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Chapter ' 3 Play CUPID


Anjali: Wow I got the gossip of the week all my friends are dating

Anjali: I've got to throw a party today

ALL at Anjali: WHAT

Anjali got a call

Anjali: Ya I'm coming, Nani I've got gossip of the week, let's throw a POOJA said POOJALI to Nani

As she cut the phone

Arnav: What happened to the Party Di?, he asked rather innocently

Everyone here knew that Anjali did this always say Party but hold a Puja she couldn't throw a party because of Nani and her traditions

And there walked out the queen of gossip after reicieving master gossip fleed from the shop

N.k: I lost a party ( thanks to  phillips_2909)

Arnav: Seriously

Akash: And now we can marry

Arnav: I mean seriously

Kushi: Arnav we got stuck up with the wrong batch, they neither care nor bother if they get linked up all's well for them

Arnav: Come let's go to the table and go back to our discussion

Kushi: Ya, seems fine to me

Payal: Kushi, Kushi

Kushi: Ha jiji

Payal: Now If, when I get linked up with Akash and you're with Arnav we can be together for ever as we'll be in the same house if we marry

Kushi: Ya!!! She said excitedly and that would happen as she looked at Arnav knowing that he wouldn't let that happen it was a true fact

Kushi walked off with Arnav to discuss

Kushi:  So what's our PLAN TO BREAK THE MARRIAGE PART 2 or is it Part 3 already

Arnav: Ya I guess its part 3 already because well Plan 3 was Plan in The Caf (without getting linked up for that)

Arnav: Well that was a flop we got completely linked up we'll be in the high gossip of the month probably

Kushi: we've had it , If we continue like this we'll get married in no time and then what do you plan HOW TO BRING UP A DIVORCE or something

Arnav: We'll nice idea I'll just add that to the list incase we get there

Kushi: ARNAV!!!!! She screamed at him furiously

Arnav: What ?

Kushi: Yup , Do you have no idea till where this your so called PLANNING will go to I mean what if we get married and we still end up planning and getting back fired on us !!! , she practicle yelled at herself ( she didn't know that this itself was also backfiring on her )

Well the other two couples heard them

Payal: So Kushi is trying to break the marriage

N.k: Payal let's not let that happen I know they like each other if we play CUPID for them they might fall in love

Akash: Bhai and Love if that happens I'll go to the E.N.T myself

Lavanya: Don't worry guy's I'm there La was a famous match- maker all the people she tried to set up , until date are crazily in love , She's even In gossip for this 

Payal: Ya guys I want my sister in the same house as me

N.k: Oh so Payal you already have decided to whom you're going to marry (Akash)

Payal: Oh forget that guys we have to start on our work

Lavanya: yup people and no day dreaming you know how smart Kushi and ASR is , if they get to know we're planning practically let's not go there cause when there's ASR anything we do is practically risky

N.k: If it's ASR as compitator it's damn risky

Lavanya: Ok let's not go there and let's do this very carefully so we don't get caught

Payal: yup stick to the safer side

Akash: Let's not get caught !!! he practically screamed

EVERYONE looked at him

N.k : shoot they would get caught

Arnav: Let's not get caught for what , Arnav said smirking at them

Lavanya: Don't Fall for the Smirk , never fall for it

N.k : shoot !!

Kushi walked behind Arnav and pulled Arnav back

Kushi: Arnav I have to go ou early so coud you drop me home

Arnav: Sure Kushi , as soon as I deal with these people

Kushi: Arnav please leave them and drop me

Arnav: Ok come let's leave ,he said picking up the car keys and moving to the door

Payal: Huff ..

Arnav: Not so fast I'm going to be back to deal with you guys later, as he left with Kushi

And they got seated in the car and pulled out of the drive way

Arnav: Kushi what was the hurry all of the sudden

Kushi: Arnav didn't you get what they were planning

Arnav: I would have, in a couple of minutes they would have themselves accepted it

Kushi: Well I know

Arnav: and what's that

Kushi: there're planning to play CUPID

Arnav: and for whom

Kushi: US!! She said excited

That sentence made Arnav frown

Arnav: so you want them to play CUPID for us

Kushi: Ya!!! It'll be fun

Arnav: Really Kushi, I mean Really what's your plan iis it on marring me or breaking this

Kushi: Come on!! Arnav take it as a challenge

Arnav: Ya rite, and your telling me that

Kushi: Ya and do you think we'll play easy with them let them try their best and let's play hard It'll fun I promise

Arnav: Come on Kushi you have me to challenge to a BET

Kushi: Well I've challenged to a lot

Arnav: Oh yah!! Lost a lot, he chucked remembering all the challenges he won over her

Kushi: Ok let's not go there , but this  time were're a team rite so we both are the most tough players , so let's see if we work this together it would be awesome

Arnav: Ok you've got us in this so you have to get us outta it too

Kush: Come on Arnav be positive be an optimist for once It'll do you good

Arnav: Ok it's only this once that I'm listening to you

 (It was the 1st time he had listened to any one by the way, who was the last he helped, himself all along)

Kushi: Ok et's act like  we don't know about their plan at all OK

Arnav: Sure !! as he gave her a sly smile which she too returned

Kushi: Arnav this is the 1st time were working together as a team

Arnav: then what was all this, Breaking the marriage from happening I knew it, It was basically nothing

Kushi: Arnav let's forget about that

Arnav : forget !! as he jerked the car to a stop

Kushi: I mean let's concentrate on the current task

Arnav : Okay as he started the car again 

Kushi: Beter


Meanwhile in the caf

Lavanya: I guess he's falling for her

N.k : What do you mean La?

Lavanaya: I mean look He actually left us unkilled and uninvestigated just because he had to drop Kushi

Akash: You got a point

Lavanya : I mean he already started to listen to her

N.k: Yup thank god she had to go out !!

