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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

NBT serial story - pt 7 updtd .pg 22 (Page 22)

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Very very niceClap  Continue plz Sita diSmile  (Can i call u Sita di?Tongue)

i loved it...

y don't they take gud ideas from here?Ouch

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Originally posted by Nanhi_Angel

Very very niceClap  Continue plz Sita diSmile  (Can i call u Sita di?Tongue)

i loved it...

y don't they take gud ideas from here?Ouch

I 'd be happy to hear you call me Di..

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@ sita :
commenting on the part 6 update, i was reading through it and abruptly halted at these lines,

Megha shakes her head..But Riddima, shaadi is not a joke' what has happened has happened .now all of us have to accept it and move on'.however painful it might be.

Riddima shakes her head in the, Megha..shaadi is a question of union of the hearts and union of the minds..We have been married with all the rites all right. But we haven't shared a moment's closeness. and nothing has happened between us..Nothing that will affect your happiness with him in the future'I wiil not tie him to a loveless marriage with me knowing fully well that it is you whom he loves and will love forever. I cannot be the cause of causing him so much pain'.And her eyes fill up and tears flow down her cheeks.

Megha stares at her intently for some moments'You have already started loving him, isn't it,? She asks Riddima .

Riddima averts her face..and tries to control her tears'.she closes her eyes for a moment ..and takes a deep breath. Then she turns back to look at Megha.

Megha repeats her Q.. You have started loving him, isn't it,? That is why you are not able to think of seeing him in pain.. Her eyes brim over'.she takes Riddima's hands in hers and hold them together'I also cannot bear to see him in pain'I want to see him happy always. Though he pretends to be nonchalant and care free many times he is a very sensitive person and a very intense person..I was a fool not to have accepted his love earlier..But  what to do? Wherever he is, whoever he is with, I want him to be happy always..My only request to you is to love him and cherish him always''wherever I am, I will be happy seeing that..and while she is speaking her eyes fill again'..

Mohan Batnagar , what is this about you that makes women feel like this for you?

Two women, both bonded to through love and the other through shaadi..Both concerned only about his happiness and his pain..not theirs'.a very touching and emotional scene'

this is indeed a very emotional scene yaar.. and loved the overall update, and good that you clarified riddhima's emotional state of mind being infatuation and not love, do update soon !!Smile

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wow sita di..too too excellent ss ...very well written and too intresting yaar with full of suspense...Clapand for 4 th part trp must have really raised..Wink
just loved reading it yaar thnks 4 informing me abt this..Hug

i really want cvs to read these yaar...dont know why they show such tracks...Ouch

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part 7 of NBT..serial story.

previous parts.

part 1

part 2--pg 2

part 3--pg 3

part 4---pg 5

part 13 

part 18.

 From now onward ,NBT serial story is going to be published on a weekly basis with one super episode per week ,on every Sunday,at 6.00 pm IST.

Story so far..

Mohan and Riddima get married in a hurried function in order to fulfill the last wish of Riddi's father,who was apparently on his death bed. The next day,Riddima returns the MS that Mohan had tied around her neck,realizing the extent of love Mohan and Megha have for each other. Mohan is grateful,but worried that he his hiding it from Megha. Riddima comes to attend MM sangeet..Mohan confesses to Megha who is very upset. Megha goes to the hospital where Riddima's father is admitted to find out the details.But Riddima's mother threatens her and warns her to stay away from Mohan. Riddima comes and convinces Megha to accept Mohan back by lying to her that she is in love with another boy and can never love Mohan.Megha is angry with Riddima and is in a dilemma as to what to do so as to postpone the marriage without damaging  the honor of the family,and also what to do about Mohan..Now continue to read on and visualize...

 Episode starts off in a nice way, for a change.

Karan and Dimpy are seen sitting in a restaurant. They are wearing the same dresses as they had worn for the sangeet. There were many plates spread in front of them, filled with food. I was like..what is this? They just had dinner at the sangeet and they are again eating or what? Then I realized..ah! No!! They are just having a romantic evening out together.Dimpy is just sipping from a glass..lassi or something whereas Karan was devouring the food in front of him.

Karan tries to talk with his mouth full of food. Dimpy,  Aaj Mohan bhaiya aur Mrs.Vyas  ke sangeet aur kal uske shaadi..!!!! toh office aane ke baad wo log se dho dho treat mangne ka,hai na? Dimpy nods her head.

