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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

NBT serial story - pt 7 updtd .pg 22 (Page 5)

sitamma IF-Rockerz

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part 4 
Now where did we leave ..ah yes, Mohan was confessing to Megha about what all had happened with Riddima. 

Mohan stops talking'.and remains still for a moment.,his expression alert to any response from her. He is afraid to turn back, he is really scared to face her..

Megha is seen to be in a totally devastated state, eyes wide open, chest heaving, eyes overflowing with tears, mouth trembling' blindly she moves backwards for some support and leans against the wall..and with her face twisted in grief'.she slowly slides down the wall  ' if in slow motion'.

Mohan is still alert to any response from her,..And not hearing any sound from her ,his brows furrow with worry and apprehension and he slowly turns around to look at her'. And his eyes widen in shock'..seeing her slide down the wall as if in slow motion and slip on to the floor'She is sobbing uncontrollably, and covers her face with her hands..Mohan's face twists in grief'slowly he walks up to her, bends down to sit beside her and touches her shoulder..She shrinks back from him'.and his eyes reflect the pain he feels at that moment..He extends his hand as if to touch her again, hesitates and brings it down..He calls out..Megha'.she doesn't appear to have heard..He calls again..a little more louder..Megha, please, rhona  bandh karo.. please'She continues to sob'Megha, mere baath suno'.and he tries to remove her hands from her face..Megha bursts out crying again..and pushes him away from her'.shaking her head to and fro in agony, hugging herself'.Mohan does not know what to do..He looks really miserable..He again tries to talk to her, but she covers her ears with her her usual style., and shouts at him..muche kuch nahi sunna..muhe kuch nahi sunna..and keeps on mumbling to herself'.muche akhele chodo..please bhagvanke liye muche akhele chodo..muche kuch nahin sunna.!!!!

Mohan slowly gets up, his face twisted in agony, his mouth trembling and his eyes brimming with tears..and still hesitating at every step leaves the place turning back again and again to look at her'

He looks a totally defeated man with shoulders slumped and head bent down..and staggering'!!!! Somehow or other he manages to climb down the steps and reach the hall..Most of the guests have gone by then. Guru who was on the lookout for him comes running to him..and looks at his face questioningly..Seeing Mohan's appearance and expression, he realizes that what he had feared has happened'that Megha Didi is now very upset and most probably the shaadi won't happen'his face is full of dismay and sadness.

He starts to say something to Mohan, but Mohan stares at him angrily and moves forward as if to catch guru by his collar, becomes aware of his surroundings and draws back'abh muche kuch math pooch..he says'Then he looks around and asks..Riddima kahan hain? Guru shakes his head..muche nahin pata,bhaiya..thode dher pehale ..wo mehandi wali ke paas thi..Abh wahan nahin hai'.shayad wo chali gayi..Mohan is worried'he tries to call her up on the phone, but she is not picking up the phone'He shakes his head and draws his hands through his hair'At that time, Papaji comes towards them..Arae beta, tum kahan tha? Hum log sab khana kha chukka..Guru ne bola tume ekh zaroori phone aaya aur tu ghar chala gaya'Mohan glances at guru briefly..kuch problem toh nahin hai na,beta? Sab teek hai na? Mohan looks uncomfortable,but manages to answer ..Papaji, office mein ekh problem hai'.ekh zaroori kaam aaya hai. Muche aagya dheejiye,jaane ke liye.

Papaji frowns and says..phar beta, khana toh khakke jaao'.and beckons to Guru to bring food for Mohan.

Papaji,mein khana kha chukka hun'.please muche aagya dheejiye..Megha ko meine bhol diya'

Megha kahan hain? Papaji asks.

Papaji, Megha ko thoda sar dhardh horaha hain. usne kamre mein jaake aaram karrahi hain'..usne muchse bola, aapko eh baath bathane ke liye..Please, use sone dheejiye'

Aap please bhaaki logon ko bhol dheejiye aur mere taraf se maafi bhi mangiyee..Papaji does not have any other option other than to nod his head'Mohan and Guru walk out of the house'

Scene shifts to where Megha is sitting alone in the terrace, crying her heart out'she is heartbroken'.I feel very sorry for her right now'poor woman..!! What a mess to be in.!!!