Lavanya: So let's consider Plan 1 complete He's listening to her

Akash: Yup !!! So what's plan 2

Payal: let me guess , making them spend time with each other

Lavanya : yuppie, for simple reason's

Akash: Mostlyif I'm going the rite way Bhai's already started suspecting us

Lavanya : yup and  Payal be creful before you talk to Kushi , she's with Arnav so

Payal: Sure  , I won't let even suspect her a bit

N.K: great !! So it's beter we start telling Anjali about it

Akash: What !!!

N.k: Bhai you heard

Akash: Yup!! But Why tell Di

Lavanya : Don't you know shes the best CUPID It's in gossip

Payal: Ya and Arnav would never get against her

N.k: Yup Great guys I'll just call her up, BBy the way do you think the Puja  is over

Lavanya: ya , It's been quite long


N.k dialled up Anjali Di's number

N.k: Hello Di

Di: How's your girlfriend

N.k: She's fine Di, he said looking at La

Di: so that means you accept it , and  your still with her

N.k: Di you finished the Puja

Anjali: Yuppie

N.k: could you come to the caf we need your help

Anjali: Help!! I'm on my way

As she walked out (she doesn't limp here, she's perfectly fine nor married :)

Di reached there in 5 minutes time

As she walked in the caf

Anjali: Yup guys you wanted my help

As they all looked at each other blushing

Anjali: I get it you want help playing CUPID for Arnav and Kushi

All: What how did you know

Anjali: that I would know It's high gossip

All: woah

N.k: so Di you'll help us

Anjali: Ya sure in fact I was the 1st to start there linking playing CUPID, so it'll be a lot of fun

Lavanya: Di you already started plying CUPID for them ?

Anjali: Yuppie !! They like eachother but Chote na  He can never open up

As they all chuckled at her call him Chote and who they were shivering about just 10 minutes back

As they discussed they're so called CUPID PLAN !!

All: Yup !!

Anjali: well He  dosen't know that I'm in the plan as well , so guys act like  there was no plan at all you people can start playing CUPID from Monday so that Chote's doubts get okay I'll make sure I remove the idea of you all playing Cupid from him

Lavanya: But He's ASR This game is going to be difficult

Anjali: So what , If he's  ASR , I'm ASR's elder sister she said as she smirked

Whao everyone was impressed by that

Anjali : well Chote falls for my sweetness he's only seen the sweet side of mine so he thinks I'm sweet but he dosen't know I'm the master mind

N.k: Woah !! Di you're so cool

Lavanya: Di you rock !!

Payal: Ya Di this way we're sure to win

Akash: Yup it's going to be the 1st time ASR loses

Anjali: not loses but falls for the competation

N.K:  Falls in LOVE with Kushi

As they all chuckle

Anjali:  So I'll start plan 1 , Nani is going to a marriage I'll fake sick and stay back

N.k : woah Di

Anjali:  Ya !! and then I'll tell Chote to throw a party at RM as Nani and Mami won't be there

Payal: Di what happened to mama

Anjali: Oh he , I don't know he disappeared after Laxmi and the old HP left

Akash: So I'll be only us youngsters in the house

Di = Anjali

Di: yuppie , can't wait for the party and next part of the plan 

N.k: So I don't lose a party after all Thanks Di


Chapter - 4 - The Dress Code's RED ?



So how was it ?

I'm not being easy this time

I want 50 likes / 10 pages of comments

Cause I updated faster 

Thanks to your COMMENTS - It's long, extended it 

Please Hit the LIKE button And Leave the LONG COMMENTS 

Don't worry I'm not making Arnav sing here

But here's the link


One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful Cover by Before You Exit - YouTube

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-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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 lolz anjali made me laugh..saying party and then pooja... and arhi know abt other plan and are playing along with it its interesting..lookind forward to read what is gonna happen now..loved the update..

thanks for the pm..

take care

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aminta13 Senior Member

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Well next chapter is called
Chapter – 4  - Dress code's RED
you'll get a hint with this 

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nazibah IF-Dazzler

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Loved the update!!!! I can't wait to read about 'their plan"!! thanks for the PM!!!

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cheval IF-Dazzler

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wooow thatz great thanks 

itz lovely ahahhaha even funny well the way asr n kushi knws their plan itz gna be fun when they will find payal or la or nk plannnig stuff ahahhahaha

but the good part is arshi doesnt knw abt anji hope in ur ss SHE IS ROCKING :D

and i just cant wait to see both of them in the process to fall in love :D


wnt mind if u make the group plan something like that for arshi :D it will surely wooorks :D

bring in a new member like virat or viren in ehmmbh ;) ehehhehehhe

thanks again for ur lovely post n thanks for the pm dear

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cheval IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by nazibah

Loved the update!!!! I can't wait to read about 'their plan"!! thanks for the PM!!!

sorry made a mistake here wanted to comment on the one u comment abt the red dressing code bt dunno how to correct it anyway :

 thatz quite interesting nice precap :D JUST CANT WAIT NOW 


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Shivanee31 Goldie

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Very nice and funny...I am so sorry I just got time now to read the previous chapters.

So the are all playing cupid...Seems very interesting. Looking forward to the party.Hope you will update soon.And thanks for the pm.

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aminta13 Senior Member

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Originally posted by cheval

Originally posted by nazibah

Loved the update!!!! I can't wait to read about 'their plan"!! thanks for the PM!!!

sorry made a mistake here wanted to comment on the one u comment abt the red dressing code bt dunno how to correct it anyway :

 thatz quite interesting nice precap :D JUST CANT WAIT NOW 


I know hope they like and comment 
Well one kint for you a huge one
Anjali tells others to wear white and only Kushi to wear red !!

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