Karan looks at her slyly..uske alava aur dho dho treat ka mokka bhi hai..

Oh ! kon sa treat? Dimpy asks.

Karan winks at her and says..Hum dhonon ke shaadi.!

Kya? Dimpy cries..hum dhonon ke shaadi? And she looks as if he had said a big joke and laughed out aloud.

Karan looks offended. Kya? tum kyon hass rahi hai?

Dimpy shakes her head still laughing.

Kyon has raha hai? Eh koi joke hai kya? Muchse shaadi nahi karoongi kya? And he drools at her.

Dimpy still does not take him seriously. Tuchse!! She laughs!!!Tum kis halath mein hai.wo halath mein tuchse shaadi karneka hai kya? Chance hi nahi hai baba!! She shakes her head.

Karan looks up and down at himself. Kyon,mera halath ko kya hua?

Dimpy says..Karan if you want me to even consider marrying you there is one thing you should absolutely do.

What is that? Tell me.!! I will do anything. Karan rubs his hands together in joy.

Dimpy shakes her head..Karan tum kam se kam das kilo vachan kam karneke baad muchse poocho..mein javab dhoongi.

Bass! sirf  eh karneka hai? Bahuth aasan hai..mein an ekh mahine ke andar eh karke dhikaoonga. He says. And he starts devouring  the food in front of him as if the plate would be taken away at any moment.

Dimpy slaps her head with her hand and exclaims..Hey Bhagwan!!!!

Kya hua? Karan asks between mouthfuls

Abhi abhi meien  bhola 10 kilo kam karneka..abh tu jiss thara khana khar aha hai..lagta hai das nahi 11 kilo kam karna padega.!!!!!  And she shakes her head as if he is a gone case.!!!

Karan swallows what is in his mouth and his expression becomes comical.he stares from the food to Dimpy, then again at the food and back to Dimpy. Then he smiles sheepishly..and says..Dimpy, you are right!! Come on let us go, and he gets up, pulling her also by the hand..and after paying the bill they walk out ..Karan turning again and again to look back at the food he had left on the table, longingly.

Scene shifts to Vyas nivas Megha is sitting on her bed in her bed room.The lights are off. Nanhi and Addu are sleeping. Megha is leaning back against the head post of the bed with an extremely worried expression on her face. Her eyes are tear filled.Beech beech main, she is brushing away her tears. 

She is not able to sit still, gets up and paces up and down in the room. She goes to the window and looks up at Mohan's house. She could see the lights are on there..but the window remained closed. She shakes her head..turns back, and continues pacing the floor.

 She starts talking to herself ...Muche kuch samach mein nahi aara ha hai. Mein kya karoon? Kaisa karoon? Eh Mohan bhi na,ithana bada gadbad karliya,muche usse ithana gussa aaraha hai..mein kya bholoon? There is no way that this marriage can happen tomorrow. There will be lots of problems if it happens tomorrow..Waise bhi ,as long as he is still married to Riddima, how can he marry me? [sorry that I am switching over to English..I am not very conversant with Hindi, though I am trying my best to insert it wherever I feel I am not making a v big blunder..Please excuse me..and hope I will be able to convey the emotions properly using English also.]

Here she stops and tears fill her eyes again. She shakes her head resolutely. I will think about how it has affected me later. Now my first thought is to how to go about it in such a way that Papaji ka izzad, this parivar ka izzad ,ka kuch problem nahi hoga.

.Papaji and Ma are doing so much for me. Warna, aajkal which in laws will do so much to get their DIL married again? And if we go ahead with this marriage celebrations and if that Riddima's people come and create problems at the time of marriage, the whole family will have to suffer public humiliation and the consequences. 

Already I have put Papaji in a delicate situation with regards to Manav .Now I cannot let him be humiliated again.And how can I tell Papaji the real reason for wanting to stop the marriage? Mohan will have to face so much humiliation. And I do not want that to happen also.I have to find a way to cancel or postpone this marriage without causing any damage to the honor of the family.

She sits down abruptly on the bed ,bends her face and covers her face with her hands and cries out.Oh Mohan..Tumne aisa kyon kiya? Kyon kiya? Aur kyon muche pahele nahin bataya? Sangeet ki pehale batata toh eh sab nahi hoga tha.!!!! And she starts sobbing again.Her shoulders are shaking. 