Slowly Megha straightens up, brushes her tears away and starts thinking'about how to tackle this bhayanak problem'.but she is not able to sit still and again tears start spilling ..Slowly she gets up, and staggers down the steps''and slowly walks to her room'..thankfully no one sees her. Once she enters the room, she bolts the door, and runs to the bed and throws herself on the bed, crying out uncontrollably''I am also crying along with her'It is so miserable to see her in this pitiable  state. Agreed that if she had confessed earlier, this situation could have been averted, but how was she to know that such an issue would arise? Bechari megha..I feel sorry for both Mohan and Megha..

After some time, Megha slowly gets up from the bed, a resolute expression on her face..She goes to the bath room, changes into her usual saree and comes out..She stands in front of the mirror..and looks sat her reflection..tears well up in her eyes'she brushes it away..She ties up her hair in the usual style'Then she thinks for a moment'.and walks up to the window, and looks up at Mohan's window. The window is closed, but the lights are on'Megha sighs deeply, goes to the table, takes up her mobile phone and dials a number'.IN Mohan's house, Guru's phone rings..Guru and Mohan are in the living room, Mohan slouched back on the sofa with eyes closed, and Guru sitting on the floor beside him, his hand on Mohan's knee. Hearing the ring tone of his phone, guru looks at the display and looks shocked..We see the name Megha didi being displayed on the dial screen'Guru  looks at Mohan, but he is oblivious to everything. He hesitates, and then presses the call button..he'hello..he says hesitantly.

Megha's voice comes through..Guru, mein Megha bolrahi hun.Ab tum jahan bhi hoh wahan se bahar aaja,turanth..abhi,iss wakth.aur Mohan ko nahin bathane ka. Guru hesitates to answer. Megha's voice comes,tum hain wahan? Jaldi bahar aajao..terrace pe..Guru doesn't have any other option but to obey, and he slowly goes out, without disturbing Mohan, and closes the door behind him.

He glances down to Megha's window, and sees her standing there near the window, the phone in her hand, close to her ears'..Megha asks him to give her Riddima's phone number'.and also asks him the name of the hospital where her father is admitted'Guru looks scared'.he says hesitantly ..Didi,muche nahin patha..bahiya ko poochna padega'lekhin aapko kyon uska number chahiye? Megha cuts in and says..I do not want to answer any of your questions'get the phone number from Mohan's mobile without him knowing about it..I do not want Mohan to know about it, is that clear? Her voice is very stern and guru nods his head. as if in a reflex action'Didi, ekh minute, mein andhar jaake bhaiya ka phone lekhe bahar aake aapko phone karega..Megha, I will hold go and get his phone somehow and bring it out'Guru goes inside, hesitantly searches for the phone in Mohans'  pyjama pocket.. ,finds it, slowly takes it out, and slowly straightens up and walks back to the teraace, closing the door behind him'Megha is standing near her window, watching him. He talks to her hesitatingly..Megha didi, aapko Riddima ki number kyon chahiye? Bhaiya ko patha hotha ki mein aapko uska number dediya tho.muchse bahuth naraz hoyega'.Wahi mein ne bola na, bahiya ko math bathao'mere kasam..Guru is trapped'Megha tells him to give her riddima's phone number '.and guru is forced to give it to her.!!!!!lekhin, didi ,muche nahin patha hain uske papa ko kon sa hospital mein barthi hua hain..Megha snaps at do not have to bother about that..I will find out for myself with the help of this phone number..But I want you to promise me that you will not tell Mohan anything about all this now..When Guru hesitates, she makes him promise ,.and then keeps the phone down. .Guru is shown standing there, with an anxious and worried expression n his face.

Next ,Megha is shown to be dialing a number on  her phone'most probably ..riddima's number. And we see riddi's mom answering the phone'.and saying hello in response to Megha's hello..We hear Megha's voice '.mein Megha vyas, mohan ki''.here she stops'.riddima's mother's eyes widen in shock and recognition..She doesn't say anything but grips the phone harder'..and the camera freezes on her face.


Megha is seen walking along the hospital corridor to where Riddima's mother is waiting for her .Riddima's mother has a determined expression on her face.

