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OS: My wife, my life... (part 2, pg 3)

Tanvi.Alison IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi, this is Tanvi Alison (new to the forum Embarrassed). I have been watching IPKKND for quite a while, and that led me here. I have been reading the stories in the forum for quite a while, i thought why not write one. This is my first attempt. Smile So here, it goes...

PART   1

(part 2 on page 3)

Khushi stood still near the poolside. The wind blew through her long black hair. She wrapped her hands round herself as the chill breeze kissed her skin, causing her tiny goose bumps. But above all, she was hurt, definitely hurt. After all she had done, her family despised her. Her sister-in-law, whom she treated as her own sister, accused her of shattering her marriage. Her husband, who married her by force, spit some spiteful words in her ears a few days back, cursing himself for meeting her, for knowing her. Akash and Payal were going through a difficult phase of their marriage themselves, and he blamed Khushi for it. She shut her eyes tight and let her tears flow.

Di's words rang in her mind. "Chotey, you have changed. You are in love. You are no longer my brother. You have completely changed to Khushi's husband" she opened her eyes. She had heard Di speaking to Arnav and broke down when she heard her say that it was a mistake that he married Khushi. Weren't they exactly the same words that Arnav had said to her? The whole family was concluding that Khushi's existence in the house was not appropriate.

She sat down near the pool and dipped her fingers in the cool, still water. She remembered the time when her bangle had fallen into the pool, and Arnav under the pretext of giving her bangle back to her, kissed her. she withdrew her hand with a jerk and placed her wet fingers on her cheek. "Hey Devi Maiyya, what do i do? I can neither live with this man, nor can i live without him. Please show me some way" She shut her eyes tight again and allowed some more tears to wash her face. Every single person wanted her away from their life. But how could she forget them? How could she despise them? How would she forget Arnav, the mere reason for her existence? Yes, he hurt her, but wasn't that spoken in anger? Din't he express his love for her? din't he decorate the hall for her? din't she run into his arms and permit him to kiss her? she heard her heart crying out, proclaiming her love for her Arnavji... But, on the other hand was the entire family. She couldn't see the man she loved, having to choose between her and his whole family. She had to go away. She had to let him go. She had to leave her life and walk away, lifeless. And most of all, she would have to let him know about her decision. "Hum chale jaayenge Arnavji. Aapse door, aap sabse door..." she thought to herself. She went into the room and packed her clothes in her small trunk that she had carried from her buaji's house. Once her packing was done, she went out near the pool and was lost in a trail of thoughts again.

The sudden lightening brightened the surrounding and the thunder struck loud. And amidst the noise, she heard the most familiar and pleasant sound. Her heartbeat, which was getting faster by each passing second. She acknowledged the reason."Arnavji..." a tiny whisper escaped her lips. And indeed, he stood behind her. she turned and confirmed his presence. But though he was the same person, it appeared as though a completely different side of Arnav stood before her. A weary, torn and a weak guy. This was not her Arnavji.

Khushi wiped her tears and leaped towards him from where she was sitting. She cupped his face and made him look into her eyes. And her fear came true. Arnav had definitely changed. Di was right. She saw immense love for his wife, for her, in those eyes. ASR no longer existed. This was Arnavji... Her Arnavji.

"Khushi..." he whispered, and unable to say anything more, he hugged her tight as though his whole life depended on her. Khushi, not knowing what to do, hugged him back. she thought it would not be appropriate to tell him about her decision. She patted his back, just like how a mother pats her child, and soon she felt her shoulders getting wet. He was in tears. Arnav Singh Raizada was crying. Khushi was about to open her mouth to speak and to console him, when Arnav broke the hug.

He cupped her face and looked into her eyes. "Khushi, i am tired. Anjali Di, whom i adored my entire life, doesn't want to talk to me. She says i have changed getting married to you. you know i haven't. I still care about her. I did not reveal the truth about Shyam because i cared for her. I forced you into this marriage and shattered all your dreams because i cared about her. I almost lost my life in this whole kidnapping fiasco, and all that Di can say now is that i don't care? How could she say that Khushi? I agree i am not expressive. But that doesn't make me insensitive. I love Di. My love doesn't decrease for her. but why is it so difficult for her to accept that i love you too, that you too are important in my life. My love as a brother would never decrease. So why should my love for you affect our brother-sister bond?"