Suddenly she becomes still., as if thinking about something. And then slowly she straightens up ,removes her hands from her face and a frown appears on her forehead as if she is recalling something. She is shown to recall the scene where Mohan was trying to tell her something..and was having great difficulty in coming out with it. And she remembered how she told him that there was no need for him to tell her everything then and there and that the most important thing is their love for each other. Her eyes fill with tears again and her mouth trembles with the inner agony she is feeling at that moment, as she recalls that scene.

She slowly gets up, goes to the table where Amar's photo is kept, takes it in her hand and looks at Amar  ,then still holding the photo, walks back to the bed and sits there .And she starts talking to him as usual.

Amar,muche bahut gabrat ho raha hai. Aage kya hoga? Kaisa hoga? Muche kuch samach mein nahi aaraha hai. And as she speaks she breaks down again,but she wipes away her tears and continues talking to him.

 Amar,muche malum nahin hai ki Bhagwan muche kysa pareeksha leraha hai aur kyon? Kayi aisa tho nahi hai ki Bhagwan ko Mohan aur mera rishta mansoor nahin hai,isseliye eh sabb hora ha hai? She stops there for a moment contemplating that, but it is apparently too very painful for her to think about it. Because her face twists in anguish as she thinks about such a possibility. No, she does not want to think about such a possibility now.

She changes the topic herself. She again talks to Amar. Amar, I really do not know what to do to save the honor of this family.!  At the moment I am most concerned about it..About Mohan, I do not know what to do ,but that I will think about that later. I  cannot talk to anyone else about this except you. Please guide me, please tell me what to do. Please tell me what to do !!! Please give me some indication. And she holds the photo close to her heart and breaks down again..I feel really sorry for her. But at the same time I am so happy to see her back in her sensible and practical mode. And she is being very brave, as brave as she can be under the circumstances. The original real Megha is back to a great extent. Can we dare to hope that we will see more of this Megha in the coming days? I really wish so. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Well, coming back to Megha and her talk with Amar, Megha lies down on the bed still holding the photo close to her and still mumbling to herself. please show me a way, Amar, please show me a way and she drifts off to sleep.

Scene shifts to Mohan's' house. Mohan is still sitting in that sofa in the same position .. slouched back on the sofa with eyes closed as we saw him [as I have described in part 4.] Guru is sitting in one corner of the room, shoulders slumped, hands cupping face, and his face is filled with worry. Well, Guru, I don't feel sorry for you at all. If not for you Mohan would have told Megha about this before all this complications set in. paah.!!!

Scene shift again.

Megha is standing by the window, holding on to the grill, gazing up at Mohan's window, which is still closed. Tears are glistening in her eyes.All on a sudden, a strong wind blows outside and the curtains sway under their effect.Megha does not notice this. She is lost in her own thoughts. Suddenly, she feels a presence behind her and turns back..And there stands Amar, smiling at her.!!!

She cannot believe it..Amar!! she cries and runs into his arms..and hugs him tightly. Amar also hugs her back., patting her head and back..And they remain like that for some more moments.Then they move slightly away from each other so that they could look at each other properly...

Megha's eyes fills up with tears.She says...Amar, how much I have missed much I have yearned for you...esp these past few hours

.Amar wipes the tears on her face with his hands and tells her..I know...I saw how desperate you have been about Mohan, and about what to do about the imminent marriage and that is why I have come to talk to you directly..Because I felt that you need my help now.

Megha's eyes widen...she is unable to speak..She just stares at him.

Amar takes one of her hands in his hand and  continues talking..

I can understand the dilemma you are facing now, Megha dear..I have only two things to tell you.

One is...about how to postpone the imminent marriage, yes, to postpone and not to cancel..he emphasizes on that point..Use the excuse 

of '' muhoorth".

Megha looks at him without comprehending..No Megha, Amar shakes his head.I am not going to explain in detail. Use your brains and you will understand what I am trying to convey...You have not been using them much these days, it is high time you start using them properly.

Megha still does not understand, and opens her mouth to speak, but Amar motions her to stop.