Isn't this suspense enough?If not,tell me..I will make the precap even more bhayaanak.

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1973anu Goldie

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Wonderful Sita. I really want u to be the CVTongue. This is just so good. TRP bhi rahegi and NBT bhi rahega. Why don't u reach this out to Sonal?...

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swavai2 Goldie

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Dear Sita, loved the 3 postz. Could see the show in my eyes. Addu ko patana was superb. We boys will go! yep, thats how they gang up.

Megha feeding Mohan :-) Wow. I would love to.see that in the show as well.

Update soon dear. atleast before today's show.

Thanks, Swati.

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crazy87 Senior Member

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Sita,Loved all the three parts and waiting for the next part very eagerly...You have managed to keep the suspense and the beautiful emotional scenes together in whole scenes...Would love to see if every thing turns out to be same in the real Episode too...The main reason for people ranting the CV's is not because of the twist and turns that they are bringing as we all know that they are the part and parcel of every show but because they are lacking that emotional and beautiful scenes that use to make NBT special...Loved all the emotional and MM scenes in the OS a lot but I doubt if Megha could actually play all that heavy scenes of yours to the perfectionLOL

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shourie IF-Rockerz

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Sita- it is enough to keep me glued on...hope you update soonSmile...because i am absolutely curious to know about what will happen next...but at least mohan said the was a brilliant update and now i am waiting for moreThumbs Up...too good!Clap

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megustajalebi Goldie

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That was beautiful! Thanks for cheering us up. I hope the CVs do the same with us as well. 

Great job and I look forward to reading more Clap

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crushed2012 Groupbie

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Originally posted by sitamma1

Hi Girls and Guys,

I am taking so much time and effort to write this OS just to cheer up all of you..everyone is upset..please dont let us think of the coming episodes and get point in letting ourselves get affected this much by a mere TV show...But we cannot quit this and go as well.That is our problem.Hence my attempt to cheer you up while we are waiting for this stupid track to end..If I succeed in that then the time and effort I spend on this would be worth it.

I would have liked very much to add pics also,but am not good at it..I mean editing and resizing etc..

part 2--pg 2..posted.

part 3--pg 3..posted.

Sangeet celebrations of Mohan and Megha going on.

Mohan and Megha are  enjoying the Sangeet celebrations'They are dancing, pushed towards each other by others 'and they look lovingly at each other oblivious to everyone else.. Addu is seen to be standing in a corner'He looks sad..apparently nobody is paying him any attention'.Mohan notices it 'and pauses for a moment..while dancing'then he smiles slowly and walks towards Addu'..slowly reaches behind him and lifts him up..Addu turns around ,and seeing Mohan he resists and tries to get down..But Mohan holds him close and whispers something in his ears..Megha is watching this '.a little apprehensively as if not sure how Addu is going to react..Mohan whispers in Addu's ears'agale hafte India Pakistan ka cricket  match hai'.mein dekhne ke liye jaraha hun..Tu aaaraha hai mere saath?  Addu moves away a little and gazes into Mohan's face'Sacchi?  Mohan smiles and answers..Muchhi.!!! Tu aaraha hai,mere saath? He asks again.

Mummy aur Nanhi ko bhi hum saath lekhe jayenge kya? ,Addu asks Mohan..

Mohan shakes his head and says..nahin..sirf hum dhonon boys  jaaraha hai' main aur tum'Addu cant believe his ears and his face lights up with joy at the thought that Nanhi's Spiderman is going to take him out but not Nanhi'..One can see how his opinion about Spiderman has changed in a jiffy..Mohan is amused to see this..and congratulates himself..voice over..arae Mohan Batnagar..sabash!! tum toh jaldi jaldi seekh raha hai eh piddi ko manane ka''Addu asks again..sirf hum dhonon ? Mohan nods his head and Addu hugs him with joy..Megha,,Papaji ,jiji and MIL are shown to be watching this exchange and are all very pleased  and smile happily.'..Mohan hugs Addu back and whispers to him..aur tu pichele  time jo kiya aisa karega kya?gyab hoyega kya? Addu smiles sheepishly and shakes his head no'Mohan walks to the dance floor still carrying Addu,while Megha watches both of them lovingly and indulgently...Nanhi also comes running ..And all four of them..Megha, Mohan, Addu and Nanhi dance holding each other's hands'everybody stops dancing to watch them It is such a lovely scene to watch'Papaji has tears in his eyes..MIL and Jiji are very happy and are   smiling widely. Guru is also watching all this with tears of happiness in his eyes'

