in red ' he would be lost in her beauty ' and ..

But this Kushi she's not willing to go

As she heard the door knock as H.P opened the door for the couple Lavanya and N.k

Lavanya: Hey, Di as she rushed up to her

Lavanya: How's the plan going

Anjali: The plan's going great guys but Kushi , she 's not willing to call Arnav down

N.k: Don't worry Di, How's the ball room coming up ( there's a ball room in RM )

 Anjali: It's all decorated and ready for the party

Lavanya: Di who are the people you've invited?

Anjali: You , N.k, Kushi, Payal, Akash, Virat, Manvi ,Viren, Jeevika, Aman and RK '''.

N.k: Ok so everyone's paired up

Anjali: Na uh.. except RK everyone's paired up

N.k: Oh no

Anjali: I know RK is was always after Kushi in the college days   ( RK"S A FLIRT HERE)

N.k: And ASR and RK are dead enemies

Anjali: !!!  

Lavanya: Wow that's great as Lavanya smirked

N.k: What's cooking in there now La

Lavanya: Don't you think jealously is the best way to bring them together

Anjali: Ya I guess so..

N.k: Well what about Aman

Anjali: Am actually

Lavanya: Aman's with Di

N.k: Oh.. Now I get it

As the door was knocked

Anjali: OK guys I'll just go and call Arnav

As she went to call him down as the guests had started to arrive

As Arnav was in his room

Anjali knocked the room

Anjali: Come on down chotte the party's starting

As Arnav replied: Coming Di

As Anjali made her way down to the guests


Kushi was in the kitchen talking to the caters still didn't meet any one

RK was the only one who went to the kitchen

RK was busy talking to Kushi complimenting on her

RK : Hey Kushi, Some one's looking gorgeous

Kushi: Oh It's nothing RK

RK: But I have a question

 Kushi: Ya what is that

RK: Why are you the only one wearing Red ?

Kushi: Oh stop it RK , Stop Kidding already

RK: But I'm not , not this time , Why don't you come and check it out yourself Baby

As they walk outside and Kushi sees every girl dressed in white

Kushi: What the hell's going on

RK: See I told you so

Kushi: I'm feeling so awkward and odd

RK: Oh don't be Kushi , as he held her wrist , You look beautiful

As Kushi blushed

and that was when Arnav finally decided to come down

And there he saw Kushi blushing and his worst enemy RK holding her wrist he was boiling

How could he? How could hold my Kushi's hand!! Uh.. RK I am so not gonna letthis happen as he reached down and walked up to them

Kushi saw Arnav coming

Kushi: Hey Arnav, little did she know of how RK and Arnav are dead enemies

Arnav : Hey Kushi

As He still held on to her wrist

Arnav: RK I think you don't know but Kushi is my fianc

As RK held Kushi's hand

Arnav was so.. irritated what was with the guts of this guy

RK: Oh , he said still holding her hand

Arnav just wanted to grab her into his embrace ,but he didn't wanna pick a fight today

Kushi smiled at Arnav still not noticing the heat due to jealousy

RK: I'm sure you people will break the  marriage by then

They both looked at him in shock

Arnav: How do you know that

RK: Oh me , I get too know everything beforehand he said smirking at Arnav

 As the DJ announced the Dance floor is ready

As all the couples walked to the ball room of RM, ( even RK, Kushhi, Arnav )

RM: Kushi, Can I have this dance

As Kushi blushed

This was seriously irritating Arnav he  could'nt stand it any further

Arnav: No Kushi is going to dance with me first as I'm her fianc

RK: Which is going to be broken sometime soon?

RK : So Kushi what say

Kushi had no idea what to do

Before Kushi could say anything Arnav pulled her

Arnav: Say it Kushi Say it on his face that you would dance with me ', he said glaring at RK

Kushi had no idea what to do

Her mind was a mix all she thought was

Why was Arnav getting so possessive of her all of a sudden? Why was one dance making such a difference to him? Why was he so angry? Why did it make a difference to him when RK held her hand?