And he continues. About Mohan, after me I know only Mohan can love you as much as I did...and as for Nanhi..I do not think that she can have a better father than Mohan...and Addu also. About what has happened now...I don't have anything else to say except that this is a test of your love. And the Megha I know will stand by her love,with loyalty and courage. The Megha I know will bring out her fighting spirit, to fight for and to retain her love.

And...his face becomes tender here...I will always  be with you, guiding you ...

Megha looks up at him she continues to stare at him thus...slowly a mist envelopes him...and he is no more to be seen.Megha cries out..Amar!! ..and suddenly she is jolted out of her sleep.

She sits up in the bed, panting a little, still clutching on to Amar's photo..So many expressions flash across her face, a sense of wonderment, happiness, some amount of sadness, her eyes fill up she sits there experiencing various emotions and finally a look of determination comes to her face..She resolutely wipes away her tears and gets up..and goes to the window.,. opens it..looks up to Mohan's window,which is still closed.

 And she says to herself..teek hai Mohan...we will face this together. I will stand by you. And her face, though sad, has a determined look now.

She starts walking up and down the room again ,thinking about what Amar had said about the muhoorth.She is not able to fathom it at all'and her brows furrow as she continues to think about it. Suddenly she stops walking as it hits her..and her eyes widen in comprehension. She slowly walks to the bed, picks up Amar's photo from the bed, looks at it, and smiles. Thank you so much Amar, for guiding and guarding me always. I now know what to do. And she again holds the photo close to her heart and then slowly walks to the table and keeps the photo there in its usual place.

Scene shift.

Early morning time.The sun has just risen..The rising sun is shown..

Megha is talking to Mohan over the phone'.in a rather matter of fact voice..Mohan, muche tumse kuch zaroori bath karneka hai..mein park mein aadha gande mein aayegi'.tum bhi uthar aao'..and before he could say anything she disconnects the phone.

Mohan looks very worried'..he goes to the window and looks down at Megha's window ..Megha is standing there..She looks up at him ...and glares at him..and abruptly turns and leaves..Mohan is even more worried and draws his hands through his hair.

He tells himself'pata nahi kya bolna chahti hai Megha. Muche lagta hai  eh shaadi cancel honewala hai. His eyes fill with tears, and his face twists in agony as he realizes the implications of what was about to happen in his life. Sab galathi meri hi hai..he tells himself.

But he cannot control his anguish. He cries out.'Megha, mein abhi abhi tuche paya..abhi tuche khona bhi padega'.eh mein kaisa sahanoonga? Eh mein kaisa sahanoonga? He gulps,trying to control his emotions.

He realizes he has to go to the park to meet her and slowly gets ready to go.

Scene shifts to the park where Megha is standing near a tree, gazing at the kaboothars flying around, with a far away expression on her face. She looks very sad, and disheveled. .It appears as if she did not sleep at all the previous night..

Mohan is slowly walking towards her, and comes to a stop behind her. He also looks disheveled and his eyes are red rimmed. Apparently, he also has not slept the previous night.

Mohan slowly stretches his hand as if about to touch her, hesitates and then withdraws his hand.

Megha, he calls softly.

Megha turns around abruptly and looks at him.

He looks at her, and then lowers his eyes.

Neither of them speak for a while.

Mohan opens his mouth a few times as if to speak, but having second thoughts closes his mouth again.

Megha is just staring at him intently, and her eyes are filled with tears.

Mohan looks very uncomfortable .Finally he breaks the silence.

Megha, he says, I know I have put you in a very difficult situation. and I know you must be feeling very angry with me now..and'and..shayad tum muchse nafrath bhi karthi hai.  And I deserve it as well.. Sorry chota sabdh hai..lekhin phir bhi, ho sake tho muche please maaf karna. And I will leave the Mohalla today itself. I cannot bear to see the nafrath in your eyes.He gulps down..and his eyes reflect the pain he is feeling now'But'he pauses..then lets out a deep breath'I will always love you wherever I am, whomever I am with, till I die.

Megha interrupts'..You are not going anywhere..

Mohan looks at her questioningly.

Megha .says'.you are not going anywhere now. First let us decide what to do so as to postpone the marriage, without causing humiliation to anyone.

Mohan looks at her as if he did not understand what she is speaking'

Megha repeats it again.

Mohan looks dumbfounded as he realizes what she has said..Postpone'he whispers? Postpone, and not cancel? His face reflects the disbelief he is feeling.