Jiji signals to Nanhi to come to her..Nanhi slowly leaves the dance floor and goes to her. with a questioning expression in her face..Jiji bends down towards her and whispers something..and Nanhi nods her head and smiles naughtily..and then goes back to the dance floor..She starts dancing again with Mohan, Megha and Addu, and then suddenly, as if unknowingly, she hits against Megha and pushes her towards Mohan'Megha is about to fall but Mohan catches her in his arms and they there they show a wonderful half bent pose of Mohan holding Megha in his arms with both of them gazing at each other passionately''.they remain in that pose for a few moments'and then everyone starts cheering and clapping hands..they draw away from each other, embarrassed'

Renu is watching all this from another corner of the hall with a sour expression on her face..Tanu also is standing beside her. She whispers to Tanu'Laddu, tu dekhna,eh log aaj ithana hass rahe hai..kall eh sab logh royeghe..ehi par'..woh meri waadha hai..She has an almost evil expression on her face'

Scene shift..

Papaji is seen to be standing near the fountain watching it flow beautifully..He has an amazed expression on his face''and he tells himself..I never noticed it till now in all this hurry burry..But how did this fountain start flowing again? When did it start flowing??  Nanhi walk up to him and she also watches the fountain flowing, ..all the more beautifully now that it is lit up by all the illumination works'.she turns to him..Dadaji'ithana sundar hai na? Papaji turns to see her and says wonderingly'ha beta, ithana sundar hai..muche visvas hi nahi horaha hai ki eh phir se chaalu hua hai..lekhin eh chamatkaar hua kaise?  

Nanhi says. ...hmmm. ' mera Spiderman ka kaam hai'usne eh fountain ko teek kiya'She looks so proud when she said that. Papaji smiles with great satisfaction'and again looks at the fountain lovingly ,with tears glistening in his eyes..He says to himself..Amar beta,, muche malum hai tum zaroor eh sab dekkhe bahuth kush hai'Jo fountain tu ne banaya..wo aaj takh chalu nahi tha..abhi mohan ne usko teek kiya aur wo phir se chalu hua'Muche lagta hai,, jo pyar tera jaane ke baadh Megha ki zindagi se gayeb thae, wo aaj se wapas aayega..Beta,,ab se Mohan bhi mera beta hai..tere jaisa'tere jaga.. Who bahut accha ladka ahi..aur Megha aur bachho ko bahuth pyar kartha hai. ..He smiles to himself, and wipes away his tears..

scene shift.

Prerana and Dimpy come up to Megha and Mohan to wish them. Nanhi and Addu walk away 'to play with some friends..

scene shift.

Mohan turns and sees guru smiling through his tears..and walks up to him, hugs him tightly and guru also hugs him back'.Mohan is so happy'.then he looks up and suddenly his smile vanishes''Riddima is shown to be standing there a little away from the crowd, watching him intently..Mohan is stunned and all his happiness vanishes in that second..Guru senses that something is wrong and turns around ..and seeing Riddima, he si also stunned''he turns to look from Mohan to Riddima and back'Mohan looks terribly upset'and Riddima is looking like a zombie..all expressionless..The camera freezes on her face.

Next part within one hour.

its beautiful sita ... how  iwish u were the CV... i come back to the forum everytime for such posts from you and the others... show is something i see only if  i feel happy about the feedback that i get from the said it right its a mere TV show , but it effects me so much that i stopped watching it.. cant take it ..your posts make me lively ... that u sooo much my dear ..ClapHug...i'll watch NBT again once the rona dhona sceans are over

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Bharti_k IF-Rockerz

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Awesome OS Sita...ClapStarClap
wish.. we would see the same track in the show..Embarrassed
 Loved ur post thanks for PM dear..otherwise i would have missed this post...Thanks for Sharing dear...Hug

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