He looked into Khushi's eyes hoping for some answers. But Khushi herself was tangled with all kinds of accuses. Arnav took her tiny hands into his and kissed her palms. "I need you Khushi. Please don't turn away. In this moment, if anyone understands me, then it is only you. i know that saying sorry alone won't make up for all that i did to hurt you. and maybe that is the reason that i have to go through such a situation. I know you are thinking of going away." Khushi looked at him. How was it possible for him to read her mind? Her look confirmed Arnav's words. "No khushi, you cannot leave. I will not let you go" saying this, he hugged her once more.
Khushi was now in a dilemma. She could not stay. She would only cause Di more suffering. But she couldn't leave either. Not after she had been asked not to by Arnavji. "Thik hai Arnavji, i will not go" she spoke softly, as she hugged him back again. Arnav, relieved, buried his head in the nape of her neck and wrapped her petite body round his huge arms. And as a blessing, the rain poured down. But this did not seem to disturb the two. Their hug grew stronger and stronger.

He heard her teeth chatter due to the cold and realised they had been in the rain for quite some time. He broke the hug and looked at her. she looked pink due to the blush on her cheeks, but was pale due to the cold. He carried her inside their room and placed her on the sofa. He took out a towel and her white night suit from their cupboard and handed it over to her. "Change, or else you're sure to catch a cold" and with his stern look, Khushi decided it was best to do as she had been instructed to do. She went to the bathroom to change her clothes.

Meanwhile Arnav turned on the heater in the room. Phew, it was getting colder. Maybe it was due to the drenched clothes he was still wearing. He took out a tshirt and a pair of shorts from the cupboard and decided to change outside, since Khushi was already in the bathroom. He changed his shorts and was about to put on his shirt when Khushi opened the bathroom door.

Looking at her half naked husband, a strange feeling overcame her. she had never felt this way. Perhaps it was a sign of catching a cold, she thought. But her heart skipped several beats when Arnav gazed at her. her wet hair neatly lay on one side of her shoulder, and the droplets from her hair dripping down her neck, made Arnav go weak in the knees. He dropped the shirts in his hand and walked towards Khushi. Surprisingly, she din't move backwards. Instead she made tiny steps towards him, until both stood really close to each other.

"You are beautiful, Khushi. I think i am madly in love with you", she heard him say in his husky tone. Her heartbeats were crazily fast and her breath made her lungs almost explode. "I love you too Arnavji. I completely acknowledge you as my husband" she heard herself say to him. This was more than enough to express in words. Arnav carried her in his arms and placed her on the bed, THEIR bed. He kissed her forehead, cheeks and nose, and slowly drew his mouth on hers. And the moment their lips met, they kissed like they had been waiting for this moment since ages. Both were so lost in the moment, that when they broke the kiss, they were completely devoid of clothes. Arnav, being the gentleman that he was, pulled a blanket over them. "I would proceed only if you want me to" he sought her permission. Khushi, in response just brought his lips to meet hers and kissed him harder than before. She heard him mumble something, but dint care to ask him again since that would mean breaking the kiss again. Soon, he entered her and both, rhythmically, moved their bodies in the process of making love. And when their reached their peak of ecstasy, they lay in each other's arms, not caring about the rest of the world.

His soft snores and some tingling sensation made her open her eyes. It was still midnight. His rough beard poked into the sensitive nape of her neck. His hand lay on her breast and his legs crossed her thighs. Khushi smiled as she saw him sound asleep. He had the innocence of a child on his face when he was asleep. She rose from the bed, carefully not to disturb her charming husband and went to the kitchen to drink some water. She was on her way back to her room, when Di stood in front of her.