Megha looks at him with a serious face and nods'

What do you mean, Megha? Mohan whispers. He is still dazed. You mean to say that you are ready to marry me once the divorce with Riddima is through? Do you mean that? You mean to say that you are ready to forgive me after I have wronged you so much? As he speaks, his voice continues to rise and his eyes widen'

Megha nods her head slowly, but is still very serious, without even a hint of smile on her face. She says, yes Mohan, I am ready to forgive you. I will stand by you and we will face this together.

Mohan's face lights up with the joy and happiness he is feeling.

Megha continues. Yes, we will face this together. If I don't stand by you when you need me the most, then what is the point in loving you? But I want you to give me your word that from now onward you will not do anything in a hurry and land into problems. Whatever you do you will do after discussing with me also. Is that clear? She asks sternly.

Mohan is unable to do anything else except to nod his head .he still cannot believe what is happening.

Okay, Megha says..First thing is to postpone the marriage .And for that I want you to do this..And she starts speaking. We are not able to hear what she speaks, but Mohan is listening intently, and nods his head every now and then.

Finally she stops talking. He stares at her speechlessly, with admiration, respect and love evident on his face. He continues to stare at her' she becomes uncomfortable and averts her face.

Finally Mohan takes a deep breath, and comes to stand right in front of her, looking into her eyes, and holds both her hands with his hands,. She tries to pull out her hands but he does not let go.

Please'he says..Please allow me to say a few sentences at least..Please'.

She hesitates, and then concedes.

He takes a deep breath again and starts talking.. Till now I have never believed in the concept of GOD. Yesterday night, after I left you out there in the terrace, heartbroken ,I prayed to the God that you people keep on talking about. I prayed that God should give Sahara to all times. And look, God has been so kind in not only providing Sahara to you, but to make you give Sahara to me as well'..Now I really believe that there is a God..a higher power who hears our heartfelt prayers..And his eyes fill with tears'

Megha's eyes also fill with tears.

Mohan continues''I am so grateful to you for willing to give me a second chance '..I promise you that you will never regret it'And I am the luckiest man on this earth..Yes, without doubt, I am the luckiest man on this earth.his voice breaks... And his face reflects the joy, wonderment &gratitude, he feels.

He whispers again'very emotionally. Thank you Megha, thank you so much. And slowly he raises her right hand to his lips and kisses it. Then he lets go of her hands slowly.

And  smiles brightly at her.

Megha also smiles a small smile.

He continues to look at her with love and admiration'..and the camera freezes on his face.


Mohan is seen to be talking  to Papaji 'Papaji is listening with a frown on his face, but finally nods his head as if agreeing to what Mohan said.

Mohan heaves a sigh and glances around, and sees Megha hiding behind a pillar, listening to everything. He gives a slight nod .she acknowledges it with a slight nod, and looks upwards with hands folded as if saying thanks for prayers answered.


I brought in Amar to talk to Megha because he is one person she always listens to. And also because, things like this do happen, whether people believe in it or not. I know that from my personal experiences. There have been so many instances where my late grandmother and late father who have always been my strength and guides, have come to me either in dream or during meditation to give me advice when I have needed it most''

And any one has any guesses as to why I did not let Megha reveal to Mohan about her encounter with Riddima and her mother?

write your answers to it in bold red font[size 2 ,times new roman] along with your comment.Those whose answers are correct will get a surprise gift...on next Sunday...along with the episode.

Eager for the next epi? Want to know how Mohan and Megha have planned to stop the marriage for now? And how they plan to handle Riddima? 

To know that and more, tune in to the  NBT IF forum and open the link       every Sunday at 6.00pm IST.

The next super episode is on Sunday, the 4throf August, at 6.00pm IST.

From now onwards there will be only weekly one episode, on each Sunday,but that will be a super episode, of one hour duration.

And the continuation of the episodes will depend on the TRP gained. So you all know what to do for that, don't you?








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Sita EP No 6
Good continuety- Dimpy and Karan part is good and so is the Amar presence. Your logic that M listens to Amar is rightly placed. Overall the story line doesn't put a hanging sword over M & M which is there in the original show now after the MM marriage.SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

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Awww you updated Party

will read then comment Embarrassed

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  Nice part Sita Tongue

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