 Arnav: kushi answer me

Kushi: HUH

RK: Oh come on Arnav she doesn't even pay attention to you

Kushi: yes Arnav

Arnav was hurt deeply , he walked away

Kushi: RK what was he saying

RK: O don't worry Kushi

Kushi: No RK I better go and check on him

RK was irritated

RK: No you're not , as he pulled Kushi's wrist and made her forciblly dance with him

As they danced in the corner , no one noticed them

Kushi: RK what are you doing? Leave me

RK: And why should I Kushi, for you to run behind that idiotic worthless fellow

Kushi: Stop it how can you call him that , RK he has a name

RK: You don't need to tell me that

Kushi: Why do you hate him so much

RK: AWE.. Kushi .. you are so innocent

Kushi: Shut up and tell me

RK tried to kiss Kushi but she slapped him hard him

Kushi: This is for calling my fianc a worthless fellow and one more slap right across his face

And this is for trying to kiss me

As she walked off

She ran into Lavanya

Kushi: La why do Arnav and RK hate each other so much

Lavanya: It's because they're dead enemies

Kushi: What !!! she partically screamed

Lavanya: ya didn't you know

Kushi: no

As Kushi ran off to the poolside she saw Arnav staring at the pool , he was upset

All her she did was she ran and hugged him from the back  

Kushi: I'm so sorry Arnav , I didn't mean to hurt you in any manner , as she wept her tears falling on him

Arnav turned back

Arnav: Kushi..

Kushi: I'm so sorry Arnav.. I'm so sorry as she sobbed and hugged him and cried on his shoulder

Arnav: Sh.. It's OK

Kushi: I didn't know '-

Arnav: Sh.. Kushi stop crying as he pulled her back and wiped her tears

Kushi: Arnav will you forgive me

Arnav: um' he was still hurt

Kushi wiped her tears and pulled him

Arnav: kushi where are you taking me?

Kushi got him downstairs to the ball room

Anjali told the DJ to play a romantic song as she noticed her brother and Kushi

Kushi: Arnav would you like to dance with me

Arnav had no idea what to say , he nodded

And  there stood RK with a swollen face due to the slaps

Arnav saw him and immediately got boosted as he pulled Kushi up to him and danced with her

As they danced

He whispered in her ear

You look be'autiful , most pretty woman in the party as Kushi blushed

As he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear he asked

Did you wear RED for me ? ( THANKS TO kamalapushpa )


So how was it People 

Isn't it LONG...


Well I'll be sending PM's later .. SORRY Ouch

Update as soon as I get 65 likes Big smile


Chapter - 6 - Did you slap him?


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ARSHIROCKS12345 Newbie

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Yahoo !!! i'm the 1st to comment 
I LOVED IT !!! Clap You are so.. good at writing this  SS 
I'm so happy you included jealously 
It was awesome 
Kushi slapped RK twice 
Thank god Kushi defends herself here 
OMG !!! It was amazing
Anjali was so sweet to ask the DJ to play some romantic song 
Poor Arnav in the starting 
But then I loved the ending 
I went AWE... all along the last part 
Loved how he asks her Did you wear red for me ? - AWE !!!
Anjali should answer that 
Well I have no idea what you're gonna do for the next part 
I know you have a plan for it 
Can't wait to read more
Please update soon Tongue

Edited by ARSHIROCKS12345 - 15 August 2012 at 6:30am

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nargishussain Groupbie

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 9:59am | IP Logged
That was such a nice update! I loved how Arnav waz getting all possesive about Khushi.. :) I expect a romantic scene between.Arnav and Khushi in part 6!! ;)

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aminta13 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nargishussain

That was such a nice update! I loved how Arnav waz getting all possesive about Khushi.. :) I expect a romantic scene between.Arnav and Khushi in part 6!! ;)
YUP !!! It's gonna be quite romantic Wink

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