"Khushiji, i need to talk to you" she said and went to her bedroom. Khushi followed Anjali to her bedroom. Seeing, shyam's picture on the wall, made Khushi recollect the torture she faced from this evil creep. Anjali sat on her bed, backing Khushi. Khushi was about to say something, when Anjali said "I need you to go away from Shantivan. I need you to give me back my chotey. I don't know what sort of black magic you have done, but my brother is no longer my brother. Go away Khushi. From everyone's life. No one needs you here. Chotey would have done something to please you, just as he had decorated the hall with flowers a while ago. But i know him better. He is still like a small child. He wants what he wants and till he gets it, he will remain stubborn. But once he is done with it, he will not turn to look back. the same is with you Khushi. Leave before things turn worse. Just go away"

Silence crept in the room. Anjali had said it all. And maybe she was right, Khushi thought. After all, Arnav was a rich spoilt brat. If he wanted something, he would get it at any cost. What if he had the same intention about what he did a few hours ago? What if he used Khushi just to satisfy his sexual need? Khushi began to shatter into pieces. Her heart trusted her Arnavji, but her mind began to think logically. Without saying a word, she walked away from Anjali's room, into hers. Arnav was still asleep. She picked up her already packed bags and decided it was best for her to leave. She was about to step out, when the lights turned on. She looked back to see Arnav staring at her bags, with his eyes wide in horror.

"Khushi..." he managed to whisper her name. His heart felt heavy. After all that happened between them, she still had the thought of leaving him? "i should leave Arnavji. Its best for all. Di also will be happy" he moment she said these words, he knew who was behind all this. He put on his shirt and proceeded to Anjali's room. "Arnavji..." Khushi tried to stop him, but he was wild. And why wouldn't it be so? Anjali had crossed all limits. The noise had woken up all the people in RM. They all assembled near Anjali's room as they saw Arnav going to her room. When he entered her room, He saw her hugging Shyam's photo. The moment she heard footsteps, she turned to see Arnav looking at her.

"Chotey..." she said, but was interrupted by Arnav. "Khushi isn't leaving. She is my wife and has the equal right to stay here as i do. If anyone else has any problem, then that is not my problem, it is not Khushi's problem. And by anyone, i mean ANYONE." He looked at all the people in the house, for a minute and then glanced at Anjali. "Di, I know,  you are heartbroken. But that doesn't give you any permission to break my wife's heart. You need to respect her since she is the elder Daughter-in-law of this house. And if you cannot do that, then you do not need to bother her in any way. I am still alive and i very much know how to take care of her."

He looked at all the others and continued "I don't think i am not clear in any way. I will not repeat myself. I have tried being calm and handling the situation, but unfortunately for you all, it did not work. Henceforth, if i notice anyone of you being rude to Khushi, then that would be the last time you would be speaking to me in this house."

Mami spoke up and said "Arnav Bitwa, you will throws us outs?" to which Arnav replied "No Mami, i never said that. If all of you have a problem with Khushi staying here, then she would definitely leave the house. But along with her, i too would leave." All of them looked at each other in confusion. Anjali was too stunned to say anything, and so were the entire Raizada Clan. Arnav did not need to say anything further. He saw Nani smiling, indicating that she approved of what Arnav said. He held the dumbstruck-Khushi's hand and took her to their room, to get some sleep for the rest of the night. He was more than confident that the next morning would be a new start. If not at once, then it was sure to have things entangled slowly.

So, this was it. Do let me know about how it was written. Comments/Criticism always welcome as they would help me to write better. Silent Readers do hit the LIKE tab...

Thanks in advance Smile

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NothingLasts IF-Dazzler

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if only this would happen... *sigh* i loved it! good job!!!

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IllGetOverIpk IF-Sizzlerz

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wow!!! awesome.. i really wish this happened...

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OmNaMaSteOm IF-Sizzlerz

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can this happen ever in the serial that would be a blessing

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Tanvi.Alison IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by nazleef

if only this would happen... *sigh* i loved it! good job!!!

Originally posted by sarithaipkknd

wow!!! awesome.. i really wish this happened...

Originally posted by Harshitha

can this happen ever in the serial that would be a blessing

Thanks a lot Smile

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rlly nyc...Smile...Clap
hope n wish sumthing lyk dis happen in the serial...Day Dreaming

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sanashamra Senior Member

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Loved it!!!nice!!!but the story will never take this turn...i would love it if things could go like that...hope u wil continue soon...

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i loved it...
hope u will ACCEPT my request and dont forget to send pm...

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